How Do Paranormal Entities Affect Temperature?

I’ve often wondered what happens or more to the point, how is a spiritual entity able to change normal room temperature to freezing?

And equally, how do the same entities manage to generate a mist (although no cold atmosphere)?

Asked by pat

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  1. Hi Pat,

    Ghosts are like little vacuums, they suck all the energy out of rooms, people, or batteries .. something that ghost hunters comment on quite frequently. Heat is created by the fast movement of atoms against each other .. and its an energy form like any other, so accessible to ghosts. The problem for them is that they cannot hold onto energy, or utilize all that they take, so must always be seeking more. They change a room temperature basically by ‘inhaling’ the heat from the site, even in summer.

    The mist is a lighter form of ectoplasm. In the late 1800′s and early 1900′s trance mediums would produce a substance that seemed to come from inside themselves that looked like cloth or thick mist, but if you touched it you could harm the medium, so it must have come from them .. or perhaps a combination of both the ghost and the person?

    An interesting article:

    I have photos where elementals have appeared as misted shapes, but not ghosts. Demons, who can command some of earth’s elements, can make mists and denser energy, but I have never met a really nasty ghost that could .. or perhaps I don’t let them hang around long enough to try? LOL

    How they do it .. I don’t know if anyone knows, since it is ghosts and demons who are doing the creating?

    Love & Peace

  2. This is something thats never happened to me for some reason – although one woman ghost spoke out loud to me as I was getting out of the shower one morning, and I was cold then, obviously! hehe wonder why I’ve never experienced that cold feeling? Ama, CT, any idea or thoughts on that. I’ve never thought of that till now.


    • Hi Keith,

      It doesn’t happen all the time. I often deal with lost souls without feeling cold. The cold sensation comes from when they start to take energy from the environment, and then you. If you ever start to feel cold, tired and cranky, you will know the ghost has attached a cord to you and is using it like a drinking straw. When it happens, infrequently now, I am NOT polite. LOL

      Love & Peace

      • Goodness! Ama,

        - Why would they want to extract energy from our world?
        - Are you saying I had a cord attached to me by an entity?
        - Where exactly do they attach this cord and why?
        - Can they do this with everyone or only with some people?

        • Pat, they can do it with ANYONE. I had an experience not long ago, where I had strongly disciplined my daughter for something and was feeling guilty about it, as if I was too harsh, but my feelings suddenly became worse. I began to feel a sort of despair and began sobbing uncontrollably. That’s when I realized that I had an attachment. I did a white light shield and it was gone. My mood instantly lifted. They attach to the living more often than most realize; some just write it off as a “bad mood.” Living people can connect to us too, especially those which we are in close relation.(husband, wife, child…etc) You also can be attached by negative energy forms, too and not just the deceased, and these energy forms are usually created by the living. For example, you are in a room full of people and one real “pisser” walks in with all his negativity and suddenly you’re feeling negative, too. Transference. You can do several things to protect yourself from these entities. White light shields, cord cutting(it’s a mental thing you do and Ama can explain more) and Ama’s Micheal Invocation. They work like a charm. I know. I’ve used them. I am sure Ama will be in to chime in with more! :D Check out her site and read about the white light shield and invocation! It can’t hurt!

          • And by the way, the want to extract energy from US more so than the enviornment, because the are on “our” plain of existence, which is unnatural for them, and seek energy like food. (since conventional food does not satiate them having no physical body) and the attach the cord to your solar plexis Chakra. (because it’s the easiest for them to attach to.)


            That is a site with a chart of the Chakras. They are enegry points in the body, and in a healthy person, are usually well protected. But, if someone is suffering from illness or depression there are holes in our aura that expose our chakras to entities. You can do a basic healing of your aura by envisioning your aura and brushing your hands along your body and extremities and envision your aura as a cheesecloth that you are using your hands to repair with your strokes.

          • Luna,

            I definitely agree. I had that cord attached to my abdomen, right below my breastplate by what I think was a ‘lower level, minor demon’ – a little nasty minion!It was while I weak, recovering from a car wreck. Anyway, I almost had the life drained from me by it. Couldn’t eat, lost 50-60 lbs in a month and a half (not a good diet plan, by the way!), doc couldn’t explain it and my preacher was scared of it! Horrible visions, dreams, and virtually no restful sleep. It was a pitch black hole right in that location. I could see it getting larger as the spirit literaly was draining the life out of me.

            It was only when I was prayed over, while asleep and thrashing about, that it was removed. I almost died – literally… no kidding here. Now, in that same spot, I’ve abnormal cell growth in my intestines, Metaplasia, pre-cancerous.

            You must learn the invocation. The type of spirit I had was a VERY hungry one, and powerful. This is a very serious thing to think about and rid of quickly when it happens. Our fear, our weakness (emotional, physical and spiritual) IS their food.

            On a good note… The experience left me with discernment, visual and audible. Many things move around! No longer am I fearful (thank you Ama!) They all leave if dealt with appropiately.

            But Luna, there is SO much good out there in the world! BE a part of That, while actively getting rid of the darkness.

            God bless ya, sister :)


        • Hi Pat, you said:

          - Why would they want to extract energy from our world?

          Lost souls/ghosts are human beings with their bodies. When we feed ourselves, we nourish our bodies with the vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates from the food, but we also revitalise ourselves with the life force energy (from the planet) that exists within the food. (We were just discussing that on the ‘offerings’ question). Ghosts still require that life force energy even though they don’t need the food anymore. They need an energy that matches theirs, but since they are trapped in pain, they seek that same ‘feeling’ that they live in .. kinda like I go for chocolate when I am tired – the sugar is uplifting, the seratonin in the chocolate make me ‘feel’ better, and the brown-ness of colour (related to earthstar chakra) helps to ground me.

          - Are you saying I had a cord attached to me by an entity?

          It’s entirely possible. Have you cleared your energy lately? We all have multitudes of light cords attaching us to everyone we love and hate. We can all pick up attachments (negative energy forms), large and small during our lives. They might stay for a long while, or only long enough to feed and fall off. Not all of them are intelligent, most are just recharging their batteries and moving on. Ghosts .. they stay if the emotions that drew them in remain the same, and if we let them.

          - Where exactly do they attach this cord and why?

          They attach them to your aura, and through it if it has holes in it. They will connect to your chakras if they can, the ones that relate to the emotion they are trying to feed from – fear, power, control and the sexual drive – which are the lower chakras: earthstar (beneath your feet), base chakra, sacral, solar plexus. Other entities will go for the higher energies, to influence and repress the behaviour of the person – heart, thymus, throat, brow and crown chakras. Ghosts, being people who are still in their egos, tend to go for the lower chakras.

          - Can they do this with everyone or only with some people?

          Everyone. Anyone who will not control their negative emotions. People who drink too much regularly and use drugs of many kinds. People who exist in states of anger, paranoia and fear. People who choose not to forgive. People who choose not to love. People who are ill, or made vulnerable through operations, or because of accidents. People who suffer from religious manias, or those suffering mental or emotional illnesses. People who willingly put their lives in danger through things like the ouija board. People who invoke demons for any reason. Lots of other reasons.

          None of us is perfect, we are all capable of hating, and that’s another emotion that draws negativity to us. What we give out into the world, we get returned to us .. so if a person lives in a state of anger and hatred, and refuses to forgive, they are leaving themselves vulnerable to entities that live in that same emotion coming and using them for food.

          There are three energies that keep us safe. The first is LOVE. The second if forgiveness and the third is gratitude. All three combined are the energy of Grace, but we have forgotten that. We are so busy in our lives, we forget to say thank you (gratitude) for the small kindnesses (love) and when people help us, even when we annoy them (forgiveness). I’m sure you can think of a million other ways these three simple actions can be lifesavers.

          Love & Peace

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