Are Ghosts Attracted to Certain People?

Sometimes in discussions about ghosts, I’ve seen things that seem to indicate that certain people attract ghosts, things like someone being a “ghost magnet” or a “spirit beacon” or being like a white light drawing ghosts in (kind of like a bug zapper, I guess).

The idea may be that ghosts are more attracted to people who can sense them more clearly and somehow they can tell who that is.

Does anyone know if this is true or what this is?

Asked by Mary

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  1. Hi Mary,

    There are a number of reasons why ghosts are attracted to certain people.

    1) A ghost has to feed on the energy of living humans, and .. me personally, I love chocolate. Now if chocolate was a negative attitude or belief I would look for people who also love chocolate. Sorry :-) I just had some chocolate for breakfast. :-) Back to being serious. A ghost who chose not to find peace because they were very angry at someone, or about something, would search out people who were also angry, often for the same reasons. They can more easily connect to that person because of the emotion the living person is ‘broadcasting’, or sending out.

    So – an angry living person, constantly angry, not just occasional flare-ups (although that does it too) – creates angry energy in their aura, and bubbles of it flow out of them and out into the world .. ghosts who need to continue to feel angry seek these people out and feed on the energy. With a little luck they might even be able to attach themselves to that person, bury themselves (and sometimes hide) inside the person’s aura .. and make all kinds of havoc, until the person chooses either to give up the anger, or seek help to deal with it through spiritual healing, such as Reiki, which is a particularly lovely technquie.

    Think of all the negative emotions you can; anger, fear, jealousy, envy, .. add the rest of the ’7 deadly sins’ and there you have one form of ‘ghost meal’.

    b) a living person might suffer from addication (back to chocolate .. although I can live without it from day to day LOL) to things that are harmful to their energy – such as drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc. A ghost who died, for example, through a drug overdose, would be attracted to drug addicts. What they do there, if they can get inside the aura, or even close outside it, is try to influence the living person to continue, if not increase, their drug habit. It produces a certain sort of energy that the ghost can feed off.

    Can you see why I say all ghosts should be in healing? They are not good for living people on any level, and they all deserve peace.

    c) Negative beliefs produce fears and phobias. Ghosts who share those fears and phobias will be attracted to people who have these beliefs in common. For example, I don’t like spiders. I’m pretty much over that now, thanks to a few months of seeing 12 or 14 inch spiders out of the corner of my eye on and off all day, until I caught onto what was happening and scooted the creep, who was feeding my capacity to see ‘visions’ to try and badly frighten me all the time, into a healing place. I admit it wasn’t a ghost, but it works the same with ghosts. If you are frightened of spiders, you might suddenly see lots of them, or be more aware of them in a frightening way. The ghost feeds off your energy of fear. Me – it was more aversion therapy .. I got over it .. once it didn’t work anymore, it stopped happening.

    d) And then there are odd souls like me, who are Spirit Rescuers. You could say we have a beacon of Light over our heads that flashes either ‘good meal here’ or ‘help here’ and so ghosts are attracted to me, and follow me around at times. We had a man in the house last night, he had either a piece of paper or a scroll in his hands .. because I could see his hands quite clearly. He was standing in the spare bedroom doorway when I came out of the bathroom. I didn’t jump, I just asked my guardian angel to FIND him and TAKE him into healing. He wasn’t trying to frighten me, he was just a presence that my partner, and the K2

  2. Hmm… I got cut off .. here’s the end of my message …

    He wasn�t trying to frighten me, he was just a presence that my partner, and the K2
    meter, had already picked up on. There are some ghosts who are there simply seeking a way to find peace and healing, and that is what Spirit Rescuers do. Not ghost hunters .. but people who genuinely want to help lost souls. It’s a calling.

    So, yes, ghosts will be attracted to people who can sense them, in a lot of different ways, usually just for a meal – because to stay energetically comfortable outside of heaven, they need to feed – just like we do to stay alive. Some people, who are born mediums and develop the gift, can tell who the ghost might be, and others simply feel really unhappy and uncomfortable, and seek help of some kind. I have had hundreds of people, over the years, come to me and say “I don’t know why, but I really feel I can talk to you about something strange that is happening to me …..” or words to that effect. We help the ghost cross over, and the person walks away feeling completely different.

    Lovely work!
    Wishing everyone a great day,
    Love & Peace,
    Ama Nazra

    • Hi everyone my name is April it’s nice to meet you all. Well I’ll just get to the point you see I am one of those specially gifted people able to fully sense and communicate with spirits. Well anyway for as long as I can remember I have been constanly haunted by so many spirits even a really troublesome one who dosen’t want to leave me be. Let me explain I have had this really clingy spirit haunting me since I was younger,now back then I suffered from alot of negativity which is what I think drew this thing to me in the first place. Now I am a more positive person who always trys to stay positive,I hate negativity and always try to keep it away. There now I’ve told you a little about myself now back to the issue I was telling all of you about. The spirit that has been haunting me has been really bothering me I sense it’s a spirit of an older guy but I don’t know who or what it is I just want it gone. No matter how many times I get rid of it ,It always comes back.

  3. Usually, it’s not the ghost who attracted to certain human. It’s the human themselves who attract the ghost, consciously or not. Some humans emit a kind of energy that ghost like it. And of course, they give their response by coming to the source of the energy, that human.

  4. There are a variety of opinions on why do people attract ghosts….and more variety of what we term as a “ghost” some are simply reflections of residual energy left over from some event, they dont react to their environment any longer and are just there and as unaware or us as most of us are to them. aka haunted houses whatever.

    Then there are entities that are trying to react in our world and they usually try and find somewhere to anchor themselves much like someone on a boat tossing an anchor in the river. They want to be here stay here for whatever reason, or faith based theory people have. These entities do seek people out and the less malevolent will certainly try to find someone more supernaturally adept but usually seek out the newer inexperienced not too strong but strong enough.

    Of course you have the really dark and evil entities that will thoroughly try and thrash your life, Make you do and think and dream things you never thought you would and these are usually referred to as demons and like everything else to control you will try to isolate you and drain you and when its done probably kill you or others for a finish.

    Of course these are very broad strokes just remember the best advice I can ever give you “ghosts” lie. Most people dont understand them for what they are and why they are here. Some are benign or helpful but have a reason to be such and almost all will start that way.

  5. Good advice Jestergypsy

    Ghosts are not toys we play with, they are dead people who chose not to go to a healing place. They are generally confused and lost, no matter how ‘rational’ they might seem. They might be fun on a ‘hunt’ but not to take home permanently.

    Love & Peace

    • Maybe you can help me you see I have a spirit right now that just won’t leave me alone,and it refuses to let me go. It always follows me everywhere I go,also when I’m either trying to sleep or sitting down it sometimes every so often touches me. I just don’t know what to do. Any suggestions on helping me get rid of the thing?,I mean if so that would be great. Look I know you don’t know me but I’m just a random person who is having alot of spirit trouble myself and is in dire need of rescue. So anything you can do to help me get rid of this thing would be great. By the way my name is April Rohrer it’s nice to meet you XD.

      • Hello April,
        Yes, Ama can help you, but in the mean time, I am going to tell you to do what I know she will tell you to do. Go to here: and do the Micheal invocation. Read it over and become familiar with it; memorize it, too, if it’s possible. Then say it out loud. this should help you. You can even substitute in the word “home” for “me” in the invocation to remove everything from your home and not just yourself. You should experience immediate results.

        You see, this invocation works, because you are asking your Guardian Angel to remove all lost spirits, demons, etc….. The Micheal Angels are the guardians, the ones who war with demons and the ones who take the lost souls into healing. They are appointed to you by God, as your protectors. They will not interfere in your life here on Earth unless you ask. That is why the invocation is necessary.

        • Also, you can contact Ama directly from the above link I have listed and she can help you on a more personal level, in case your situation is more sensitive in nature.

      • Hi April,

        Perhaps we can help. This Invocation/Prayer has been used by thousands of people over the past 14+ and all over the world, to clear ghosts from people’s energy, homes, and lives. It’s simple. You read it a few times then say it outloud. then, in a few days, if you think you are still haunted, you can write to me here, or through my website (the link is up on the right on this page under Friends) and I will clear your myself.

        LOL I love you LunaTerra .. just saw you got here first. :-)

        Wishing everyone a peaceful night, in the northern hemisphere, its mid afternoon here in Oz,
        Love & Peace

  6. I think Ama’s answer was well informed and I agree, as I grew up as a bit of a ” ghost magnet ” myself ( see other stories here ) and my whole family shared experiences in our home where we grew up and we were decribed as a ” lighthouse ” to spirits who would lierally move towards the light………except the light was us!
    We didn’t actively do anything to make this kind of phenomena happen ; it just did.
    I’m now in my 40′s and I can’t remember when I didn’t have something going ‘ bump in the night’. My children appear to have the same type of attraction.
    Ama’s point about negative energy is very poignant.
    The people I have personally helped and counselled usually are very fearful and once you are scared and frightened you are giving off alot off energy – hence, ultimately things seem to get worse! They’re almost supplying a smorgasbord of energy!
    Even a spirit saying ” hello how are you? ” as a disembodied voice has thrown people into fits of terror.
    I think television and movies have alot to answer for about the misinformation about how the supernatural actually works………where there is a demon around every corner.
    There isn’t.
    If someone said ” hello how are you? ” to you in the street – that’s friendly.
    The fact people are put in a situaion where they have attracted someone ( in spirit ) who has made a more than friendly overture and the poor participant is convinced they have satan residing in their loungeroom usually comes from misinformation and media exposure to incorrect information. Not everyone likes to find they have attracted a ” ghost “. I agree ghost hunters and ghost rescue is two different scenarios and more often when a genuine EVP requesting help or volunteering information is made to a ghost hunter and they wander off all sef satisfied I am left to ponder ; what are you actually going to do for that poor person?
    Ghosts were people too! Its not rocket science.
    In my house – my Step-Dad refused point blank to believe in our ‘nonsense’ and we thought maybe he just was someone who didn’t attract them like we did…………..then he saw something he couldn’t explain and he says to this day ” it opened my mind “. So someone who has no attraction to them, can find themselves exposed to an experience through others that do.
    It was an interesting time in that house.

  7. Thanks, anonymous – your answer was a relief. That’s what I heard before, that some people are like a light and ghosts move toward it, maybe just out of curiosity. Personally, I thought Ama Nazra’s answer was kinda scary – it sounded like you’re either really angry or sinful in some other way or a drug addict or have a lot of negative feelings to be a “ghost magnet” and I just can’t believe that’s true for all persons in that position ( like your family, for example). I think that ghosts can be drawn toward positive feelings and behavior, as well as negative feelings and behavior, like someone who apparently was watching me say my prayers at night and asked if I would pray for him when I finished.

  8. Sorry Mary, I wasn’t planning on scaring you, nor making a judgment against you, or anyone.

    In the meantime, sadly, ghosts are NOT attracted to good energy, they cannot use it in any way – they always ‘want’ something, and cannot give anything in exchange for what they want. And ‘sinful’ is a Christian concept .. but bad behaviour happens in every religion, and culture. As anonymous said, its all about magnetism .. we attract like to like. I just gave you lots of examples of what ghosts want.

    As to the man who asked you to pray for him .. that’s lovely. Not all lost souls are completely negative, some just want help. But he would still have been attracted to you, or someone in your household, because of their fears and beliefs, and he would still be feeding off your positive energy as you prayed for him. It’s what they do. And if he had been dead for a long time, he might not have been so friendly. We try to rescue them as quickly as we can, before they get that way.

    Anonymous .. that’s what I try to remind people of – ghosts are people too. They have all the same fears and beliefs they had when they had living bodies – but what they don’t have is the capacity to exchange energy with living people anymore. That’s the problem. They slowly starve without it, because we were created to share our energy, give and take (as spirits and while ‘living’), not just take and take some more. That is why they end up getting angrier and angrier. They are starving for the Love we all take for granted because they are neither in one ‘world’ or the other.

    Please people, don’t kid yourselves that having ghosts in your house is healthy for the family, or fun, its not. They don’t need to be there. They should be finding peace and healing, and not just hanging around. There are plenty of spirits (who have been through the healing process) who can come back and play. They don’t drain your energy, they don’t try and influence your moods and actions, they don’t terrify you at night, or during the day. When they ‘visit’ you have good memories, good feelings and sense of warmth, love and calm. So much nicer.

    Love & Peace

  9. Hey Ama.

    There’s always been a lot of paranormal activity in my family, the family home is haunted etc. My Uncle is meant to be psychic and stuff. I wrote the story up on here.

    But just regarding you’re comments about angry people and people suffering from addictions..

    I was in a bad crowd when i was younger, suffered from the things you described, as did all my friends. And not one of us has ever really encountered any sort of Ghosts… And i knew a lot of people, living in a particularly haunted city in the UK. (i’m not just trying to give you my sob story lol) It just leads me to believe that being in a dark place mentally isn’t enough, i think you have to actually be open to it, or sensitive. Like Annonymous said his/hers family is like a light house to it. Theres something about their blood line or family that is particularly open to it. I don’t think it’s something we can put our fingers on. Theres just some people that attract it. Because from all the mentally ill, drug addicts etc i’ve known, none of them really know anything about the supernatural or would claim to have any more experience with it than the rest of us.

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    You wouldn’t have needed ghosts during that time period, you had astra larvae ‘haunting’ you instead. Can you see or sense them? They are what we call ‘attachments’, simple structures usually, made up of the negative energy of humanity, and other beings. If you can see them, you see them everywhere. I can sense them, and then ‘see’ them, when I place my hands on a person who comes to me for healing.

    Just out of curiousity, could you ‘see/sense’ ghosts more clearly when you were stoned, or did it dull your senses instead? Or is every person different? I have never had the experience, so have no knowledge of it.

    There are lots of people in the world, good behaviour or bad, who do not get haunted. I would love to know what they have that so many millions of other people don’t have .. we need to bottle it and give it to a few people I know who could really use a break from being besieged by ghosts, and by far worse entities. And you are right about a certain sort of sensitivity, because if you open yourself to anger, fear and hatred .. which is often the emotions of those who choose to stay drunk, or get stoned, or act out in other ways … then you invite in trouble, as if you switch on a light over you that says ‘I hate myself, I am a good meal’. I think you and your friends were the exception to the rule where ghosts are concerned. Just do a little research on the web .. there are so many stories that state otherwise ….

    And then there are the ‘light, bright and beautiful’ people who are harassed by the dark. Maybe it is something in the bloodline? I don’t discount that possibility when we are trying to help them get some peace…

    I love England. I have been there three times and driven all over it, first with a psychic friend who lived there and then, on the last trip, I went by myself. I visited haunted houses, towns, cities, castles .. lots of castles. I went to Scotland and visited Glamis Castle. Fascinating place. It has a chapel dedicated to fallen angels, and a fallen angel ‘watches over’ the family in the painting in the main room. It is where the story of Lord Beardie, who diced with the devil (the first ghost story I ever read as a child) came from. They have ancient iron/metal weapons hung across the wall behind which is the room that Beardie did the deed in, said to be good protection. And the place is haunted, but it wasn’t the day I was there. It was very quiet. :-)

    I would love to go to Scotland again. Edinburgh felt so much like home, so did London actually.

    Wishing you a great day,
    Love & Peace,

  11. All religions have theories on ghosts and hauntings, honestly there are a lot of people that dont know to look with a supernatural family you are more prone to open your senses and look for ghosts than if you were skeptical.

    Ninety five perceant of ghost sightings are due to other reasons, or at least can be explained by other reasons. If you are looking for “ghosts” you can find them anywhere if you are looking for reasons why you think there may be a ghost, and try to disprove it then when no other explanation fits..its really much more meaningful.

    By the way I have made contact so I am a believer, Well technically that isnt true I am not a believer i actually know. Yes there is a difference between believing and knowing.

  12. gohsts can sense when someone can sense them and quite frankly it creeps them out when they find out people can

  13. Ghost can be attracted to people by chance. When I was about 12 years old my family moved into a house and it was quiet at first but there was a graveyard not far beyond our house which I went to play at…this was during the vietnam war and alot of people were being buried then.Soon our house was haunted and we had poltergeist activity.My family was Catholic and the priest who came over suggested the activity was due to the fact my sister and I were going through puberty but warned ghost can follow in behind poltergeist activity.He blessed our house monthly and told my parents to make sure we avoid having arguments in the home and to be sure to keep positive emotions.The activity did die a little but it didn’t end completely until several months later as the activity in the house peaked on the final night of the activity I had my first wet dream-after that the house had very few disturbances…I can only conclude I was some sort of magnet and ghost had followed me home but once I stopped acting as a battery everything left our house.

    • I’d agree Mike, you would seem to have been the focus of the energy, or the provider of it. A graveyard often doesn’t have many ghosts, and hopefully the souls killed in Vietnam did not stay around long after their bodies were buried. It is more likely, that if they were going to haunt, they would have haunted their families, not their graves.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  14. My name is Daniel I’m 29 and live in England with my girlfriend we have lived in are house for 15 months and havnt seen or heard anything strange(y would we) we have just had a baby daughter she’s a week old. Last night I walked to the toilet across the stairs and I looked down the stairs there was a little boy not 3 feet away from me he was stood there clear as day. I jumped out of my skin fell over and ran to our room. I am not superstitious but no wot I saw so I have been wondering if the boy is drawn to me or my daughter and if it means anything so I would love to here any sort of info please and if there’s any risk to my family thanks..

    • Hello Daniel,

      The young boy might have been in the house all along, and you just saw him – or he could be attracted to your daughter, given she is Light Bright and beautiful and newly born. If he was negative you would have written a whole lot more about the odd things happening in the household, so he’s probably just visiting.

      I don’t recommend ghosts hang around, even little children. There’s place in heaven where everyone goes to when they die, to find peace and healing and its good for us to help lost souls cross over.

      To that end .. and to keep it simple .. bring the little boy to mind, remember as much about him as you can, and then ask your guardian angel to FIND him and TAKE him into healing (make sure to use the words in captials). Yes, you have a guardian angel. We all do, and while they might look like children, for children when they see them, they don’t generally look that way for adults. So I don’t think the little boy was your daughter’s angel. The angels are more than capable of touching your mind, seeing whom you want rescued and then going and finding him, and then one of his loving family members to come and collect him and take him Home.

      Children should not become ghosts in my opinion. Nothing that awful, to trap them that way, should EVER happen to children. Sigh.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  15. I have never really experienced paranorma activity until recently. My boyfriend and I moved into a new house. “New” being a relative term as the house was actually built in 1905. Some things have happened that I can’t explain, starting with the feeling of pressure on my hips, stomach or next to me on the bed. Usually I’m fully conscious when this happens. I saw a white figure upon waking up one morning and thought it was my boyfriend until I rolled over and realized he was still laying next to me. I’m not really afraid of the activity unless I’m alone in the house but if I can make it go away, I would like to know how. There has been other occurances but I don’t think I need to go through them all. I’m just confused why these things are only happening to me and not to him. He thinks I’m crazy.

    • Hello Anon,

      Why you and not him .. perhaps he is not sensitive to ghosts .. or the ghost only likes you because its a boy and you are a girl?

      Clearing house is a good way of settling ghosts and stopping them haunting you. You could ask the minister of your local church to come in and bless the house, you could ask a medium to come and talk to the ghost and help it cross over, or you could do this Invocation and let your angels do the work. The outcome is generally the same .. peace and quiet. read it through a few times, then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home .. (not ‘my house’) and tell me how things are in a few days.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  16. my name is mindy and im 17 and live in england..recently many unordinary things have begun happening…it all started with a uneasy feeling at night in my bedroom…then a nightmare of my mum lying like a zombie and me being held by my neck against a wall by a invisible being..after this my mum slept in my room with me the night after because i was genuinly terrified feeling that the dream was too realistic..both of us were woken up that night by a whisper saying “just listen” ..another day i was sleeping during the day (due to sleepless nights of feeling something watching me) and i was woken my something stroking my leg twice..which didnt scare me , since then we recently went to cuba for 2 weeks where i saw a black shadow walking across the room, at night i would here whispers sometimes children playing and nudging my shoulder sometimes not speaking english and one night a clear voice saying “theres something you dont know” both voices i could hear clearly were of a women also my mum felt as though someone was clearly lying next to her. one day i was in the hotel room and the bed moved where i was standing. Also when i was at my boyfriends house me, his mum and both sister visibly saw a cup full off drinkin randomly shake. This morning i placed my dogs toy on the kitchen counter and afew minutes later me and my mum both watched it get chucked off….for the past 3 or 4 days when i go walk my dog as seems to just stand there and look behind me which is unusual for his normal behaviour he often barks randomly and stares at nothing…also for quite a while now i have sometimes seen white orbs which float around me day or night. Im begining to get worried as since the occurance this morning i was sat in the house on my own and began to feel as though i could breath i brushed it off and continued to school and since then i felt light headed and asthough i was about to faint and had a splitting headache. i have told the ghost firmly to leave me as i canot understand nor help. i have no idea what to do anymore and it seems as though its primarily me who is experiencing everything. is there any way that i can get rid of these unwanted spirits or any information that could help me because its becoming unbearable.

    • Hello Mindy,

      Sounds to me like you are haunted, something I do not recommend, as you are a classic example of how things can escalate when a ghost thinks its the boss of the person .. which it isn’t.

      Let’s clear your energy. The Invocation I mentioned to Anon above, is actually designed to remove negative energy forms from people, not just houses. This is the link: Read it through a few times, and then say it out loud, and really mean it. You’ll notice a good change .. peace and quiet.

      And then tell me how you are in a few days, either here on the site, or privately through links on that webpage.

      You can read about me here, I am listed under Friends .. Ama Nazra, Victorian Paranormal Connection.

      Love & Peace

  17. I recently went to a reading from a medium,I was told that I as well have that ability,very much so,I had already assumed there was something different about me,anyway during the reading I had to of my clients brought up,they are twins,1 of which just had a baby,he told me of some very strange happenings at his apartment,and how is baby can no longer sleep,only when being held,or at another house,his gf,and himself are very depressed,they fight more,they say in the past week or so the experiences have increased,and so has the uneasy feeling,so being who I am I had to check it out,it intrigues me always has,when I got there I felt it,it is a very old building,and I have watched plenty of paranormal stuff,and read about it all the time,I went from room to room,got feelings,then they would go away,I stayed for quite sometime asking both of them stuff,only his stuff has come up missing,there was a game book that was in the living room,that somehow ended up in the shed in the bottom of a tote,I then started to do a little test,It was a really uneasy feeling I didn’t like it at all,I went into each room without them,I would feel it ask them if they did,they said no when I stopped feeling it,they felt it .did this a few times and each time it was the exact same,like it was trying to avoid being in the same room as me,1 of the last times I was in the kitchen where a full bottle of laundry soap was recently knocked off the fridge,and where most of the activity is,they were on the other side near the steps 2 the living room where they always hear footsteps,as soon as I stopped feeling the feeling they said it felt like it rushed by them,he started to head towards the bedroom and had to stop midway,he said he never felt it quite that strong,I proceeded to the bedroom,and felt it for a moment,then went away again,I told them they should move,the other tenants in the building have seen a black figure as well,I have a feeling it’s not a normal or safe haunting I feel it’s something else,something that could possibly harm them,as I was leaving and going down the stairs his gf was standing at the top of the stairs and I turned and asked her if she was feeling it again and she said she was freezing,I went back up the stairs and said it suddenly felt very warm,I didn’t try to communicate,or act as if I were intimidated by it,I guess my question is,was it actually trying to avoid me? If so could that mean it’s harmful for them?

    • Hello Karen,

      Ghosts run away from me too. Think of them as people without bodies, who, when suddenly aware that someone can sense them, decide they are not ready to talk, or be ‘sent away’. No, they would rather stay where they are, having ‘fun’ with the living .. only their idea of fun includes making a meal of living energy (which makes the living sick), and scaring people .. just like big dopey kids.

      Everything you described is symptoms of a haunting, the arguments, the mood swings, the cold spots, the stuff being tipped over. It also shows the ghost has been around for the while, and that it needs to be somewhere it can’t do any more harm. The best place, in my opinion, is where ghosts can find healing from the sadness and pain of their lives that trapped in ‘no man’s land’ in the first place.

      To that end we created the Michael Invocation. If you do decide to become a medium who can do Spirit Rescue (rescuing lost souls from their self-imposed exile from the healing place, and the living from the ghosts), please add it to your arsenal of ‘useful tools’. You’ll find it here:

      // Read it through a few times, to get an understanding of what it is requesting, and then change the third line to read something appropriate .. when I do the clearing work around the world I insert the person’s street address.

      And before you do that, do you protect your own energy before walking into a haunted house:

      There are personal shields, and house shields, on that page; the personal ones stop you taking ghosts home, and should be used before entering a likely haunted location, and the house one protects your house from ghosts that decide to ‘visit’ with you. A medium will attract ghosts.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  18. hi ama,my grandma sadly recently passed away,and i miss her alot.but anyway,even before she had died i have always had this,you could call it “obession” with ghosts.i think about them all the time and i get really paranoid about them.i’ve never actually seen a ghost but i think i can sense them,a presence.but i always think its just me overreacting and getting paranoid room is always freezing cold,even with my heating only 14,but im terrified.please any help?thanks x

    • Hi Chloe,

      I am very sorry about your grandmother passing. I am sure she’s very happy in heaven.

      Yes, ghosts can become an obsession .. but actually, its not ghosts you are frightened of, its ‘fear of the unknown’ and ‘unexpected’. In other words, honey, you are scaring yourself.

      A freezing room can simply be because the insulation in the walls, floor and roof, that is supposed to be there, is missing. Is the house very old?

      Here’s a couple of things you can do for yourself, to make yourself feel safer.

      This is an invocation that removes all sorts of ghosts and other entities from around you, just in case they are there.

      and this is some personal energy shields that work very well. If you use the house shield you won’t have to worry about spooky visitors.

      And this is some information about ghosts, to help you understand that ghosts are just people without bodies, and most of the time they don’t mean any harm. They just want you to know they are around.

      Have you been dreaming about grandma?

      Love & Peace

  19. yes i im sure she is hopefully.and no its quite modern,it was only built about 50 years ago maybe a little longer.but i always hear things and tell myself its the heating but im still scared,i think im just very paranoid.and what are the sheilds? and yes,but the dreams about her are not clear and they soon change to something completley different.x

    • Hi Chloe,

      Newer houses doesn’t mean good workmanship .. some were built to a ‘price’ instead of properly. We have that problem over here in Australia.

      The shields are energy ones. Did you go and read about them. You just use your imagination to put them in place, and they become very real, and very helpful. Try it and see.

      And dreams about grandma .. is she smiling in the dream or doing something you remember her doing that made you happy? That’s usually what people see of their loved ones after they cross over.

      Love & peace

  20. Usually demons and ghosts tend to whom thinks about them deeply and is curious and interested to observe them and understand who they are

    • Not ‘usually’ thank goodness, Manss. .. otherwise every person out there who is obsessed with the supernatural, or thinks s/he’s a demonologist, of one form or another, would be possessed or obsessed, or simply haunted. And so many people hunt ghosts and other nastier entities now .. makes me groan.

      It happens to the ordinary folk just as much, and good Christians who, one would think, would be protected from that sort of problem by their faith in God and Jesus. And some people who do nothing but think about ghosts and demons all day, never see or feel a thing – that doesn’t turn out to be their own imagination.

      Love & Peace

      • Yes Ama , I agree with you , my mean was ordinary and inexperience persons who think about paranormal existence ” deeply” and “scrupulosity” without have relevant power and knowledge or a trusty guidance . But some particular and experienced persons which also have capacity to meet demons and ghosts are able attract them and haunt them. such persons are exempted but it is better inexperience person know , haunting with demons and ghosts has its further problems and may they fall is some suffering in future

        • I agree, Manss… people do need to know that it is possible they might be haunted if they continue to obsess over ghosts and demons. You know my story about the man I met earlier this year who couldn’t wait to ‘meet a demon’ .. for the experience. I didn’t tell him he was an idiot to his face, I just explained, politely, all the nasty things that could happen to him, but he was still determined to try and have the experience. And he didn’t want anything helpful .. he wanted to be picked up and thrown across a room …. God help him!

          Love & Peace

  21. Hello, I have been reading these posts and I have some thoughts. Im 31 and in my family we have some of these ‘sensitive’ people that can pick up on these psychic visions, have hauntings follow them, etc. SOME, of these would be my mother, brother, grandmother, and a few aunts. My wife and I have none of this special power (for which I am glad of!) but I believe two of my young children do.
    All three houses my parents have owned in their lifetime have been haunted. MANY of these instances my wife and I have been witness to, with or without my mother being in the house. I believe there is a special type of energy that a certain few have within their bodies which makes them a ‘ghost’ magnet. Not so much about negativity though, because my mother and grandmother are extremely nice christian people!!
    We finally came to terms that the ghosts haven’t just been in the houses, they’re simply attracted to them as people and they have been their entire life. (Whether they’re actual ghosts or just strange things happening that their own energy is creating)
    In their own home their energy is still present, even if they have recently left, and these hauntings can still be taking place – which accounts for my personal experiences which happened when they were away. In my last home my wife and I lived there for 4 years without a single incident until my mother, grandmother and brother visited. My brother left, the others spent the night. Hauntings happened for a few weeks after that. It follows people with the ‘special’ energy, whatever that is. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it! Thanks!

    • Hi Jackson, :-)

      I agree with your thoughts. I am a ghost magnet, which is why house shields are wonderful for keeping them outdoors when I want a good night’s sleep. :-)

      Also, my daughter has the gift, but my son .. either doesn’t, or he ignores it. LOL

      Love & Peace

  22. hey anna im just wondering, ok so im 20 now but recently ive gone cold turkey off alcohol and drugs, ( i wasnt an addict just experimenting as a teen) i was pretty much put off by one night me and my friends had some hash cake and i had a really bad experience, i went up to my room to try calm my self down, put on some chill music, but as i was sitting there it felt like one of my ears popped and something went inside me, im not sure how to explain this, it was a really uncomfortable thing, ever since then i get really bad thoughts, like i dont suffer from depression, i have positive energy, i never get angry, its just these thoughts i get that just isnt right (i wont go into detail) and i only ever get them since that night, i see alot of things out the corner of my eyes too, mostly someone walking passed or something then i go to see whos there and nothing, i just want to know if that micheal invocation thing will work and how long for? and say if there is something in my aura will it get trapped in there if i use it? im not scared i just want to get whatever this is gone

    • Thanks for your comment but PLEASE notice that in the rules it says NO PROFANITY. I really dont like having to edit comments to remove profanity,

    • Hi KC,

      Yes, the Michael Invocation works and it ‘clears’ negative entities, which include ghosts, so they will not remain trapped in your aura. But its not designed to keep a person clear if they persist in doing the things they did before to draw the ghosts to them. Since I work in the ‘industry’, so that I am constantly helping people with spooky problems, I use it regularly to clear myself, and my home ..

      Ghosts are attracted to us because of our thoughts, negative feelings, fears and phobias. They love people who do drugs and abuse alcohol .. because drugs and alcohol weaken a person’s good health, and cut their auras into nets, rather than the protective shield it is supposed to be. I am very pleased to hear you have decided to quit both .. your body/mind/spirit connection will benefit, but like any healing, its going to take a little time for it all come back to normal. In the meantime, learn personal energy shields and use them – you’ll find them on this page.

      Do the egg shield, then the Michael Invocation, and then go and have a hot shower and wash not only yourself, but your energy clean as well (make a deliberate choice to do this, and then pretend to yourself it is happening, if you can’t feel it). And then keep working at taking good care of yourself.

      Love & Peace

  23. sorry mate there was only one word and i did use *** to block the letters out.

    • NO PROFANITY means zero words. It matters not if you block out letters.

  24. Well i was wondering the same thing for years now…Ever since i was young i could hear ghosts in this house i have had alot of experiences thoughout the years most recent ones arent pleasant at all….i like for someone to maybe leave a comment or tell me what to do..I didn’t want to come back in this house i was soo reliefed when i left for 11 years i had to come back no where else to go…well since i came back ive nothiced banging on my walls papers being moved around old music playing footsteps on 3rd floor hearing someone walking up the stairs or walking down…i dont leave my bedroom after 10 p.m. i dont go downstairs or on 3rd floor or in daughters bedroom or the 2nd floor apartment…about 2 months ago i was talking to my mom in the kitchen i saw someone it was gray/white just standing there, i got goosebumps …well 2 weeks ago i was on my laptop my bedroom door was open i had a bag of garbage sitting on a wall in the hall underneath the bag was a fork i heard the fork hit the brick and when i looked in the hall i saw the garbage roll 3 times and it stopped right where i can see it, i wanted to do something logical so i went into the hall and tried it i hit the bag but it didnt roll it just dropped to the floor ..the same night i had a plate with a fork and knife sitting on it i dont know what made me turn around i saw the fork moving kinda freaked out i went back on puter and i heard the fork make a ding on the plate….the same night i stood up in my bedroom and said if u want to talk or anything u can come to my bedroom and talk if u want i do get cold spots on my one side alot…something happened on dec12th at 4 in ghe morning i have heard men talking in the last 5 months ..but that monring on dec 12th i set my phone wrong time instead of 4 p.m. i set it at 4a.m. i was up already their was so much activity i couldnt sleep all night i turned my cell off and i heard i voice it didnt sound good i heard it as clear as day thou it said Kimberly get out ,get out then i heard a slight low female voice. my tv goes on sometimes and when i shut the light out after 10 mins. it comes back on, when my daughter was 10 we both saw my mom’s bed off the floor a few inches and saw a picture fly to one side of the wall to the other…..but this isnt the only place i felt spirtis other house that i lived in .in another part of pa my last job ..also in my room when i lean back on my stool it feels like the back of my head hits a spider web ive been touched on the back of my head ….i cant even sleep much anymore i sit and rock my self to sleep i never been this frightened b4 …i have talked to a paranormal investigator he is booked he is coming after the holidays i need him to either disprove this or prove it…i have talked to him on phone he said that i have a gift since i can feel the presence of the spirit…i wanna know y is he coming to me and no one else and the investigator told me i should of NEVER INVITED HIM IN MY SPACE how do i fix this…thank you Kim

  25. Hi Kim,

    I’ll give you the same advice I give my 25 year old daughter when she’s in a panic .. STOP and take a really deep breathe. Now do it again. And a third time. There’s a good reason for this. When ghosts are around our energy speeds up and we suffer from feelings of anxiety and helplessness, but its not true. It’s only an emotional reaction to their presence, caused by our own bodies. The deep breath, the EXHALE pushes some of that built up energy our of our system and SLOWS US down. Yes, you have a ghost. In this case you have two choices .. and one of them is not a parnormal investigator, unless he works with someone who can cross ghosts over .. you already KNOW you are haunted, its very obvious with all the activity .. so let’s see what we can do to change the situation.

    Back to the choices .. the first is to get in contact with the minister of your local church, if you go to one, and get him, or her, to come and bless and cleanse your house. I find this works in most cases, and definitely when its only small-minded ghosts. The other choice is The Michael Invocation .. it removes all sorts of problem entities from ourselves and our environment.

    // Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what is being requested, then say it out loud and really mean it. Do it again after changing the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (don’t use the word house, it has a slightly different meaning). And if that doesn’t settle things, write to me privately via my webpages, which you can find listed here on this page under Friends (Victorian Paranormal) and we’ll sort something out from here.

    In the meantime, go and find out who I am via that same link.

    You might also consider learning energy shields for y ourself. They’ll help you cope with the emotional drag a haunting has on a person, and help you stop feeding the ghost. also my webpages .. ask any questions you want to.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • I have a question people who can sense spirits would this be a gift from GOD or the sister is very much a born again she told me this is demons work in my home i have not been hurt i told her i think they just wanted me to know they are here also she keeps telling me im going to hell cause i believe in the spirtual realm main question is ..Is this a gift from god or satan?

      • Hello Anonymous, do you have a name? I like to address people by their names.

        My name is Ama and I was born with the gift to see ghosts, spirits, angels, demons and elementals. Is God punishing me with the gift? As a child I wondered what I had done wrong, given that it scared the hell out of me when something unseen made its presence ‘felt’, and I was trying to be a true believer in what the Bible taught back then. At 17 I had my first vision, of Jesus, and we had a long talk and I found out that he and God love me so very much, and all of us .. ALL of us, no matter who we are, what we do and what religion we believe in. That was a startling revelation for someone brought up to believe that God only loved Christians. Oh dear, I had so many questions, but I couldn’t find a minister who would sit and answer them. Oh, I could get a light and fluffy answer, or a ‘read verse/chapter’ answers based on the Bible, but when it came to me saying “I saw Jesus” .. let’s just say I’ve been prayed over quite a number of times, and even ‘exorcised’ once, without my permission.

        Going by my own experiences, so many I can’t count, my gifts are from God. God loves me. He loves you too. He would never do anything to harm any of us.

        As for believing in the spiritual realm .. I am not sure exactly what you mean, but Christians also believe in spirits. Saul went to the Witch of Endor and asked for Samuel to be raised. If he had not believed it was possible, why would he do that? And the New Testament speaks of the spirits of saints walking among the people after Jesus was resurrected. Ancient saints. Unless they were bodily resurrected, they were spirits. I know that some Christians think all ghosts are demons, but they aren’t. Demons are whole lot nastier.

        What I do with people who say or write that sort of comment to me is to thank them for their love and concern, and tell them I’ll work it out with God myself. “It’s between me and God”. It’s a good Christian answer, because that is what they want us to do.

        Do you live with ghosts?

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  26. Hello, no need to reply to this. Just thanking you for your time and your website. And thank you for replying to my previous comment! Have a great Christmas.

  27. You are welcome. I love a person with good manners. :-)

    Happy Holiday and wishing you a lovely new year.

    Love & Peace

  28. Ama,
    Not griping about you theory, but in magnetism, like actually repels like while opposites attract. This has been the case for me since the tragic accident in 1995 that left me with this ability of ‘spirit magnetism.’ I was almost killed by the spirit after my recovery. I was still weak in mind and sould, phsyically too. It saw the oppurtunity and took it – and me. It was exorcised but came back many years later – once I began using my Faith in God in earnest to help people again. He is back, and very displeased. However, he is only an inconvience, as I now only have to pick up the mess he leaved behind every 3rd day. I pay it no mind, and it matters not to me. I have never been hurt again by it, due to my strong, undeniable faith in my Protector. The trick is to never waiver. But, to all those who seek spirits out for curiosity… DON’T! I had challenged hell itself by saying nothing can touch me, no matter how hard they tried…. I was going to get better. “The devil can rot” and all that dangerous stuff. I got what I challenged for and it almost killed me. Never invite any spirit into your life, you might not like what you asked for.

    • Hi Keith,

      When it comes to metals you are right .. when it comes to emotions negative people are drawn to negative people .. just look at comspiracy theorists .. they love to keep each other company.

      The rest of what you wrote I agree with. Luckily not everyone who challenges the devil ends up struggling the way you did. You must be a very strong man.

      Love & Peace

      • Thank you for the reply. Oh…Happy New Year :)

        I’d like to say that the reply you gave Kim was so spot-on. She’s got serious negative spirits happening there and the invocation is crucial! We moved up here near Indy in June of ’11. The apparition in our last house (same spirit/demon) scared my new wife tremendously. It materialized while were making love, purposely I am sure. I contacted an old minister who’s done an excorsism or two in his time, not a lot, but a few. They were successful, even with me (Like I mentioned, spirit is no longer in me, just around me). Kim has to take her house back, most definitely! The incantation really needs to be read, Meant and Believed whole-heartedly in her very soul and forceful. Trust in the Lord to back you. It works. I had to use it to protect my family. They all had experienced frightening things for the first time in their lives. It has left them all alone since. I did Not want it “in” them. Ever. It worked. My teenager goes to church every Sunday with us now, and has totally strenghtened her soul. Demons were – supposedly – allowed to taunt, tempt, deprive you of positive lives and are only allowed to hurt you, not kill you, though I think what I experienced was unusually strong, and I was relatively weak and vulnerable in Spirit at the time. I do know they drive some to suicide. This ghost wants you scared, to abandon your will, make you weak as well and drive you out. I don’t know much about ghosts, but have become learned and am still becoming educated in demonology. Doubt Kim’s is demon, do you, Ama? Ghost, for sure though!

        Ama, I want to add this: You are doing a GREAT thing here, and should not have denied the fact you presented. Indeed misery loves company. :) A lot of sites are full of incorrect info written by “armchair” ghost-hunters/wannabe mediums…but not all, obviously! :) I’ve since read a lot of your other topics, and people need to Listen To You! I’ve only dealt with one spirit, you with Many. Thank you for you compliment. I’m humbled by it. Keep up your work here, as I so many are being helped. Would Love to know the results of those posters here that did as you suggested. God bless them, and of course…You, Ama.

        • Hi Anonymous, are you Keith?

          First, thank you for the compliment. I get a lot of behind-the-scenes follow up comments, which is nice. It’s good to know people are benefiting from the help we can give.

          Demons are ‘infrequent’ problems, and not everything that haunts is a demon, though the Christians empower ghosts with that label. In a lot of cases they frighten themselves with their belief that it is a demon, rather than simply some poor lost soul who is looking to them for hope, and help, because they were Christian too, when they were alive. That’s a frustration for me. And not every psychological problem is an embedded ‘demon’ or ghost, most of it is just people beliefs, fears and ways of dealing with the world personified (turned into an entity) – which they let go of during ‘deliveance ministries’ and it looks very spectacular, and we are grateful they feel healed, but .. if it were true demons it would not be that simple.

          Your belief in what demons can do, I think, appears to be from Job. I commented on that subject on another question site this morning. It is one of my ‘rant’ subjects. Demons will take advantage of any opportunity, any mistake and any hesitation on our part, if we allow them to. God gave us free will, but sometimes, foolishly, and unknowingly, we choose to give it away. Those who do that deliberately can be much harder to help, because some part of their will is already inhabited, and truthfully, not all demons seek to inhabit, but simply to overshadow or ‘influence’ people. As I said somewhere before, the dark’s work is subtle and step by step. And it doesn’t matter whether you are Christian or not, if they can hurt you they will.

          Demons 101? LOL

          Love & Peace

          • Just read your other post. Commented. It could very well be that it was a bad ghost that got me… always thought most ghosts were rather benign in nature and demons were destructive… but the ghost in our last house, and the same one that followed me here does indeed make a mess of things! lol Pesky… if it can throw, then it can clobber me too, I suppose! lol Point taken, very logically so!

          • Simple and logical, for me, are God’s ways of doing things. Complications begin when people try to add their interpretation to the mix. We all complicate things. The angels taught me to take everything back to its base simplicity and move back out from there. So far its working just fine. God loves us. That is our greatest freedom.

            Love & Peace

        • ..This is Kim The problem i have is this spirit is doing things in this room with me in it..when im on the computer i see shadows behind me ..can someone tell me why is it doing things while im present i have been trying to block it out…i did go see a priest but this is my moms house she doesnt want any priest to come in this house if anything i would have to have a priest come in at night all i know when i graduate school in july i already told my mom im out of here i told her i do not plan on staying in this house until she dies i cant im not getting sleep ireally dont know how many are here but the one that comes to my bedroom is the one im afraid of the most ..i mean i feel them all the time last night i saw that shadow on the wall…and a bright white light line (thats the only way i can describe this ) i layed in bed i called on archangel Michael to protect me from this i layed on my side felt something strange on my back then i just went to sleep…i know its not demon ive been in this house for 14 months i have not been bitten scratched hurt pushed nothing..i dont hear much banging footsteps its just this spirit in my bedroom that i cant deal with anyway i also was told that this spirit doesnt care about GOD i told this person then it is demon they said no its just this particular spirit doesnt care bout god…they told me he doesnt hate GOD he just doesnt care bout him…can i have your thoughts on that i thought someone who didnt care about god hated GOD also..i guess that is 2 different things…thank you kim

          • Hi Kim,

            The nice part is, it doesn’t matter if the ghost doesn’t care about God because God cares about everyone, that’s why he gave us angels.

            I know you call on the Michael but have you said the Invocation I gave you the link to? In its entirety.

            Not caring about God could simply mean that the ghost doesn’t have an opinion or any particular feelings for God or against God. It doesn’t automatically mean the ghost ‘hates’ god. Many living people dont’ have an opinion on the subject either, and they can still be incredibly loving and kind. A ghost is a person who lost their way between dying and going Home. They seek out living people to remind them of who they once were, and can be attracted to people for lots of reasons .. which is fine when you are alive .. but when you are dead, its not good for the living.

            Why is it doing things while you are present .. remember, a ghost is a person too, only without a body – it might consider that you are in ‘its’ space and might be wondering why you are doing things to bother it, if it doesn’t have a sense of awareness of where it is? It might be trying to get your attention, and your fear, because it can feed on the energy of both. Or it simply might be lonely and interested in what you are doing.

            In any case its time the ghost was crossed over into healing, to give you, and it, some peace. The Invocation will do that, since the church is out. You can say it. It IS in your space.

            Love & Peace

  29. excuse my typos please. Its been a long and tiring day, but a great one for sure :)

  30. Ama i would like to Thank You breathing helped a great deal but i would like to say i don’t think all the spirits here are Negative their is one particular spirit that comes to my room that im afraid of him i dont think he is a demon but i do believe he is a negative one, in my heart i dont think this spirit was bad in life i know a lot of people who are living and have negative feelings.. he doesnt come to me all the time it seems on saturday nights he comes .its been pretty quiet just a few bangs i guess to let me know they are here i dont jump anymore and dont have a heart attack and i try to keep positive and have positive feelings ..this might sound strange but when i do listen to christian music this particular negative spirit tends to get louder ….alot of people told me the cold spots might be drafts i know what drafts feel like this is no way a draft when the whole right side of my body is ice cold and my left side of body is room temperature. And i know that this negative spirit wants me out i knew that when i heard him say to me Kimberly get out get out and i knew when i moved in here 14 months ago. I did take back my house i was afraid to move around in my own home if i have to go to bathroom now i go if im hungry i go downstairs i already told him in a nice firm way im not leaving this house i also told him that im not afraid of u anymore ,,plus i know this isnt a draft these cold spots come like every hour on the clock…i just want u to know im at ease i do those breathing techniques and i do call on Archangel Michael had a weird experience when i called on Him Saturday night i called on him to protective me in my home from this entity i felt a touch on my back and i rolled over and fell asleep..but i think i know who this negative spirit is i was afraid of this person living and now in death :( he is a family member this is the same way i felt when he was living i had to tip toe around the house when he was living also…Oh i wanted to let u also know i have talked to alot of people they did tell me this is a gift but if i cant help these lost souls move on what good is this gift, i just found out my daughter senses spirits also i already told her DO not interact with them they will bond to u . she has been experienceing this for 2 years she finally told me cause what im going through sorry if i rambling on just want to know i like this site other sites i dont think they know what they are talking bout ive been on sites that they say u can invite in your space others say really new to all of this last thought when this negative spirit does come to me i do talk to it like it was once human (well i know he is human in away) someone also told me not to think about them or they wont come is this true??? Can u answer another question How do these ghosts sense that i can sense them im confused how do they know this? Thank You So Much .

    • Hi Kim,

      Commenting on your post:

      Not all ghosts are truly nasty, but all of them are lost souls and need to find peace and healing.

      I’m glad the breathing technique is helping, but its a temporary thing, not a fix of a difficult situation.

      If you haven’t said the Invocation yet, do it now. Any spirits visiting won’t be moved on, but anything that might do you, or anyone else, harm will be sent to a quiet place to find what they need to separate them from their hunger for human energy.

      Yes, there is a real difference between a cold spot and a draft, no matter how cold it feels. The sensations of each are unique.

      Thinking about ghosts doesn’t make them visit, ghosts are around us all the time, we are just not usually aware of them. If thinking was a problem a whole lot of other people would be haunted. Obsessing over ghosts, as many people do, and chasing them about, will lead to a person being haunted, simply because they do not know how to clear their energy of accumulated negativity picked up in haunted locations. A little commonsense and that problem is also fixable.

      How do ghosts know when a person is a medium. Personally I think we have a little flashing light over our heads going ‘quick meal here’ or ‘help here’ or ‘run, she can cross you over’. LOL Yes, I have cleared buildings just by walking into them. I didn’t do a thing, the ghosts beat a hasty retreat. I am not kind, in that case, I sent angels after them. If they feel the need to run, they ‘need’ to be in heaven. LOL

      Oh, the adventures I have had. LOL

      I hope this helps,
      Love & Peace

  31. Hi Kim,
    Never let them feed on your fears, which it sounds like there may be a few. Even the one you don’t mind needs to go to its home :) The invocation is a great place to start…and hopefully, finish.


  32. I’ve been a sensitive to dead people since i was young. But after my mother passed, i became too weak, and an evil entity attached itself to me. I knew something was wrong, because i kept telling my girlfriend that i felt like a tall slim man was hovering over me when i was in bed. I would wake up in the middle of the night, feeling him over me. THen one night, something woke me up at 3:30 AM and he was in the hallway. I freaked out, left the house and stayed at a hotel for 2 weeks until the house and myself could be blessed. Thats when i found out the previous tenants had a satanic altar in the dining room. So, our conclusion was , they opened a porthole for demons to come in. It was so horrific. I had thoughts of killing people. It was an overwhelming feeling that i can’t describe. I’m not an evil or angry person, and all i felt was hate. I went to a religous store to buy a St. Michael necklace and candle, and was profusely sweating in the store to the point i thought i was going to pass out. And it was 5 below outside. My girlfriends father is ordained, and him and his wife came over and blessed the house and put salt in the 4 corners of the house, and burned sage. I had to walk around the house saying a prayer. And all of a sudden after 2 weeks, it felt as if the house just became light. See, when this was going on, the house always felt dark, no matter how many windows and blinds we would open. Then, when i finally got rid of the demon, it became so light in the house. But we decided to move. And our last night there, he attacked both of us, and left bruises on my girlfriend. Since then, i’ve experienced about 4 ghosts. Only one seemed evil. Thats a whole other story. Quite interesting actually. But while communicating, you won’t ever hear words, its almost like telepathy. When my mother passed, i heard her talking to me, telepathically. SHe was telling me where she had hid things in her house. And my siblings know i don’t embellish things, so we went to the spot that i felt her telling me, and low and behold, there were the things that we were looking for. It can sometimes be a gift, and sometimes a curse. You gotta take the good with the bad.

    • Thank you for sharing. It’s a pity your name is Anonymous.

      Love & Peace

  33. Hi my name is Sam. I have always had spritual surroundings around me. And psychics came to my house and explained similar stories, so I know there are spirits in my house. My friend, who is psychic, has recently told me that I’m a beacon for them, and there are demons involved. I’m not sure what to do, can you give me advice?

    • Hi Sam,

      How old are you and who is your friend, and how old are they, and what are they trained in, so that they can recognise the difference between a ghost and a demon? Yes, some of us are beacons, because we can help lost souls (ghosts) cross into heaven, but that has nothing to do with demons. If you will answer my questions first, then we can sort out the rest.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

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