How Do I Change the Avatar in My Comments?

Every now and then I receive a message asking me how to change the avatar which is shown with the comments. I decided that I need to post the question here so I can explain it and have the information in one spot where folks can access it easily.

This website is running on a software platform called WordPress. The avatars shown here in these comments are actually located on’s servers. So, if you want to have a custom avatar on and all other wordpress operated websites where avatars are enabled all you need do is go to and create an account and upload an avatar.

Once you have an avatar uploaded to all you need to is enter the same exact email address associated with your account in the comments form and voila! your avatar will automatically appear. You do not need to be logged into anything and you do not need to provide any login credentials to this ort other wordpress operated websites.

Whenever you want to change your avatar just go back to login and edit your profile there.

Alternately you may use a service offered by which works the same way as I just described (Gravatar and WordPress work in partnership)

If anyone has any questions about this or additional info to share feel free.

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  1. Thank you Caretaker!

    Love & Peace
    Ama (of the forgetful memory)

  2. I just changed my avatar, the same avatar for several years and now its a new one.

    • Well, I loved your ‘phantom’ face, but the new one is nicer. Beautiful baby too.

      Ok, the challenge is issued .. who else is going to come out of hiding????

      Love & Peace

      • That is my sweet little girl… actually I have 3 of those and some grandkids too

  3. I want to do it! Wish me luck!

    • It worked Janna. Now who will be next? :-)

      Love & Peace

      • Ama….haha, you are funny.
        I’ll try to setup an account later today/this weekend. I don’t mind people having a face to my pseudo-name….if I can find a picture…I tend to shy away from cameras whenever possible.

        CT….I agree with Ama…I liked the Phantom face. Gave you a mysterious overlord-like visage….but also nice to put a real face to the name.
        I’m sorry to so regularly be cheesy about this, but thanks again for all you do. This is a great site for discussion……and I promise, I’ll still think of you as the almighty phantom website overlord. All hail the Caretaker! :)

        But also, thanks for the info again. I had forgotten about the wordpress account.

        • See Siddle!!!
          Changed my Avatar!! Now you know what I look like!!! LOL!!! ;)

        • Aye, say I .. All Hail, CareTaker. Snow and sleet can take a hike. I a little rain over here would be nice though, to cut the heat and humidity. :-)

          Love & Peace
          Ama (so tired she can’t type straight) LOL

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