Is There a Ghost in My House?

Posted on May 21, 2011

You probably wont believe me but every word of this story is absolutely true.

When I was fourteen, I was watching my younger brother while my mother was out shopping. We were watching TV and my brother was slowly dozing on my lap. At about 8 pm it was dark out and I was just about to carry my brother to his bed.

Just when I stood, I heard something crash from the second floor. Like a box or something. Being too terrified I ran for the phone to call my mom or the police. I called my mom first. I told her there was someone in the house that knocked down a box. Hearing the terror in her voice she said she’d be home as soon as she could.

Twenty minutes later I was outside with my brother with him sleeping on a blanket I brought out for him. My mom climbed out of the car and ran inside leaving the groceries and us outside. I heard her going into the closet and grabbing a [my dad's] metal baseball bat and slowly climbing the stairs.

Me and my brother sat outside for what seemed like forever until mom came out looking pissed.”It was my jewelry box that aunt Sharon got me for my wedding! it fell from the vanity!” I stared at her dazed. I didn’t go upstairs!

My mom was ticked for the rest of the week. But I swear I never went upstairs.

A month or so later, my mom trusted me at home by myself as she went to the mall with one of her friends and my brother. While she was gone, My friend Jillian came over.

Jillian and I hung out for awhile in my room chatting. Suddenly something from my side table flew past my shoulder and crashed against my blue walls. Jillian, looking as shocked and pale as I was stared at what had gotten launched. It was my bible. Jillian and I were so scared we ran out. As I was about to slam the door I heard a mans whisper. “Go away” it said. I nearly peed myself but Jillian grabbed my arm and we ran to the living room. We talked for awhile about what we had just witnessed. Then we came to a conclusion: To make an Ouija board to talk to that ghost. I didn’t want to get involved into all that riff raff.

But I really wanted to know what the spirit wanted. So we went on the computer and found out how to make an Ouija board.

A while later (all through the creation of our Ouija board we hear bangs and clatters), We had successfully made our Ouija board. With a glass cup as our pointer. We began. I started first, I asked it the question I’ve wanted to know for two months: “What do you want” It slowly replied: foryoutomove. I translated it to word form and it said: for you to move. I nearly fainted but I pressed forward. ” Why?” He replied: “noneofyourbusiness” Jillian wrote down all his replies, even though her handwriting was barely readable from her shaking. I asked it question after question until my mom came home (thankfully not very many items had broken).

My mother greeted Jillian kindly, then looked at our Ouija board. “What are you doing?” she asked. I still had my hands on the pointer and it replied. Jillian wrote it down like she had been. It read: “getoutofherenow” my mother looked stunned. Then she picked up the cardboard and tore it in half. Furious she sent me to my room and told Jillian to go home.

When I got to my room, it was littered with things from my shelves and tables. Whispering and in tears I mustered up all the strength I had: “Get out” I said. “no” it whispered back. When I went to pick up my bible it had turned to Revelations. Thinking it was nothing I closed it and put it in my side table.

I am fifteen now and the attacks continue to happen. My mother has finally accepted the truth. But the ghost still wont leave until we leave.

I am not lying, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sent in by Lydia Crew, Copyright 2011

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16 Responses to “Is There a Ghost in My House?”
  1. Pete says:

    it sounds like you have a spirit in your house. go see your priest or a minister from
    your church an explain your situation, this doesn’t sound like a job for an Amateur
    he /she may be able to help.

  2. yumi says:

    Yeh making the ouija board was your first mistake. You do know your supposed to ‘end’ the session properly other wise it remains open for who/what ever to torment you.
    Your mother was right to be angry, i’d be furious!
    You were terrified and you still continued? thats what i cant understand. How can you nearly faint and just think ‘oh well, onwards!’ Sounds daft to me.
    Seek some professional advice, and dont lie to them, telling the whole truth about what you did can help.

  3. sara says:

    omg.. so quija board tell always the truth?
    but the spirit is still in ur house?

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah, it is.. But it stopped doing violent stuff and it just moves things around.

      • brooklyn says:

        woah…… my sister and i have a ghost in our house that we were sure i made a Ouija board and decided to talk to the ghost with my bestfriend. my sisters called me demented but my mom and her friends used 1 all the time.we kept getting a jumble of words probably different spirits trying to talk at once. so a few days later me and my sister tryed. she was letting go and just stopped so she could write down what it said.all of the sudden it would be sloly moving to an answer then it would push off the board, pointing to my wouldnt answer me only her. it said both of us hold on or just her. my sister moved it around on her own to mess with me.then i asked it to please move to goodbye, and it flew to no. we stared at eachother and continued to talk to the spirit, your not supposed to let go unless it goes to then after a while it slowly slid 2 goodbye.

  4. aaron says:

    oh for christs sake, why can’t you cowards just accept that not everyone is scared of Ouija boards???? some people have guts and like to see what demons have to say. and Lydia, i think you SHOULD go see a priest, but keep on Ouija-ing

  5. Courtney says:


    You need to talk to a preist if you can. That spirit/demon seems really upset, don’t let it control your family though, because it’s YOUR house, and YOUR family, everything you own in in that house, that spirit cant stop you from living in that very house. Get a cross, get it blessed, get the house blessed, and read the bible, and pray to god for help, I have spirits in my house and its something I always do, but I don’t have a cross, only reason there are spirits in my house is because I have a gift as to attract spirits and they are attached to me, I can’t get them to ever leave, though they all have turned good, since I have not payed much attention to them, but please, be very careful with what all happens, and be strong, I am always around if you need more help, I am a begginner Ghost Tracker, but I only help through talking.

  6. Mahoney1993 says:

    Here’s the best advice I can give you when it comes to spirits: don’t purposly try to piss them off. I found out it’s a bad idea, and got the scars (self-inflicted, like almost all of my scars are, while running). It’s too long of a story, and I barly remember it, I just remember running.

  7. Anonymous says:

    if u play an ooujia board online can ghost come to ur house?

  8. kati says:

    is it good if i play with a wigi board i dont know if i should i am only nine

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Hi Kati

      Ouija boards are not toys, they are extremely dangerous and you could end up being in a situation which puts you in grave danger.

      Please do not use one. Its not worth it.

  9. sydney says:

    have a preast come to your house to bless holy water then spinkle that around your house.. then go out in the country and find sage get alot of that then burn it in your house in every room… then get sea salt and sprinkle that in every door way in your house like befor you go into your rooms even the kitchen the bathroom every door way in your house.

  10. psychicramta says:

    ghost? evil? its so simple, they hated loud music, turn your radio on non stop. it is much b etter to play church music,then sprinkle some salts in your room, ask your friends to come and hold a prayer in your room daily,

  11. missylouise says:

    If you going to use the ouija board remember not to leave it open. I know ouija boards can be dangerous but not when used properly I used one for the same reason as you, to find out who was in my home and why I’ve so far never had a bad experience but I always remember theses rules….. Open with a plee to the good spirits who look after us all to keep you safe from harm, try white candles, be respectful, only do the board with believers who aren’t going to make it into a joke, and always make sure the board is closed by asking a spirit to go to goodbye.
    Try burning sage in your home and demand the spirit leaves as its your home and it must go good luck :-)

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