Dark Guardian

Posted on October 31, 2011

I wish I knew how to start this. It began in November/December 4 years ago. I was a freshman in high school then, and now I’m a senior. My friend at the time and I were messing around with an Ouija board and learned I had a spirit in my room that stuck around at all hours. He was a rather mean spirit. One night I had gone out and an empty glass on my mom’s desk fell off and moved across the room. My dog was sleeping in my room, eager for my return, my cats were in their usual locations far from my mom’s bed room. After hearing that, my friend and I were scared so we took holy water and said the St. Michael’s prayer around my room.

We had thought it was over. But a week later another one came back. For three days straight, I’d come home from school and see a pair of my underwear and bra on my bed placed neatly between my pillows. I knew it wasn’t my mom putting clean clothes on my bed from the laundry since I recall clearly looking at them those mornings before leaving for school.

After that we used the board again to learn the spirits name- Eonif. He often refused to talk to us, but would tell other spirits in the room what to say to us. He threatened us on numerous occasions saying we didn’t know what we were getting into.

Another thing that was odd was that he came when we had gotten a new kid in our school and was instantly rather interested in me.

Since then, my friend and I stopped talking and even had a huge blow out. It has always been hard to tell if Eonif was mean or not. I had an incident when I was really depressed and suicidal and yelled at him to take my life and crazy things like that. When I finally fell asleep the shelf on my wall fell. It was a fragile shelf, if you put pressure on it, it would have fallen, but nothing was near it when it happened. The screws actually were no where to be found, and the only glass object that made it through was something I got from my great grandmother after she passed away.

Another incident was the dream I had. In the dream I wanted to leave my room for something, and there was a legitimate force that refused to let me. Like it lifted me up and kept me off the ground. I knew it was him because I was screaming in my dream begging him to let me go.

Another dream was a better one, gave me a better detail of him. In the second dream, I was walking in a forest that had a cave. I ended up seeing an older man in plaid sit on a tree stump so I went over and talked. The only thing was whenever he would speak to me, it would be mumbled so I had no idea what he was saying.

During this time the new kid in school and I had gotten really close and I told him about Eonif. He actually found ways of communicating to Eonif and found that Eonif and I had a connection through my past life. When we tried to dig deeper on him, Eonif would get mad. My friend was never really scared of much, but Eonif’s anger did terrify him slightly.

My friend even had dreams of Eonif on occasions, getting information out of him, and again, he was dressed as a lumber jack, speaking with incoherent mumbles.

Towards the end of Eonif’s stay with me, I had a third dream of him as a spirit and again refusing to let me leave my room and terrifying me.

But there were days before I fell asleep that I would feel arms wrap around me and held me. It wasn’t a scary thing, it was soothing and nice. Eonif did things that scared me, but his company was soothing. He left me last winter. And often I think about how I miss his company knowing that even when I was alone at night, that I was never really alone and that someone was always there.

A lot of nights when I’m overly depressed, I pray to him in hopes he’ll possibly hear me and return again. I know I sound creepy. But he was my friend, my guardian angel, even if he scared me on occasion.

Sent in by Babyy Batt, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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17 Responses to “Dark Guardian”
  1. Mary says:

    Why do you want comfort from a ghost? Why don’t you try to communicate with everyday people in real life? First of all, I don’t think it is the right thing for you to play with the board; secondly, it is not normal for anyone to find comfort from the dead, I am not talking about family members you love that passed away. You don’t even know whom you are talking about, who the ghost or a demon is.

  2. Butterfly says:

    I agree with the comment above, you shouldn’t find comfort from the ghost because never know what it will do especially if it scares you sometimes, never know if it will hurt you even more.

  3. CoralinKC says:

    You have NO idea what,( not WHO) you’re messing with ! You have not a clue just how powerfull and evil they are… and yes, it will most likely return…and when it does, you’ll wish you never willed it back because they tend to be worse the second time around! Trust me on this because I know from personal experience. I only wish there was someone to warn me back then, but I probably would not had listened either,lol. Its not very wise messing with the Ouija because in doing so, you’re inviting things into your life which will reek havoc,causing chaos and will not stop until there’s nothing left of you to “feed from”…then it will move on to a family member or friend,beginning the whole process again. . But hey, its your choice…just really NOT a good one- Peace-

  4. kitty strange says:

    i dont think anything good comes from a ouija. sorry,just my opinion.

  5. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi Babyy Batt

    Eonif (if indeed that is its name – they have a habit of lying) is not your guardian angel. Your guardian angel would NEVER do anything to frighten you or make you feel uncomfortable. And they’d never rearrange your underwear!

    Most likely ‘Eonif’ was an earthbound ghost who happened to stray into your space. Then it decided to stick around for a while because you took notice of it.

    Thankfully, its now gone. Pray for it’s deliverence by all means, but don’t pray for it to remain trapped here on earth. That is not where it belongs.


    • Ama says:

      Hi Babyy,

      Like AJ, I do not think your ghost was any sort of guardian, and I would not be looking to invite it back into your life. You have no idea the sorts of problems that could arise because of such an invitation.

      Our guardian angels never leave us, nor do they ever do us any harm. You have one. He resides behind your right shoulder, an angel from the group called Michael, and he’s your personal guardian for your entire life. If you want comfort, you would ask your angels to hug you .. and they will.

      If you want to help your ghostly friend, ask your guardian angel to FIND him and TAKE him into healing. They know what to do.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra ( http://www.sacred-gates.com ) CT, could you change that into a link to Sacred Gates website for me. Thank you.

  6. Stan says:

    Babyy – there are only two kinds of spiritual forces that exist – Supernatural (meaning “from God”) and preternatural (meaning everything else). You can be absolutely positive that this spirit is not from God – he would never desire to scare, confuse or hurt you. that means that this spirit is from somewhere else – could be an aggressive and mean earthbound, formally human spirit – but not likely. those spirits don’t have the kind of power that you described to project thoughts, ideas and images into your mind so that they will appear in your dreams, etc.. So, guess what – you are almost definitely dealing with some kind of negative or evil entity. Could be an evil spirit or it could be a demon. In any case – please don’t be foolish and naive enough to “pray” to it. You really have no clue what you are inviting into your life and once you do allow them in – it literally takes an act of God to get rid of them. Whether you know it or not – by praying to this thing, you have engaged in, at the very least – idol worship, at the most – Satan worship. If so, your very soul could be in mortal danger – you should go visit a priest or minister and tell them this entire story. Ask them to help you gain deliverance from this and any other evil or demonic entities now in your life. If you can’t find one locally, google “deliverance ministry” on the internet – you can find someone who knows how to help you. trust me – you’re foolign around with stuff that can straight mess up your world in a permanent way. You should RUN from these entities – and stay as far from them as you can in the future. Good luck and God bless…

    • ice says:

      im not going to say the story sounds fake because anything can happen. if i was to ask you people if you believe everything is the way it’s said, then you would be foolish. i do not mean any disrespect.

      stan i do have one thing to mention maybe you should think of it this way. its just another point of view you said, “You can be absolutely positive that this spirit is not from God – he would never desire to scare, confuse or hurt you.” if god wants whats best for us why would he not scare hurt or even confuse a person to learn that lesson or maybe more in just a harder way. she was suicidal but she was here and wrote this story if it was fake or real.

      im just saying its like tough love from parents. hell in darkness is the only way to truly be thankful for being in the light.

  7. Anonymous says:

    sounds fake

  8. Teri says:

    Demons don’t tell you “you don’t know what you’re getting into”. dear, it was a warning from beyond a Demon. Use your head….

  9. samantha says:

    i feel the same, it has gone for good , now dont pray for it pray to god.

  10. Dave says:

    Haha, I laugh at the folly of those who actually believe that these evil entities are actually “ghosts”. Can’t you all see?! There are no ghosts, only familiar spirits who can pose as any person previously living.

    The idea that disembodied spirits roam the Earth accomplishing “Unfinished business” is nonsense. Clearly most people have no clue of what’s going on in the spiritual realm… people are fighting an enemy who they don’t even understand, so therefore how can they defeat it??

    • Ama Nazra says:

      Thanks Dave. I’ll tell that to the next ‘ghost’ I talk to. If you can’t tell a ghost from a demon by now, you shouldn’t be playing among the plains.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  11. MrJ-man says:

    I just got a ouijia board for xmas Now i am religous but i want to use the board my auntie visted today she talked about it to me about any demons in your house if you smell,heare,or feel cold, it means theires truly a demond,Now I just got a ouijia board and I want to use it only once then break it into 7 peaces put salt on it then bless it then take it to a preiste and mabey say a prayer right before then bless myself and my house again im only 11 years old and i need way more rules of what to do and not i wacthed the exercisme and i always slept with my mom or my sister for a month im really scared,
    heres some tips from me if you want to get rid of it snap it in to 7 bless it and say a prayer and take it to a preiste tell him everything you asked and everything you did with it and how many times you used it ,Now dont burn it cause its rude to burn it as if theres still some spirits in it still and if you use one make sure you have a prayer book or bible rosary some holy candles and holy water dont use it alone tis dangerous ,Please send me info about how to use boards please cause im not going to use it untill i know more

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi MrJ-man,

      Burn the board. It’s a door, not a place where ghosts live inside, and burn it before you use it, because it only needs to be used once to cause you a lifetime of trouble. A car only needs to hit you once, very fast, to kill you. Don’t give anything nasty an opportunity to grab you.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey Baby,

    If you feel the loneliness, turn to God. He’s the only one that can make you feel complete and happy. Not only will he put his loving arms around you, but also around your circumstances, and make things anew. Pray to God for guidance, wisdom, and understanding. He will give all these to you and show you the true form of Eonif. Stay away from Eonif. He is an very dangerous and evil entity. Don’t pray to him, because he will not answer. Trust me. Go to church, see a pastor, or priest.

    Regarding your dreams, anytime you are held against your will where you cannot move, scream or cry out, it’s evil. God does not work in this fashion. He’s a free will God, and when you seek him, he wil guide you through life and he will never leave you. Take your situation to God and he’ll make things better. There’s nothing in this world that loves you more than God. He will give you comfort and protection. Trust me, he just waiting for you to call upon him so he can be right there for you. Take care Baby. There’s an old sayin’, Let go and let God. That’s all you have to do. Much Love and be safe.

  13. MrJ-man says:

    thanks and i learned something dont wear a rosary cause the demon can grab you threw the board and choke you , and try not to fear it cuz it is trying to get stronger when its being feared !!!

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