Always With Me Even After Death?

My children’s father passed away in 2003 at our home. He had told me one time that even after death he would always be with me no matter where I went.

When the kids were little they used to talk to their deceased father. I thought they just missed him. Odd things started happening such as things would be moved out of place (he was a joker) and things would be missing but show up later. I lived there five more years and moved to my new house.

I have heard my name called when no one is here but me. I have smelled his cigarettes in the middle of the night. I have been woken to the smell of his after shave. Things are disappearing again and then showing back up. Am I crazy?

Asked by mezmerize4

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  1. Hi mezmerize4

    Yep! Sounds like your husband’s still around you all.

    The thing which concerns me slightly, is that it appears he has not moved on to ‘healing’ (or to be with God, if you prefer.)

    I would like you to do something for me – well, for your husband actually!

    The next time you feel (or smell) him around, tell him that, even after going to God, he will still be able to return to be with you all to watch over you. So he must not fear going to the healing place. In fact, it will make him a much happier and more contented spirit.

    Then, tell him you are going to help him. Tell him, it is because you love him so much that he should really move on, to be where he should really be. Reasure him it will all be perfectly fine and that he will still be around you all – only, he will have God in his heart and not his earthly desires (ie too much attachment on you all).

    Once you have done all that, say the Lords Prayer. Or, if you are not a Christian/religious person, say something along the lines of:

    I ask the angels that reside in the Light to guide my husband to the healing place, Help him to move on to where he needs to be. Amen.

    (Or say whatever you feel comfortable with, which will ‘call’ for help. There’s no hard and fast rules on what you say – so long as you say it from the heart.)

    Now – this is in no way forcing your husband to go into the light – it is merely requesting that a way is shown to him, should he chose to go.

    Once he had moved on to healing, he will be ‘stripped’ of all earthly desires, which currently bind him to this place. He will still return to you to watch over you all and you will still feel him around at times, only his presence will be filled with the love of God instead of ‘earthly desires’ and so, when he is around you, you will feel an almost overwelming sensation of peace and love.

    I hope this helps you


    • Well I would try that but he did not believe in god. He believed in the sun because he said it was something he could see. This may sound odd but the closer it gets to Halloween the stranger things are going to get. I just think its because that was his favorite holiday , he loved to dress up the kids and go trick or treating. We also shared the same birthday, oct 16, I was one year older than him. I have tried talking to him when he decides hes going to be funny, I will say things like please stop and put the pepper back or why did you move my cup? Last night I heard something in the middle of the night and got up because I thought it was one of the kids, there was no one there, the smell of beer was present and there is no beer in my house,and he was a beer drinker. I told him to be quiet and I went back to bed. My current Fiance asked me who I was talking to and of course I had to tell him the cat, I dont want him to think Im crazy, I know im not. His friends used to come and check on us and make sure the kids were ok but they all stopped, one guy said he saw him standing by the stove and another said he feels very heavy when hes here. It was worse at the old house where he passed away at. The house scared his friends and they wouldnt go past the porch. Now they they have stopped coming around again. He told me he would never leave me and I really think he meant it.

      • Hi Cheryl

        Hey – try this ….

        Amun, Sun God of life, power, mystery and wisdom
        Amun, Sun God of life, power, mystery and wisdom
        Anum, Sun God of life, power, mystery and wisdom
        Please help [name] to find his way home.

        Its a deliverence prayer to the sun god Amen (Amun-Ra) who was the head deity of the Anchient Egyptian gods. The concept of the deities in Egyptian mythology was far more ‘paganistic’ than modern, convential religions. In other words, its more ‘earthy’ and more connected to our physical world.

        I’ll also have a hunt around and see if I can find some pagan prayers for deliverence … or someoneelse might kindly post one on here for you.

        Just have a go …. if he decides not to move on, then you’ve lost nothing. But, if he does decide to move on, then you’ve helped him tremendously. He shouldn’t be handing around you like this. Its all ok whilst you guys are alive, but what will happen to him once you’re all gone???


        • Only me again …

          I’ve found this Rite Of Deliverance on a pagan site. Unfortunately, I’ve not tried it personally (unlike the prayer to Amen above – which was very effective, considering the spirit in question was an atheist) but I have read through it and think it could really help you guys:

          Hail to the Winds
          Who rearrange the stars
          Guard well this rite of deliverance

          Hail to the Flames
          Whose warmth delights the heart
          Guard well this rite of deliverance

          Hail to the Waters
          The drink of well springs knowledge
          Guard well this rite of deliverance

          Hail to the Earth
          Our Mother and Home
          Guard well this rite of deliverance

          Hear me Great Mother
          Your child is in need
          Deliverance we ask
          From woes baneful seeds

          Hear me Great Father
          Your child needs to know
          Deliverance we ask
          From the ignorance we show

          Knowledge we seek
          To heal our own space
          Knowledge we seek
          To walk in a state of Grace

          Deliverance from Evil
          Deliverance from Strife
          Deliverance from all things
          That make for life’s blight

          Open is the mind
          To hear the words of grace
          Open is the heart
          To feel within this space
          Open is the soul
          To know its true place

          Freedom from the chains
          Of outdated views
          Freedom from the vices
          That once we knew
          Freedom from the oppression
          That comes from without
          Freedom from the ignorance
          That creates our world of doubts
          Freedom from the loneliness
          That comes from the solitaires path
          Freedom from the body’s ill’s
          That comes from the fates past

          Open our eyes
          To the ways of Great work
          Fill out hearts with the understanding
          To the path of our birth
          Open the mind to the knowledge
          That makes the pattern whole
          Open the ways of Freedom
          To use the wisdom so bold

          Deliver us from foolishness
          And the ways of the Vain
          Tell to us the ways to walk
          In words that are plain
          Hear our words Dear Mother
          That we may be made whole
          Hear our words blessed Father
          That we may know the ways of old

          Seeking always to serve the light
          We ask it as our right
          Arm us well with truth and might
          Blessed be the ways of light

          Hail to the Winds
          Who rearrange the stars
          Guarded well this rite of deliverance

          Hail to the Flames
          Whose warmth delights the heart
          Guarded well this rite of deliverance

          Hail to the Waters
          The drink of well springs knowledge
          Guarded well this rite of deliverance

          Hail to the Earth
          Our Mother and Home
          Guarded well this rite of deliverance

          So mote it be

          Please let me know how you get on, should you choose to give it a go.


  2. Hello Mezmerize4,

    No, you are not haunted and yes, its long over time that your haunter went into healing. I agree with everything AJ said.

    I’m Ama, and like AJ I do spirit rescue. One of the techniques I use is an invocation that works because I believe in it, not because you do, or a ghost might or might not. It’s very gentle in the action, and very effective, having proved itself over the past 15 years, all over the world and for thousands of people. You’ll find it here on my webpage:

    // read it through a few times to get an understanding of the requests being made, and then say it out loud. That will clear everything out of the house, and allow you to make a fresh start. Then you can ask your angels (we all have them, whether we believe in them or not) to FIND your husband, by name, and TAKE him into healing. They will do exactly that .. go and have a chat with him, remind him of what he is missing by staying here, and make sure he finds the peace and healing he needs.

    And then he can come back anytime he likes, but he won’t stay long, or need to get so much of your attention .. he’ll just check on everyone for a moment, as the people who love us usually do, and return Home.

    And if you have any further problems, or questions, please ask me or AJ,

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • Well hes still here. My friend dropped by the other day and she stopped talking turned her head towards my stove and said William that will be enough !! I asked her what she was doing and she said she saw him standing there looking at us while we were having coffee. She got up and poured him a cup and sat down. So I know it is not just me. Next month will be the month he passed so things do get somewhat odd. I guess hes here to stay.

      • Hi Cheryl,

        Don’t believe he’s here to stay, because he’ll use your belief to make sure he does. What did you do to help him pass over?

        If you would like me to cross him over, write to me via one of the email links on my site .. listed below under Friends.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra

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