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The Demonic Little Man

This story is completely true. It happened to my sister and I. I was about 12 years old and my sister was about 6. We had moved to Benicia, California, and I didn’t like the new house to begin with. I had a weird feeling about it. Anyway, beginning were a chain of small events that were unexplainable, until the paranormal activity became so apparent that it couldn’t be dismissed anymore.

The first thing that happened was to my mom, who had been home alone at night, and she was making something in the kitchen. She then heard a big noise from the bathroom. Upon investigation she found that everything on the counter, and in the medicine cabinet, and in the bathtub had been thrown into a pile in the middle of the floor.

Then maybe a few days later when my sister and I were ready to go to bed, my sister said she saw two red eyes inside …

February 8th, 2010 by CareTaker