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Unexplained Light and Mist Associated with Death?

Hi I have been cleaning for a lady for a while now and we became very good friends.

I went around there on Saturday like I always did and put her washing and ironing away went to see if she needed anything else doing before I left which she didn’t so I closed the door and then I remembered I hadn’t asked her if she wanted her door locked.

When I walked back in the room she had this bright mist around her head and she looked so young, my friend was 84 and I had a sense of peace and I felt so warm inside she smiled and I left.

My friend passed away two days later.

Asked by Lorraine Drew

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What are the Tunnels Seen During Near Death Experiences?

What are the tunnels people who returned from near death experiences are said to have seen?

Some of them, from what I have read also mentioned they were taken to a dark place, where they had deep feelings (impossible to measure by humans due to extreme intensity) of sadness and despair. This is hell, they said. Then, they ascended to other tunnels to a being of light and sensed it loved them and they felt good and then returned to life.

What are these things? Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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Has My Friend Moved On?

My friend just committed suicide a few weeks back. I do not feel like he has moved on. I feel like he is suffering more now where ever he is than when he was alive. Could this be a sign or warning to me that something has made his soul stay here because he has unfinished business?

The more I try to ignore this feeling the more depressed and sad I become. I believe I may be feeling his feelings and I need answers. I’m lost and have no one to turn to for advice on how I’m feeling or what is happening please help. I don’t know how to explain anymore how I feel I just know these feelings are real and aren’t getting any better.

Asked by kara

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Always With Me Even After Death?

My children’s father passed away in 2003 at our home. He had told me one time that even after death he would always be with me no matter where I went.

When the kids were little they used to talk to their deceased father. I thought they just missed him. Odd things started happening such as things would be moved out of place (he was a joker) and things would be missing but show up later. I lived there five more years and moved to my new house.

I have heard my name called when no one is here but me. I have smelled his cigarettes in the middle of the night. I have been woken to the smell of his after shave. Things are disappearing again and then showing back up. Am I crazy?

Asked by mezmerize4

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Ghosts of Suicide Inhabiting and Influencing Others?

My daughter committed suicide. After her death, I spoke to a man who bought the house that we owned during my daughters early childhood. He purchased the house, from photos only… several states away.

I learned from him that, he moved here because, his son committed suicide.

Later, I recalled hearing stories that our old house was haunted. As the story goes, the owner committed suicide in the house.

Is there a connection between this house and all three suicides?

Or is it merely quite the coincidence?

Asked by curious

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