What are the Tunnels Seen During Near Death Experiences?

What are the tunnels people who returned from near death experiences are said to have seen?

Some of them, from what I have read also mentioned they were taken to a dark place, where they had deep feelings (impossible to measure by humans due to extreme intensity) of sadness and despair. This is hell, they said. Then, they ascended to other tunnels to a being of light and sensed it loved them and they felt good and then returned to life.

What are these things? Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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  1. Hi Blacktiti89

    Where did you read this information?

    Love & Peace

  2. Hello again,

    I haven’t read of multitudes of tunnels all at once, hence my question. There is a saying ‘the Light at the end of the tunnel ..’. When we die we cross over through gates, or vortexes, that can look like many different forms, one of which is a lighted entrance to a tunnel that people enter with their family and angels, or whomever greets them. In my journey with helping ghosts cross over, I have seen many different types of doors, perhaps they are my images, but I do remember one lady went through a garden gate covered in a climbing rose .. it was very beautiful.

    Hell .. is a concept in the human mind. Even if we pretend we do not have a belief in it, images of this kind have been reported by people when they cross over. My question then has to be what they believe about themselves? Do they feel they belong there, or should go there, or want to disprove its existence when they die? I don’t know. All I know is that the worst of people/ghosts that I have personally rescued (some have been truly horrifying), and been involved with groups during Rescue Circles, have all gone into a healing place.

    Heaven is, for everyone, exactly what we expect it to be. If you fear death and judgment, and the ‘condition of your soul’ then yes, perhaps you will ‘see’ hell when you die .. but you won’t be there for long. God does not allow anyone to punish themselves unduly, after we are dead. Before that, its up to us.

    Love & Peace

  3. Hi blacktiti89

    I’ve often wondered about the light tunnels myself and thought perhaps these tunnels are our individual spiritual links to the main Light Source when having a near-death-experience. I’ve often felt quite relieved at the notion that the light seemed to be there for most people.

    I’ve even imagined myself rocking and rolling to Status Quo uplifting music as I traverse through the light tunnel – that’s what I would very much like :-)

    For those readers who are not familiar with the NDE (near death experience) here is a link with numerous accounts.


  4. I have seen portals in a haunted home where actually demons had crossed over into our world. this was after a woman had died in the home and a man about 100 feet away in another home shot himself when his cancer got pretty bad he was about 70. I know that Lucifer is real. I have seen him and heard him. He is a giant about 10 feet tall and is huge. I do believe there is a hell only because I have see all these evil spirits. As far as a tunnel opening I know that my dad saw ufo’s and aliens they would always come thru the clouds which I suspect had portal openings. Possibly these lights at the end of the tunnel are portal openings to another world.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      I suspect, these portals are visible for the living at times, however, the tunnels in NDE are most certainly something very different from what I gather. I stand to be corrected.

    • Hello Anonymous,

      Why do you connect the old woman and the man who committed suicide together? Were they related?

      UFO’s don’t always come through clouds.

      Lucifer can look like anything ‘he’ wants to, including a child or an animal, or even a cardboard box. I’m sorry you ‘saw’ him.

      There’s an old saying that always makes me laugh – “The light at the end of the tunnel could be an oncoming train”. :-)

      The Light at the end of Heaven’s tunnel is peace.

      Love & Peace :-)

  5. Hi there,

    Um here’s how it goes:
    I had asked someone personally what happens when we die? (He has been there many times due to heart failure, why he’s still alive is due to the fact that he made a deal)
    Here is his answer,
    You feel death, the coldness. You then slip away into your mind (the brain dies a short while after the body) that is how many people explain light and tunnels) after that he says that its “undecided” he said the best way to think of this is to say that life (the only thing we can experience) is a gift whereas we can make choices and decisions falls away when we die, the ability to make a decision is non existent. You do not have a body you can decide to control and a mind that you decide to listen to.
    May God be with you!

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