Astral Projection Possible During the Day?

My question is about astral projection. I know that we do it in our sleep, but I was wondering if it was possible to do it during the day, and if yes, how. Thank you so much!

Asked by LunaTerra

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  1. Hi LunaTerra

    A good question.

    Those who are well practised in the art of meditation can astrally project at will. But you have to be working at a much higher consciousness, in order to achieve this altered state.

    So, to answer you question; yes you can, during meditation.

    Do you meditate at all? I do, but only to ‘rebalance’ myself (heal myself) and I usually usually only meditate whilst holding my Native American prayer stick. (Rainbow Warrior medicine). I’ve never tried to astrally project whilst meditation – do it enough whilst I’m asleep. Besides, the thought of astrally projecting consiously and at will frightens me a little, if I’m honest. I’m a coward at heart – LOL!


  2. A.J.
    I astral projected alot as a kid; I remember the feeling and what I did. Once, I was flying over my street! The feeling, when your Soul temporarily leaves your body is akin to that feeling you get when you are going down hill really fast on a roller coaster. That kind of temporary weightlessness. I remember all this but over time, have no longer been able to do it. I used to tell everyone that I could fly.(You can imagine how well that went over! LOL!) I kind of figured that meditation was the key, but wasn’t sure if there was anything else I should be doing. Thanks!!

  3. Hi Luna,

    The more stressed a person is the less they are able to leave their bodies .. unless they bounce themselves out through fear. The meditation helps a person to let go of excess emotions, so focus on that .. finding peace and healing .. and then .. when you are ready .. you can go flying again.

    Remember to dust your wings first …. LOL

    Love & Peace

  4. Of course you can. But usually humans are more relax at night than at the day-time. So, it’s easier to do it at night than at the day.

  5. Luna, I’m assuming that you’re a Satanist. If you try to clarify that you aren’t, but that you’re a witch, it’s all the same. Anyway, Astal Projection does not occur in our sleep. It is a method that Satanists use while meditating to left their spirits outside of their bodies. Satanists literally roam the spirit world with a demonic connection. So far as I know, they do it while meditating so, yes you can do it during the daytime.

    My advice: don’t do it and get out of witchcraft.

    • Wow. That’s a pretty bold statement to make. You believe that meditation is Satanic? What exactly is Satanic about it? A little clarification would be nice.

      • I knew there was a reason I liked you, Diana!!! LOL!! ;) But I have been advised to send this individual love and light and so, that is what I am sending her. But thank you for that!! :) I suppose that is a presumption being made about many people.

        • I just get so irritated when people label everything they don’t understand “Satanic”. I mean, it’s not hard to educate yourself on a topic before making such a hateful statement towards someone you don’t even know pertaining to a subject you obviously have zero knowledge of.

          If what this Texture person says is true, I imagine there are millions of us out here in the big bad world who practice Satanism without even being aware of it. I suppose I should invite you over for Black Mass, Luna. We might as well go all out, eh? ;)

          • Or I will invite you to Circle; I will call the corners!!! LOL!!!

  6. Hi Texture

    Please can you explain how you know this? Or where you read this?


  7. I second that, AJ.

    BTW, Luna is not a satanist, Texture .. and I have no idea where you got that idea from.

    Love & Peace

  8. Hey y’all I must agree with texture. Even though Luna my not be “Satanic”, it falls under spiritism. A practice that involves demons. You leave yourself open to them harming you. A practice that is condemned by God (Galatians 5: 19-21). Therefore, something that derives from Satan and his influences. Any Bible reads should know that.

    • Hi Social_D

      Can you explain this in more detail please? The way I understand it, even those who follow Christ are spiritual.


      • The topic is astral projection. What is astral projection? How it was explain to me on this site by a Mr. Joel is:
        1. Basically it is the spiritual realm. It has a few differences.
        1. If spirits learn their lesson they may leave hell.
        2. There are different levels of heaven, the lower the level the more physical it appears.

        Okay, now are those spirits ghost (those that were living, now dead)? Well in Ecclesiastes 9:5 says �the dead are conscience of nothing.� Psalms adds when man dies, �his thoughts do perish.� Ok so when humans die, nothing of us continues. It�s as clear as glass that has been Windex. So the other explanation would be either Angels or demons. My point in all this is how a certain practice of mediation (which how you explained it as a way to astral project) in which you communicate with spirits is link with Spiritism. Wikipedia explains �The fundamental principles of Spiritism, enunciated by Allan Kardec in his seminal work The Spirits Book, are: (i) A belief in the existence of spirits – non-physical beings that live in the invisible or spirit world – and (ii) the possibility of communication between these spirits and living people through mediumship. This is why I referred to Galatians 5:19-21. God condemns �practice of spiritiam� and will not inherit God�s kingdom.
        What does it mean to be a spiritual person? God sent out requirements as to being a spiritual man. It speaks of a person�s conduct. (1 Corinthians 11:1) Christ is the best example of a spiritual person. As becoming a human, left us a model to follow. Jesus always referred to the bible (Matthew 4:4- �for it is written.�) (Matthew 5:3) Recognizing the importants of spiritual food from the bible. What is spiritual food? Its continue study of the bible, to understand the deep things of God, and his purpose. To meditate (thinking contemplate how this information applies to me. Not inquiring of spirit-beings to tell us its meaning) upon the things we read or learned. In the Old Testament, Angels did visit man. That�s how it was done. Not now. Not since Jesus walked the earth to be the example. We have God�s holy word, the bible. Another example of a spiritual person that Jesus left was he always gave glory to God. Mathew 6:9-10, �Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified.� He didn�t refer to Angels, or look to them for answers, or he didn�t take credit for any miracles that was performed. Always redirected everything to the glory of God.
        I hoped I cleared up some stuff and didn�t ramble on about nothing.

        • Hi Social_D, :-)

          as a good Christian, you shouldn’t be reading that sort of book. :-) Might put ideas in your head. And Galatians 5:19 mentions sorcery .. but not spiritism .. among its list of nasty things not to do. Trouble is, what is ‘clear’ to one person, is often not clear to someone else, unless they totally share your (or my) belief system.

          But from my point of view, you are great fun to talk with. :-)

          I totally agree about leaving the glory to God. So do the angels, because they say that every time I thank you. “Not us Ama, thank Our Father (Abba).”

          Love & Peace

          • Oh I haven�t read any of those books. I just googled the topic. I don�t mess with that kind of stuff. The International Version reads Galatians like these: “19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

            Witchcraft is �manipulating aspects of reality either by supernatural means or through knowledge of occult laws unknown to science.� I googled that. That�s spiritism. If you look at the prophets and apostles that had special gifts. What was the purpose? The overall purpose of expanding on the knowledge and hope of the messianic kingdom of God. Not to contact the dead. Not to spend time with your dead family members. Not to use the power for profit. Those people are under demon influences whether they know it or not. After the death of the apostles there was no purpose for anyone to have that power from God. We have the Bible to get our answers.

            See it�s not my viewpoint, or your viewpoint. Its Gods viewpoint. How does he feel about it? What does the bible say? There are certain topics in the bible we need to dig deep down. The basic bible teaching are plain as day.

          • Hi Social_D,

            Did you actually google spiritism .. here’s the definition:

            1. The belief that the dead communicate with the living; spiritualism.
            2. The practices or doctrines of those holding such a belief.

            This is not manipulating energy of any kind, and certainly not witchcraft .. just ask any good witch – and I am not one. But I do agree that people should not call up the dead. I certainly don’t. I never ask them to tell me the future, spirits should have more sense, and lost souls have no idea. But anyway ..

            How do you explain modern day prophets in various churches .. and there are many who have this accepted ‘spiritual gift”? Outside the churches its known as clairvoyance. It’s the same gift.

            And please, don’t assume all of us are villains, or hounded by demons, just because we don’t believe what you believe. You don’t believe it now, but one of these days it might be someone like me who helps you, after the church doesn’t know what to do, or refuses to act. I know you will deny it, but I have the example of many “good Christians” who wanted to ‘come in the back door’ at my healing centre, looking for the help they couldn’t find among their own churches .. instead they accused them of associating with the devil when they are haunted, or worse, had a demon harassing them. And I can think of a number of very religious people who suffered this .. ordinary people who go to church, and truly believe in the teachings, and others like Padre Pio, and any number of Catholic Saints, who looked to God for help, and only found the Book of Job. They had profound courage and faith and suffered, and suffered. Where was God then?

            BTW, the bible’s teachings aren’t ‘as plain as day’ .. Jesus spoke in parables. Let’s talk about ‘a camel passing through the eye of a needle’. That is physically impossible, so its a spiritual message open to any reader’s interpretation .. because none of us can speak ‘for’ God, because we only understand God’s will through our own belief systems.

            Wishing you a lovely weekend,
            Love & Peace

        • Hi Social_D

          Yep! You explained yourself well. Thanks. That was great.

          One thought though ………….. well, more of a question really …

          You state that although angels used to come to the Jews in the Old Testament, angels have not come to the prophets since Jesus walked this earth. However, according to the Qur’an it was Gabriel who came to Muhammad in 610AD where Muhammad received his first revelation from God.

          I accept that Islam has a different religious concept (as is Judism), from Christianity. However, because Muhammad’s first wife was a Christian, and it is generally believed that Muhammad’s original religion was Judaism, we are still talking about the same God. This is why the Qur’an includes both the Old Testament and New Testament teachings, in addition to Muhammads teachings.

          So my question is – Is it possible that God might still send his messengers to the prophets, even today, if He deemed it necessary to do so? After all, the Lord does work in mysterious ways and had been known to pick the most unlikely of candidates to do His bidding in the OT.


          • AJ!
            That is one excellent point to ponder!!! None of us could really know for sure, but I do believe that God can and does still try to communicate with us even today. I made a point on another thread, that, How do we know that modern day psychics are not prophets, temselves? Prophets have done some of the exact same thing as most psychics do today, they are just called by a different name. Granted,there are some phony ballonies out there, but I also believe there are those out there who are the genuine article and are acting on behalf of God himself. The point here, is that we may never trully know, and it is also possible for us to dismiss someone who is trully trying to give us God’s message.

          • Why did God send his messenger�s to prophets or others? Few reasons. To execute his judgment (ex. Exodus 12:29) Or, Inform or warn worshippers of God of impending danger (Genesis 19:15-16). Also the help and expanding the world wide preaching work, of teaching other to understand Gods kingdom and the hope that it brings for the future (Matthew 24:14).
            Okay stay with me now, it will come together with your question. Need to set a foundation. Well the first two of three reasons can be dismissed. Why? The Bible. It warns us. What warning is left? 2 Peter 3:5-7. Destruction of this wicked system of things and ungodly men. There�s the warning of what�s going to happen. When? Matthew 24: 3-14, 2 Timothy 3: 1-5. No need of Angels to contact us. The third point was aiding in the preaching work mentioned in Matthew 24:14. Before you say, �There you go, proof Angels contact mankind. You said it yourself.� Not the case. Think of it as chess. You calculate your move to get a successful outcome. Same with Angels. Take the Example of how God sets up these government or official leaders in their relative positions as stated in Romans 13:1. Does he informally let them know what he wants? No. He sets things up so it fall a certain way. In that way, Angels arrange things to play out in favor of God will. Angels did at one time appear or communicate and God mouthpiece, not in our day. Really that�s the reason why Angels would appear to man, right?
            Time to bring it home. Is it possible that God might still send his messengers to the prophets, even today? Past experience and direction from the bible tells us there�s no need to now. We are in there last days. What�s left to reveal? It�s just a waiting game to see how it all unfolds.

          • Hello again Social_D

            No offence intended but – the passages you quote in the bible are in the middle of what you are trying to explain, and folks, if they google them (which only gives what it is asked to), will think they are pretty much off-topic. If I gave them to my theology teachers they would ask me to re-do them. But that being said, I do love dipping into the Bible to follow your comments. :-)

            I don’t think it was God that put our Australian politicians into place, not unless He loves watching children snarl and rant at each other. The Prime Minister doesn’t even believe in Him. Sounds more like the work of the opposite side to me. Unless, of course, God wants the whole of society to follow their leadership and become like them .. and yet, I think He actually wants us to follow Jesus?

            Angels appear to people today to remind them of the same things they did in the old testament times .. the love of God, and His will for the people. There are far more angels than demons, thank heavens. And demons do not come with that wave of LOVE that you CANNOT mistake for anything else, but God’s love. The demons are incapable of fabricating that. But whatever …

            Forgive me, but where in the bible does it say that God is NOT sending His angels to talk to us anymore? Given that’s its the ‘word’ of God .. I would think such an important message would be clearly written. So please, state your sources, because I am interested to know.

            Thank you, and have a lovely weekend,
            Love & Peace

          • Hi Social D

            Yet another well constructed response from you.

            However, I am a bit confused by your comment

            “We are in there last days.”

            What makes you think it is all coming to an end?

            Revelation 16:8 talks of a dying star.

            Such stars grow much bigger towards the end of their lives. Astonomers estimate our sun is due to die several billion years from now. When the Sun evolves into a giant star, the Earth’s temperature will rise to several hundred degrees – he oceans will evaporate, and the water vapour will escape the Earth’s atmosphere because of the high temperature.

            So, I think we’ve got a little more time yet, to learn. So why wouldn’t God continue to send down his messengers to teach us??


          • According to the Bible the people in Jesus’ day were living in the “last days” How long is the “last of days”? It could be hundreds of years or even thousands.

          • Good point CT! How long indeed?

            I suppose, looking at it a different way, at the time Jesus came to this earth, the Jews (pharasee’s at least) had lost their way. As a consequence, Jesus sought to re-educate the followers of Judism to a better way. That might be construde as being the ‘last days’ in the wilderness for those who genuinely wanted to seek out God’s light, amongst the darkness??

            Just a random thought, but you never know …..


  9. WOW!! @Ama, THANK YOU!!! @ Texture, You judge and jump to assumptions way too easily; I hope, for your sake people are not making presumptions about you! And I am neither, by the way, so you don’t know as much as you think you do! I think you feel safe enough, hiding behind a computer monitor and a keyboard to attack with without much knowledge or information. And again, you ASSUMED!! Which makes an ASS out of U and ME! Get it?! You can not go assuming anything about anyone. I don’t practice astral projection; I did it freely without understanding as to why at age 5! AGE 5!!!!!!! How was a five year old girl practicing Satanism, being raised in a Catholic household?!! You see, you presumed too much. You might want to put some thought into your comments before you make them. I am neither a Satanist nor a Witch, even though I have some good friends who are Witches. I do not subscribe to a particular denomination; the only thing I can classify myself as is a Spiritualist. I believe in God/ Higher Power. I trust the light inside me that is directly connected to God, and from Him I seek my answers.

    • Hi Luna Terra

      Please don’t let Textures word’s upset you. If you read Texture’s story of how he(?) grew up it suddenly becomes perfectly clear why the poor soul has turned out as paranoid about everything as he(?) has. Just send Texture love and light. That is what he(?) needs. (Sorry, don’t know Texture’s gender)



      • Interesting ‘find’, AJ, I think Texture is a lady, from what she wrote in her story – about the little girl. :-)

        Love & Peace

      • Thanks, AJ,
        Good advice! Will do! ( i appologize; I don’t have much patience for those who assume things about me before getting to know or understand me. I am sure others, would expect me to do the same!) I will send Texture love and light, and hope that he/she finds deliverance from the demonic.

  10. Ama,
    1) I don�t take offence. I don�t even understand your comment �the passages you quote in the bible are in the middle of what you are trying to explain.� I thought I explain the points of the questions asked, somewhat okay. Anyways, that�s pretty sad trying to discredit my comments as �Googled� I needed a reliable source because people�s opinions of the paranormal, spiritism, and witchcraft isn�t reliable here. Everybody correcting everybody. If I did practice them, I could explain from my own experiences. I don�t. That�s why you made a comment to your theology teacher, Right. Okay when you �dip� into your bible, make sure you discern what�s being read.

    2) Romans 13: 1 say �Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2) Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. (NIV)� If you examined the last part of verse 1, what�s does it say? �The authorities that exist have been established by God. � That�s not to say he appointed George W. Bush as president because he agreed with his politics. It�s that these governments establish laws and protection for us. Like churches, it�s filled with imperfect people whose tendencies sometimes aren�t in harmony with God will. Same as these Politicians and elected officials. They are driven by greed, power, etc. The Union Nations goal is what? Peace, I doubt they will ever accomplish it. Still it�s in place for the people�s benefit.

    3) If your statement of Angels is true, what�s the point of the Bible? Doesn�t the bible express the love of God and His will for people all over? In the Old testament we establish that Angels did the will of God, informing the Isrealities and faithful men of old. What would be the purpose for Angels to contact us on our time. We have the bible. All those who claim to be prophets or people that claimed an Angel visited them. What does Matthew 24:11 say? It talks about false prophets MISLEADING many. Same with demons. The account of Saul, (1 Samuel 28:3-19) we learn demons can deceive people. Demons are power creatures. 2 Corinthians 11:14 says �Satan transformers himself into an Angel of light.� Demons can imitate �that wave of LOVE� that you brought out in your comment.

    4) No there is no scriptures that says, �Angels have stopped appearing to people I our modern times. � Look, if an angel visited anyone�.. What�s the purpose. If anyone says I do come into contact with Angels. What do they say, talk about? (Galatians 1:8) Explain this: Why aren�t there accounts of; Speak in tongues, ( any language that that�s not dead. That would further aid in the ministry and teaching others of Jesus Christ)? That�s was the purpose of all those filled with Holy Spirit and had that ability back in Pentecost 33 C.E. Can heal disabled people? Can accurately prophesy? Can resurrect the dead? What happen to all those Miracles? All of that ended in the first century with the talking with Angels.

    • Hi Social_D,

      Please go back and read what I said .. or better yet .. I’ll copy it here :

      “and folks, if THEY google them (which only gives what it is asked to), will think they are pretty much off-topic.”

      I didn’t say you googled your comments, I said other people, who don’t own bibles, will, or they probably won’t.

      No, the statement about putting in an assignment with mismatched quotes to my theology teachers at the university, was to say that I was taught to be very specific in which verses I quoted, and from where, in the Bible.

      Don’t you “dip” into your bible? I open mine every day and read all the different people writing there. And when you are having a discussion with someone who is quoting different references, you have to DIP. You read the quoted verse, you then read the page before it and the page after it, and more if necessary, to keep it all in context.

      Skipping to point 3) You believe the Bible is the pure source of God’s will on earth, I know it isn’t, it definitely isn’t pure. That’s the difference in our belief systems, or one of the differences. The angels continue to teach people about God, to be the messengers (etc) that they are, because the Bible, like the ‘church’ has been corrupted by ‘men’. And no, as I said, demons cannot imitate the LOVE of God, which is what the angels represent.

      4) Angels come to heal, and comfort, to teach, to protect us .. and there are multitudes of stories about this on the internet .. if you don’t read them with blinkers on that say millions of people are liars, deluded or insane. Demons don’t do this sort of thing. I would have to ask the same sort of question you are .. what would be the point of a ‘one off’ rescue of a person in a burning car (who escapes with no injuries, although trapped beneath something .. in some profound way that is obviously not humanly possible) for a demon pretending to be an angel? They hate, they do not love etc. That person might turn to God in gratitude for the angelic rescue .. exactly what the demons do not want.

      And people speak in tongues in modern languages too .. because other people can translate for them. But I am not a great believer in that particular subject, I just know it happens. It depends on what church you belong to, as to whether you believe the messages.

      The angels lead us back to God. It is the humans that misinterpret what they are saying .. we hear them through our own belief systems, just as the people in biblical times did. And then those people write copious amounts of .. nonsense .. on the internet .. is that the modern bible?? Dear God. I groan. Don’t get me talking about propaganda.

      And disabled people are healed. The deaf can hear and the blind can see. Just watch some of those evangelical tv programs .. and I know of a number of people here in Oz .. that I’ve met .. who were healed of cancer and other illnesses by the laying on of hands in church.

      But ressurecting the dead … some things should truly be left to Christ. And the story of Lazarus is probably a fable. John is supposed to have been written around 90 years after Jesus died, and stories do change over time.

      Love & Peace

      • Ama,
        I can only imagine how many times we could go back and forth on this subject from our beliefs, & religion. As strong as you are in your faith and what you believe. I am the same in mine. We can just agree to disagree.

        See ya in the Blogs

  11. AJ,
    The last days I referred to is when God destroys the wicked system of things. The earth itself will not be destroyed. Just Satan�s influences and all wicked men on earth. I know there always been wars, death, and poverty. If pay attention to world events, World War I, II were the worst of human history. The high death toll, weaponry, and just the after effects. Never was it before seen. Just the horrible reminders of it, are shown in documentaries and articles of how it stood out from any other conflict in history. Those two wars were the start of the last days. Those of Jesus day did refer to the � Last days.� Knowing that it was the mark of the long waited, � Heavenly Kingdom of God, ruled by Christ Jesus.

  12. Evangelical tv programs are the biggest con as far as I am concerned. My entire family belong to an evangelical church, and they often speak about incredible miracles – people being healed of cancer etc. None of my family members or friends of my family were ever healed of cancer or any other life threatening disease. They all died of their illnesses. These miracles only ever happened to strangers. Odd wouldnt you think?

    As far as speaking in tongues go, I was baptised in the holy spirit and spoke in tongues. As a matter of fact, anyone can speak in tongues. Simple, just work yourself up into a frenzy, open your mouth, start speaking gibberish, and you are speaking in tongues. As far as interpretation goes (and I have heard many in church) – there was never anything really “special” said, or any messages directed to anybody. Only very generalised comments. Oh, you also have to believe in Jesus and the crucifixion etc to receive this remarkable gift.

    • Speaking in tongues is not gibberish. I grew up in a Pentecostal church and I have seen and heard speaking in tongues and prophecy many times. When people are really speaking in tongues by the Holy Spirit they ARE speaking in other languages and not gibberish. I have also witnessed miracle healing first hand and have even been healed myself a few times.

      But I do agree with you about the Evangelical tv programs for the most part. If they beg for money then there is something wrong because a true man or woman of God would trust in God to provide and would have no need to beg for money for 20 minutes straight on TV.

      • I agree with you, Caretaker.

        Good morning everyone

        Love & Peace

  13. I love how people think that I do not know what true Satanism is…. No, I have not read the Satanists bible, but unless Jesus Christ comes from Heaven and shouts at me, “READ SATANS BIBLE!” I won’t do it because of the demonic attachments to the thing. Personally, I don’t want any of those spirits roaming around in my house.
    Nor will I go talk to a Satanist, unless otherwise ordered to do so by Jesus Christ. I won’t even step foot near a Satanist temple, unless told to do so… Aaaaaaaaaannnnnddd… I haven’t been told to do so by Jesus Christ.

    However, I do know what they Word of the Most High God says. It says that anyone that does not have the Spirit of Christ is not of Jesus Christ. Aaaaanndddd, never once in the Word of the Almighty God does a Servant of the Living God ever escape his/her body without it being directed of from Jesus Christ….. and he or she is always shown whatever the Lord Most High wants to show them and then, their spirit is returned. This is not called Astral Projection, though.

    Anyone who just roams the spirit world is in violation of what was origianlly intended. If you use meditation and then, astro project yourself to, “have a good time and explore or experiment.”, then you are using witchcraft. Thus, you are connected to a demon. Thus, you are connected to Satanism. If you travel outside of your body (excluding near-death experiences) WITHOUT Jesus Christ being in-control, you are practicing…. Hm… Satanism.

    To Jesus Christ, you either follow Him… or you follow Satan. There is no inbetween-, no gray-, no walks-in-the-park-it’s-experimenting-time areas. Jesus or Satan. Period.

    • So let me get this straight. You’re saying that anyone who is doesn’t follow Jesus Christ and is therefore not a Christian, follows Satan?

      There are millions of Buddhists, Muslims, Krishnas, Hindus, Taoists, and Wiccans as well as dozens of other religions who would beg to differ. You shouldn’t rush to judgement of others. After all, doesn’t your bible say “let he who is without sin cast the first stone?”

    • Hi Texture

      Please can you explain to me what you mean by SATAN’S BIBLE? What is it? Where is it? I’m confused – never heard of Satan’s Bible.



      • LOL The Satanic Bible was created by a man, not Satan. Anton LaVey wrote it, and it was published in 1969. I don’t recommend it as a good read, but luckily it is very brief. It is majorly egotistical, and lists the names of ‘all’ the demons (this was before we could find them on the internet), and I hope he wrote it as a joke. Personally, I thought it would start a good bonfire.

        I didn’t notice any demons attached to the book that I bought at the local ‘ordinary’ bookshop. The owner, when questioned, said that someone had ordered a copy, and so she got two.

        Love & Peace

        • AHA! That’ll explain why I’ve never heard of the Satanic Bible. Thanks Ama.

          Don’t think I’ll bother ordering a copy ….


    • I must agree with texture to a certain point. There isn�t a grey area when you serve God. It�s either whole heartedly or nothing. With that in mind, we shouldn�t judge or label people. That�s up to God. Only he can read the hearts. If somebody is serving God, maybe not the correct way�.does that mean God will reject him? I dont know. Thats up to God, and God alone. He knows a person�s real intentions. Remember peeps, God is the God of love. That�s one thing I�ve learned but just now trying to apply.

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