Ghosts of Suicide Inhabiting and Influencing Others?

My daughter committed suicide. After her death, I spoke to a man who bought the house that we owned during my daughters early childhood. He purchased the house, from photos only… several states away.

I learned from him that, he moved here because, his son committed suicide.

Later, I recalled hearing stories that our old house was haunted. As the story goes, the owner committed suicide in the house.

Is there a connection between this house and all three suicides?

Or is it merely quite the coincidence?

Asked by curious

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  1. Hello Curious,

    I am so sorry about your daughter. It is possible the three deaths were inspired by a demon of suicide, or a suicidal ghost, but each of the persons affected would have had to have suffered from mental illness, such as depression, to be easily influenced by outside entities. That this happened three times in a row makes it very unlikely.

    Only you can know what was in your daughter’s daily life, but we can never truly know what is in someone’s heart and mind.

    What I am sure of is that she is at peace in heaven, because I know God loves us all unconditonally, and calls us to ‘him’ when we die .. no matter how we die.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. There must be a evil spirit in the house, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many deaths. I would research the house, and the people who killed themselves and see if there is a connection.

  3. It sounds more like synchronicity to me. Events that would seemingly occur casually and without relation are instead connected to each other in some way. What I’m getting at is, I don’t think the house had anything to do with the actual suicides but, the suicides may have lead you all to the house. Your lives intersected together after your loved ones passed. If each person had taken their life in the house you are speaking of, then I would probably say that yes, the house was a factor but, that isn’t the case.

    That’s a bit confusing. I wish I could explain it more eloquently. Let me think about it for a bit and perhaps I can come back and write it more clearly.

  4. Hi curious

    So sorry to learn of your loss. That must be heartbreaking.

    With regards your former home; If the house in question is haunted by something, it can only manipulate those whom it can have an effect on.

    For example; someone who suppresses murderous tendencies might, under normal circumstances, be able to control those urges thus not carry them out. But, have ‘something’ constantly ‘whispering in their ear’ to encourage them to act on that dark nature, might just be enough to eventually overwhelm the ‘victim’ – leading them to do a murderous act.

    A negative spirit can only work on what is already there. They can not work on something which isn�t in the nature of the �victim� in the first place. It�s a bit like being a psychological bully, I suppose.

    Lay-lines can also have an effect on the energy of a place, which ultimately has an effect on our moods and daily outlook on life. The more major the lay-line, the more effect – for better or for worse. It might be worth investigating the geometrical aspects of the area where you lived.

    it is incredibly hard to come to terms with a death in the family, even more so when that person decided to end their own life. This ultimately leads to loads of questions being asked by their loved-ones:

    1. Why didn’t I spot something wrong?
    2. Is there anything i could’ve done to help?
    3. Why didn’t they talk to me about their problem?
    4. I must be blind, not to have seen how desperate they were.

    The truth is, when someone gets that low that they take their life it is a burden placed upon them, and not those left behind. Please do not blame yourself for what happened. In all likelyhood, there wouldn’t been nothing you could have said or done to have changed their mind. This is a sad fact, but true.

    There might have been outside forces at work, nor there might not. I guess you’ll never find the answer to that question.

    God bless


  5. First off I’m sorry for your daughter. This question is one of my important thought and is one of the mysteries that I think that know god only , but I have seen multiple such weird events.A man’s son dead . That man loved her son very much , right after a few day that man dead too , without any illness or event. I had seen him , he was a healthful man but why died whereas was whole ? I don’t understand. In other event, I knew a Greengrocer, he had a grumpy and aggressive wife one night when he was alone , he hanged himself in his shop and dead . After one year , at a morning a man that had a shop nearby his shop , right in front of his shop dead by heart failure . I know some other similar weird event like these but actually don’t know are these events only some haphazard dying or those had a paranormal cause but this thought that such happenings be paranormal is stronger .

  6. maybe the energy in the area is effecting certain people in ties of their life. maybe that why deaths were in the same place. perhaps there is a ghost of some sort going around to a few places taking life from people. a ghost could be going to the same spots and be doing things to people. maybe we can consider the that the people were some what alike in nature and though those places were great places to die.

    if some people can astral travel to those places, maybe we can get some answers. it should not be hard to see who’s there are the type of energy that are in those places from the astral plain.

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