The Demonic Little Man

Posted on February 8, 2010

This story is completely true. It happened to my sister and I. I was about 12 years old and my sister was about 6. We had moved to Benicia, California, and I didn’t like the new house to begin with. I had a weird feeling about it. Anyway, beginning were a chain of small events that were unexplainable, until the paranormal activity became so apparent that it couldn’t be dismissed anymore.

The first thing that happened was to my mom, who had been home alone at night, and she was making something in the kitchen. She then heard a big noise from the bathroom. Upon investigation she found that everything on the counter, and in the medicine cabinet, and in the bathtub had been thrown into a pile in the middle of the floor.

Then maybe a few days later when my sister and I were ready to go to bed, my sister said she saw two red eyes inside the closet. I didn’t see them, but from how scared she was I believed her. We shared a room, and we had bunk-beds. My mom comforted her until she fell asleep. I slept short after. I awoke later that night from a small continuous noise coming from the foot of my bed (I had the top bunk). When I looked at my feet, I could see this dark, black figured shape jumping up and down at the foot of my bed. Every time that it jumped up, it would leer at me with these little red eyes. The eyes seemed to sink into his face until the red would just disappear. I couldn’t see much detail to his facial features, but I did realize that he was wearing a brim hat, like Charlie Chaplin. I started to scream, and within a couple of seconds my mom came in the room. But before she was able to turn the light on, I saw the little man (about three feet tall) hurry and run to the corner of the room and disappear into the darkness just before my mom turned on the light. This was not the first of many experiences we had.

A few days later, I woke up in the middle of the night. I still had that experience fresh on my mind, so I very carefully peaked my head over the railing of my top bunk, and looked around the room. When I saw the little man! This time he was just being very still and quiet, and he was just standing at the foot of my sisters bed, watching her (Our bunks were in the shape of an L, so I could see the lower half of my sisters bed). He then noticed me and looked at me. I yelled, and again, just one second before my mom got into the room, he would again run to the corner of the room, and disappear into the shadow. Every time he would run to the corner, he would stop for half a second facing the wall, and disappear.

What I always thought was weird was the fact that the corner of the wall seemed to be the only place he could escape from. I told my mom what happened, and how he returned. So after a few more nights of seeing this little man, experiences between both me and my sister, my mom started to get really curious. She always told us that there was nothing to worry about, but after we woke up so many different nights from this same figure, she began to grow suspicious, that maybe we weren’t lying or imagining it. So what she did next, she did not tell us, until years later when we were grown up. If she told us at that time, it would have made us even more frightened because we would have known that it was not our imaginations.

She told us that she stayed up one night with all the lights off. She was sitting in a chair in her bedroom, looking down the hallway to the entry way to our bedroom. What she saw next startled her. She said that after about a half hour after she turned the lights out she saw a little man who came into the hallway from the bathroom. He started to walk into our room when he must have sensed something. My mom said he stopped, and slowly turned around and looked at her with those sunken in little red eyes. She said he then turned back around and went into our room. She hurried up, and ran into our room and turned on light on. But he had vanished.

We lived in that house for about another year. We continued to have strange things happen. It didn’t let up until my mom and dad decided to move. Personally, I believe to this day, that the little man had to of been some sort of demon, not a human spirit. One thing that I never liked about it, was the fact that countless times, I would look around in the middle of the night, and every time he would be still, just watching us, either from the foot of my sisters bed, or he would be standing in the corners watching us. I never liked that, because you just never knew how long he could have been watching you as you slept.

Sent in by Joshua, Copyright 2010

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36 Responses to “The Demonic Little Man”
  1. anna says:

    that is the first story i read that aucally made my almost ??? my pants.figure of speech.I acually said oh my.i dont know what I would of done.I really dont know what to say.Im stund.I aucally have nothing to say really.when your mom stayed up that freaked me out.I wounder if you would have had your hand off your bed if the demon would have gotten a hold it or not.luckly you or your sister or even your mom didnt get hurt.Like I said I read lots of stories on this page and yours is the only one that I was scared and I dont get scared really easy.

  2. ChristianTexture says:

    I got so into this story and about jumped out of my skin when my co-worker opened the door of our office. LOL. Wonderful story and I know that it’s true.

  3. Grey Wolf says:

    Hi thanks for sharing your story. Did you ever find out what happened in the house that would cause the demon to be there???Was it a problem with what was ‘done’ by someone before you and your family ever lived there…or was it attached to the land the house was on??Thank goodness no one was physically hurt.Have you or your family experienced anything paranormal since you all moved out of that house??Also I was wondering if paranormal abilities or gifts run in your family??Just a thought.Blessed Be !!!

  4. Sandi says:

    I am the mother of the man who submitted the story about the demonic little man. What he has said is absolutley true. When we lived in Benicia we lived up in the hills in a secluded area with a hill backing up to our backyard. When all this occured we were the only ones home as their dad worked graveyard shifts. My daughter and son soon ended up in my bed due to all this acitivity. I knew that there was something odd going on in that house but it was always just weird little things until the little man started showing up. And in reply to Grey Wolf, yes, we have always had strange things happen especially with me. things seem to happen at all our residences. I believe however that the little man was somehow linked to the house and/or land. That house never seemed to be able to keep owners in for extended periods of time as we would go back and check out the old neighborhood. It was always for sale. To this day the three of us still talk about “the little man.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey I really liked this story, when I was about 3-4
    I had a similar experience. I was asleep with my dad
    In our room and in the darkness I saw this little man
    The same way you described him. Except he didn’t
    Have red eyes. And he was putting things into a bag.
    It was the most terrifying thing I had ever experienced.
    I was only 4 at the time. Thank you for sharing your story Now I feel I’m not the only one.
    – Crystal

  6. Karen M. says:

    Wow that is incrediable, thank God your mom was brave enough to do that, I would of moved out the next day. If it just watched you and never harmed you it might not of been evil, still scary though

  7. anna says:

    I read the story 2 days ago and i acually kind of scared in the middle of the night.Like I said I dont get scared that easly and this topped it off.I told my sister about it .she dont want to read thank you very much.I always wanted to get scared because just cause.People say watch this movie it will scare you(PARANORMAL ACTIVITY)never did.stupid movie .so Im glad someone out there can make me get scared.

  8. Anonymous says:

    not being funny or anything but it couldn’t be a demon , once demons are there they stay there until the day that you die and then move on so no matter where you move or go it will alwys be there and demons don’t do that they want to play with your mind and try to hurt you so to me it’s bull

    • callmeishmael says:

      saying that this story is bull is a little presumptious, it’s not that out there but i do agree it wasnt a demon but there are many other paranormal entities that it might be, its just ppl jump straight to demons. good story by the way, i’m glad that you dont see him anymore it would scare me too

  9. Anonymous says:

    if it was a demon it would try to harm you. sounds like a lonely spirit that wants to play.

  10. Sandi says:

    because it happend when my kids were so young and it left such an awful memory, that is why they refer to it as a demon. True demon? Evil spirit? Whatever it was, it was definitly malevolent and much more than a lonely spirit that wanted to play.

  11. joshua says:

    hey this is joshua. ….. thank you all for taking time to read my story. wanted to let you know i enjoy readin all your opinions.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow that’s terrible I also had a story about me and my sister what we have seen of ghost but now we grew up I’m 13 and she is15

  13. Carri Williams says:

    my trailor was haunted and my daugther saw red eye and demons. we had a battle of evil in our trailor. we get laughed at a lot. we had an exorcism in the trailor and a Catholic priest helped us. the trailor park has a lot of paranormal activity. I kept hearing whispering voices. both my girls saw entities. one of my daughters got attacked and kept seeing the devil to kill herself. she actually cut one of her wrists. I took her to the doctors. but she kept seeing lucifer telling her to cut herself. it was pretty bad. I heard footsteps, banging. we were afraid. I moved my oldest daughter out of there she has stopped cutting herself. she doesn’t see anything. she moved to Kansas with her dad. me and my other kids moved out. as soon as we left we heard things for a couple of months and then it died, down. we try not to talk about it. we are afraid the haunting will start up again. but we know clearly it was a demonic haunting because of a neighbor killing himself across the street. there was domestic violence in the trailor and nearby a little girl was attacked. all of these events triggered the demonic haunting. my smallest daughter saw demons, the devil, entities of a little girl with red eyes. demons with black capes and red eyes. some had black eyes. it was pretty bad. the worst part came when my little daughter asked me if the entities with red eyes were evil or the ones with black eyes. I told her they all were evil. so we moved out and the nightmare has ended.

  14. Crystal says:

    Man Carrie that does sound bad when I was barely a baby my uncle got possessd and they said when they were trying to cast the demon out all of us babies were crying my mom said that there were other demons in the room pinching us. So she told my auntyo take us to another room. but yeah they got it out of him.

  15. Brad says:

    I had a few ghost expiriences and now I’m a paranormal investigator. I had a case similar to this and it actually matches your description perfect. The boy seen a “bad leprechaun” at night with red eyes. It didn’t go into the corner though, it went under the bed. I actually seen it too, It came from the bathroom and into the boys room, but once it seen my on the bed, it went right underneath my legs and under the bed. My legs were numb for weeks. I personally don’t think it’s a demon or lonely spirit. If it was lonely it would try to play, not just watch. The one I seen was in Reno, Nevada.

  16. Sandi says:

    Really? I dont know anything other than the hollywood version of leprechauns. But regardless it was interesting reading your story. That must have been something when it crawled under your legs and left them numb for weeks. Did it leave a sensation when it happened, like cold or anything? Were you able to find anything out about why it happened? If you read this post let me know. I am curious. Thanks for sharing Brad!

  17. Sinner King says:

    Sandi/Joshua, could you see how was it dressed? Depending on it’s attire, it could have been a number of things.

    • Sandi says:

      Hey Sinner King- I know that he/it wore a hat, like my son said one similar to the type Charlie Chaplin wore, but I am pretty sure that it seemed he/it was wearing something that i can only describe as a cloak or cape. The whole wardrobe ensemble seemed to be of black colors so the thing that stuck out the most was the hat and cloak. Any insights with that description? Let me know if you can. I would appreciate it- thanks!

      • Sinner King says:

        Hmmm… It could have been a low ranked demon, or a type of leprechaun/troll. If it’s a demon, then an exorcism would possibly be done with it, but a leprechaun/troll would be a different story. If it’s a leprechaun, it could either think you are/were a danger to it’s treasure, or it’s just being playful. A troll…get plenty of holy charms, keep a cross with you, or leave the lights on and it might think it’s sun out.


  18. alberto g. says:

    Thats crazy something scary like that ought to give me nighmares for a week. I have never seen one of them in my life and I hope I never do.

  19. jimbo says:

    one of my friend see taller version that got in bed with her and would stand over her and the room would turn gray and i mean everything was gray

    • Andy says:

      Thats what happened to me… that comment made me go cold- I saw a Huge black hatted “being” and it turned the whole of my vision in shades of grey!!

  20. KellyC says:

    I’m a pretty skeptical person I’d probably never believe this story except that the house I grew up in had some, well, peculiarities. I was searching for little red eyed men in mythology when I came across this story, because my brother saw a little man with red eyes, and I saw red eyes. My friend mentioned that she had seen a paranormal show and they mentioned sightings of this “creature” which I had told her about before. Where I grew up, in my bedroom there was a cubbyhole, it was a mini door that opened to a long low tunnel type closet. It used to be my brothers room but was mine after he moved out. It always freaked me out, I don’t know why, it was full of christmas decorations and stuff.. nothing special. My brother never mentioned anything to me until years after we had all moved away. But when I lived in that room the door to the cubbyhole would always open at night and at weird times during the day when I left the room.. and funny thing is it wasn’t loose, you had to pull it hard because it rubbed on the floor, there was actually a wear mark on the floor because of it. But I’d wake up at night and there it would be, open and sometimes it would take all my courage to get up and close it. Thats why there was a lock on it but whenever I forgot to lock it, darned if it wasn’t open next time you looked. I mentioned it to my brother years later and he said that it was the same when it was his room and that one night he woke up and it was open, and a little man came out of it.. an ugly wrinkled little man with red eyes that looked at him and made a weird noise and did something with it’s hand before going back inside. I hadn’t seen a little man but I used to see red eyes in the basement all the time and just this feeling of dread down there and from behind the door in my room. I asked my mom and sisters and found out that they had all seen red eyes too, but only my brother saw the little man.. I’m convinced that we all saw his eyes though.. to this day it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. So I believe this story because what my brother described was the same thing.. I wonder what it is still.

  21. Sandi says:

    Thinking that i would check on any recent comments to my sons story and upon reading his story over again, I realized that because my son wrote it that there were a few things left out as he was telling his experiences with the little man. When i mentioned this to my son he said he never thought to include some of these things as it was more of a pre-cursor to the actual events that happened. But i wil tell you now…

    Several weeks (maybe two or so) i had my close friend who lived down the street from me (we lived at the top and it was a very secluded area) tell me about some weird things that were happening at her home. She owned several indoor cats and she was saying about how they were all acting weird. She would say how they began to avoid an upstairs room and if put in would make a mad dash out of it. I did not think too much about it as i think cats tend to be somewhat temperamental, and that was the end of that. But then I started getting these panic calls from her saying that she would be in another room and then she would hear her cat(s) hiss and they would take off in panic out of the room and then my friend would sometimes hear other noises that could not be the cats and usually loud thumps and such.

    I finally went down to her house after she showed up at my door saying she saw something in the room that was small in stature that seemed to disappear when she entered the room. She said it just disappeared into the shadows of the corner. She knew i was into paranormal things and knew some of my experiences and was hoping there was something that i could do to “get rid of whatever it was that was there.” She firmly believed something was in that house. So I did what i normally do when i need some help. . I went down to her house and together we said several prayers and i told whatever it was that was there to leave in the name of God. there was more said and done but i know you get the picture and to be honest, I cant recall the whole scenario as it was years ago (like 20). During all this we heard a crash from upstairs and upon checking it out one of her heavy table lamps that was in the room was now on the floor. This lamp was one of those heavy brass lamps with a lampshade and it was at least 4 feet tall. It seemed impossible that it could have been knocked over by itself as it was centered on the table.

    Well then i went home and she was happy to tell me that things seemed calmer in the house now and the cats were back to their old selves. My kids tease me and say that its my fault the little man ended up at our place as things started happening there shortly afterwards. They say I brought it home with me as i angered it.

    It was not until later that i told them that my friend thought the little man was at her house and what i had done to try to help her. Anyways, thats the set up for the story and i thought i would let you all know. If i were to have submitted the story i would have also included some things that happened to me while this was going on in our house. But that is for another time. So is it a coincidence or not? I will never know.

  22. Carlos says:

    i’m not far from Benicia.Here in Fairfiled,ca and yes this account scared the heck out of me!

    • anna says:

      i dont get scared that easly at all.even when watching scary movies but when i was reading this awhile ago i acually got scared myself.i acually was scared to go to sleep and when i did i would wake up so many times.not now.

  23. Bob says:

    thats crazy the same thing happend to my cousin, but it was during the day. he was taking a nap in his room and he said he was paralyzed. he look towards the ground and all he seen was this little black thing moving really fast, he said it looked like a little kid running around.

  24. Mike says:

    Sounds like he was a rather sad little ghost, albeit a bit mischievous. Sort of breaks my heart. Maybe you should have sent him some sympathy, but then again I can certainly understand why you were so frightened.

  25. Ursula says:

    I was wondering has anyone found out what this is because we have this little person in our home as well…ummm ok I know this sounds strange but i can sense spirits around and even see parts of them when the move in a room, smells are common for me as well…i notice this smouldering smell like burnt rubber (maybe) or a flat iron smell sometime come over the house after the smell the little man been pooping up I have tryed praying and incesne etc the smell is still here so is the little man we have other spirits here to but they just scare us when the show them self..Us being my 19 year old..anyway don’t wandt to ramble but if anyway have a clue I w ould love to know…OH she said it ears were pinned back

    • Andy says:

      My word – Smells like burning Rubber- I expereince smells too – You must search my story on this site: Dark Figure Burning Flesh its very similar except my dark figure experience was a HUGE being

  26. Lindsay says:

    I’ve had a very similar experience. When we were kids, my sister and I shared a room. She was around 6 and I was around 4. Our parents tucked us in to bed and we were laying there talking. I drifted off to sleep, but woke up, and my sister later told me she saw the whole thing. A little red “leprechan” man was laying on his side with his head propped on his hand at the end of the bed staring at my sister. I know this sounds weird, but he had a top hat on, a suit and was just staring at her. He had a mustache and was glowing red, everything was red. It was a one time thing, we’ve never seen him again in our lives, but since then it seems as if our family has been cursed. My father passed away and a few years later my brother passed away. Every house we ever moved into, weird things have happened.

  27. Sins angel says:

    I was talking to my husband who practises noctarnal witchcraft and he said it is a Demond but the question is what kind of Demond?? There are many forms and kinds of demonds out there and I am glad to hear that no one got hurt and it is strange that he did not hurt anyone so there must have been something bout the kids that stopped him and he was only able to watch over them. It’s very rare but dose happen. I am 31 and my kids have both spirits that watch over them and demonds that watch over them…Just count your blessings that no one was hurt!!! It was a gets story to hear I am sorry it happened to you and I am sorry that he scared u.

  28. Silvia says:

    Hi, I had a similar experience when I was a child. I had a walk in wadrobe and at night this little man in black cape and hat as you described would come out of the cupboard and into my room. Sometimes I would wake and see him playing with my bukaroo game. He would just be sat on the floor playing with it…and I would just be frozen with fear. I never liked the house or the area we lived in. My mother told me years later that she had discovered that the previous occupants had practicsed black magic in the house. Eversince then it seems my family have been cursed and I feel this thing whatever it is follows me and other family members. The last time I saw it was when I started working for this catering company…I was just staring out of the window one day and there he was just sitting on top of the roof tops staring at me. I shuddered and told my mum who was also working in the same offices as me. Eversince that last sighting me and my family, plus other members of staff that worked there have had bad luck. The father of my children and former partner suddenly died at age 40, my brother turned to drugs, my son has gone off the rails. The girl that worked alongside me was in a loving relationship and her partner suddenly turned all weird, drawing strange symbols and chanting things and told her he didn’t want to be with her anymore…with no explanation. She was heartbroken , she found someone else and married him…they have just recently had a carcrash and she broke her back. My son has been in and out of hospital, with freak accidents. The list goes on…I am now trying to research just what this little man in the black cape and hat is all about as I need to get to the bottom of it in order to reverse the curse. I consider myself highly intuitive which is why I thinkk I attract this, but I now need to know how to stop this from blighting the rest of my life. You will probably think I am mad but I truly believe that all my bad luck in life stems from this little man!

  29. Karlie says:

    My sister and I sleep in the living room. My mom sleeps in the bedroom of our 1 bedroom efficinecy. My younger sister said she has seen this black cloaked figure with red eyes just standing in between the futon and couch where we sleep just watching us… i have no idea what this could be but she said the other night she tried to get up but she couldnt move and it was hard for her to breath. i havent seen this figure but i def believe her. what could be? and why havent i seen it?

  30. samuel cortes says:

    Hi, I live in mexico and I had a similar experience, and fromit i created a theory and i wanna know what you think.
    First of all this happened when I was thirteen, Im 21 now, and first let me tell you im a huge green lantern fan, but not i comic book geek, i like it because it symbolises that will is the enemy of fear and power rings only chose those able to overcome great fear.
    So we had just moved in to a new house in puebla and some of the neighbors told us that several “bad things” had happened in the house but never gave more details.
    So my mom and I were sleeping on the same room until the other rooms in the house were ready one night when we heard noises downstairs and we thought it was thieves or mice, so we went down but found nothing.
    The noises went on for several weeks until we got used to it and decided it was the wind or something.
    Then I moved to a newly finished room and Im slleping when I wake up from an awful nightmare, and when i look around isee that my door had been slammed shut.
    I panicked and ran to my mothers room who dissmised it and told me to go back to sleep but I didnt, i walked downstairs and on the kitchen I saw this small black man (maybe 1 or 2 feet high) , but his head was way to big, he was fat, his arms were to long and his legs to short and he had big red eyes that covered most of his face.
    I was to paralized to even scream and I think i was about to faint, but then i noticed i was wearing a plastic GL ring that i always wore, even when i sleeped.
    I fought the urge to run screaming from the room and managed to utter the words “what do you want?” the little being banished leaving a cloud of smoke behind and we never heard noises again. I ran up to my mom and collapsed on her bed.
    I still wear the ring in this moments and I think it saved me, I cant help but thinking how amazing it would had been if it had begun to shine green and make the being banish, but thats reality for you.
    So my theory is that maybe this beings are powered by our fear, like Nightmare on elm street, and the stronger our fear the stronger they get, in talking to it and not running away screaming for my life, I overcame terror and the being lost its power, so please repply and give your opinions…

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