Music Playing in My Home From Ghosts?

Daily I hear muffled music playing in different rooms of my house. It usually sounds like an old TV show or music from the 1920′s. I am the only one who hears this music. Even when I can hear it clearly, my husband cannot.

Why is this occurring and by whom?

Asked by Jane M

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  1. Hello Jane, I dont know for sure what you are experiencing but I once lived in a place where the same thing was happening. In our case the music sounded like big band stuff like Benny Goodman or Glenn Miller. There was also two of us that heard the same exact thing!

    My story is here //

    • Hey CT,

      I think that was the first story I read on your site. LOL Lovely. :-)

      Love & Peace

  2. Hello Jane,

    Sounds .. I hear stuff all the time, radio signals, voices .. friendly ones and unfriendly ones .. high pitched whistles .. background chatter. I am clairaudient, that means I can hear ghosts, and angels and other beings, when they speak, as well as other weird and wonderful sounds .. but I still look for ordinary explanations to some of the noises. On the other hand, my partner also hears sounds I can’t. The range of his hearing is far lower than mine, mine reaches into higher levels .. and he’s a rather bit deaf in the mid-ranges where I hear just fine. He also has titinitus .. and often asks, very early in the morning when he’s just woken up, if it is ‘really raining’ LOL. No, its his ears, and I often have to talk LOUDLY to get him to hear my answer. :-)

    So .. where do you live? Do you share a house, or an apartment building, or are you out in the country far away from any source of noise? If you are close to the building next door, someone in there might love old sitcoms or movies, and so the explanation would be natural. Otherwise, radio signals travel long distance .. like right out into space, and through buildings .. so it might be that.

    If you are living away from other buildings, then perhaps some dramatic events happened within your home that anchored energy in the rooms that recorded the sounds of the tv, or radio, that was playing at the time of the events, this is also possible.

    Being a bit weird, what I would do, when you heard the noises, is ask ‘them’ to turn the volume up .. so you can really get a fix on what you are hearing, and do some research on when it was playing. If it is a ghost, and they can interact with you, rather than just being a memory, the sound should go up. That would be interesting.

    In the meantime, what a fascinating event. Having heard sounds, like angels singing christmas hymns in a stream of energy flowing down the middle of the road, while crossing it .. keep a diary. Write down what you think you hear .. it might help you find out what is happening, and remind you later when you share the stories with your family and friends.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  3. Hi Jane M

    I used to get that a lot when I first moved into my current home in 2004.

    The bungalow was built in the 60′s. It turned out, the builder’s son (then a boy) went on to become a professional piano tuner and is also a good guitarist. When they sold it in ’94, the guy who bought it was a professional jazz musician. We bought it off him, and I was, and still am, in a band and get ‘possessed’ by music (in other words, I love it and can’t get enough).

    I think our home was saying that it likes music. It is as if it chooses who is going to live in it. The atmosphere deffo lifts whenever music is played.

    Before it was a dwelling, the site used to be the village forge. I think the ‘spirit’ music I hear comes from that time because, like you, it sounds like 1920′s music. It is only me who generally hears it though .. and the music can even be heard whilst I’m wearing headphones because I’m working on mixing down some of the band’s music. (Obviously, whilst my own music isn’t being played – lol!)

    Personally I don’t worry about it, its just a part of the buildings spirit.


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