Why Hasnt My Story Been Posted Yet?

OK, this question is about the website in general. I get a lot of emails from people asking where their story is or “why hasn’t my story been posted yet?” and the like.

I am just one person. So it might take a little while before I can get to your story. I always try to send out an email to let the author know when their story is published.

Here are some reasons why a story may be delayed in publishing or not be used:

1. If your story requires a lot of editing then it might get pushed back in favor of those which are less work for me to prepare for publishing. If you send in a story typed in all caps it cannot be used. I would have to sit down and completely retype it by hand. I just don’t have the time. I also have a lot stories in the que that have no punctuation, no capitalization, no separation of paragraphs just a continuous string of letters and words. I just don’t have the time.

2. I have stories submitted that are full pf profanity. When you send in your story or question there is no need to use profanity. When it is moderate I will sometimes edit the story but if every other sentence includes profanity it WILL NOT be used.

3. If you send in a question asking “Why Doesn’t My Boy Friend Trust Me?” or “Is My Husband Cheating on me?” It will NOT be used. Yes, I do get those and even worse.

4. Please don’t use lol, bf, omg smilies and all that, it just makes my job more difficult or it puts your story in the back of the line.

I do not ask or even expect those who send in their stories and questions to be professional writers. I do not expect perfect grammar, spelling or sentence and paragraph structure, but it would be great if you could actually capitalize the first word in a sentence. I have stories that are over 1,000 words that would be a nightmare to edit.

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  1. Dear CareTaker,

    We all think you are wonderful and appreciate all your time and effort to make this a great site for all of us. You certainly live up to your ‘name’.

    If you ever need help with editing, chuck them in my direction

    Love & Peace

    • Hey Ama I appreciate that and I may take you up on that offer some time.

      • Anytime. You sleep when I am awake, and visa versa. LOL

        Love & Peace

  2. Hi Caretaker,

    Keep up the excellent work – very stimulating website/hub or whatever it’s called.

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