Ama, in one of your previous responses you said that the Michael angels refer to you as a “gatekeeper”. I was wondering what exactly this means. Ever since I was a little girl I have been able to “feel” things, which I always took to mean that I was just an empath. Now I’ve realized that the feelings I get are not just emotion from the living and the dead, but are also the different energies from both – for instance, I may not necessarily be able to see the spirit/human, but I can tell exactly where it is, when it’s building energy, when it dissipates, and what kind of energy it is. Along with the occasional clairvoyance, prophetic dreams, and sensitivity to the paranormal, the “feelings” are definitely my strong suit.

A few years back, I was told via a spirit during a Ouija board session that I was a gatekeeper. I was talking with my mother about it one day and she emailed a well known psychic to find out what that meant. She emailed back, but I cannot for the life of myself remember what it said, only that it had something to do with the Light. If you could elaborate on this for me, I would greatly appreciate it; I’ve scoured the internet and you are the only person I have seen being referred to as a gatekeeper.

Thanks for your time, many blessings!

Asked by JessaLynn

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  1. Hi JessaLynn,

    Before I answer this I just want to ask nicely that everyone stay away from ouija boards. Please. They cause more problems than they are worth, and I clear more people ‘because’ they have played with them ‘in the past’ but ‘still have something hanging around’ and that something is causing nightmares, at the least, or scratches or worse.

    That being said ..

    I am a gatekeeper. I work in the Light. Not all of us do. Many years ago I was ‘collected’ by a group of twelve angels and one of the many things they taught me was that I have the capacity to manipulate energy, opening and closing ‘gates’ (vortexes) between earth and heaven. One of the roles of a gatekeeper is to ‘police’ the gates around them, keep an eye on the ‘traffic’ coming and going, and put a stop to stuff that shouldn’t be happening, like stray gates from the void, or darker regions that some person has created, thoughtlessly, unconsciously in some cases, and in the far past and then forgotten. For example, using an ouija over and over in the same room in a house might create a ‘gate’, or the possibility of a gate .. a weakening in the fabric of the ‘veil’ in that location which allows someone else, accidently, to open it while not control of it, or something unfriendly from the other side to do the same. We shut them down.

    Opening a gate and closing it is relatively easy. Closing one that someone else has opened, for whatever reason, can be a major pain in the butt, and it doesn’t always work .. depending on who it was that opened it, and how strong they are. Even after a person walks away from a gate and forgets it, a part of themselves remains in the gate, and if they really wanted the thing to be there, it is my will against theirs .. and they don’t even know there is a struggle. Joys of free will. I have to impose my will on that person, dismantle the ‘construct’ and then repair the hole in the veil, all the time watching for anything that tries to sneak through while I am working. As I said on another answer site today, we get to clean up messes. Yes, I know it sounds like the twilight zone LOL .. but I do it.

    People are born with this gift, JessaLynn. It’s not something that can be learned, its partly about what we ‘are’, our energy, our strength .. and sometimes I think our stubbornness. It takes a LOT of energy to do this job, so if you are young, don’t hurry into it. If you are over 30 .. and I didn’t start this work until I was 35 or 36 .. enjoy your peace while you have it. You might never do the work, or you might only do it your sleep, or you might get called to do the oddest things at times .. anytime. :-) I wouldn’t change my lifework for anything. LOL (not even the Headaches that often come with it).

    One last thought, as human beings we leave a piece of ourselves in everything we create, including gates. If you fooled with ouijas as a kid, you might have left a part of yourself in gates anywhere you used the board. They will still be draining your energy even now. Might be good to bring each of those ‘ouija’ experiences to mind, right now, and mentally shut a door on each site and lock it, and then dissolve the whole door and take back your energy. You might surprise yourself with how much healthier you feel .. you see, we are still connected by a thin etheric cord to every ‘piece’ of ourselves we have left behind .. which is why ‘soul retrieval’ as a healing technique really works.

    Guess what I was doing this afternoon? Closing a gate before the two year old medium in the house worked out how to keep it open. She’s done it before, and she’ll do it again, but how do we train a kid at two that its not a good idea to open unseen doors?? LOL

    Love & Peace

    • Ahhhh stay away from ouiji boards…what about using a crystal pendulum? Does that have the same “gate” opening affect, and is there a way to use one without the opening gates…

      I have a nasty in my house…comes and goes. Wonder if it’s been with me, or if it’s new to this place, or if I have open gates…I was crazy curious and ‘played’ ouiji and tarot, etc when I was younger.

      Can you go into a little more detail on closing gates and pulling out my energy that may still be in my childhood home, mile and hours away?


      • Hello Anonomyssy,

        This is going to be a really long answer ..

        I don’t like pendulums either, they are too easy to control. I found that out one day when a group of us were checking our chakra energy and according to the pendulum I was dead. I was the last person we ‘checked’ (lie on the massage table, hold pendulum over chakras, ask questions like ‘balanced or unbalanced’ (yes or no answer), size, etc). Well, we put me on the table and the pendulum refused to move. It went in circles or straight lines for everyone else. And so I wondered, because I know I am very well protected, if it might have something to do with that, so I mentally gave the pendulum permission to ‘read’ me, and asked the lady handling it to ‘try again’ .. and it worked. And it stopped when I silently commanded it to, and started again, and stopped etc, much to the bemusement of the group, except me .. then I told everyone what I was doing and we played with that for a while, but it only worked for me that way. I can command a pendulum to stop working. If I can do it, so can other entities, and as not all entities around us are friendly, it should be used with caution.

        If a person decides to use it to communicate with someone dead, how do they know who they are actually communicating with? This is one of the problems with the ouija, there’s no guarantee the being you are talking to is who it says it is, or who you think it is. The ouija though, is a gate. The pendulum is just unreliable.

        The nasty in your house, Myssy .. do the Michael Invocation and send it into some place it can find peace and healing. It doesn’t have to be around when you do it. It will have an attachment to your energy, or your home, and the Michael know how to ‘find’ things.

        As for the Tarot .. they are pieces of cardboard that we ascribe meaning to, they are not a gate and for the most part we don’t use psychic senses to read them .. we are taught the meanings and do comparisons in our mind. I taught Tarot for a number of years. Some people are simply very good ‘straight’ readers, others use intuition. Neither is the work of the devil.

        Closing gates – every gate is different, set up by the belief system of the person who creates it. If its intentionally created its going to be stronger, and cost the creator more energy on an ongoing basis (the includes ouija gates). If it was created unintentionally, by high emotional outbursts, desperate yearnings and fear, it might have the threads of any number of people’s energy feeding it, including from the other side, if one fo the ‘creators’ was/is a ghost, or worse.

        Pulling them down .. get some help. Don’t try and do it yourself unless you are trained in the work. You could end up doing the exact reverse of what you want, and hooking yourself further into the energy.

        Cutting ties .. that’s easy. Staying disconnected is often the struggle there.

        A little imagination. Start with a white light shield (my version you can find up on the right above the ‘newest questions’ list (CT keeps moving his information boxes around LOL)). Wrap a white light shield around you and then ‘see’ a big sword in your hand and gently sweep it all around your energy, under your feet and over your head, with the intention of disconnecting every person, or being, that has a cord attached to you. Inside the shield the lines will all be broken and dissolve or disappear. You are then standing only in your own energy.

        Stay that way for a while, it can be a very healing/peaceful feeling. When you drop the shield those people who you love and love you, will reconnect automatically. And lots of other people will try and find you and reconnect. You’ll get random phone calls, visits, emails and meetings in the street – and everyone will be ‘very’ friendly. Say no. Learn to be in charge of who you let connect your energy, rather than just letting everyone take ‘a piece of you’. And the people, when you meet them, that suddenly make you feel very very tired .. image a cord between you and them, right there, and cut it. Some people are psychic vampires because their chakras are out of balance, and some do it because they can.

        The childhood memories .. we invest a lot of energy in who we were in the past, and all the hurtful things that happened then. The memories pop up and trouble people all through their lives, it even drives their lives, or wrecks them. We need to learn to view the past with detachment, to recognise that hurtful things happened, that people betrayed our trust, and forgive them for it. Forgiveness is not ‘for’ them, though they benefit as well, it is for US .. we destroy ourselves because of our past, by hanging on to the pain and fear, to self-loathing, to anger and rage and the sense of helplessness .. even as adults. We are, in a sense, still the child, and have pieces of ourselves, important pieces like our ability to trust ourselves and others, still tangled up way back then.

        Some people want to hang onto the anger, and it always puzzles me why we do that. How does it benefit us to live full of hate and fear, which is what anger does? It eats away at the inside of a person, and from a metaphysical point of view, it causes illnesses like cancer and stomach ulcers and heart attacks, as we squeeze ourselves in tighter and tighter knots.

        It seems intelligent to disconnect from the events of the past and allow the emotions to pass through us and then dissolve. Yes we can remember, but we don’t need to stay angry. We can realise that each lifetime we are learning something important from everything, and everyone, that happens to us .. to empower us, not to destroy us. To that end a small meditation, done each time the past comes back to hurt us:

        Sit quietly and comfortably somewhere you will not be disturbed and wrap yourself in your white light shield. Inside there you can feel whatever emotions, positive or negative, come to you without broadcasting them out into the atmosphere to effect others. Counting back from ten to one, allow yourself to settle gently into your body, to feel comfortable and safe. You are going on a journey into your past, into a memory that might hurt, but you are an adult now and you will see it from the adults point of view. Remember, you are wanting to do two things, bring back a part of yourself that is trapped in pain, and free yourself from your past. You are entitled to feel all the emotions, but you are not going to punish yourself for past mistakes. You are going to ‘observe’ your feelings, not drown in them.

        Bring the scene to mind that hurt, and standing outside of it observe what you remember. Freeze the picture. Reach in and take yourself out of it. Pick up the ‘child’ that is you and give him or her a big hug, surround both of you in the white light shield, safe from all harm, and stay there until both of you are calm. In front of you is a person who has hurt you, you could be angry, but there has been anger and pain enough in both your lives, or you would not be here in this picture now. Ask the child in your arms, yourself, what needs to be done to free both you and the other person. You might be surprised at the answer, but if it comes from love .. and not just something negative or fearful .. then create what is asked for in your mind and let it fill the picture in front of you. The mental image I have at the moment is something like ‘the big teddy bear swells up and kicks his butt’. Or it could be, ‘have her mother come and give her a big hug like you are giving me one’. Your mind will give you whatever it wants or thinks it needs. Trust yourself.

        Then you and the child float out of the picture adn away to somewhere beautiful and just sit and talk for a while. When you are ready ask the child if it would like to live in your heart, and let it go there in whatever way it does. Perhaps create a candle flame like a door and see the happy child walking into the safety of all that warmth and Light? Whatever comes to mind is right.

        And then you come back gently into the here and now and watch your life change, because it will, for the better.

        We can do this sort of meditation anytime something comes up and it hurts. It took a while to write that all down, but it only takes a few minutes to do the journey, and the benefits will be surprising.

        I hope that all helps,
        Love & Peace

  2. Ama, I’m reading your Michael Invocation, very nice, thank you.

    Can you…I know this is tough, in a general way speak to behaviors that might keep things attached…I’ve read if you have items in your home, antiques, occult items (but if you read Bob Larson he says having a Hindu or Budhist statue can bring these things in…do you believe that as well? I have alot of angels, a labrynth, some buddhist things, etc…does everything that’s antique and not Christian need to go?) I’m a Reiki master, have done a shamanic apprenticship, etc…

    One thing I also want to ask you…since doing the shamanic work every time I close my eyes I see eyes…some human, some animal, some kind, some not so kind, have had little insight as to what these are…I guess I should have asked them, but didn’t want to invite in something I was not sure of?

    I do energy work, I’m very perceptive, sensative, always have been, grew up in a haunted house, have lived and worked in several since…but am concerned that I’m bringing in, or holding, keeping in whatever is here.

    Either way I’m not so fond of what is here now…if I tune into it, it’s feminine, and a whole brew of mega depth of all that is bad…hard to describe it, I try NOT to feel/acknowledge it. I’ve prayed, I ask for the white light of the holy spirit to come into my home and fill it with light and surround and stop any negative energies or entities…I’ve smudged…it’s not around all the time…mostly quiet here…but boy from time to time…

    • examples…my little guy sleeps in his “nest” on our bedroom floor, he doesn’t make it through the night in his room, and I don’t push the issue (he’s never really slept well…horrible sleeper)…so last night he starts making this bizarre moan…it wakes me up, and I keep asking him, what’s wrong honey? What can I do for you? do you want me to hold you? etc. etc…his eyes are open and he says “there’s something out there”…and I ask “out where?” out the window? In the hall where? he smirks kind of and tells me out in the hall…and I ask, what are you seeing?…and he starts crying, because I woke him up…so he was not conscious at all!… while I am alert and aware of this, it worries me for my kids…especially the little guy.

      • Hi Anonomyssy,

        White Light shields for the house, for your son. I mentioned them in the previous answer. Yes, there is weird stuff ‘out there’ and the kids born these days are more sensitive than when I was young. A little help is a blessing.

        Love & Peace

    • Hello again Myssy,

      Emotion binds attachments to us. Negative emotions such as anger, hate, fear, jealousy, unforgiveness, judgement, envy, I am sure you can think of a few more. In forgiveness we find release from ‘sin’ (if you want to go biblical there for a minute), in a more layman’s terms, we find we lift a burden we are carrying, because, while negative energy forms might have no physical weight, in spiritual weight they can bring us to our knees.

      As to items in the house – umm.. I have tibetan bowls, and bells, and a lovely black Bast from Egypt that I bought here in Australia, but also have a little green Bast that I bought back from Egypt, and then there are all my dragons, some pewter, some not, that I have collected over the years, and my angels, and my ankhs, and various types of crosses .. and dreamcatchers (american indian tradition), oh and various crystals (100′s) (according to one ‘churchgroup’ I know you can have them as long as you don’t ‘use’ them as anything but decorations .. umm.. I have a great one that removes negativity from anything it touches ..) and then there is various Quan Yin (lovely energy, ‘met’ her one daying during a rescue (ghostbusting) circle) and Buddha statues, and all the Chinese dragons my mother loves, and my papyrus from Egypt (bought it home too) .. various scenes including the one of Isis that is over 3 feet tall (and more). And no, the house is not full of demons and ghosts, nor are they attracted to the house because of them. They come because of me. And then there’s my bookshelves 11 x 6′ tall by 3′ wide covered in topics like theology, demonology, healing of every sort, and lots of novels .. I did have a minister come in one day and say I had to clear the house out before he’d talk to me. That was a few years ago and I’ve increased by collection since then.

      Can items be haunted, yes. But not every book on demons attracts demons, otherwise every house that had a bible (in my case 13 or so) would have demons in it.

      The shamanic work connects us to the elemental work, the earth, more than say Reiki. For me Reiki is earth energy too, but I flip into the shamanic energy depending on what sort of entity I am dealing with. Were the eyes you saw your guides or totem animals? There’s light and dark in all of God/Spirit’s creations. If you wanted to learn about them, I would shield myself and invite in those who were there for your greater good specifically .. and only them. Learning from our shadow is not wise at the present moment.

      I said before to do the Michael Invocation. Now is good. You don’t have to wait for the entity to return. It might simply be an ‘old’ angry female ghost, or it could be something nastier.

      Are you keeping negative entities bound to you? Possibly, if you do not practise forgiveness or love, if you hold old grudges and old anger and refuse to let go. Otherwise they hang around anyway, to disrupt lightworkers if they can, until we notice them and send them packing. It’s up to us.

      Love & Peace

  3. Ama, you just answered one of the biggest questions that has been weighing on my mind for a few years now. Thank you so much. I now know after many bad experiences with ouija boards NEVER to touch them… in fact, the last time I used one was when the gatekeeper comment came out. I will definitely be taking your suggestion and closing those doors I’ve created, tonight.

    In my family, we always joke that there is a “psychic line” running through our family. Every family gathering opens with what paranormal experiences people have had lately. Two of my cousins, who happen to be sisters, are gifted with second sight. One of them is clairvoyant and the other can see angels and spirits whom have crossed over. They recently went and did an investigation because one of our aunt’s friends had a restaurant that had a lot of activity. When my cousin was telling me about it, she had mentioned that she wished I was there because she felt that it would have been safer if I was there. She did not know about the gatekeeper thing at this point. The end of this long-winded explanation is this… how can I learn? Does being a gatekeeper mean I can create the light? I have been able to stop activity in the past while it’s ongoing, but I have never tried to physically close a doorway. If I can create the light, how do I do it? I feel like I have a lot to learn about this, and books seem to only get me so far, especially since I’ve never even seen gatekeepers mentioned anywhere except for in the spirit realm. I will be 25 this coming fall, and feel like it’s time to get back on the horse and develop this gift. It’s not something I want to fade out or go to waste.

    Thanks and many Blessings!

    • Hi JessaLynn

      The psychic gifts run through the bloodlines of most families. All spirits (everyone) are ‘psychic’ (we all have the gifts when we are in spirit), some bloodlines carry the energy more easily than others, as if their brains and nervous systems were wired slightly differently, to cope with higher frequency energy, or simply MORE energy, than others.

      Gatekeepers work with the Michael angels, they are the soldiers of God. Being a gatekeeper means having access to a lot of energy, and a lot of very tough soldiers (sometimes with wings) who are happy to help. No wonder your family members feel safe when they are playing in the unseen. Your gang protects everyone who seeks help from you.

      How can you learn .. patience, grasshopper. (David Carradine quote from the movie Kung Fu :-) ). All in good time. You are very young yet, and while I know you don’t want to hear that, and think you are very grown up .. and you are .. you are not quite ready to be anything but be defensive (thinks happen around you without you actually doing anything – but don’t test it), so everything that you ‘know’ is buried in your subconscious mind waiting for certain triggers to bring it to the surface. The ouija comment was not made by any friend of yours. It was probably done to try and push you into the work far too early. (I sound like an fussy old woman to me right now, but I am speaking from experience). At 24 I was a child with children to raise and Spirit said much the same thing to me. Live your life, enjoy it, learn and mature, study everything and anything that becomes interesting to you .. everything, JessaLynn, I once read an entire encyclopedia .. I must admit I skipped the bits about higher maths because my brain just doesn’t not work that way .. but I read about people, and history, and mystery and technology, and then I got into faith and mythology and psychology and metaphysics to learn how energy worked (and I have the stacked bookshelves to prove it :-) ). And what you will find, as you go along, is that some things will ‘feel’ new, and some will feel as though you have known them forever. You just need reminding.

      Then one day you will be presented with a problem and ‘know’ the solution without thinking about it, and do it .. and then you’ll stop and maybe even hear that still quiet voice that says ‘well done, child’.

      Everyone creates both light and darkness, positive and negative energy. Learn what triggers your fears and release them. Learn what makes you angry and release those triggers too. Learn not to fear yourself, or other people. Use sensible precautions but walk through the world having faith in yourself, your protectors and God (by whatever name you want to call it). Perhaps you could think of yourself as a key in the door .. the one that locks it behind intruders when they have scurried away. That’s happened to me a few times .. go to a haunted house only to find it empty of spooks, who don’t come back .. seems they saw me coming and commented on leaving? LOL Gotta love it!

      How to create light .. think happy thoughts. Think loving ones. What do you think the Light is really made of? Your chakras pump out energy into the world all the time. Learn to be conscious of what you are ‘creating’ and control your output, particularly when it comes to negative feelings. They become little bubbles too, and float away, taking a part of you with them. Learn to grab them before they go, and turn them into positive energy instead. This is something that every single person on the planet can do .. and should. God made us creators.

      Yes, you have a lot to learn. Start first in learning WHO you are (what drives you, what beliefs govern your thoughts and behaviours), what you will and will not do for Love, or in anger. Find love, be happy, and live to be ‘the changes you want to see in the world’. Energy follows thought. Create a brand new world for all of us. Tell your friends. We need them to do it too. We all need to do it. We are wrecking the current one, and its the only one we have.

      As to being a gatekeeper .. you ARE a gatekeeper. Everything that you ARE is within you. Everything else you learn on top of that is icing on a very beautiful cake. You are a Daughter of the Greater Good. So remember that next time you want to lose your temper. LOL

      Boy do I get some lectures at times .. not just give them. :-) Every time I write something like this, I get to re-examine myself. We do not even begin to understand what incredible beings we have been created to be. Oh yes, the doctors can explain the physical to us most of the time, but energy .. we are only just touching the surface of what we ‘could’ know, and do. Utterly amazing.

      Love & Peace

  4. much thanks for the mindful answer. :~)

  5. how do you close the doors, be specific, i didnt understand how to.

    • I was specific Moya,

      You find someone who knows how to do it and ask them for help.

      Love & Peace

  6. So many questions on this so many whys and how this and that but I will keep it short and simple.

    First of all Ama I must agree with you that Ouija boards are nothing but bad news and trouble for the rest of your life that may some day take your life or make you wish you were dead.

    Moving on to the next thing Ama you said that this is some thing that you are born with I am once again some what lost on this comment for you said that you were collected by a group of 12 Angels and they Taught you this. So was u born with it and they just open your mind to it and showed u how to work with it or did they instill it in you?

    As for the child we must be careful with young ones that can do such things because they are young and they can do many things and if you do any thing that will make them think that they are doing wrong then they will lose their powers for ever unless the higher spirits contacts them and makes them remember what they could and how they could do things.

    And you can talk to a child with those types of gifts not aloud but with in the minds it self which will make things come out better and they will understand things much more and learn from this. And doing it this way will not hurt them as in making them not want to do such things any more but will increase their wanting to do it because it is magic and in some cases will make their gifts stronger. Am I making any sense here at all?

  7. Hello LK,

    Yes, I was born a gatekeeper, but because I have free will, I had to choose to accept my calling and be reminded of everything I had been taught since I was very young. You will know that as an AHA!!! moment. My life suddenly made perfect sense, everything I had experienced fitted into place in my mind, like the jigsaw puzzle finally getting the last few pieces.

    Angels cannot ‘instill’ things in people, you have either chosen to have the gifts before you come into the world, or you don’t have them. The angels cannot interfere in our choices, and forcing a person to have a gift they don’t understand is intefering.

    The comment about a child losing its gift forever is not true. We never lose any gift permanently. We can choose not to let them work for us, and keep that door shut permanently, but its our choice. When a parent tells you you are insane .. which happened to me quite frequently until I chose to stop talking about what I was experiencing, you can use that as a reason for never doing this work again, but again .. it was my choice to close the door, or try to, and mine to open it up again. That doesn’t mean the angels won’t remind you that you have a higher calling, because they do .. but .. they do it from Love, from a clearer understanding of reality that is not bound in by our fears, phobias and beliefs.

    I agree about talking to children gently into their minds, and not their ears .. its too confusing to be a child with the sort of memories I had and no one to tell me it was ok to be different. It’s actually heartbreaking, but I survived the journey .. and truthfully, I chose my parents, so what they did, they did with my blessing, and I am stronger for the journey. If my parents had simply loved me and said anything like ‘you can see a ghost, tell it to go away honey’ rather than ‘there’s nothing there you are imagining things you idiot’ .. then a child will be stronger for having been seen, loved and trusted.

    How do we teach the little ones that some gates should remain closed .. I know quite a few kids who could use this lesson. The tiny tots we can speak to in their minds, just by thinking ‘at’ them, but when they get to about 9, and burst into mediumship .. how do you explain that they should shut the door to ALL ghosts, for now, and not just the ones that scratch and push you around? And what do you do with the parents who find it fascinating? SIGH

    Oh, Lady, this world needs retraining.

    Love & Peace

  8. I agree with you on that they do not lose their gifts for ever that is why I said unless a higher power reminded them of what they could do. As you said they close the door and never talk of it. If they are needed then the higher power will come to them and open the door again if that person so wishes it to be open. It may take a few tries to get them to understand what is going on. Also when we are children we tend to think that our parents knows best and we believe them and let them close the doors.

    Very sad really that parents don’t have more faith in children the closed mined ones that is.

    And I could not agree more that the world needs retraining maybe then we all could work in harmony like we were meant to do.

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