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Terrified Email Ramblings to My Husband

Posted on July 7, 2011

My husband and I moved into a 100+ year old home a few months ago and have been experiencing what he has researched to be “sleep paralysis” along with terrifying dreams – most recently which have become impossible to distinguish between a nightmare and something experienced while fully awake (for example, I’ve gotten up, went to the bathroom and “experienced”/saw something while I was fully awake).

My husband was at a friend’s a few hours away for a bachelor party and we’ve been having “issues” so I’ve been under a lot of stress; so factor that in if you feel you must. I feel confident that I did wake from my dream when I fell to the floor and actually saw/experienced what happened afterwards.

While I’m sure that if I were to take the time to fine tune this into a “story” quite frankly I want to try to not give any more “energy” into this whole thing so I’ll let you do what you will with it in the hopes that sharing this is cathartic and/or I might get some kind of help.

Are you awake? 3:58 AM

Not that you are going to care or not that you can do anything about it but I just had the worst experience ever here. I’ve got all the lights on and am planning on sitting up until the sun comes up. Just started surfing and FREAKED out at this pic on this site I found. With the exception of the ears (which seem more pointed in the picture) this is what I just woke up to in your place next to Ethan. 4:01 AM

I had this creepy dream that I heard the knocking and went over to the “exit” door, not by E’s bed, but hesitated before opening it. I stood there, panicked as I listened to very audible heavy breathing on the other side. I finally said loudly, ‘CALEB’ and it stopped breathing as if standing there holding its breath or something. After a minute I reached out to open the door only to have it forcibly pulled shut when I had it opened about 4 inches. 4:04 AM

So, I’m standing in the near dark and I’m terrified and don’t know what to do and I’m staring at the door knob and it starts to slowly turn and I try to scream but only little puffy sounds come out. I back away from the door to the side and when I actually turn to “run” to the bed I whack into this wall of a person/being and literally knock myself down on my ass hard on the floor. The “impact” woke me up, I immediately grabbed my elbow which I’d knocked on the floor when I fell and it was screaming in pain. When I turned toward the wall light near the bed to turn it on to see if my elbow was swollen/red I practically reached out and touched the creepykins. It was sitting/slouching 4:09 AM

Where you normally sleep on the other side of E. It’s eyes were red, like all red with no pupils- not glowing or light or looking creepy like in the movies but totally deep, dark blood red but with that opaque look that grey/blind eyes have. It was staring at me and making the heavy breathing sounds I’d heard at the door. I looked down to E who was still asleep but it was looking down only with my eyes. this time I was almost totally sitting up but couldn’t move. I looked to creepykins and it/he first stared back for what seemed like 5 minutes it/he looked down at Ethan and reached out a hand 4:13 AM

(It didn’t have any kind of clothes/shroud or anything and was kind of pale but covered with this longish, sparse hair and it didn’t seem to have a sex of any kind) so it reached out to E and put its hand on the top of his head the way that I do sometimes, almost cupping it gently. I was trying so hard to scream at him/it to stop and to make my hand/arm reach up and push him away but I couldn’t. Then E started to wiggle in his sleep and make that noise that he does while he’s dreaming and he seems afraid/upset by something. I kept trying to move my hand over there and for some weird reason even to soothe him with an “it’s okay buddy” but my lips/tongue wouldn’t move – I couldn’t make a sound 4:17 AM

Then, thank God, I was almost startled by that shuffling noise that Caleb, apparently, makes while he moves around in his bed while he’s sleeping and when I heard it I jerked my eyes upward to look toward the ceiling. Almost instantly the light flipped on- blinding me and I shut my eyes/moved my arm up to shield them and when I realized I could move I looked down to Ethan/creepykins but it was just me and Ethan in bed sitting there in the room with the light on. 4:19 AM

Me sitting, not E. He was still lying there exactly the way he had been before I looked up when the light flipped on. 4:20 AM

While the stories/info I’m reading on this site mainly seem to call “it” a female like entity and a lot of people say that it seemed female somehow I didn’t really get a read one way or the other. I guess maybe I just assumed that it was/is a he because it’s really scary 4:23 AM

Notice another recurring theme with the info is that the person wakes feeling super tired, overwhelmed, and depressed… more and more so as the days go by. 4:24 AM

While I’ve attributed this to my being ill and in the recent past taking Nyquil or Tylenol cold and/or being fatigued from pregnancy and/or feeling depressed about things with you and I am reading this info //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/sleep-paralysis-entities/ just seemed to make how I’ve been feeling make more sense. I realize that it sounds crazy to attribute my “stress” or whatever rationally to some kind of entity but it just seems to make more sense. 4:26 AM

Unfortunately, even though it makes it make more sense and make me feel less crazy because some of this stuff seems so “right on” my hands are trembling as I type this to you. 4:32 AM

I can’t help but sit here, voluntarily, and glance over at Ethan and then just sit really, really still straining to hear something, anything. The sky has shifted to a dark gray and the earliest birds have started to wake up and chirp and sing. I cannot wait until the sun is up so that I will feel like I can breathe. 4:34 AM

*Note: Caleb is the name of my son who has a bedroom above ours and we’ve often had similar dreams/visions of the thing that I call “creepykins” in his bedroom. While we’ve never shared this with him, the morning after a particularly scary account (where I entered his room to check out a noise/bad feeling only to look over at him to see him lying full out on his bed with creepykins sitting up on his chest- anyways, when I went upstairs (it was about 4 am as always) it was because I heard his door open and footsteps directly following me waking from the dream. I went up to find his room empty- lights on. I tracked him down to his older sister’s bedroom where he’d crawled into bed with her. When I asked him the next morning why he’d moved to her room in the middle of the night he just kind of brushed my questions away saying, “I had this really weird, kinda scary dream that there was this guy or something in my room and it freaked me out so I woke up and didn’t want to go back to sleep by myself”.

Sent in by Vicky, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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