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My First Ouija Board Experience

Posted on December 1, 2009

Hello, I’m a 19 year old college student in New Mexico and I recently had my first experience with an Ouija board. I really regret it now. About a week and a half ago, I was invited to a friends dorm to simply “hang out.” Little to my knowledge, they were planning to play with an Ouija board. I have always objected Ouija board because I was raised in a devout catholic home. Anyways, I arrive there and I immediately want to leave after setting my eyes upon the board, though I didn’t say anything. My curiosity took control.

We sat around the Ouija board on the floor. There was four of us. Chris, Jonas, Nikki, and myself. When I first set my hands on the palette, I felt a shock and pulsing through my whole arms. I quickly took my hands off and stood up and proceeded to leave. Of course my friends convinced me to come back to play. We turned the light off, leaving a lamp in the corner on. I quickly made the comment NOT to call on any ghost or ask any questions that we might not like the answers to.

We tested it; asking personal questions that only each of us knew. I asked about my how my grandmother died, and it replied cancer. She died of breast cancer. My heart dropped and I knew this was real. We all stared at each other with big eyes and shock. Then, Chris, very quickly asked if how many people were in the room. It pointed to 5. My friends laughed and made comments about how it was wrong. But I knew it meant there was a spirit in the room with us. It got worse from there.

Nikki asked who the 5th person was. I felt angered because of the promise we had kept earlier. The pointer moved, B-E-T-H. Then she asked how old she was. It pointed to 1 then 9. I screamed for her to stop. Chris and Jonas agreed. I could tell there were as scared as I was. Nikki proceeded to ask questions. She asked how she died. The pointer moved. D-A-N-I-E-L. I felt a heaviness in the air and it was getting a little difficult to breathe. Chris asked who ‘Daniel’ was. . .B-A-D. The pointer then went crazy and spelled out, H-E I-S H-E-R-E N-O-W H-E-L-P M-E. The lights flickered on and then off. Then, the lightbulb in the lamp exploded. We were in darkness. I couldn’t even scream.

When I looked to the window a shadowy figured walk in front of it. Nikki, Chris, and I were standing near the desk, opposite the wall of the window and Jonas stood at the light switch which was about 6 ft to our left. When Jonas turned the lights on, I figured out that none of them could of been the ones to walk in front of the window. I also remember someone holding my hand very tightly on my right. I thought it could of been Nikki or Chris. Later on, I only realized there was no one standing on my right.

Jonas quickly picked up the board and put it back in the box and left without a word. None of us have talked since the Ouija board thing happened.

I stopped to get gas a convenience store that was closed. I quickly filled up using my card. I felt the feeling again of someone watching me. I looked around and across the parking lot I was a dark shadowy figure leaning against a light pole. I got back in my car and drove off as fast as I could. I felt a pressure as I drove away, it kinda felt like I was pulling a trailer or something. It went away after a few minutes. Back in Cali, everything went well. I didn’t see the figure again.

Well I got back to my dorm last night at about 11 pm and I saw the figure again. It was standing at the far end of the hall. I started to research Ouija board about an hour ago and came across this site. I decided to share my story. I don’t ever wish for anyone to experience this.

Sent in by Adrianna, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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73 Responses to “My First Ouija Board Experience”
  1. Moya says:

    Well honestly you guys have oped a portal and let it out and it will follow you and you friends. You should reserch on how to get rid of that demon that is following you. lets just pray that it will not get violent and start to do things to you and your friends. I will pray for you and please dont mess with that thing anymore. All my prayers to you and your friends and God Bless You. Have faith and Ask God to forgive you, and pray at night, for it to leave you alone.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    adriana, its too bad you got involved but for the peer pressure. you need to talk to the others that were there to see what they’ve experienced. then you need to get back on the board and close it up properly. there are people here that can help you do this the right way!! please don’t be afraid to ask the others even tho they may not tell you the truth. good luck

  3. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi adriana:
    A nother creepy experience by ouija board, I think that you play with fire to open a portal from hell & let all bad demons to come through it, I did not really play it before, just one day my son tried it through a website, but did not use the real board so,nothing happened, You can read her in this website many stories which can help you & pls. do not play it again.
    Take care.

  4. JvG says:

    You absolutely have to close the board properly with the original group of people that initiated contact. Also you should ask your friends about the dark figure, hopefully it is not focusing all of its enErgy on you. You should pray to God for peace, and the strength to fight your curiosity in the future. Hey, we’ve all been there, peer pressure is tough. As long as you learn your lesson! Thanks for sharing your story! Keep us posted.
    Your friend, JvG

  5. blondie says:

    ive not used one myself,and never would.
    i think you should close the board, From what ive heard you should re group with the original members, tell the entity to go to the light and slide the planchette to goodbye and remove your hands from the board.

    i dont know whether i believe they work or not, but i dont intend to find out either
    My advice would be;
    Dont play again
    Disguard the board-

  6. trolldoll1681 says:

    yep see there’s 3 of us so far that agree as to what you have to do! i really hope this works out for all of you!!

  7. Adrianna says:

    HI guys thanks for commenting my story.
    This morning during class, well towards the end of class, I suddenly felt a heaviness on my shoulders and i felt very nauseated. Tears streamed out my eyes for no reason, no emotion or pain at all. I recited Our Father out loud despite the awkward stares from the people around me and it went away. When I see this shadow figure, it’s usually a distance away from me. I talked to my father told me not to show any fear and make my faith in God present at all times. I cannot get a hold of the guy who who orinially brought the ouija board that night and I think it’s strange that none of us that were present that night havent seen or heard from the him. Thanks for the advice. I have to tough this out for now, my semester is the final weeks. Then I’ll be heading home. Its something Im more afraid to do because I wouldnt want to bring any bad entities into my family’s home. SO… any alternatives beside bringing out the board again would be appreciated.
    Adrianna. (:

  8. trolldoll1681 says:

    what do you think guys? should she get the rest of the group together with a another board and do the closing or should she wait?????????? i think there are those who know where he is. spread the word. really look for him, but don’t aggravaite the situation

  9. Adrianna says:

    Actually, he sent me a text message stating that he hasnt returned from Thanksgiving break. (he lives in Colo.) and unfortunately, he’s destroyed the ouija board. He said he couldn’t stand the overwhelming sense of fear that he felt a few night ago. My friend Nikki, who also took part in all of this, says she hasnt seen anything but has been hearing heavy breathing and a raspy voice say her name. Chris says that he finds himself in a daze that lasts for hours. He also says that he saw a shadow figure standing towards the back of his closet. (our dorms have a big open closets with no doors.)
    I know now that we have really made contact with something. At first, I had a hard time believing and I thought I was going crazy.
    I havent begun to panic just yet. Im a positive thinker and I tend to find a solution for everything. Im a strong person and Im am not afraid. As for my friends, I dont know.

  10. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Trolldoll, i think this needs to be taken care of now!! the longer the shadow figure stays, the stronger it will become….i used the board when i was young, and never closed it.. the shadow figure followed me around for years, i also think thats why the paranormal is so strong with me.. i have always lived with the paranormal,, but the board just added to the confusion…and the seances didnt help either… i was like everyone else,, just curious!!!

    The hard part will be putting this demon back….. i wont mention his name, as i dont like to talk about him.. you will all have to be very strong, and not freak out, he will play on your fear..get this over with, ASAP, just like Trolldoll advised…. she knows her stuff…..

    God bless,, i will keep you guys in my prayers,,, ktm

  11. Karen M. says:

    I’m a little confused here on the advice given, why should she get a new ouija board and close it, it would have to be the original one that would have to be closed, and since the guy destroyed it, there’s no hope there. If you are a devout catholic, like you said I’m sure through prayer and believing in God you can get rid of this evil. I read these stories all the time here about how much bad happens to people who play with these boards, I myself have tried to play with one, but fourtunatley nothing ever happend , it didn’t even move. I think you should go to the fourm and ask Warrior!

  12. trolldoll1681 says:

    new or old, the board will still work. please let us know what happens. i am not convinced this is a demon following you around. a shadow person could very well be a ghost who can manipulate its appearance.

  13. eyepriestess says:

    The reason you need to get another board, is so you can get rid of the spirit ( i say spirit, but this is almost certainly a demon). You need to go to ‘goodbye’ and then tear the board into 7 pieces (this is what i’ve heard) and sprinkle with holy water, then throw it away. Apparently, you should never burn a board.

    If you aren’t going to do the above, then this evil will stay with you unless you call on Arc Angels: Call on the Arc Angel Michael if you run into demons and dark entities. The Angels have the power to dissolve dark entities. I gave Warrior this advice privately and it helped her.

    Just ask Arc Angel Michael for help in getting rid of this demon from you and your friends.

    I had a demon attack after playing with a ouija board, but i didn’t know about Arc Angel Michael’s power to rid demons then, so i prayed to God and luckily it worked for me, but Michaels main role is to get rid of demons, so calling on him directly is the right course.

    Good luck! Call on Michael straight away.

  14. tabbycaf says:

    i think you should what eye priestess says!!

  15. kiiley says:

    well i dnt knw what to tell u because many people say da when u play the ouija board u open gates to the other world.. u shud try to contact someone who already passed by dat to see if they can help u on anything or give u advises.. well good luck

  16. Adrianna says:

    hey guys,
    Last night we attempted to ‘reconnect’ with this thing, but nothing happened. All four of us were present and in the same room. I dont know why. We tried for about an hour.
    We’re considering going to a church to seek advice and see what they can do for us.

  17. trolldoll1681 says:

    gladly you didn’t connect with this thing, i just hope you closed it, told it to go back where it came from and said goodbye. hopefully you won’t see this thing again, best wishes from trolldoll

  18. Lillie Majors says:

    I have never played around with a quija board, but would be interested in trying it. I think a lot of what a person experiences with a quija board is how strong there belief is. I have a strong belief in the afterworld and ghost. I wonder if a quija board would help me to contact my daughter?

  19. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Lillie, a q. board is nothing to play with!! please, dont even go near one. Your daughter is with you, and when the time is right she will visit you in your dreams and/or visions… My daughter passed away 16 years ago, we are in contact on a regular basis. I dont conjour up spirits, they come to me williingly. Your daughter is fine, and feels very safe and happy!!! she will let you know when she is around!! Take notice of the little things!! you know what i mean.. God Bless,, ktm

  20. Adrianna says:

    I believe that when someone dies, they move on.
    If not, I think she would of made herself present
    to you by now. Let her rest in peace. I know she’s
    your daughter and all, but that’s just my opinion.
    And I mean that with all the sympathy in my heart.
    I’ve learned that ouija boards are no good. Only
    bad things come out of them. It isn’t fun to have
    a shadow, which I believe is a demon, follow you
    around. I feel that at this point there is nothing i
    can really do about it. I’m seeking help though.
    Please stay away from ouija boards. Please.

  21. Nate says:

    I’m Catholic and I was told never to use a Ouija board. They are portals to hell and can only contact evil spirits. They may pose as good spirits but they are all demons. From what I know, the only way to get rid of them is by prayer. I agree with eyepriestess, call upon Michael the Arc Angel. I tried that stupid bloody mary thing in my house and all I saw was a orb in the mirror that did not give out light. Let’s just say later that night in something that I can’t really call a dream, a demon came after me. It stopped after I prayed. And ever since then, I get “visited” at night when I’m sleeping but not every night. Although now, it doesn’t happen as much because I pray and I’m not as scared any more. But this only happens in my house. Also, if prayer doesn’t work, get a priest to bless the room. Hope this helps

  22. trolldoll1681 says:

    ouija boards are risky!! but i have a couple of thoughts, first has anyone besides the johova witnesses, heard that michael the arc angel was really jesus, thats what they believe. second, bloody mary is a urban myth. she is a dumb story and is not real in any sense, i played that mirror thing alot at slumber parties when i was a kid and nothing ever came of it. i’d like some feedback on this one!

  23. eyepriestess says:

    No, i’ve never heard that Michael was really Jesus and i don’t believe what is written by the Watchtower. The JW’s also said that the world was going to end in 1975, but it didn’t and lost alot of followers. Plus another date was given which was wrong also. Now they are saying 2012. Have you ever researched how the Jehovahs witness’s was started?

    There are many ways to get demons into your life, not only through the ouija board, but any occult game would attract them.

  24. trolldoll1681 says:

    eyepriestess, i used to study with the jw’s and some are still friends to this day. and we were talking about 2012 the other day and in no way shape or form do they believe in that day. or any other for that matter!!! as far and back in 1975, i don’t know. but i do know they take the bible for real. jehova is god’s real name. look it up, the word GOD was made up by man. but in the end, religion was created by man to control man.
    caretaker told me this and thats what i’ve been trying to figure out for years. i believe alot of things in the bible did happen. but jesus was a mortal man, with alot of followers who got himself crucified. but that’s just what i believe. the jw’s were started alot like the mormans and there are many different sects to that religion, by the way, they really don’t care for each other either. the jw’s are a big buisness, like the mormans if money is the root of all evil, why are churches always begging for it!! heard that one on the talkparanormal, caretaker, thought i would just borrow it for a min.

  25. Autumn says:


    • BONNiE2uRCLyDE says:

      Seriously Autumn?…You really need to stop playing with ouija boards. Especially if you’re too young to understand the enormity of what you’re doing. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder or running from something that you’ll never be able to outrun?

  26. Hagane no Renkinjitsushi says:

    I think what you did was very immature. If you had a bad feeling, why didnt you just go back home? Try to say no next time. All you have left is God, and you know that… But then again, some people learn the hard way…

  27. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Religion is not a good thing to argue about… im sure we all have our own ideas and opinions….. Different Religions believe in different things….. maybe we just have to respect each others opinions…

    My take on it is, God knows the truth, and thats the important thing!!! he has our fate in his hands.. so, in my case,, i show a lot of respect to God.. I dont really practice any religion at this point, i will just say, i am very spiritual, its a me and God thing……

    God has shown me the path i need to take, and i trust him 100%..

    God Bless us all , and please take care of the hungry and needy in this holliday season, and all year through!!! Amen

  28. trolldoll1681 says:

    autumn, lillie has not totaly messed up her life. and if you still play around with the board, don’t criticize her choices!!!!!!

  29. Karen M. says:


    you say it’s terrible you started playing at 8, you’re 12 now and still playing???? You told the person they ruined their life…………………??? I’m a little confused! If it’s so terrible why are you still playing????

  30. eyepriestess says:

    Trolldoll, i’m sorry but the JW’s are preaching false doctrine, this is one site you can visit which proves that they have changed the Bible’s prophecies to suit Watchtower who are worth millions now: http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Cults/jw.htm Check it out with your proper Bible or ignore if you wish. But the Bible does warn against worshipping falsely. You cannot change a book to suit.

    My ex neighbour who was a devout JW told me that 2012 was the end.

    Knowtoomuch, well, when people start to quote about Jesus or Angels etc to me above, then i stick up for what i belive. I try not to argue religion either and i believe that God is love also. Sometimes people try to belittle the faith of others…not good also.

  31. trolldoll1681 says:

    i do know they have rewritten the bible, just like lots of other religions, but the name johova is in the king james bible and i have looked that up. the jw’s problem is that it is only mentioned one time there. my friends also are against what they call spirtualism, which covers alot, like ghosts and mediums and fortune tellers etc. i’ll never understand why if a blood transfusion would save a family member they would be against it. they do use blood alternatives such as plasma. like i said different kindom halls have different ways of teaching and i, should tell them how i feel about my beliefs but i like these young ladies and they are good and kind people. i cannot willfully tell them there wrong because they have been around for a long time. they have the freedom to believe what they want.

  32. trolldoll1681 says:

    sorry eyepriestess but i am just not a believer in creation, i believe we climbed out of the ocean and turned into apes then into the humans we are today. its such a complicated subject and i have gotten in these discussions before and really don’t want to talk about it further. i studied with the jw’s for over 2 years and went to services at their hall. they give me a new watch tower every time it comes out and i look it over and throw it away. but i am not going to put them down for their beliefs just as i do agree with you on many points. the end.

  33. Autumn says:

    I know I have told you that you messed your life up but you have to understand I in a way have a gift and when these ghosts are to upset or angrey i have to talk to them through the boards it does not seem so bad at first but I am truley rong

  34. Autumn says:

    my feeling are truely hurt by the way these other peoples are commenting on my comment if you have a problem with it than to can just stop like i said I have to do It!!!!

  35. eyepriestess says:

    I feel the same way Trolldoll, i loved my ex-next door neighbour as she was a lovely person and i never wanted to tell her of the Watchtower and how it started.

    Ok, let’s leave it at that then troldoll.

    Hope Adrianna is ok!

  36. trolldoll1681 says:

    autumn, it seems to me that you may have an addiction to the board. you know you can stop. and i’m sure all will agree with me when i say, its just to dangerous!!! its like a drug that your hooked on. stop haven’t you read the posts on here and what has happened to these people who were just curious. your putting yourself in harms way and who knows who else you could get hurt. please we all care what happens to people when there attacked. i for one don’t want to see anything bad happen to you think about it!!

  37. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I would like you all to know, Trolldoll and i have become good friends. We totally dissagree about our religious views,, we are like black and white when it comes to this subject, but, this is something that we dont talk about.. I just wanted you all to know this… to make a point!!!!

    Autumn, Why in the world are you still playing with the Q. board????? You are telling others not to, and you are still doing it??? Why???? Really, when a dog bites you, you dont go back the next day to get bitten again!! i hope i didnt hurt your feelings, but come on. You are old enough to know better than that… Its not a game, as you know…I just hate the thought of you continuing to play with evil at this young age. You did say that it was horrible!!! If i found something horrible, i would run the other way, just like staying away from the dog that bites.. come on honey, stay away from it…

    I feel very comfortable with my religious beliefs!! i dont feel i have to defend myself. I hope you can all make peace and lets continue the q. board discusion.. how about it guys????

  38. Karen M. says:


    No ones picking on you, but you contradicted yourself. I hope that you don’t think I’m being mean now, but I find it hard to belive that at 8 years old you started communicating with spirits on the ouija board,when you were in 3rd grade, also who told you that you have this gift to send spirits back? I heard alot of stories on here from people who supposedly knew what they were doing and still had terrible things happen!

    P.S. I know kids grow up faster these days, but if I can remember when I was 8 I was still playing with Barbie and Ken ! What does your Mom think of this??

  39. DarStarr says:

    Please listen to Knowtomuch, and Trolldoll and Eyepriestess!! These boards are dangerous, and to continue to play with them will cause you nothing but harm. Years ago, my friends and I had a bad experience with a board. We were lucky in the fact that we had a type of Physcic church near us and the minister was extremely nice and helped us. She stressed that the boards should never be played with and NEVER by yourself, that you WILL become obsessed with it – and that the purpose of this is for the “spirit” to gain your trust -then break you down to posess you. So I beg you, PLEASE STOP! It will only get worse.

  40. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Autumn, i am so sorry that we have hurt your feelings, i will be praying for you to get a handle on this !!! Get rid of that board, please!!!

  41. Autumn says:


  42. Karen M. says:

    Not really but that’s ok Autumn you do what you want, but don’t say you haven’t been warned!

  43. Autumn says:

    About what? I just gave my reason respect it, OKAY!!!

  44. Karen M. says:


    “About what”………………….. have you read all ot the bad stuff people are telling you? You’re in a way not making sense……………now that could because of your age, you never answered my question about what your mom thinks! I really don’t believe that you have a gift to put evil back in it’s place, if you ever met a really mad demon, you’d know it, exactly what do you say to these evil beings that make them afraid of you?? Seriously this is an honest question! I would have to say that being able to contact an angry spirit via the ouija is not a gift..lot’s of people do!

  45. autumn says:

    This story is giving me the CREEPS but its a good one!!!!

  46. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    As Autumn said,, she is playing with the board.. We have given her our experiences, and advice, as adults.. She can take it or leave it, its up to her….One day, she will see the truth, i just hope it wont be to late..I am sending my blessings… OH,,,, and Autumn,, could you calm down ON THE CAPS PLEASE…. thank you hun.. take care of yourself…

    Come on guys,, tis the season to be jolly!!!!!!!!! :)

  47. high- low says:

    like I said do you wanna make me end up in a hospital because I had to listen to your advice It is a free world and I do think that you guys have pushed me WAY to far, It is something that protects me, some people have like a repelent, It protects them from the evil in the boards and in my life I cant help it that I have a gift or that I have a need to help those cross over put yourself in my shoes and figure it out, THIS IS A GIFT, and I am leaving your advice and conting on to mine, I am truely sorry if I made you sad, I am still the sweet little girl, but I have to do some things that you may think I should’t

  48. Autumn says:

    I am agree to stop but it will take awhilr thank u for your support and caring guidence, :)
    Note – please dont use all caps in your comments

  49. trolldoll1681 says:

    okay go for it but read all the board stories on this site, sooner or later something may attach itself to you, and no the world is not all that free.

  50. Autumn says:

    i feel atracted to help I think I should just fight it off, thank you for your comments and help!!!!

    Thanks a lot, For everything :)

  51. KNOWTOMUCH says:


    not sure who you are, but i dont think that we have talked with you before???? Are you sure you are in the right place???

  52. Autumn says:

    I autumn changed my name to high low!!!, but changed it back

  53. Gregory Brown says:


    I and my family (quite a few years ago) had some experience with these “shadow beings.” I think that there are about 8 examples in the New Testament giving an account of how Jesus dealt with demons/unclean spirits. I don’t believe these beings are here to protect us or to help us. I know of some examples where people have even been injured.

    Anyway, 1976 I was still living at home, nearly 20 years old. I moved out shortly after these things started showing up at our home. I feel comfortable telling you that these things are evil.

    In case you are not receptive to the “Christian” faith, I can tell you that I know of at least two families living in the far East requested help from Christian ministers to get rid of these beings after their efforts failed.

    Guess I’m trying to say, show a little trust/faith in the authority of Jesus Christ, and these beings can not object. Please be aware that one being might leave, and go searching for help, returning with several more like himself and try their best to make things even worse. This kind of development is even observed in the Bible. Don’t panic if that happens…, pray.

    You may ask a minister for prayers (found in the Bible) that would be appropriate for driving them from your presence. You might consider having your house anointed and blessed. And if you can get it, ask for some Holy Water, and how to use it when needed.

  54. Dani says:

    i was planning to use the ouija board wid mii friends.then i researched that if u use it, any spirit will come to you.it can be an evil one.it will use you to have more power.DO NOT. i repeat DO NOT us the ouija board!

  55. Scarlet says:

    the only way the “ghost” knew everything like on how your grandmother died and stuff is just because you were moving the pointer and you knew how your grandmother died…you just didn’t realise that you were moving the pointer…the shadowy figure could’ve been because you were paranoid from playing with the ouija board…your friend could’ve been on the other side then moved…even when the ouija board was talking about beth and stuff…it had to be one of you guys movie the ouija board you just never realised it

  56. Ciara Williams says:

    Me and my friend decided to play on a ouija board. We had talked to a spirit JC whom we’ve talked to before in an earlier experience. We learned that he is black, became a spirit from being shot, and is from South Dakota. We decided to bend the rules figuring JC was fairly comfortable with us and asked him to prove his being here. He then said he’d move something in the room, and we asked him in how many seconds would he do so, he gave us a number, and we’d count down. when my friend reached zero she saw a calendar start to move as well as a small American flag we had in the office. JC was not a big fan of me so I didn’t see the movement, however she made swear on her mother’s, and her life she really saw this. by her reaction to the movement I knew she wasn’t lying. then we asked JC on the ouija board what he saw and he spelled out those items that my friend saw moving. I wanted to also be witnessed of his exsistence so we asked if he’d touch us. we started with my friend first and we went through the same process. when she reached zero she felt something moving down her back, there was no possible way either her or i could of touched her there. she was of course freaking out. then we lifted up her shirt and saw either 4 or 5 red lines as if JC had scratched down her back. she said it didn’t hurt though. then we asked if he’d touch me. the process occurred and then i felt like 3 fingers slide across the top of my right shoulder. i screamed. i was watching my friend so i know it wasn’t her. it was the most surreal experience. After this JC said he was in trouble with “god” and told us goodbye. We played again later and the spirit spelled out his name as Lucifer and said he was a bad spirit. the candle we had started burning really rapidly and wax was spilling out all over the floor. the glass piece we were using started moving really fast all over the board, so we decided to call it a night and clean the wax out of the floor.

  57. PantyCricket says:

    So you say there were either 4 or 5 red lines on her back. Which was it? Did you and can you count? Did you maybe take a picture of the proof? Not that you could have done it. Yes, you say you couldnt have, but we werent there. So, with you not even sure of how many red lines on her back and no picture, im not sure of this story. I mean, you keep a disposable camera in your glove box in case of an accident, right? I do. Sorry, but this is a story, not the truth.

    • FattyAddie says:

      So what if she didn’t take pictures? Does that mean that every story on here is fake because they don’t have pictures of things either? And the remark about the camera in the glovebox, completely redundant. Not everyone carries a camera all around, not every drives a car, and manybe she is too young to drive so she may not even have a car. Maybe she is in a little shock that there were red line’s on her back that she doesn’t remember if there were four or five. You never know, as you said yourself, you weren’t there.

  58. LuiJess says:

    hey there everyone, I was just reading all your comments. I’m nearly 17 and have done the Ouija Board a few times, I wish I never did because after that I started seeing freaky things like ghosts or something and an evil spirit on the board said if I didn’t stop using it, it would posess me. (not sure how to spell that word).and so I stopped. Thank gosh. Anyway I’m am not sure whether I beleive in the Ouija Board or if it’s just all in my head. But i’m also not sure if my friends were just tricking me because we were talking about people that have died in our families and my great grandmothers name come up,but i don’t think I beleive that it was my great grandmother talking to me.i’m just leaving my thoughts because I would like to know what you all think About this. I recently did the board again but thought ‘why bother when it scares me’. and I hope it is all in my head because I hate the thought of evil spirits watching me.

  59. Karl says:

    You should pray to God for help because angels do work through God’s will. You should also pray every morning and every evening asking for God’s help.

  60. LuiJess says:

    and could someone please tell me how to bless water to get rid of bad spirits?

  61. kkkkirsty says:

    wow. this is the worst story. i played with one yesterday with my friend and spoke to my dead granda. it was amazing but ever since iv felt like someones watching me from far away. the ouiji board is at my friends house and i want to play it again.

  62. eyepriestess says:

    Kirsty, please don’t play with the ouija board, it was not your gran trust me on that. You get real evil coming through with the ouija board and what comes through lies to you.

    Trolldoll, i cannot for the life of me get even an message to you after you sent me a gift on ghost-space.com I have amajor computer probs sweetie, thanks for your gift,,hope you get this message, but when i click on gift or message, i just crash. I wanted you to know!

  63. trolldoll1681 says:

    i know computers have a life of their own lol! your welcome! hopefully you can get it sorted out! i don’t get on the web much on the weekends so i’ll catch up to ya later. peace eyepriestess!

  64. eyepriestess says:

    oh great!!! glad you saw that trolldoll. Catch up with you on ghost-space.com and other places that are spooky, lol :)

  65. Rade says:

    Please take note of how long it takes for the evil presence to leave, it’s important to know how long a contract of exchange lasts between a human and an evil presence. It would greatly help me and anyone else curious to know exactly how long it takes for a contract to expire.

  66. Karen M. says:

    Contacting a spirt there is no contract, however if you make a pact with a grand entiy the pact lasts only 10 years then you die!

  67. Karen M. says:

    P.S. read 100 recipes of practical magic by Diane and Jaques Coutela you can find it on Amazonia but I don’t know if it comes in English!

  68. Anonymous says:

    i am 15 now and i would never use a quija board again

  69. simmerdown- says:

    wow. peer pressure, but in a whole new way.
    oh, and kristi, i doubt that it was your
    grandma. shes probably in peace
    right now, and it was a trick. but
    i’m going to try an ouija board,
    for pure skeptcalism. now, this may
    spring harsh comments. but i will
    only do this once, and nor
    will i ever go back to it. but i really
    want to see if this is the truth.

  70. Sass says:

    It’s June now does it follow you still? If so u should google protection prayers and use them with a bible and cross.

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