I Believe My Child Sees Ghosts

Posted on January 30, 2012

I have been searching and searching and searching for every reasonable answer as to what is going on in my apartment and with my 4 year old child, Gigi. When Gigi was about 2 years old, there was an incident where Gigi bolted out of the downstairs bathroom, shaking, tears in her eyes and her voice was shaky as well. She kept repeating the name “Ralph”. She honestly scared the crap out of me and I didn’t know what to do besides prove to her that nothing was in the bathroom.

About 2 or 3 month later a strange incident occurred where the Airwick motion sensor freshener was on the wall. You can set the timer for these and I had it set to 36 minutes so every 36 minutes it would let out a small burst of freshener. One morning around 5am I heard a huge crash and went ran downstairs where I found the air freshener in the middle of my kitchen floor. I brushed it off thinking that maybe it just fell even though the freshener was in the hallway next to the kitchen.

About another 5 months go by and my daughter has the same reaction to “Ralph” but this time it was in her bedroom. She ran out of the room and her eyes were swollen and watery, she was shaking and still rambling on about someone named Ralph.

By this time I don’t know what to think because months had passed from the first incident and between that time she had never once mentioned Ralph. This is when I began to take candid videos of Gigi talking about Ralph.

At first Gigi would not mention Ralph if you ask her about him directly. As far as Gigi is concerned he does not exist but then maybe a week later she will talk about Ralph to her 5 year old sister. For a long time, she didn’t talk to me about Ralph.

Once Gigi started to open up a little more about Ralph she began giving more information. Mind you, Gigi was 2 when this happened and she is now 4. I think she is more open to talking about it because she is able to explain more in detail. Well, I’ve only asked Gigi about Ralph twice.

Gigi gave a disturbing story about a man and his entire family being killed. She kept doing the “finish him” movement to the neck with her thumb like someone’s throat is being slit specifically with a pair of scissors. (She’s a 4 year old girl that plays with nail polish and Barbie’s.) Her stories were quite graphic.

3 weeks ago my mom caught a video of Gigi telling a very graphic story as well. She told me that I should ask the apartment Manager if anyone has died in my place before. After a little bit of debating I went in anyway. I really didn’t want to live in an apartment where someone died and if I was I really didn’t want to know but I have to know what’s going on with my daughter. I asked just to weed “paranormal” out of my list of problems for my child.

Well, I told the apartment manager what was going on and low and behold a Ralph moved out 20 days before I moved in. Now, this is either a crazy coincidence or Ralph is a spirit but her and I both were totally freaked out by it. She informed me that he did not die in the apartment, in fact no one has ever died in my apartment. We have no one in our family named Ralph, I watch all of her TV shows, no one named Ralph, and as simple as the name Ralph is, it is a very uncommon name especially for a 2 year old to come up with.

It doesn’t end there, just on Friday night (27 January 2012) I was in the shower washing the conditioner out of my hair. Just like most, I have a shower caddy and on the caddy was my Mach 3 razor (The man kind). The razor was in the razor holder too, not to mention that they are disposable razor heads. In order to remove the razor from the handle you have to press the release button. The next thing I hear is a huge crash. The entire razor was no longer in the holder nor the caddy anymore. The razor was on the second tier of the caddy and the handle was outside of the shower completely and laying next to the bathroom door.

Something is definitely going on in my home and I’m scared. I do not want Ralph or whatever it is in my house anymore. I’m sorry but I don’t find pleasure in ghost so any ghostly encounter for me is a terrifying one. Has this happened to anyone else?

A few more things, when I asked Gigi about Ralph she said that he was a tall white man with a “grandpa voice”. She said that he is dead and that he lives in the sky, yet he sleeps in our bathroom.

If anyone can give me some good advice or if you share the same experience please let me know.

Sent in by Donna, Copyright 2012 TrueGhostTales.com

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22 Responses to “I Believe My Child Sees Ghosts”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Your daughter definitely is seeing a ghost or something. Tell her to ignore it. Not to talk to it. Go to church and pray for it to go away…. good luck.

  2. Bernice says:

    This is tricky. Didn’t mention if your other child has experience anything. My advice would be to keep her close and watch her. If she sees Ralph there could be others who could try to complicate with her now that they know she can see them. I would think Ralph could be an evil spirit other wise he would scare her so and by doing that to you means he not friendly. I would let the kids spend the night with a relative or friend and burn sage through your home and say the prayers that you can find on this web site. Tell the spirits to leave your home and your children alone and not return. Ask and pray for the Saint Michael for protection. Whatever you do DONOT SHOW FEAR. I know from experience this is very hard to do under the substances but you have to be strong not only for your children but yourself as well. Put religious items such as a cross, picture of JESUS in your children bedroom and bathroom since this is where he stays. Pray with your daughters at bedtime this will help them and you. Nothing is guantee. You may have to do this again. He may come back stronger but and if this happens you as a mom and their protector be a mama bear and get even stronger. Your the boss and be firm. It could be that your daughter may have a special gift and she will experience both good and bad spirits but this really sounds like a evil spirits that enjoys scaring people. You are not alone in this. We can help. Please let us know what happens. Tell your daughter if Ralph comes to see her again to tell GOD to take him away. I will be looking for your updates. My prayers are with you and your family. GOD BLESS!!

    • Donna says:


      My oldest daughter does not see Ralph or anything else and she’s the one with the wild imagination. It’s only Gigi. At first I thought Gigi was just a “standoffish” kid because she will sit on the couch for 1-2 hours and not say a word. Almost like she’s being entertained. She doesn’t speak but maybe once or twice during these times. I’m wondering if maybe it’s been Ralph this entire time entertaining Gigi while she just sits there and does nothing. Its very awkward to see a hyper 4 year old sit for 1-2 hours without moving.

      I feel like the sage and other methods of shooing away spirits is only going to upset them. I feel like I would be coming into a territory that I’m not familiar w and it backfiring on me, like it getting worse ya know? I’m scared to touch any of that or to even directly speak to Ralph. My mom is very into the paranormal so I will probably have her come and do it with me. I will definitely keep you posted on Ralph! Thanks a lot!!


  3. Stephie says:

    Yes that this is going on with your child is very disturbing to any Mother. My Prayers are with you
    and you’re Family! Prayer is a powerful weapon and
    Keep strong Faith! Bless you and you’re Family!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am sure there is a ghost in your house. If I were you, I would move out as soon as possible for the sake of the kids, can you break the lease? If you want to stay, you need to find the right person who can help you get rid of the ghost. Good luck

    • Donna says:

      Breaking the Lease would result in a hefty fee that I cannot afford as a single mother. This is not something that happens every single day and she hasn’t been particularly shaken by Ralph in about a year, give or take. I think I’m more scared than Gigi. Some people that I have told this to said that many kids have the same experiences and in time, it will go away.

  5. Jennifer Mills-Young says:

    Donna, as a mum watching your child talk or interact with someone you can’t see is very scary. I saw my first ghost at 4 and my mother’s terror of the situation coloured my opinions for years, in that I was afraid too!

    Just because there is someone there called Ralph ( I have someone called Kevin in my current house – see other stories here ) there has to be some ground rules.
    You have admitted you are scared and fear is a foothold for negativity, so you need to get strong, so do some research and get information.

    If you want Ralph to go – he has to go!

    This entity could be merely using the name Ralph because he would have been aware of the previous tenant for 20 years, and would have been fully aware he was called Ralph.
    Given Gigi is calling him Ralph doesnt necessarily mean that is his name.

    He could be trying to communicate and ” Ralph ” is all she is picking up. The entity could be wondering where Ralph is after 20 years!
    I have kids now 20 and 17 who also see dead people, so after my mum’s terror 45 years ago, I intentionally empowered my kids to deal with this kind of thing and it wasn’t too long before my son came home from school at 5 and had encountered his first ghost!

    Accepting this is going on and being empowered doesnt mean you have to accept it or put up with it. If you want ‘ Ralph’ to go – he has to go.
    But as Gigi is the point of contact, the problem will be, what is Gigi’s opinion?

    If she is OK with Ralph being around and is indeed being ‘ entertained ‘ by him, and she likes him, it is going to be very hard to get him to leave.

    I had to set ground rules with my resident ghost ‘ Kevin ‘ when we moved in and I told him I did not want my children scared and I did not want my children to be aware of him, and if he behaved himself and kept to himself, we would leave him alone.

    ( if he had kept bothering my children, I was prepared to remove him)

    Speak to Ralph, he can hear you.

    If he’s a reasonable fellow he may not understand what he is putting you through, but they unfortunately do not get a ‘ personality transplant ‘ when dead – so, if he was an arrogant so and so when alive – he will still be the same. But try the obvious first – ask nicely AND MEAN IT.

    My resident spook, Kevin, abided by my rules and so didn’t appear to my son as a full bodied apparition until he was 18 ( OK he wasn’t a kid anymore by definition ) and went to show Kevin kept his word, if literally.

    Its your house, set ground rules!

    Like an unwanted house guest you have to give Ralph guidelines for behaviour, tell him to stop with the ‘ graphic stories’ for example, remind him Gigi is a child and that you would prefer he moved on.

    Take control back of the situation. IIts only a ghost. The Hollywood idea of what’s going on is totally blown out of proportion and exaggerated for ticket sales. Ghosts aren’t necessarily scary, apart from when Gigi came out of room upset and teary ( and you don’t seem to know why and she doesn’t appear able to articulate why either ) he doesn’t appear to have really ‘ done ‘ anything to warrant being scared of him.

    Gigi will also pick up on how you are feeling, if you are scared, Gigi will be too.

    If you think Ralph is a ‘bad man’, then Gigi will pick up on that. If Ralph had something bad happen to him that may have ended his life – that is outside of his control and doesn’t make him ‘ bad’ by definition. Just being a ghost and finding that Gigi can sense him doesn’t necessarily make him ‘ bad’ or ‘scary’. Gigi also has to be part of this process, she has to learn that if she WANTS Ralph to go away, she can make him go away. She is not powerless in the process, and this is important because she appears to be the focus and poor mum is just along for the ride!
    Good Luck and keep us posted on Ralph’s behaviour.

    • Donna says:

      Oh my goodness… I never thought about that. Maybe it’s not an actual spirit named Ralph but looking for him.. Ralph, the actual guy only live in that apartment for awhile. I think you may have misread it. I moved in 20 days after Ralph moved out. I live in a military community and people come and go 1-2 years at a time. Ralph was in, or is in the Navy. I found him on Facebook. Do you think I’m doing too much researching on who he is? I never show Gigi that I’m scared of Ralph or anything else for that matter. I do not want my child to aknowledge anything that I cannot see so I will definitely be politely asking “Ralph” to leave or behave himself. I honestly think Gigi was scared because she saw something that shouldn’t have been there. There are no men in my house so when she saw something in the bathroom that she knows should not have been there, she bugged out. She seems content w Ralph. Just last night though (31 January 2012) she said something about cutting a babies throat. She totally throws me off with these random comments. I don’t know what to say but “Gigi, don’t say mean things like that.” I ask her where she hears it from and she says “Nowhere.” I have a lot of researching to do so we will see. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

      • Jess says:

        I think it is really important that you take Jennifer’s advice, especially if this is not a gift Gigi grows out of. She herself and you as her mum (mom for you yankee kids out there :p) to be empowered by. Telling the spirit in an open conversation, set the lines that “if you mean us no harm we will bring you no harm and have no problem sharing our house with you. If you mean us harm, we are a strong family, and you need to leave.” Remember, they need us to survive so we make the ground rules. I think it is also important you talk to your daughter and explaine this to her. If she is scared she has the right to tell him to go away. I was not brought up in a religious house hold, but my mother is very spiritual and the “golden light” technique still helps today (I am 20) . Tell Gigi that when ever she is scared of someone or somthing she needs to say leavr me alone and picture a golden light come from her heart and spread all the way over her body. Tell her that this is a special light so her family can touch her, but the light will protect her from all that gives her butterflies in her tummy. While this light is on nothing evil will be able to harm her. This was handy for me as a big sister because I was told I could sleep next to my sister and my golden light could cover her body and protect her too.

        I think it is also important to remenber to relax, so to speak; don’t read too much into it. Do not allow it to scare you. React calm. If you over think you will react worse, so if you find yourself reacting badly take some chill time in the lounge room with your girls and call on your angels to protect and look over you and guide you to the right decision.

        I hope this helps to give you and your girls (it wouldn’t hurt to guard the eldest too) a little more confidence and strength :)

  6. carri says:

    Tell the ghost. Be gone unclean spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Tell it this if you hear or see it. Be careful wear a cross. it could stop or keep on tormenting you. but here is what happened to me. my 9 year old was talking to a spirit tapping on the window. so then I heard it in the living room. I told it Be gone unclean spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. then the spirit never came back to me. but it started again tapping at the window to my child. I told her not to sleep in that room. she ignores the tapping. I told her not to communicate with the spirit. most ghosts are actually demons in disguise.

    • Donna says:

      I don’t know, I know a good amount of information on demons and unclean spirits and these are definitely not the signs of a demon. I really do believe that it is someone that has passed. If he’s angry, then he’s an angry spirit but he’s not a demon. Demons are fallen angels that were cast out to earth when they were defeated by the Archangel, Michael in the War in Heaven. From what I understand, they do not take human form. The way she discribed him, he looked just like the actual Ralph that used to live there. For this to have been going on for more than 2 years, I’m sure the situation would have gotten a lot worse by now. I really don’t believe that’s what it is though.

  7. ancientscroll says:

    The spirit is not Ralph, the spirit is taking on the name of the former tenant Ralph, either the spirit wants you to give it attention for a reason/s or by drawing, attention to itself the spirit wants you to find out more about the former tenant Ralph, that this spirit knows.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You need to get some sage and cleanse your apartment with prayers. Tell Ralph this is your place now and he needs to leave. I would try and find the guy who moved out and ask if he had any experiences there.

  9. Lisa says:

    I would google a Paranormal investigation team in your area where ever you live and have them come and do some investigating ! If they are the real deal, they will not charge you anything for their services. I think that this would be the right thing to do at this point !

    The ghost of the man does not bother me as much as the part about your daughter saying that he killed his family !!! this could be bad ! There is a possibilitie that your four year old could of heard some thing like that on tv, and then began talking about it, and mixed it with the appearence of the ghostly man, just a theory !!! Kids have wild immaginations at that age, or it could be exactly as she says it is,!!!A good paranormal investigation team could help a lot and maybe get to the bottom of this haunting !!! Maybe she is right in what she is saying, you never know !

    I wouldn’t wait too long before you get proffetional help, its not good to let this kind of stuff escalate !!!

  10. Alaysia says:

    Wow very interesting story, and I hope you and your daughters are safe and that Ralph isn’t making any trouble. GOD BLESS!!!!!

  11. shreyas says:

    it is nothing to do with ghosts ! it is only a psychological aspect!small kids can behave like this ! ralph might be just a name she might have heard somewere outside by some people! it is also possible that being a child she is trying to imitate them(small kids always imitate adults).dont show her any horror films ! tell her that if ghosts can exist then there have to be the eternal lord! there are also cases where people get self hypnotised!
    make her understand in an educational way.Not by all those meaningless exorcisms!
    by speaking of exorcism the child may even start believing that ghosts do exist!
    this is real life and therefore be educational and informative as well as scientific in every aspect!
    alll the best for her future:-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I finf it little puzzling that your just 2 year old daughter can provide u detailed graphic descriptions about some gruesome murders!!!!!2 years old are 2 years old……!!!!I am sorry but there is something that simply does not connect…..

    • Stephie says:

      You could and would be very surprised what a 2 year old child can recount. Obviously Gigi is seeing something that she shouldn’t be seeing. Either this is a very evil entity showing her these things or maybe it couuld be a case of Gigi’s past lives memories ( I do believe in past lives ).. do not underestimate the mind, thoughts and memories of very little children. They are able to see more then adults at times. Nor do I think this Mother allows her girls to watch grafic horror films. As she seems to be very stressed and distressed about these happenings with her child.

  13. kimberly Kennedy says:

    Tell your daughter anytime she sees Ralph, to yell out “Jesus Help me!” “take Ralph away.” and to say it until Ralph leaves. I promise you, Ralph will leave really fast.

  14. Conor says:

    I think that you should let things unfold when talking to gigi ask if she has seen or spoke to ralphi but don’t keep going on about it but if she says she hasn’t seen him or has seen him but he hasn’t done anything BAD however if he has scared or tried to harm her then you MUST get rid of him, I hope it all goes well and god bless

  15. Anonymous says:

    Had a experience lkike that with my 2 and 4 year old boys at the time. Mine took the form of a little boy. Not a pleasant expreience as the “boy” became more dark. Kids who were afraid of nothing became afraid to be alone. Had to finally get a house blessing and follow up to finally get rid of it. Nasty stuff keep a close eye on the child’s behavior, and let them talk freely and candidly with you on anything.

  16. Nikita says:

    Hi, Im Nikita, and I a, currently an empath. I was born with this gift. And soon, as I get older, I might gain more. I see shadows, (In this case spirits), time from time. I hear them too. I’ve struggled with a male entity since I was really young. But I suggest you take your daughter to another gifted person. Talk with them and ask for help. That is what I have to offer. I know its hard. I deal with seeing gruesome things all my life. Talk with someone who is gifted in seeing spirits. Pshycic or medium, should do.

    Good Luck Gigi!

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