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Just the Beginning

Posted on July 12, 2011

I have a complete story book, if you will, of “paranormal” tales. Demons and Angels, Satan and Jesus Christ have been evident in my life since before I was born. While pregnant, my mother’s body tried to miscarry me. It got so bad that her doctor put her on permanent bed rest until it was time to deliver me. While giving birth to me, my heart stopped twice and the only reason why I am alive today is because my whole family had prayed for my survival. Well, that and my mother’s friend Lisa (who was in the Navy and married to an extremely high-ranking officer) burst into the delivery room and told the doctors to do their jobs correctly. Haha. Anyway, the point is, the Enemy (demons and Satan) has tried to take my life, both spiritually and physically, since before I drew my first breath.

Now, before I go into my story, I must tell you this: I am, and was raised to be, a Holy Ghost Spirit-filled, Angelic-tongue talking, Unorthodox, Charismatic Christ-follower. In me broadcasting who I am to you, you must realize that I do not believe in ghosts, just demons and angels, Satan and Jesus Christ. Also, you must understand that I do not listen to and do not enjoy being given encouragement to salt, sage, call in a witch, call in a Priest (unless otherwise told to do so by Jesus Christ), contact the dead, etc. I believe in this: anointing the four corners of my property, myself, my animals and my family; praying that Jesus Christ draws a blood-line around the property to keep the any demonic entities out and if they are in, to kick them out; pleading the Blood of Christ on me, my family, and my animals; asking the Lord to surround me, my family, my property, and my animals with warrior angels to witness to us and to protect us from the Enemy; when something demonic gets inside my house, re-anoint and go searching for anything that may have a demonic spirit attached to it and destroy it, and so on and so forth. In me saying all of this, please respect my wishes and DO NOT tell me to salt, sage, contact the dead, etc… Thank you.

“Just the Beginning I”

When I was young, between the ages of three and five, I lived in a small town called Blue Mountain. Sadly, the town was bought out a year or two ago and is now called Anniston.

Anyway, my dad was a truck-driver and he was out of the state and away from home for about two months and then, he’d come home for a weekend and then, go back out on the road. That was his job and that is what he loved doing. Now, when you’re three to five years old and your daddy goes out for that long of a time, you kind of miss him, right? Yeah, so did I. However, when your daddy isn’t home, he isn’t home and you know this.

Well, I had gotten into the habit of sleep-walking and going outside to the porch and just… collapsing. My mother would fins me outside, pick me up and put me back into bed. You see, my bedroom was connected to the living room, which was the first room that you entered if you came into the house so, it was really easy for anyone to sleep-walk outside. My sleep-walking habit became so bad that my mother started locking the doors at night (at this time, our neighborhood was a “safe zone”) and when she would hear the chain on the door rattle, she would get up and guide me back to my room. One morning, she decided to ask me why I was trying to get outside and I replied, “Daddy’s calling my name.”

Again, my dad was out of state and there was no one else who would do that as a prank. My brother was fourteen months younger than I was and slept with my mom. Obviously, my mother did not like what I said.

“Just the Beginning II”

I had awakened in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. A little girl, about the age of five, does not need a reason to just wake up, you know? Then again, what happened explained everything. I had sat up in bed and, in doing so, immediately locked my gaze with a pair of red eyes, which were in the shape of almonds. I started screaming bloody murder and suddenly my mother was there. Understand this about my mother: she is also a Holy Ghost Spirit-filled, Angelic-Tongue talking, Unorthodox, Charismatic Christ-follower and when she had heard me screaming, the mother’s intuition kicked in and yelled, “Something’s wrong!” She quickly scrambled out of bed and began praying in Angelic Tongues. AS SOON as she hit the threshold of my room, the pair of red eyes disappeared. My dad, who was home at the time, briefly talked to my mother, who had somehow gotten information about the eyes from me, and ran back to his room and grabbed his rifle. As he ran outside, my mother tried to comfort me.

A little while later, my dad came back into the house, angry as all get-out and pulled my mother to the side. Even though I didn’t mean to over-hear what they said, I heard it all and it went something like this, “I don’t know what it was, honey. There was no footprints so it couldn’t have been an animal or man.” Though I was little, I knew the dimensions of my window from the ground and my Dad had been right. My window stood taller than a man would stand, he’d have to get a ladder to look through the window and no animal could stand THAT high (at least not a dog or cat).

Years later, my mother confirmed what had went on, what I had heard, and what the two almond-shaped, red eyes had been: a demon.

I am now twenty years old and have seen, felt, and heard demons and angels, Satan and Jesus Christ. They have manifested relentlessly in my life and I call it a blessing. I know the differences between an Angelic presence and a Demonic one, but let me tell you, they’re both scary. I wouldn’t ask God to take my gift away for in doing so, I would blind myself to things that need to be taken care of, battles to engage, and demons to rebuke. I have found myself over the years doing exactly what I have told some of my readers to do: say Jesus’ name over and over and over and over again.

These two stories are but a drop in the bucket. Maybe one day, I’ll share others.

Sent in by Texture, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Just the Beginning”
  1. promise says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, do you live in Alabama? Just curious because we have a Anniston,Al. I wish you well in having to deal with the things that you do and see!

    • Texture says:

      I claim Alabama as my home, yes. I lived there for sixteen years and have lived in various places around Anniston, AL. Thank you for your wishes.

  2. jk says:

    Right on Texture. Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. His name is the name above all names demons flee at the mere thought of hearing His name. More people need to know that salt, sage and other witchcraft is nothing more than a feeble short term attempt to appease the demonic rather than casting them back into the abyss where they belong.

    • Texture says:

      Unfortunately, JK, there will be some that will not hear the Truth and when they do, they will not receive it. Thank you for the encouragement. I hope the Lord Most High blesses you and yours until the seventh generation is sprung.. and then even more.

  3. A. J. Ryder says:

    Hi Texture

    Interesting post.

    First off, my mum had trouble carrying me too. She had miscarried twice before me. She spent most of her pregancy in bed – just like you describe about your mum. It later transpired my mum was a LUPUS sufferer – a common symptom of this are miscarriages. Quite bizaarly, I was born with a heart defect.

    I totally agree with you regarding to the importance of anointing your property, yourself, the family etc. for protection against the unholy.


    • Texture says:

      My mom doesn’t have Lupus, but she did have three miscarriages before I was born. When I brought that fact up that my Mom’s body wanted to miscarry me, my doctor said that it had something to do with the sack that the baby was in and the uterus…. He did not explain further.

      I am sorry about your Mother having Lupus. Please, give her my regards.

      • A.J Ryder says:

        Hi Texture

        I guess there are many medical reasons why unborn babies are rejected by the bodies of their mothers. Thankfully, you made it and thank God that your mum was able to find the strength to endure what must have been a most frightening period in her life. I really can not start to imagine how traumatic it was.

        I thank you for your well wishes regards my mum. I appreciate that.


  4. promise says:

    I want to tell you I live in Huntsville,Al. all my life. I am married with 6 kids. It is neat to here from someone so close to home. I commend you for your faith and strength. Its nice to here that in that you are 20yrs. old. I am 37 and married young(my mom died when I was 15) We are a traditional christian family.I was not brought up in church but my husband and I longed for church and for our children to know Jesus. I have had several “paranormal” happenings in my life.Nothing like you but still scary. In closing I wish you well my fellow Alabamian. It is nice to here all the different stories and opinions from all over our world!

    • Texture says:

      That you very much, Promise for your wishes. I hope the Lord blesses you and yours to the seventh generation.. and then beyond that.

      I have heard even scarier stories than mine, some of which belong to my own mother, so I know what you mean. When she tells me about some of the experiences she has had, I just shake my head and thank God that I haven’t gone through that.

  5. promise says:

    When you feel like sharing more of yours and your moms stories,I would love to hear. I have not experienced anything demonic or angelic or do I know anyone who has. I believe you when you say you have. I also believe it to be a blessing. So,it would be a blessing for me to hear!

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