Scary Ouija Board Experience

Posted on May 10, 2008

I don’t know whether you’ll believe this story or not, but I can assure you that it’s true. I messed with the Ouija board and paid for that.

This incident took place about three years ago. I was in school and we were having our free period as usual. Then, one of my best friends called me and took me to a corner and removed something from her bag. She showed the Ouija board to me though I could not recognize it having never heard of it before.
She told me it was a tool to call spirits and that it’d be very exciting to do it.

I was initially very afraid but later I relented and allowed her to show it to my classmates. Each and every one of us was excited to do it.

We sat down near our school graveyard and started the ‘game’. In the first attempt, nothing happened. But in the second attempt, it happened, a fierce wind blew about us and the pointers started moving all by themselves. A first we thought that it was the wind, but as the wind slowly subsided, we came to know that there was something seriously wrong.

My friend, who owned the board, suddenly fainted. We got terribly frightened and I asked the board,”Is anyone there?” The answer was ‘yes’. We were terribly afraid and we all ran away from that spot forgetting my unconscious friend over there.

I don’t know what happened after that, just the news came that my best friend was found dead near the school graveyard.� ‘Til today, I can feel the after effects of messing with the Ouija board. I can feel someone standing behind me, I can feel that I’m being followed everywhere. My dog is a witness.

Whenever I am alone with my dog in a room, she starts barking suddenly looking at something invisible to me. I can also see dark shapes in the air, I can hear running water precisely at midnight. I don’t know who can help me out of this.

Please guys, don’t mess with the Ouija board. It is not a thing to be played with. It is a very dangerous thing.

Sent in by Katrina, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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519 Responses to “Scary Ouija Board Experience”
  1. Keisha says:

    I was told by my dad that when my grandmother (his mom) was a teenager that she and some of her friends got to together to use a ouija board. He said that one asked when she was going to die. The board just said “soon”. The next day the girl was involved in a major car accident and was killed. To this day my grandmother does not like ouija boards and when I got mine as a teenager I was not allowed to tell her, at all. I just thought that I would share that. I thought it was weird that the same thing could happen twice with a ouija board.

    • jessica says:

      when i was little i remember playing with a friend in the parking lot of my apartments, i remember it clearly. i did not use a oigui bored i played with for pencils. do you think that can affect you too????

      • Anonymous says:

        i dont know

      • *883452* says:

        Yes, playing with pencils is the same thing as using the ouija. They both involve the same concept in asking questions to out of this world objects. My suggestion is just to not mess with any of this and leave it alone.

    • elamcrosley14 says:

      This experience sounds similar to one that my cousin once told me. He is in his 20s now but when he was a teenager him and his friends decided to play with a Ouija board. One of his friends got in a freak accident the same night after they had stopped messing with it and he had left my cousins house.

    • Sara says:

      ******read right now!!!!!!!******The only reason why bad stuff happen to people who use the oija board is cause u guys have to look up and read the instructions!ur not supposed to leave the planchette on the board when ur not using it,don’t ask any questions about death and gods.never ask for a specific spirit…always have a silver item with u…ask if its from the moon or the sun the sun is a good spirit and the moon is a bad one.never play alone!if u contacted a bad spirit flip the planchette upside down and use it that way idemitadly!!!never let the planchette fly off the board or u opened a door for them….never and I mean never be rude to a spirit even if it’s from the sun…..never ever tell the spirit to prove it’s self by moving an object or say something or u have opened a door way for all spirits good or bad into ur house…never burn the oija board!!break it into 7 pieces or put holy water on it!and never show ur scared or unconfident cause then the spirit will take ur confidence….also never no matter who it is never let the spirit gain ur trust!!!

  2. Julia W. says:

    That probably only happened because you ran away without asking if you could leave… That can anger spirits… You probably got an evil one, too… If you want it to go away, well first try and find whether it wants something from you cant you can give, cause that way itll be happy and go away. Get paranormal psychologists and those sorts. Otherwise, get a Catholic priest to exorcise it, even if you don’t believe (i dont) because what i imagine happens is the represent good and purification, and therefore get rid of the spirit. Sometimes indigenous cleansing rituals work too, and if you’re really scared, get salt and make an unbroken circle of protection around you. the spirit can’t infiltrate it. Also, silver is a good purifier, and iron will keep spirits away. I hope this helped!! A million hugs, and whatever you do, don’t show the spirit you’re scared of it, and don’t acknowledge it, they relish that. Unless it were to be a good spirit, cause then they need that attention, but it killed your friend, so it most likely isn’t. GOOD LUCK!!!! and a cyberhug!!!

    • skylar says:

      im sorry but what you said to help her is wrong it wont work. i know your not into believes and all but the truth and im for real! the only way to make a evil or any spirit leave is by jesus christ. sounds stupid and all . your probably saying sorry i aint religous but its really true! if there is spirits and demons and those things there must be Jesus right? so anyways i wanted to correct you and say that ONLY ONLY JESUS can help . call his name and ask him to get rid of the spirit. all evil spirits by the name of Jesus will HAVE TO LEAVE!! NO MATTER!! THEY ARE VERY POWERLESS OF JESUS

  3. Liam says:

    Regardless of what anyone else says (priest or otherwise) the only way to complete this cycle is by laying hands on the ouija board you used that day, with at least 5 people present, and set the pointer to “Goodbye” (upside down of course)

    The only reason anyone would have been hurt would have been ill-use of the ouija board and not closing the connection properly.

    I don’t care what it takes, I urge you to find the EXACT (not a copy) of the ouija board you used that day and set the pointer to the “Goodbye” symbol, and do NOT do this yourself

    • charles says:

      Well i know it will be scary.cause my sister made one and it worked.but it was gone in a day or 2 cause i but holy water and salt around my house,good luck

    • charles says:

      Well i know it will be scary.cause my sister made one and it worked.but the demon was gone in a day or 2 cause i but holy water and salt around my house,good luck

      PS the board said d-e-a-t-h then gone 2 goodbye

      • brooke says:

        thats good it must have been scaryy what happened like what did it do in the time it was there???

  4. Jas says:

    I’ve heard SEVERAL ouija bord gone bad storys only a few with deaths though, Both people have very good ideas and will work, but to add to the list of things you COULD DO is holy water, just toss it all over you. They hate that stuff, I heard wild rose works but that sounds too weird. Saint medallons work often for people with ill faith, and if you scared, your faith is not strong so it should work…

  5. Sara says:

    Ouiji Boards are serious stuff. I agree with what you said, avoid those things at all costs, the problem is that you never know who or what you’re talking to, it’s like the shady chatroom of the spirit world! Hah!

    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your friend. And I’m sorry it seems to have attached itself to you. I go along with Liam with this too, try to find the exact board and close the connection.

    A friend of mine messed with a ouiji board in fifth grade and now in college it still follows her and bad things always happen to her. Spirits are relentless.

    • sayuj says:

      nice try sara. we all know that if bad things happen then there should be something good things also happen thats . its just an imagination . iam a famous guy who deals with supernatural things . iam a hindu too so i know all about these things .

      • bethblast says:

        well it doesnt seem like you are proffesional atall, you may study all this supernatural but ouija boards do react in different ways, and i would agree with sara because they are bad news, you maybe one of the lucky ones that doesnt get effected by them but not everyone. maybe you should start form the begining of study abi more better.

    • zainab says:

      OMG! i really want to play with the ouija board with my mates but im scared because, i heard once you play with it the spirits will haunt you for the rest of lives and you will be possesed by it

      • yra says:

        i know, i really really want too but i’m scared just like you. if i know all about theese things and excactly what to do i wont get effected. so i will study through google

        • Anonymous says:

          No thats not true, even if you know all about these things you could still get hurt. But if its a chance you want to take, then that’s your choice. If a spirit chooses to latch onto you they will, its not like they (the spirits) will be like “Oh, he knows about ouija boards and the things that can happen I will leave him alone”, that’s just a silly way of thinking.
          Thats like saying “I know all about kidnapping and things like that.” but walking around the bad streets of New York alone at night.

      • yrydt says:

        not always it will not alwayd follow u try to calmly play and have some fun best wishes

      • carly says:

        i agree, I found out about the ouija board from my mate , who had said that she was using it the other night .
        from her telling me that , i decided to look up stories & the online ouija board, but they do not work.
        some of the stories have really creeped me out , like deaths & people getting attacked.
        my advice is not to use it because it could end up with something really bad happening !

    • anastasia says:

      im 14 years old and have used a homemade Ouija board three times. nothing has happened to me and i never burned any sage or poured salt around the group but i ALWAYS, ALWAYS close the door by being polite and saying goodbye i then wait for the spirit to say goodbye. Your emotions feed the energies, demons feed off fear. Remember to always be polite and treat them with respect. But when I was 13 i did a seance. I jumped back screaming, three days later i awoke to footsteps right next to my bed when i turned on the lamp the footsteps continued but no one was there,i felt like i was being watched i saw flickering shadows on my mirror and was usually awoken by this bad presence for three days around 2-3 in the morning

      After the third night i was awoken again instead of being scared i stood up pointed to my door and said please leave you are not welcome here i repeated that a few times. I have never been bothered ever since. You cant let them scare you you have the power.

      Sometimed the board lies sometimes it doesnt you must use it carefully. And sometimes spirits just randomly follow you the last time i did a ouija board which was yesterday i was talking to a 25 year ld guy who said he followed me home coz he thought i was hot!! freaky ot wat???

      • taylor says:

        I didnt pay any attention to the rules clearly posted and my comment was full of profanity so it was edited. I wasted my time didnt I?

  6. sabrinna says:

    Dammnn..that would be soo messed up..

  7. Jackie says:

    I posted my ouija experience it’s called, ‘Get Satan Off My Back’ – look it up. A prayer to God saved me and i didn’t even believe in God then, but it still worked.
    Don’t know what would have happened had i not prayed as i was being attacked (or more likely being posessed) by something invisible a little while after playing with the ouija.
    Please pray rather than get involved with the board again – God is much more powerful in protecting you, if it worked for me then why not you.
    My story is absolutely true too and I hope people are helped by my experience and how the prayer protected me from further harm.
    Good luck, I’m going to pray for you. xx

    • jessica says:

      can i ask you a question??? would it be wrong to do it with pencils??

    • solja says:

      Amen Jackie!!
      I’m glad that you saw the Light, indeed God is very busy trying to save as many souls as possible, I believe your story and I know that as long as you walk with him, nothing will pluck you off the hands of Jesus.
      What people ignore is that the devil and his angels know that their days are counted and they are also busy misleading people… one of the way is through “games” such as the ouija board.
      Keep your connections with your savior.
      Stay Blessed

    • Bob says:

      I am so glad that you prayed.That’s what anyone experiencing these evil spirits should do…..God will protect you, but you must trust Him and not be using the ouija.It is an invitation for the devil and demons to overtake you. The Bible warns us about staying away from black magic and witchcraft.

  8. Colleen says:

    When my best friend and I were younger, we used to play the ouija board in a cemetary quite a bit and usually at night. we even had a few friends join us. Nothing ever happened ( to me ) and to this day, I am so glad that nothing did! The board belonged to my best friend and she kept it in a closet at the end of the hallway on the 2nd floor where all of the bedrooms were located. She told me that she was scared of it, so we stopped playing it. One night she was home alone and she heard the toilet flush and another night she came home to her sister (who was home alone) holding a butcher knife in her hand scared out of her mind because she was hearing things. It has been a long time since we have discussed the board. I will have to talk to her about it and see what she has to say after all of these years!

    Sorry to hear about your friend. You didn’t mention what she died of.

  9. carrie says:

    well for one you never leave the board open you have to close it without doing that you leave the spirit out to run free.You must close the session.Second after you close the sessio you need to have a cleansing done to rid of any spirits that may have connected themselves to you in some way. and Third NEVER NEVER mess with the board it is not only evil but very dangerous.

    • claudia vidal says:

      i left my quiji board open but hadnt used it, it actually moved by its self like wanted to be played. but i didnt ,it turned dark outside so i went to sleep.i woke up in the middle of the night for no reason(which is a lie, i wante to call my boyfriend so he can come to my house),anyways so i go to the livinroom and found my quiji board on fire. i scream stop and everything turned silent, the fire stopped but for some reason i fell to the ground and fainted i guess. i woke up in my room sweating and terrified, my heart was racing my head was spinning,and i look around the room and i saw a demon im not sure if was a demon or a spirit. i was knocked out again.REAL STORY GUYS NO LIE!!!!!!!!!!. never ever even have a quiji board at home please take my word!. thank you for your time.

      • Lucy says:

        I am very sorry for the events that have happened.
        Thee only way of getting rid of the spirit is to be friends with it.
        Youu should have got the board and asked it why it was torturing you , what you had done wrong and saidg goodbye before you SHUT IT… it is so important to know how to use one, they are sod dangerous iot is unreal. be nice to it.
        it will be hatrd to fix thuis situation now but niow you can help yourself andf others

      • Stephen says:

        Wow if that is real that is bad, i do believe you, really want to do a ouijia board but these stories are putting me off :(

        But if it’s fake you should definitely take an english course would suit you well :) )

      • deborah says:

        how do you faint in the living room and wake up in your bedroom?

        • Friend says:

          Deborah, if she was in the living room when she was knocked out, and she was in her bedroom when she woke up, then that is possibly:

          - The demon possessed her
          - The demon probably took her back to her room.

          • trey says:

            i did an ouija a couple times. the first few it didnt work. but about the 3rd i thoght i make one with one of my old friends schuyler. so i made one and we stared it with 3 candles going at around 2am. i asked if anyone was there and it went to yes. i asked when he/her died it said 1920. so then i asked his/her name and it went from m to no about 10 time increasing in speed each time. after that it started circling around the bored. i stopped it and said goodbye and havnt used it to this day but i made another one and i gonna try it soon.

            any tips on who this spirit could have been?? Please.

            • Vikki and Shannon says:

              Don’t use that new ouija board your going to make, do you really want to put yourself to danger ?, I used one once with my friends justin and natasha, first we opened the ouija board by saying hello and they replyed back hello, we asked if it was a demon or a nice spirit it replyed uknown we didn’t know what it ment and all of a sudden the pointer span round and each time it span it went faster and faster, we got so scared me and justin ran out of the room leaving natasha behind, after we ran out the door slammed and we tried opening it but it didn’t work she screamed to US AND THAT WAS THE END THE DOOR OPEN AND SHE WAS FOUND DED

            • Anonymous says:

              i do

  10. Keri says:

    Wow….that’s really sad. I’m sorry about what happened to your friend. I couldn’t really give you any advice on how to get rid of this thing, but you could try what Liam says because this same thing happened to us (except no one died). I was with my younger brother and older sister and we contacted Satin. He wouldn’t leave us alsone for months until I said “goodbye” properly. I always just said goodbye and didn’t give them time to say anything. That was why he wouldn’t leave us alone. If you can’t find the board, you could try using a silver cross, but be careful where you put it. I suggest to NOT put a cross on your neck as a necklace. Instead, try rounding off the corners and stick it in your pocket and keep it with you at all times in your house. You could also try a priest. Hope this helps!!!!!

  11. Danielle says:

    That’s really tragic about your friend. Does anyone know how to close the connection?
    Never relized how dangerous it was untill I used it. I have it under my bed. Its been giving me nightmares.and I wake up with cuts and bruises. I rarely get to sleep because I can feel them watching me and waiting for me to go to sleep.

  12. Miranda says:

    what ever my mom has been using ouija board since she was little anmd she is 48 nothing ever happened to her maybe the spirits were mad at her

  13. sammi says:

    wow!!! thats crazy . me and a couple of my friends play one all the time, and nothing bad has ever happend to us (not that i don’t believe ur story) we want to play one in a graveyard, but we don’t know what the results will be. we aren’t going to play until we know that its safe. if anybody has any suggestions, plz comment it!

  14. Jackie says:

    Yeah Sammi, don’t ‘play’ it, one day it could all go wrong and your ‘game’ could turn out to be your nightmare, it really isn’t worth the risk. Some people just think, ‘oh it’ll never happen to me like that,’ but one day it will, i’d put bets on it. I only played it once and i had a terrible experience afterwards.
    What do you mean, you’re not going to play until we know that it’s safe?
    It will never be safe.

  15. Erin says:

    ouija boards dont always tell the truth…they lie to me all the time like i asked when i was going to get pregnant and it said never i asked why it said infertile…not even a month later i found out im pregnant…the one that told me i was infertile is also jealous im with my boyfriend because he wants to marry me and be with me but he cant cuz hes dead..kinda creepy but he follows me around and watchs me and then when we play he tells my friends what i did that day without me telling them so they wouldnt know…its kinda scary and im worried for me and my unborn baby incase he gets to jealous that its not his and tries to cause a miscarriage…it know hes not fake because i asked it everytime my phone rang or had a text who it was and it said who everytime without me even looking at my phone…hes been following me for over a year before i even played the board because he likes the fact that i love and work with kids and he himself is only like 7 or 8…he loves to sit on my lap and whenever we talk to him the pointer moves really fast unless he cant spell the word then it always stops on G we ask him if he can spell it it says no then i ask if he can explain it and i know what it is…with anyother spirit it moves kinda slow but with him its like hes excited to talk and wants to just get it out and have us know what hes saying quickly…i dont want to get rid of him because he protects me aparently from evil spirits another spirit says hes my gaurdian angel but i don tknow if thats true…any advise?

    • demons lie says:

      That is not your guardian angel talking to you but a demon. I have used tarot cards often and once used the ouji board online. Each time the spirit answered my question the predictions turned out to be false. Demon are known to lie and mislead you into sin or worst lead you to death. Everytime I used both mediums that weird stuff would happen in my apartment. I have seen black mist, dark shadows walking around in my apartment. I would hear weird noises such as knocking sounds coming from my wall. I would wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning for no reason. Everytime I took a picture with my camera there would be orbs in my picture. I would watching shows and reading about the occult. I dealt with paranormal and played with the tarot cards and this is when all these weird sounds and dark shadows started to begin in my apartment. As soon I stop believing in the paranormal and starting opening my bible and opened my heat to god that all these weirds things that were happen to me stoped all of sudden stop.

  16. Raquel says:

    All time time I hear ppl telling me DO NOT play wi that kind of stuff so u no wat Im really freckin after hearing all these stories…I wont.Mi mom when she waz a teenager she played wit a board like that and she said that she talking to a old man that waz dead and nuttin happed but idc Im never gonna play wit sum thing like that :/

  17. Jackie says:

    At least for the sake of the kids you look after, please stop messing with the ouija board, you just don’t know what your conjuring up.
    Spirits from ouija boards lie to you, they tell you what you want to hear – it’s well known.
    As if your guardian Angel would come through a ouija board – think about it.
    Hope you’re OK.

  18. Ragini Pattni says:

    I agree with Jackie that you should pray with faith to get rid of the what is following you rather than going back to ouija board you used with your friend who died or even try to say goodbye. God is powerful.

  19. kitty says:

    I am gifted too. I have a connection to the spirit world and have a guide with me all of the time. They take care of me and I respect them. Ouija comes from the French for yes/no and should never be used unless you really know what you are doing. Sometimes bad spirits use them to come into the earthly world and cause as much trouble as they did in life. Sometimes you may have a guiding spirit who did many good things in life as they do in the spirit world. But as I advise under NO circumstances should you try a board out. I once took part in a ‘game ‘ like that as was lucky enough not to come to harm, but some are not so lucky. To you, Katrina, go to see a Medium, she will be able to help you. Then go to see a man of the cloth, and have him bless you. The spirit you have will leave you in the eyes of the lord and you will be free again. god bless Amen

  20. Vivi says:

    My frend Bry has a Ouija board and has been in contact with a ghost named Tuck for three years. He died in a car acident and is very nice to her (in a friendly way). In her case, the Ouija communcations with Tuck aren’t horrific at all, but I agree that people shouln’t “play” with Ouija boards. Keep safe!

  21. Vivi says:

    By the way, what kind of school is it that you attend that has it’s own cemetery?

  22. Alex says:

    OK well here’s something really spooky… About a week ago my best friend was spending the night and snuck her ouija board over to my house, (she had to sneak it over because my mom would have a heart attack if she found out we were playing with it at my house, because she swears it’s haunted) and we started playing with it and contacted a 15 year old boy who kept saying his name was C T
    and then i asked him when he died and he said 1913 and he was born in 1897. And then i asked him if he loved or had a girlfriend back then and he said he loved a girl named Alexandria and that is my first name, and then i told him that Alexandria was my first name and he said “yes” and then i asked him if i was the one he loved back then and he said “yes” and i asked him if i was reincarnated and he said yes and he could describe what i looked like that back then. The creepy thing is though before i started playing with the ouija i have had dreams and suspected that i was reincarnated and my first life took place sometime in the 1800′s. It was kind of eerie and then i asked if his name was calob which is my boyfriends first name and he said “yes” and he could even spell my last name that i never told him what it was. And then my friend asked him if he could see me and he said that he watches me every night. and then he said that he still loves me to this day and can’t wait to see me again. But the really creepy part was that a couple nights later i felt like something was watching me and i kept having shivers up and down my spine. And then to keep myself occupied i started to paint my nails and then all of a sudden i felt something tugging playfully at my hair and then i told it to stop and it did. And then i felt so scared that i got off my bed and looked out into my hallway and i swear to god saw this black shadow that looked like it was coming out of my bathroom and into the wall. I was so scared that night i ended up sleeping in my moms bedroom that night which i didnt even fall asleep until 4:00 that morning. And even right now i can feel as if he is with me right this moment. My advice even though this is coming from a 14 year old, playing with a ouija has it’s pro’s and con’s, just be careful and don’t always do it by yourself because you are more vulnerable to evil spirits then good ones. I was lucky enough to find a good spirit who knew me a long time ago before i really believed that i was reincarnated. And im not saying believe everything that spirits tell you because they could be trying to trick you into thinking your something your not. But in my case i think that everything “CALOB” told me makes a lot of sense considering what i thought before i ever talked to him.

  23. TiffanyNicole says:

    OK…. This is kinda confusein…. Idk if I sould beleave it or not….. I know that it is dangorous but ur stoy??? Hummm….. Not sure…

  24. Taylor says:

    I can belive this story because when i was like 6 or 7 i went over to my neighbors house and we used the ouija board and one of my neighbors friends (whos name was Alyssa) asked who are you and it answered your grandma! And Alyssas grandma had just died. Creepy! =]

  25. Ryan says:

    My dog died three years ago and I once used a Ouija bored to summon my dog (i had little knowledge of a Ouija bored and missed my dog very much and i still do to this day.) after i was done i became careless to close the Ouija bored. nothing really did happen as i guess it doesn’t really work with pets. (or am i wrong?) and to add im deeply to into Christianity and my mom is a Thai Buddhist we both at diffrnt times pray for protection (my mom prays at day and i pray at night) for my house and those we where close to so i also wonder if that has to do with anything or is it out of shear luck that the spirits were to busy at other peoples houses?

  26. Halloween Blood says:

    yu messed with the board and it got yu back
    i think the thing yur dog barks at is yur dead friend…

  27. Nicholas m. says:

    We haven’t used our board since 1978 when I was 14. At the time,my sisters friend came over and we toyed with it for a bit.Then a strange thing happened,the ouija spelled out the word bone. We laughed and put it away,but on the way home, the girlfriend found a small human leg bone that had broken off a science skeleton.It had been wired together in a lab and apparently, fell from some truck on the way to someplace else.I still have it til this day in a box in our basement.We never pulled out the board again, which also sets quietly in the basement.

  28. Jackie says:

    OK, i seriously don’t want to get anyones back up here, but the ouija board lies, it tells you things to make you want to keep coming back to it. There is only evil that deals with the ouija however people might think this is not the case.

    When i messed with the ouija, it spelt out my friend’s granddad was there, but it was totally untrue as the wine glass we used started going mad at times, crashing the scrabble letters we were using onto the floor. It didn’t feel like a good presence, if anyone has played this and it HAS worked by giving you some sort of proof as it did in our case, then you’ll know that eerie feeling that goes with the communication. I knew it was about to work and i didn’t believe in all this then, the atmosphere just changed into like a ‘time standing still’ kind of feeling and it was really eerie. How is that GOOD??

    Nothing good would ever communicate with you in these type of commuications as it brings trouble!!! Sorry, but the spirit telling you he was a long lost love is lying to you.

  29. amanda says:

    when i was around 5 i found a quija board in my house i think it is my moms when she was little. the first time i played it i played it with my older sister and my little brother we would always blame somebody for moving the pointer but one day i moved the board and it came off and as i went to go grab it it started moving twards the board we would play it alot of times….on day i was laying in my bed a loud banging noise woke me up and it came from the wall my bed was aginst the banging was right there by my head it lasted about 10 min and woke every one in the house my mom thought i was banging untill she saw that my body wasn’t even touching the wall i was so scared. till this day i see this one ghost over and over agen (a boy teenager with a uniform and a cap)
    im not shore who it is it might of been the boy i was talking on the quija board with. i cant rember his name (he told me it while we were playing the game )or it could of been my cousin that died in the war my mom has seen the same ghost and she finely belived me when i would tell her i have been seeing this ghost i know how scarey it is and i am 14 now and i still see him and here very wered noises and things moving by there self now i read the bible and say my prears almost every night and my best friend has experinced scarey things in my house every time she would come over………………………………………just lettin u no ur not alone in this perdictument….your friend amanda

  30. Katie says:

    Im sorry, but anyone who uses a Ouija board, is in for some deep trouble. Anyone who is knows a thing or two about paranormal activity knows that they are one of the most dangerous tools to use to contact spirits. The Warrens if anyone is familiar with them, are a couple who investigate and deal with hauntings, possessions, exorsicms, demons ect and they will advise you to never use a Ouija board. They make contact with spirits who are evil, and demonic, and will cause nothing but trouble for you. Even if you are convinced you are talking with a loved one or someone you knew, through the Ouija board your not.

  31. Carly says:

    Geez……..i think its terrible how your friend ended up dying….. ans ouija boards are so dangerous..i don even know why people would want to play with them in the first place..knowing that the results are going to be bad..

  32. mark says:

    i remember the first (and only time) i used a ouija board. it was at a frends house…and one thing i dont understand is……..WHY GIRLS LOVE DABBLING WITH OUIJA BOARDS! IS IT SOME SORT OF NATURAL ATTRACTION? CUZ I SWEAR IF I DIDNT NO BETTER THAT IT WAS!

    Thank you, THAT IS ALL

  33. jen says:

    ok if quija boards are so bad why after all these years they still sell them???IN TOY STORES! i work in paranormal ok not that fake crap you see on tv .ive seen three ghost they dont bother people one i saw just sat there and the other two walked on by like i wasnt even there

  34. Sam says:

    Just call on the name of god when you are bothered by the demon…. Jehovah!… the name of god will make them shudder in fear… its worth a try… I mean all you have to do is call out to Jehovah…

  35. Zack says:

    Get A Priest To Bless Your Soul, and house. he will get that demon off your back or some sort of evil paranormal ghost/spirt/demon Just get a priest dont let it get to you.

  36. Jackie says:

    Jen, they are still sold in toy stores because alot of people don’t believe that they are anything else but a toy, it’s only when you play with one, like i did that you find out that they are not a toy and ARE dangerous and do work. Not saying every spirit is dangerous, but you don’t know what you’re going to get when you play with the board, they could be good, or bad, it’s a bit like russian roullette. In the end you could be putting yourself in danger, it’s just not worth the risk. Wish i’d been given that advice before i dabbled.

  37. lyndon says:

    i do get the feeling that i have someone waching me but i triy to be positive and think its my gardian angel.
    anyway i was just wandering since im cristian will this change anything if i youse a ouija bored and why cant i youse a ouija bored on my own because i realy want to know.(P.S.thing about me is that i dont get frightened by theas supernatural things as easly as otheres but i can still get fightened so im not taking any chanses)

  38. Alexis T. says:

    Me and my friends used a ouija board once…It was on my friends dock (their is only litleraly 3 inches of water under) we asked if a spirit was with us and a huge splash came from under the dock…No fish could do that! it was also a full moon. CRAZY STUFF HAPPENS. if you use one just be carefukl and know when to stop playing…

  39. morgan says:

    i dont have problems with good and bad spirits cuz they dont scare me i live in a ghot filled house where everything is amiss and i have documented proof of me using a huge home made quiji bord and it worked,yeah,ou shouldn’ be scared they can sense it and then they’ll be after you i am quite inviting and i have tallked to more than 6 spirits and they are all very close to me

    love magz the super natural girl

  40. Warrior Priestess says:

    Please tell me that Katrina (the Author of this Story) is Still alive? Its been many months since her story was published… Just awful, this story is breif and sad, playing with a O-board is ONE thing, but doing it in a cememtary?? Thats the most reckless thing you could have done, Next to ofcourse playing the O-Board on a Native American buril Ground, or on Grounds that were actually Cursed, like Satanic sacrifice, Terrible things happen when you use the board on such places…

  41. Mark says:

    i asked a ouija board tonight when i was going to die and it said december 2012 and also it said i was going to die a sudden death. Im kind of concerned because of all the things pointing to that month during 2012. I dont know if i should take the ouija seriously , since my friends tried to summon satan which is stupid. then satan said hed teach me guitar lessons when i asked him lol. please send me some feed back

  42. Jackie says:

    Mark, look in The Snug and it gives alot of information about the O-board.

    Try not to worry too much in the answers it gave you, as these boards lie more often than not to people who do not protect themselves.

    Having said that, you really NEED to keep off them, especially when friends you play it with ask for saton.

    Are you the Mark that left a comment in The Snug a while ago when i was without access to the internet during this time? This was due to a house move and SP problems.

  43. Jessica says:

    I’ve been research alot alot alot people’s experience with the Ouija board.
    it was very interesting to know about their experience, but theres one thing, i still dont understand, how does Ouija board carry the spirit/satan since its only a FLAT board.

    i never tried the ouija board before and ALOT people told me not to try.!
    – to be honest, i do want to try Ouija board but i didnt want to go along all by myself and i prefer to have someone to play with me. well ive no fear of spirit or satan because we have to stay strong and defeat SATAN.! If we all defeat SATAN and then, SINNER and SATAN WILL BE ALL GONE.! all of us will become a HOLY PURE. sorry for getting off the point, but thats all i want to say. (: anyone who wants to comment back ?

    • Sknusr says:

      I confirm that we have to beat Satan. When I was small I promised to my self I will beat Satan in glorious battle. I hope I will have enough courage and energy to do that once the day comes.

  44. georgia says:

    Last christmas me and my boyfriend went to his grandmas to see all the family,and later in the evening we had all had a few drinks and all us younger ones and my boyfriends mum decided to play a ouija board, We asked it many questions, and have since realised they have all come true, it knew things that nobody could have known. I didnt even play it, i just watched, and i fealt sick and ice cold and if something was trying to enter my body, i was terrified, to this day i am still terrified, i feel as if some1 is watching me, chasing me. Please Please never play a ouija board, not even if your tempted. Dont even watch. they are terribly dangerous

  45. Jackie says:


    to not fear satan is!! – a little naive to say the least. If you ever encountered true evil as i have, then you wouldn’t speak of it in such a matter of fact way…

    Do not even test this. THERE IS EVIL AND THAT IS A FACT!!! I’m sorry that you all can’t be given this proof…don’t be sorry, be thankfull. Just take care with all this curiosity and leave it alone. Be warned and take notice!!

  46. Mark says:

    no jackie that was my first post, thanks for the advice i should probably listen to you

  47. mark says:

    just so theres no confusion between the two, that Mark above me is a different mark from me. ive been on the site for a while, so everyone know that when its all lower case its me and when its anything else its not me.

  48. Jessica says:


    you’ve got a good point.
    i got a one question to ask.. have you ever played the ouija board before?

  49. Wilko says:

    Has anyone used an online Ouija board, do they / could they work?

    • CASSIDY says:

      yes some work,but watever you do when playin w/ 1 , ceep a bible w/ u to ceep off the bad spirits that want to hurt u9(P.S. Try to use 1.some people cant go on without usin 1to get 1 online, google online ouija boards that work

      love kasidi & jesy

  50. NDOT says:

    Why do you lot play the ouijja board as it only brings bad experiences, i beleive that those who play it and have good experiences are going to blinded from the true fact, in which they will have a scary experuience…. the sad part is that when majority of people play the board they only learn it is bad once they have a bad experience and by then it is too late…. of course i beleive the practice of the board should be forbidden, however if a person wants to play it… they should be allowed… for these people will be questioned on the day of judgement…. because it does say it is a sin to contact the dead… is a form of witch craft….. Anyways… be careful and god Bless…..

  51. bianca says:

    i am curious as to know what would it be like to try a board buti cant because i live in a religious household. well i was wondering is it true if your name ends with a B or an A you will be cursed? i dont know if its true but i have been told not to mess with that because it will follow me throughout life. though i have not messed with with a witchboard i have had paranormal experiences since i was little but the strange thing is i am now a teen and havent been through any strange unusual experiences, its as if i grew out of it.

  52. jeff dreiman says:

    i am curious on weather or not this is true… i have 2 ouija boards i have a regular parker brothers board and a dream cathcer board that i s for good spirits… but iam going to a cemetary tonight to try it out for myself but thank you for the story and please let me no if it is true…

  53. Shelby says:

    That was an intence story,Why dont you get someone to get ride of them a phycic told my mom if you ask them to leave nicley they might leave you alone. I had one to in my room when i moved into my new house and the ghost was nice and left when my mom asked him to

  54. carnivore bunny says:

    Eventually you will want to get rid of your board. You can break it up and bury it with salt if you think the dog won’t dig it back up, or use this service: . Most people don’t actually call up anything but their own desires, but sometimes you’ll feel the need to take concrete action.

  55. Laura...x says:

    im really sorry to hear what happend to your friend and what you must have gone through and ar4e going through now,, im 18 and from the uk and i have tried doing a ouiji board when i was about 15 or so, it was’nt a real one, we made it out of a board i think lol, but it did’nt work, Its so unbelieveable and scarey wen i read your story and read the comments that you have been left, i didnt believe in anything like this really but after reading everything its got to be true… sorry, i did’nt mean that as if im doubting your story, its just like i said, so unbelieveabe….. Hope things get better for you xx

  56. Marissa Dunn says:

    Hi, I know why you are scared and you should be. There very well might be a demon following you. It sounds religious but the only way to be free is through Jesus Christ. By playing with the board, you opened up yourself to a very scary but true reality. It would take to long to give you all the details but if you truely wish to be rid of this fear and ‘stocker’ then contact your local christian church. Also read the Bible. It has many scriptures about dabbling with items to reach intothe unknown.

  57. Ali says:

    i used a ouija board nuthin happened to me

  58. heather x says:

    hiya i would just like to say that i believe in the ouiji board as my friends are in a situation with it now i have played it a few times with them and the last time i played was the scariest we have an evil ghost that comes and he calls him self the ” omen ” n when i was playing we didnt say good bye as we all got scared and 5 mins later the front door which was locked got slammed the reason we went as it keeps sayin that owa friend kayla is going to die and the night before this happend i get on getin weird imagery in my head and everything i seemed to watch or see that nyt had something to do with death and also the next day b4 it happend n i was tellin my friends that this was reli wierd so i wanted to play it agen with them as it myt have something to do with that and it did i am only 15 and have played the ouiji board alot and there are many different wierd stories that i could tell i wanted to ryt on here as proof if the stories this man tells us comes true soooo… it says my friend is going to die when she is 22/23 giving birth to a child and she will see her dead grandad before it happens xxx

  59. Benjamin "Favored Son" says:

    I tell you the truth with this comment: A ouija board is a dangerous object to possess. I am a man of the church. The one which I attend is of the protestant Christian faith. Communicating with the dead–also known as necromancy–is biblically an abomination before God. When one uses a ouija board, it is not the board itself which contains the evil spirits. It is the act of summoning such spirits that brings them about. A seance would be another example of this. The lying and/or false answers that many of you have received stand as strong evidence of the source of them: Satan and his minions. He is described in the Bible as “the father of lies” and as Beelzebub, which translates,”lord of the flies”. Flies scavenge amongst the dead–remember that. In reality it is the demonic spirits that are communicating with you, taking on false personas of deceased human beings. Denouncing Satan, surrendering to Christ, and then taking authority over the Devil to go (the Bible states true Christians have this authority and Satan must obey) in Jesus’ name will solve much of your “ghostly” problems. Talk with a pastor of a faith-based (as opposed to logic based) bible-believing church to further rid these problems from your lives. The word “pastor” means “shepherd”. It is their duty to help and guide those with problems as mentioned above. Best wishes.

    • chyna f. says:

      ive never played the Ouija board but im really curious and on the other hand im scared of what might happen. hearing these stories make me doubt trying it.

      • kasidi says:

        like we said before some cannot go on with out using a ouija. we are also christian but keep a bible with us while we use one.

  60. Allysa says:

    I dont have an Ouija Board and i have not tryed one… ive always wanted to try one time at least! But how do u contact someone u knew can, am i allowed to do that?

  61. Kai says:

    Well……I have one tip from the many that there are….
    Spirits are real enough….
    i can prove it from a story from when i was 14(im 24 now)
    me and a few friends got together after school one night and we used a ouiji board…..
    the same sort of thing happned to me my girlfriend kiley
    she asked what the worst thing of her life would be,
    it quiclky moved to no?
    we asked the same question again and it moved to d then yes again
    well we asked a few more questions and the door bell rang
    david wen’t to get some pizza we had ordered therefore breaking the circle we went to eat it and FORGOT to say goodbye
    later on in that week kiley hadn’t been going to school
    i got a call when i went home saying kiley had been hit by a speeding car it had clipped her side and spun her round and she had broken her arm and one of her rib bones
    I rushed to the hospital asap and it turned out there was no car? she was really badly hurt….she stayed in hospital for a month she eventually came out ok but when she got home there was a word scetched on the wall of her bedroom GOODBYE…. we got the ouiji bord and said goodbye . don’t make them angry =( but say goodbye…

    • Keir says:

      thats gotta suck, i feel for u guys, i am superstitious, i do believe in ghosts, spirits good and evil, possessions, in my 24 years i have never been possessed by demons or satan himself, why u might ask, well i sold my soul to God, and my guardian angel st.sieltiel, is watching over me as i carry my guardian angel cross.

  62. kate says:

    acouple of friends and i were at my house playing the ouija board, nothing has ever happened to me but i have seen ghost have come incontact with then anyway we were playing in my closet and i asked who we were talking to and it said ouija? i said thats ur names it said yes. I asked how it died, it said car accident changed my life. I asked how old it was it said 53 i asked how old it was now it said 851 and then it said do you believe in me? and we said yes as long as you do not hurt me nor anyone around me. that was a week ago and i just left the ouija board there in my closet without saying goodbye bcuz i didnt know how to, i mean we would get up and say thank you ouija goodbye but never the “proper” way. is this bad?

    • Pat says:

      Ahh. Did you catch that spirit in a lie? Cars didn’t exist 851 years ago. I am a believer in the paranormal. I am thirty and I have never messed with any oija board, nor will I ever. I have noticed that once one messes with the paranormal, that paranormal experiences almost never leave them. Take my wife and sister for example. Both messed around with a oija board once in their lives and are christians. We all live in the same house. Both of them claimed to have seen or heard things in the house. They claim to hear these even in my presence. I on the other hand hear and see nothing. I believe them though. I believe they opened up a door between themselves and the other world. I also believe that oija boards and all other witchcraft work and are dangerous.

  63. Amanda says:

    i asked the ouija board if me and my ex boyfriend would ever get back together and it say yes and it gave me a date and everything. I asked how we’ed get back together or how we would start talking and it said through kyle, his brother. think its true?

  64. Cedar says:

    Stay away from them. They are a danger to you spiritually and physically. You are contacting the souls who were cast out of heaven. Still think this is fun?

  65. asdfasdfasdf says:

    When i was younger me and my friend used to play with them…we asked to talk to our grandmas and when i was talkingto my “grandma” i found out that it wasnt told me to “dye” and that freaed me out …. i woke up to haveing a poster wih a band i liked have little X’s over thei eyes and slashes through their necks……many other really wierd things happend i do not wish to talk about

  66. Casey says:

    Well, I’ve used a Ouija Board on this past Saturday night and ‘talked’ to a 10 year old boy who was born on August 5, 1910. He told me he needed our help quick, the next night we done it which was Easter sunday. We asked if someone was holding him back from passing on or whatever and he said yes. We asked who and he spelt out yaya and we asked if it was an evil spirit he said yes. We asked do you want us to pray to God? and He said Yes. So we did and continued talking to him and he wasn’t responding like he was. I asked if he wanted us to leave him alone and he said yes. Saturdya night he wasnted to talk to us and be friendly. We done the full Goodbye and waited for him to say bye after we did. I still wonder if he has passed over or if we angered him or something. I also recorded him on my phone the first time we done it and you can hear a faint ‘help’. I am NO expert on this. But at school today 2 doors in my classes have opened by themselves and a knock came on my window. I’ve paryed to God every night since this happened. I’m not really all that scared but I do get a little freaked for a few second/minutes.

    As for the story up there, I sorta don’t believe it. I’m very blunt fyi. What school has a cemtery? -_-

    If it is real, sorry bout your friend dude /:

    • Phoebe says:

      Personally I believe in the story. My school buildings used to be from an asylum in the 1960′s and there is a cementary close to it. Also , at night you get very eerie feelings. I talked to my aunt who is very spiritual and she told me there is evil in my school seeing as in the pond in front of the school they found a hand, and there is a jail a couple blocks from my school as well. It sounds like it would be made up but trust me it’s not at all.

  67. Tara says:

    i rekon the ouija bored is false.
    even thugh you all say “im telling the truth” rarara.
    i still think that his is not true like think about it, you couldnt have an actual convosation with someone who is dead.
    i dont know shit about the ouija bored, and i dont even know how to play it.
    but to be honest i dont really believe you guys, sorry.

    i should be ll clear, because i am a catholic and i go o church every saturday, and my rooms filled with crusifixes and all that stuff.

  68. Bianca says:

    sorry about what happened to your friend. no one should play with the board even if the spirit is a good one b/c you never no if it can haunt you for life. If you ever heard of the exersis she/he got possesd by playing the game if you never seen get a copy and see it. no afence only a complete stupid person would play it by a graveyard where there is even more spirits and of coures there is someone there if she fainted