How Can I See Spirits Again?

I used to see spirits when I was a kid. The very first encounter was at age 7. I was playing video games alone in the room and I looked at my right side and saw a lady floating minding her own business. After that I started seeing things.

All of the spirits that I’ve seen were white figured bodies.

Aside from spirits, I was able to see a creature staring at me which I couldn’t identify until now and I was able to hear a devil’s laugh out of nowhere. The laugh sounded nearer and louder as if it’s coming towards me.

I always thought that it was a very interesting gift but I was really scared and half heartedly wanted this ability gone. As I grew up I became more courageous but I couldn’t see them that often like it used to be.

Is there any way to have this ability back?

Asked by Dominic

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  1. Hello Dominic,

    As a child you were frightened by what you could ‘see’ so you blocked it out. To unblock it takes more energy, but it can be done, if its supposed to happen. Tell yourself you ‘can’ see ghosts or spirits again, and keep telling yourself .. but first you might consider asking yourself ‘why’ you want to see them. There might have been a very good reason, apart from fear, for the gift going dormant. Do you remember what happened when it stopped?

    Love & Peace

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