Why is My Sister is Seeing a Little Girl?

Hello. This is so strange, I have never believed in ghosts but now I’m not so sure. My sister called me today and asked me if I remember her ever talking to people that weren’t there when we were little. I didn’t remember anything like that happening and I pushed her as to why she asked. After much coaxing she finally told me about something that had been happening.

Firstly, she said that when she asked my mom the same question, my mom had said “yes, all of the time”. And my sister finally admitted to me that this had been going on for a while and she was scared to tell my family.

She recently has started dating someone at Olivet College. My sister said that during on of her visits she saw a little girl standing there staring at her, later she told her boyfriend and asked who she was. He hadn’t seen anyone and after my sister explained what the little girl looked like he was very worried.

Some sorority sisters told her how there are stories of a little girl named Anabell. Apparently one of the sororities has a rug called ‘Anabell’s rug’. Once it was stolen and the sightings stopped, but when it was returned they continued.

My sister said she wasn’t scared until today. She and her boyfriend were having dinner in one of the dining halls, when my sister looked up and saw the little girl outside the window. Apparently, when she looked, the little girl pointed at her and mouthed “mine”. Needless to say, my sister was extremely freaked out.

She said that she hasn’t seen this girl anywhere else, only on Olivet’s campus. I did some research but I can’t find any account of this happening online.

I’m inclined to believe my sister, but I have never believed in these kind of things before. However this sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. Am I right to be worried about my sister’s safety? Should she find a psychiatrist or a medium?

Asked by Julia

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Music Playing in My Home From Ghosts?

Daily I hear muffled music playing in different rooms of my house. It usually sounds like an old TV show or music from the 1920′s. I am the only one who hears this music. Even when I can hear it clearly, my husband cannot.

Why is this occurring and by whom?

Asked by Jane M

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Is This a Ghost or an Angel?

Does anyone know how I can find out if I have a ghost with me or an Angel? I know something is with me and I thought it was a ghost because my neighbor told me that the original owner of our house always slept with all the lights on in the house because she believed the ghost of her late husband was haunting the house. But I don’t feel any negative energy from it at all, it is almost comforting and soothing.

I feel something laydown at my feet as I good to bed at night and in the morning it up gets up when I wake up, I can literally feel something that feels like a little dog getting up and walking on the bed and moving around my legs and at the same time the blankets move with no one else in the bed, I sometimes feel the movement of the bedding brush against my arm too. I am 100% sure and have been 100% sure for a year now that something is with me.

I house sat for my daughter last week and wondered if it would come with me or stay at my house. I didn’t notice anything when I went to bed that night but the next morning it was on the pillow next to my pillow. I had a bigger bed all to myself to I guess I had room enough that it didn’t have to squeeze next to my feet. I had my arm stretched across the other pillow and I felt that the ghost/angel was on the pillow, it moved around a lot getting up, it was unmistakable.

That night I was reading in bed on my nook reader and it was getting pretty late and the pages started turning on their own very fast making it impossible to read. First I said, will you stop that please, when it continued I just said OK I’ll go to sleep now. (The nook reader did that same think about a month ago on the same day that my TV froze on a channel when I was trying to change the cannel. It was the first time either one of those things happened and both happened within a one hour period.)

As it turned out, the night I was at my daughters house I woke up in the morning just in time to pack up and get to the airport to pick up my daughter and son in law. Had the entity not kept me from reading I probably would have overslept, so it actually did me a favor. So between that and not feeling afraid of it, I wonder if it’s an angel.

One other thing a few months ago I was waking up and felt the movement in the bed and when I sat up in bed I felt a sharp pain on my back, I looked in the mirror and there was a dark well defined very new bruise bruise on my back. It only happened one time and I feel like maybe it was an accident. I somehow sensed that it had not intended to hurt me, and it has never happened again.

I know this sounds crazy. I promise you I have no mental problems, I just would like to know what is with me.

Asked by nanc

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Could I Have Been Attached by an Entity or Spirit?

I began doing demo work on an abandoned house I bought. As we left I noticed the smell of what I told my son was dog poop we must have stepped in. There was none, and I’ve been smelling it day and night for a week.

I’ve personally seen spiritual events take place. I know this house has a sordid history. Could I have been attached by an entity or spirit.

I know how to pray for cleansing. Have done so in the past and will as I go back to the house.

Any thoughts, suggestions or advise?

Thank you.

Asked by Pete

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How Can I See Spirits Again?

I used to see spirits when I was a kid. The very first encounter was at age 7. I was playing video games alone in the room and I looked at my right side and saw a lady floating minding her own business. After that I started seeing things.

All of the spirits that I’ve seen were white figured bodies.

Aside from spirits, I was able to see a creature staring at me which I couldn’t identify until now and I was able to hear a devil’s laugh out of nowhere. The laugh sounded nearer and louder as if it’s coming towards me.

I always thought that it was a very interesting gift but I was really scared and half heartedly wanted this ability gone. As I grew up I became more courageous but I couldn’t see them that often like it used to be.

Is there any way to have this ability back?

Asked by Dominic

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What kind of ghost/entity feeds on or is attracted to

- energy?
- power sources?
- brain activity?

Is there a name for a ghost that is attracted to electronics or electricity? Any help much appreciated.

Asked by Chuck

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What is the Difference Between a Shadow Person and a Ghost?

(that question reads like it ought to have a punchline to follow it – lol!)

American’s seem to refer to the shadows a lot, but we don’t over here in the UK.

I’d just assumed a shadow person was another name for either a ghost or a daemon.

Are they alien time travellers or dimension hoppers?

Asked by AJ Ryder

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Are There Jobs in Ghost Hunting?

I would like to know if there are any jobs that involve ghost hunting. I would like to know this because I am currently looking for a job, and am having no luck.

I want a job that actually has something to do with something I enjoy doing, and I would appreciate any answers you have for me. thank you.

Asked by shaina

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How Can I Talk to a Benevolent Ghost?

I want to know if anyone can give me a way to talk to a benevolent spirit that resides in my home. I really don’t want to ask a medium, and I do have a Ouija board (came in a magazine) but I’m not sure if I should use it as I’ve heard stories of it being used incorrectly and I don’t want a demon in my room along with the spirit.

I’m not trying to make him leave (I’m assuming it’s a him) I just wanna be able to communicate safely and perhaps find out why he’s here. Just to let you know I’m 14. Thank you.

Asked by Mani

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Will Earth Magic Make Ghosts Appear?

I got a Wiki Magic Book and performed a Spell of to about Protection, love, Money. And I was wondering if I could have opened a door or something in my house because the house is creaking and there are knocking noises.

My Cat will not leave me and stairs at corners like something there then fallow in with her eyes across the room.

Am I just being Paranoid or is some thing there?

Asked by Cat Wiki

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