Sleep Paralysis Entities

Posted on September 18, 2009

I believe in science and the big bang. I am also a roman catholic. I don�t practice in the occult, witchcraft, or the dark arts. I don�t use a Ouija board. I am not a crazy religious nut either. Sleep paralysis has happened to me and I would like to say with 100 % certainty that there are things that science can�t explain. I am saying science is right in saying there is a time in sleep where a human body paralyzes itself so not to act out dreams. Yes, this only makes sense. Can a person wake up before the effects are through? Yes. Why would a human experience of a negative presence in a room that lays on top of people be so common throughout history if there was not some merit to it and the spiritual world? Science tries to say it is the dream experience and my own fantasy but I disagree because why can�t I have Angelina Joe Lee show up or someone with a check for a million dollars? It is a spiritual entity in the room and only those that have experienced this type of visitation can understand me.

The first time it happened to me the entity didn�t walk on my bed but more floated over me, despite it not having a physical being. It was a darkness� a presence. It laid on my upper body and I felt extreme pressure on my neck� it was chocking me. I was very frightened and used all my energy to move but I couldn�t. I prayed in my head to St. Michael and the entity vanished as I continued to pray to God. The single most terrifying event of my life that brings tears in my eyes to talk about out loud since it confirmed the spiritual. I told the spirit to get out and never come back when I could move again. A very important step I have noticed in many of these sleep paralysis stories I read online.

Years later I saw a dark presence that looked like a female (definitely not the same scary negative being as before.) It came over me and I felt the same inability to move. In my head I prayed again and tried to move with all my might. She left very quickly� vanishing. This was not a violent occurrence and since an event like this had happened to me before it was not as scary. I told it to get out of my home and never come back. I had no desire to see it again and only wondered what difference the entity had with the first visitor.

The third time it happened I was in my new home after living there for almost a year with two roommates. I saw a dark female presence over me while in my bed. Being experienced with this, I knew what would happen. I could not move but felt the being get closer and closer� a few inches from my face close. It left after I prayed more and used all my inner strength to fight it off despite my inability to move. It left towards the door� vanishing. The third situation wasn�t violent but was scarier then the second time since the entity had much more of a physical form then the other two visits.

I later read up on sleep paralysis and have not had another situation like it. May it be my own inner strength or something else. I do not foresee it happening again. I didn�t tell the third being to leave like I had before since I was so tired after the event and went back to sleep. The morning after the spirit almost felt enticing and I almost wished she would visit again� maybe a charm element she had to try and make me try and summon her. A succubus element possibly. It didn�t come back to my bedside and I never called out to it either.

My roommate who lived right next door to me continually got depressed and tired. I feel the entity decided it had an easier target to go after our brief altercation and fed on him for a while. He claims to not have had any experiences but I noticed he was even more tired and extremely depressed as the days went by claiming to not get good rest and sleeping til late hours in the afternoon.

I waited now with more fear and no charm for any other spirit to arrive again in my room but luckily none came. I did sense a negative presence in my new house before the third incident that was definitely not that the same as any of the visits. You can feel when negative energy is around you when your awake and that to me is frightening since I have never seen a ghost while fully awake. My roommates and I were all stressed and they were depressed for different reasons (girl troubles, deaths in the family, money issues, school, etc. ) and I felt the negative energy was easy for a being of that sort to be attracted to and try and feed on. I understand it needs energy to sustain itself but I refuse to be a host to any entity of that nature.

This isn�t a vampire sucking your blood and then you wake up with powers and burn in the day light. This is a scary experience where your body is paralyzed and has to �fight� to not have its life energy taken through inner strength. The violence I felt the first time I felt this experience was to rise fear and large amounts of energy out of me while also attacking me� trying to kill me to get my life energy. A visit from a spirit good or bad would be more acceptable if I still had the ability to move� there is a difference between a spirit who is going to feed on your energy while you sleep and a spirit that will say hello in its own unique way while your awake� noises, brief appearance, moving objects on its own, etc. I do have contempt and fear of the first visit experience ever happening again.

This is why I check out these kind of sleep paralysis forums to see any common threads in peoples stories. I believe these entities are more of what people call demons and can also be negative souls without the ability to move on trying to cling on to this life by feeding on others for a little more time.

Sent in by Mike, Copyright 2009

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38 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis Entities”
  1. zaman says:

    Try to move your big thumb or say something bad this trick always work for me

  2. Renee says:

    I believe what your saying when u said this thing or entity feeds off our life energy. I’ve had 4 of these experiences. They SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME! Weird thing is they only occur when i fall asleep on my back. So i stopped sleeping like that & with prayer every night i havent had any more. The scariest one i had was what it seemed to be woman hovering over me.My sheet was up to my chest so i tried to pull it over my head but my hand & wrist just wouldn’t let me grip the sheet to pull it up.It was like the feeling u get when ur hand feels so ticklish that u cant squeeze.But cranked up times 3.It was painful that i could hear myself crying.I did manage to get the sheet over my head despite the pain. I was that scared. And thats when i felt myself being pulled off the bed by my ankles.I still had that sheet over me. It (she) dragged me passed my dresser & into my dining room.I could kinda see through my sheets so i know i was directly under the ceiling fan.Then it Yanked the sheet from me & hovered again as if it was definitely trying to intimidate me. Thats when i managed to wake myself up. My body was so worn out from just tryna get that sheet over my head & just plain old trying not to let this thing take me. My boyfriend has witnessed me having these episodes.He has awakened me out of 2 of them where he heard me crying but he said i sounded like i was moaning & crying. Loud enough to wake him up. I wonder if this could be stress & anxiety related also. I dont know. But i do know i havent had any since i started praying them away before i close my eyes at night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have experienced like these a year ago, in my room,& in a dorm miles away from my hometown.

  4. Doreen says:

    I can recall three of these experiences. One of them was when I was a teenager. I felt something heavy on my chest nearly choking the life out of me. I was terrified and told my Dad. He gave me a scapular of our Lady. After that it did not happen to me.

    The other two experiences happened after I got married. My husband was away and my daughter had stayed with her friends. I was alone in my bed. In the early hours of dawn, I felt this thing next to me. I felt the hair on its head but I could not see it. I felt its presence next to me on the bed. It was a sort of sad entity who was longing for love. I was paralyzed not only with fear but my whole body was frozen. I could not move at all. I prayed to God and eventually I was able to move. I read about sleep paralysis but I cannot figure out how the same thing happened twice.

    Then sometimes at night, especially when I am alone I wake up with this paralyzing unexplained fear and a sense of evil and when I pray I feel better.

    • midlands says:

      hi doreen
      1 the entity lying beside you could be your own sprit? [astro traveling?..... your not supposed to wake up during that but ocassionaly you do] not being able to move is normal
      2 could be a earth bound soul that was close to you when they were alive you may be able to feel there arms around you..and sometimes feel them breathing and on the odd occasion feel them get up out of bed
      3 these experiences normaly occour early morning 4-5 am and only during certin sleep patterns
      4 with mine i am able to move so i know it there is something there… always catches me out….only wish they would talk so i could get to the bottom of it
      5 i ask them how they are …with no reply… and go back to sleep
      6 if i get to the bottomof it i will let you know

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Midlands,

        Thank you for your feedback. It could have been an earthbound spirit. It happened between 4 a.m to 5 a.m. I have had no sleep paralysis episodes for a long time now so I guess the spirit may be at peace.

        All in all this can be a terrifying experience especially if you cannot move. I am trying to find a scientific explanation for this.



  5. Rob says:

    You may not like this suggestion, but since I have had paranormal experiences unrelated to this, I’ll share with a very very simple solution. And I know you’ll laugh….

    Sleeping pills. I used them because of sleep problems in general, but ever since I take those…well frankly spirits could life the bed and carry me to the local Walmart, and I’ll wake up fresh and relaxed the next day.

    Slip away to an island of tranquility…and if they want to slam doors, and blow sheets BLAH BLAH BLAH (HOW cliche!) go ahead. I’m so deep in sleep they’ll never bother me again!

  6. JCStuff2 says:

    Hi, just had that experience, that is why I am Typing this. I’ve been getting sleep paralysis since I was 13. I’ve had over 150(give or take 50) experiences. In the begining I would he in paralysis and see nothing. I only felt frghtenend or terrified. About four to five years ago, I am almost thirty now, I have started to see things sometimes black, sometimes translucent hovering over my bed………

    NOTE: This comment has been published as its own story. Read the entire story at – // ~ CareTaker

  7. Sara says:

    Im not happy to see that you guys are suffering from this scary situation…but i am happy to see that Im not the only one who’s experienced these frighting episodes.

    Prayer defin. helps me overcome that dark sense of fear. Like JCStuff said, I’ve had quite a few, near a few hundreds..

  8. mark watkins says:

    I think it was about 3.30 AM when i was wide awake lying on my back in bed, my then partner lying next to me, fast asleep, when i heard the bedroom door open, icould hear the bottom of the door brush along the carpet. Then something started to float towards me, it was allmost midget like,it had a long hooded cloak on, i couldnt see a face yet.. it got on top of me, sat on my stomach, it stuck what looked like thick curved claws into both sides of my chest, it was a painful tickling feeling, i tried to cry out , but was unable too, all i could do was stare at it , when suddenly, it showed its face from under its hood, it was like a witches face, staring at me intensly, very scary, then it climbed off me and left the room, i was wide awake , then able to move, i woke my partner and told her about it…she never heard a thing!!!

  9. michael mclean says:

    it was about 7:00 am i went to bed around that time.. i was very tired. i woke up to having two dark image over me while i slept on my back.. one of them held me down by both my wrist while the other punch me in the face stapped me in the side and used swearing words at me as if i did something bad to them and they were getting back at me..i was sleep while this took place but yet i was fully aware of what was going on.. it really felt like they wanted to enter me.. i wasnt scare or hurt just down right mad.. this was the first time i been attack.. before this, i thought it was a body thing now im fully aware of this whole spritual warfare.. now i will be prepare next fight.. i say that because other times although no violant attack, i had the strenth to push the sprit off me.. i must be stronger now because this time it was two of them.. now im armed with the word of GOD.

  10. Kay says:

    I first experienced Sleep Paralysis about 3 years ago when i was 19. I could feel a negative energy coming towards me wile i was sleeping in bed, i could feel pressure on my chest and face and there was a sound like footsteps running around my bed. I knew what was happening because my mum also experiencs Sleep Paralysis and has explained things to me, i thought she was just being weird before it happened to me. I was so frightened, i did not dare open my eyes!!

    I couldnt say whether the negative energy was female or not as i have never opened my eyes when in a Sleep Paralysis state.

    Since this event i have experienced this countless times, even in the day time on a couple of occasions – I dont feel scared like i did the first time it happened, but it does make me feel very uneasy and seems to drain all of my energy, i feel tired and weak after.

    In a way its quite comforting that this happens to alot of people. I think that if i had that first experience without being told about Sleep Paralysis before – I cant even imagine how much more frightening it would be!?!

  11. Jelani Ferguson says:

    this happens to me almost daily, when it happens they kick me in my bed, squeeze me in my side and screem in my ear,and also they give me messages,like they want me to help them,there stuck here and need my help to tell people the reason they died,im only 14,itsscary when it happens buh i get used to it and learn to ignor it..trus me yall got it easy , this like a daily routine!

  12. jovan says:

    i just experienced it only on DIFFERENT way. i felt the symptoms of sleep paralysis during sleep not from waking up. In my dream im being possessed, i can’t move, can’t say anything, i was scared until i remember this chant.(im wicca btw) i said this chant over and over until i woke up (yeah i kinda acted on my own on that dream) . when i woke up the feeling of extreme numbness was still there and the room felt lighter. It’s like a scene from an exorcism movie where the priest manage to exorcise the spirit.

    i was wondering if you could get possessed during sleeping? or was it an actual possession?

    n addition to that today is my late aunt�s birthday. idk if that was her, if she wanted to tell me something. im scared that i might have banish her or drive her away.

    advice from a psychic or a fellow pagan or someone awesome is greatly appreciated. thank you!

  13. Mixx says:

    i belive every word you say it has happen to me countless times, but only had one sleep paralysis attack when i selpt on my back, take it from my experience the best way to fight it is not to fight back that way your body is calm, still struggling to breathe but saving alot of your energy, i show that im fearless and smile with luaghter at the so called hag and i pray to our heavenly father and say in the name of Jesus Christ smite this demon upon me and for the 2000 strippling warriors to be among me amen. you think this pray is crazy but it will get you out of trouble. if you dont know who the 2000 strippling warriors are, long story told short it is said to be gods army of angels, for more info google it.

  14. lindsay says:

    i’ve suffered from sleep paralysis since before i can remember. it scares the living crap out of me. i can wake up from after struggling for what seems like forever. it’s the scariest thing i have ever experienced. but i am also a huggeee believer in the paranormal and etc. i know exactly what you’re going thru. it’s gotten so bad that i refuse to sleep during the day. if i happen to fall asleep, i make sure that i fall asleep on my stomach. it happens to me on a daily basis. i always wake up paniced and freaked out and extremelyyyy weak. i try to scream or move and i just can’t. you might want to start sleeping on your stomach. sometimes i try to stay in the state of mind so i can see what’s happening or why this is happening to me. sometimes i get nothing and other times there are reasons. it’s sometimes better to just not fight it and slowly try to wake up. i can feel it coming on so i do something to advert it.
    there have been theories suggesting that the reason why it happens is because of rapid eye movement. try sleeping with one of those masks that cover your eyes.

    hope i helped a little! =)

    • jelani ferguson says:

      From i was 8 to a couple moths ago ive been havin severe parnormal experinces, i used to not sleep nd everything your doing but it doesnt work..ithink i finally found away to put a stop to it..It may sound weird the more u are scared the more they come back…What i have learned is that you have to be mean right back you dont have to curse just be “demonic” right back nd they wont dare bother u hasnt bothered me for months and have been doin that nd i havent had any ..Its like a miracle because i thought i was cursed.JUst whenever u get it again you guys just say im not scared of u and jus laugh nd youll c how easily you ll snap out of it or if they are tryin to hurt you just fight back even though your paralyzed jus curse and scream and fight like your one of them a nd theyll never think about messing with you ever again

  15. rachael says:

    I had the same sleep paralysis abt 3 times in different homes i moved to they were all different situations one was when i was laying down abt to sleep i heard something dropped at the end of the bed when i went to sit up i went paralysed i couldnt screem and no words was coming out of my mouth then it left me another occasion i was laying on my tummy and was sleeping on the floor in the lounge room when i was waking up i went to turn before i could my body was pushed down with force with a freezing feeling in my body when i was able to lift my head in front of me was a dark figure so tall with a coat and hat no face just standing in front then disappeared and i was able to get up another time i was sleeping on my back when suddenly i felt someone was watching over me abt 3am in the morning i opened my eyes and i couldnt move i saw this thing that looked a bit human stretched its body from the end of my king size bed pretty close to my face it had such a evil smile then it unstretched it self started walking towards the door turned back and done the evil smile again then disappeared my mum also had it happened to her and she was lying on her side i just got home from clubbing when i heard her morning i went next to her it looked like she was struggling to turn i had a bad feeling so i started to pray for her it left her then she sat up and said she couldnt move and she felt cold and it was like she could see this thing with long grey hair with rotten weird teeth and long tongue licking her face with a smile so not all the time you would be sleeping on your back when it happens on your back maybe its just an easy way for it to get you but i think if it wants to torment you it will doesnt matter how you sleep

  16. yana says:

    when i was 13,i started to have the sleep that time, i was sleeping next to my friend in a room and she was exactly just next to me.we were so tired that night.when i was asleep,suddenly i felt something so heavy was pushing or sitting on my chest.i can’t breathe.i tried to move my hands but i can’t even lift up my finger.i call my friend so lous and i am so sure that i was sceaming like hell calling her name but she gave no response.i pray to God to help me..and after a few minutes..i felt that the heavy thing was gone and and can move my body back.i asked my friend why she didn’t gave any response when i called her but she said, she heard nothing….i told her what happened to me and she asked me to put any clothes or small pillow on my chest before go to sleep….i did…and until now, it never happen to me anymore.

  17. em says:

    Like many of you, i have too experienced a case of a demonic sleep paralysis. Many of us rather go on sites like this to exchange stories because we know many unbelievers and usually to them it would be just another night mare. I am spiritualistic at heart. I dont study or am i either in any type of cult/religion. Im a born catholic with Healer/ spiritualist descendents. So, i can easily sense or make of things that has happened to me. I grew up not much of a good person. I was more of a u mess with me your gonna get yours. I was a grudge holder,i was the go to girl when one of my girls wanted to get back at their ex’s for playing them. So, basically i was a real B word and knowing people were scared of me use to make me happy. I liked people fearing me, people knowing that i wasnt the girl to mess with. At around 2005 i decided i wanted out.

    I felt i couldnt live this way any longer and decided to call it quits. At around this time i had lost 2 very important people in my life, and my personal life was at its peak of heading to another breakdown.

    I decided to just let everything go. On one night, i had my youngest child sleep with me. He actually slept on my right side. I never sleep on my back, usually within a minute or two i will switch over to my side, but on this particular night i somehow fell asleep facing up. When in the middle of the night i got woken up to having my whole entire body being forced and held down on my bed. I felt as if smething was keeping me from screaming out loud, though i tried it just wasnt happening. I was only able to move my head side to side and as i turn my head to my right my baby boy was sound asleep. I cried, (tried to) screamm, yell but noone could hear me. As im laying being held by this force there was a dark shadowy entity floating on my ceiling, there was a head but not a normal persons head but more of a shadowy figure like, like you see on tv. I felt as if this thing wanted to enter my body. I felt as if this was the bad that i so long carried within me that i have slowly let go of and wanted to come back in me. At this point in my life i was being hurt, emotionally by everything that was going on in my life and a part of me wanted to retaliate. I denied it. I didnt want anything to do with this thing, i cried my eyes off that night and all i could think of doing and my last hope was to pray. So i did. I closed my eyes and i prayed to god like never before.
    I prayed the rest of the night until i finally opened my eyes. It was morning.

    I believe everyone has a demon. That was mine. A demon i knew i always carried within me. I no longer wanted and i still dont.

    I try to keep all evil away from me. My main concern is my home. I always keep a clear glass of water in my kitchen. If you can drop a few drops of holy water, marvelous but if you cant its fine. Keep this glass of water somewhere where someone will not throw out! On top of your fridge or corner of your counter. Let others know not to touch. Within a week or 2 your glass will slowly evaporate but the main cause of this is to pull all bad energy or badness from your home! after a week or 2 take your glass outside, try the street but not on your property, and throw the water out over your shoulder.(You can always say a lil prayer and or say keep all bad and evil away from my family and home) Wash glass out do no use your sponge rather a paper towel or your own hands, refill with cold water and place it back in the usual spot. This always makes me feel better.

    My brother has suffered many cases of Demonic and regular sleep paralysis. The one time i actually heard him calling me for help in the middle of the night, i never came to help him. I was woken up by a slight voice calling my name for help
    but when i awoke the calling stopped. I never went to check on him,i kinda shook it off, wasnt sure if i heard what i heard and as i questioned him the following day, he indeed was calling me for help and till this day i feel like a terrible sister for not coming to rescue him from this bad entity.

  18. kris says:

    I had this recurring dream about 4 or 5 years ago, I was sleeping, I mean solid sleeping, and then I would fall in to some kind of dream. in this dream there would be a tall dark figure.. really really tall, couldn’t see his/her face, well in actuality it was more of a “shadow” figure. some nights it used to be stud in my door way, other nights it would be standing beside my bed, all the while it wasn’t saying or doing anything, but just standing there watching me sleep. I couldn’t awaken or say anything until it left my room, this went on for atleast 1 month, used to really freak me out… and then just like that, it stopped. I hope I never experience this again because it is really frightning.

  19. Zach childers says:

    This sleep paralysis just happened to me. Was having a dream about some school I had never been before. I was awoken by something holding me down at about 3:30am. It was a ticklish feeling all on the left side of my chest holding me down. Extremely uncomfortable. I cried out for it to stop but no words came out only shallow breath. Maybe 3 minutes. When it finally let up the house was completely locked and I was home alone. I went to Internet and here.. I ain’t afraid of no ghost.. Well maybe a little. God bless. Z

  20. rachael says:

    It always happens while falling asleep or in a sleep i had a warning once i heard something drop at the end of my bed i had a feeling not to look so ignored it as i was
    falling back to sleep that’s when i felt i was pinned down and couldn’t scream it also can happen while your sleeping in any position all u can do is pray and use your anger to fight
    it off it can happen even while a partner is around awake my ex was watching tv and i was asleep on the floor on my tummy when it happened as i woke up i was pushed down i was screaming i could see my ex on the lounge but he didn’t see me his eyes was on the tv as i tried to push my self up i lifted my head to see a really tall about 7ft black figure standing in front of me then it disappeared i asked my ex he said he didn’t notice anything different in the room.

  21. krikell says:

    i’ve had the same exact experience…good thing it happened to me only once…
    so i just felt the need to wake up for no apparent reason…sit on my bed with the sheets on me and was about to get something to drink…but something was wrong…couldn’t move…the time was about 3….then i heard screaming…it sounded like an old woman crying out loud…like laughing but in a weird way…it was loud. I used to sleep with the lights on…so…i hear footsteps approaching my room. I tried moving,screaming for help or doing something…nothing, i was helpless. I could feel a very bad presence in the room…though i didnt see her i saw her face in my head…it was like a ugly deformed old woman…the footsteps came closer to my room and she was hiding behind the door….i was sweaty, conscious and trust me…fully awake, i felt like the only thing she wanted it was to make me fear not kill me…anyway…i screamed as loud as i could and fortunately my mum heard me and came…she didn’t believe me and i wasn’t expecting her to. When i heard the footsteps and her approaching i thought it was a thief, so i was not so terrified, but when i heard screaming and then her face coming in my head and holding me down on the bed chocking me, i said to myself this is not a thief…this isn’t a dream……….i wish it was a thief, a human…i wish…it would be less terrifying…

  22. Nicole says:

    Something like this happened to me last night.
    I remember I was in the middle of a normal dream then suddenly i felt as if something had entered my body from my back as i ws lying on my side. I felt it inside of me and choking me. I tried to swallow but couldn’t. I tried to move but couldn’t. So I just started asking God in my head to not allow anything bad to happen to my body and to help me. Shortly after that the spirit had left my body. As soon as I could I ran out of my room into my living room. I had to get start getting ready for school but was dead afraid to enter back into my room. I did and I felt this sensation of someone watching me while I was in there the whole time. I took pictures with my camera too see if I could catch any orbs because I do believe in the after life. I caught a few orbs on my camera from around the house.
    I’m afraid to sleep tonight but I am just going to tell the spirt that I am not here to harm them in anyway and I come in peace and to please leave me alone. Then I am going to follow it up with a prayer to God.
    I don’t know what I’m going to do if I experience this again.

  23. Landon says:

    I’ve had these dreams as long as i can remember. When i was too little to understand it was more of a rush dream. As if trapped in a confined space unable to move while a rush of some sort of energy got bigger and bigger. These dreams dissappeared for a few years, then struck again sometime in jr high. first was a lady in white, starring at me from a distance as i lay there unable to move struggling to breath. She visited one more time before the dreams took a different form. Just beaming light, no figures, but the same struggle just to wiggle a toe, breath, or simply wake up. These dreams dissappeared for a few years as well. No in college they have returned. But this time not near as friendly. A dark figure with no definition started them off with a bang, this time i decided to stay in the dream as long as i could to figure out why. Unable to move i remained calm as my mind tried to fight off this figure. It seemed to get stronger and stronger and still nothing i could do to get it too leave. Before it enveloped me i awoke gasping for air. It re-occured a few nights later but on 2 seperate occasions in the same night. Simply terrifying me. My girlfriend who sleeps next to me was awake when one of these experiences overcame me. Apparently i was breathing with extreme irregularity and making short choppy breathing “gasps” of some sort. I woke up sweating and almost in tears apparently she was trying to wake me up for 30 seconds until i finally gained consciousness. Two nights ago i had another one. It has become a regularity for me so i was able to stay somewhat calm even though it has taken a different shape this time. The room was masked with a dark shadow/presence and while i looked for this entity of some sort it showed more physical form. A creature of some sort on a rampage showing much anger and resent. It stayed this way for a few until it charged where i snapped out of the dream before harming myself anymore. These dreams are very scary and i would do anything to make them go away, but they just get more consistent and now vary in what may happen. Paralyzed every time there isn’t much i can do but try to calm my breathing and heart down while i watch everything in my surrounding. These entities definitely have reaction to what i bring through my spirit whether it be angry, stress, or the plea for them to leave.

  24. Jackie says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. Thought I was losing my mind. I’ve had many experiences in my life with sleep paralysis. It all started when I was about 8 years old. I am now 42. My husband says i should write a book!!

    I had recurrent nightmares a lot growing up..same dream every time. It was about this very tall extremely pale, bald man figure who would stand at the foot of my bed. He knows my name & would call out to me on occasion. Sometimes he would laugh at me with this voice so deep & evil sounding…I can’t describe. He wouldnt get on me as some have described back then, but he has recently. He knows I’m afraid…you’d have to been out of your mind not to be. I can’t move, but I’m trying to move my hand to my husband’s side to pinch him. I can’t do it.

    A few months ago, I saw him for 30 days straight. I almost lost my mind because I was scared to go to sleep. He would come to my room every night & torment me. Get on top of me & pin my arms down & laugh in my face. He still knows my name for he calls out to me in that deep evil like voice. I’ve even opened my eyes when it was over to see him leave the room. I also got up one night to get a drink of water & when I entered my kitchen, he was leaning on my cabinet just standing there. When I came in, he turned to look at me. I ran..literally ran back to my room & woke my husband. He looked around but said oh you were dreaming.

    I’ve even had problems in my marriage beause my husband does not believe in this crap. His words, not mine. I have 2 children & I’ve never let them hear me talk about it bc I don’t want to frighten them. One morning, my son got up & came to me & said, mom I couldn’t sleep last night, there was this tall man standing in my doorway watching me. I totally freaked out. I haven’t seen him in awhile & I’m oh so glad.

    It seems that he comes while I’m asleep but doesn’t leave even though I wake up. I try to sleep on my side bc sleeping on my back seems to trigger this. I can also tell when it’s about to take place for I can see in my dream a long winding road with an old gnarled tree in the distance. I’m walking on this road always & the closer I get to the tree, I began to see him coming from behind the tree. I know if I turn back, I won’t have to face him & at times I can do that. But most times I can’t. I don’t know. It’s crazy. I’m not crazy so I don’t need neg. feedback. I’m just trying to figure out why this keeps happening to me.

    • rachael says:

      You need to confront him ask him what he wants you can only do it when you don’t have fear for him and don’t challenge him it will get what ever it is more angry if you believe in jesus speak to him at nights before bed ask him to remove what ever is in your home and while your talking to him you will feel warm inside and fall asleep fast like a child also go around the house with salt it doesn’t need to be sea salt spread it around all the corners of your home and windows try it and see if it works for you when i did it i didn’t get haunted after that they say to do it at least every months but since your having more trouble i would do it every month let us know if it works.

  25. Adam says:

    My wife has experienced it 8 times and me 3 times. the last time it happened was about 4 in the mornin. I was woken by cracking noises in the bedroom.The bed shook and i became paralyised and speechless also in the mind. A 7ft hooded man i’ve seen before pushed my soul out of my body and through the matress and began to steal all my energy. my body was useless but my soul put up a hell of a fight and I won. When i beat him he calmly walked away and closed the bedroom door behind him. My soul returned to my body instantly. It took 2 days to get my energy back.
    We go to bed wearing crosses and say prayers before sleep.
    Advice: Don’t forget prayers, put up a fight, use the name of Jesus if u can manage to talk.

  26. Aika says:

    An entity forced me to my bed and I could not move, I could feel the entity but, could not see it, then, pulled the bed sheet slowly over my body towards my legs, I could see the bed sheet was pulling off by this entity, but I could not stop it, my eyes were open, I could see the room and the bed sheet was falling on the floor, the only thing was I had been totally paralyzed and I had an extreme fear of this entity. This happened to me for a couple of times and always trying to pulling off the bed sheet to to the floor. One time, even whispered to my ear, it sounded like a thick man voice, it was not a language, just a bubbling whispering. I have talked about it with all my friends and surprisingly, half of them told me that they have experienced similar things. I am told that this entity is the devil’s itself and visits people who have done wrong things in their lives, so it becomes your short time or long time friend and visits you from time to time, shows you the fear like you will have this with it forever when your time comes. You are fighting back with the devil by asking God’s help, then, it leaves you alone. Whenever you change your life style and become a better person, God does not allow the devil be with you again, it goes away permanently. I have personally studied this phenomena by reading and talking to many people from different countries, the entity (devil) is real, not a dream and it happens to almost all people from every country, it is changing the shape, voice and the way of attacking, frequency of attacking and certainly terrorizes you. The best fight with it is the moment you ask for God’s help and continue to keep your faith in God.

    • Jackie says:

      I think my lifestyle is ok…yeah there is room for improvement . Rachael I will try what you said. Thanks for the advice. It’s so hard not to be scared though. He’s very frightening to look at. I’ve heard people call him the hat man, but in my world, he wears no hat, but has same characteristics. Have googled him & found all sorts of writings on him. Just hope he doesn’t come around anymore.

    • 28Chris1983 says:

      Well it’s the exact opposite for me, I was pretty wild my whole life and never had problems. Now that im living a much better life, and praying everyday, etc., these things are happening to me more, and stronger than ever.

  27. Gina says:

    . The first time I experienced sleep paralysis I was away at college living in a dorm. I was sleeping on my back -which is rare for me- when I saw a dark shadowy figure of a man standing in the middle of my room.I thought someone had broken in,not an unlikely occurance in a dorm. I could see behind him the light from the hallway shining through the bottom of the door. I felt like he was there to harm me but when I tried to scream and move, i was unable to do either. I finally awakened terrified and when I did, the room appeared exactly as I had seen it with the light shining under the door, minus the dark figure. My eyes must have been open during the paralysis because I am very nearsighted and the figure and my room appeared as blurry as they were when I finally awakened. When I dream, I dream in 20/20 vision, not blurry so there is a part of me that doesn’t buy the science behind the SP explanation.
    This week(25 years later) I had a similar experience but this was far more frightening. I was sleeping on my side when I awakened to see a transparent red blob- like “entity” in front of me that resembled infrared light. I felt like it was evil and wanted to enter my body. I tried to wake up but I could not move. A few seconds later I awoke, still terrrified. The red thing was gone, but I had a pounding migraine. Has anyone had an experience like this? I am a little freaked out. I am someone who considers scientific explanations before considering anything paranormal but this has really got me thinking. Why does everyone who has this experience feel or see a malevolent entity? Why not a funny one, or kind one, or a pretty one? Could this half sleeping almost meditative state make us perceive things that do exist? I don’t know if God or the devil or evil spirits exists but I am not taking any chances and sleeping with my cross around my neck for now on! I am afraid to talk to any friends about this because they will think I am a kook, which I am not. I am a very grounded person. I wish u all a good nights sleep!

  28. Annika says:

    I’ve been reading a good amount of these paralysis stories recently because I had an experience as well. It happened to me three times within a period of a few weeks when I was a teenager. As an adult, I’ve tried to have a very optimistic outlook on life, because when I was sixteen I was VERY depressed. I have a strong belief that that is the reason why I had my experiences. I remember all of them clearly. I went to bed (late) somewhere in september of my Junior year. I woke up some hours later, absolutely TERRIFIED for absolutely no reason. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears, but my breathing was normal. I could look around, but I couldn’t move any muscles. I felt there was something there, but there was no physical being I could see, but i could distinctly feel hands moving across my ribs, slowly pushing harder and harder. I tried to scream, I tried to move away from the pain that was beginning to develop, but couldn’t do a thing. I finally mustered up all of my energy and managed to jerk my head to the side. everything disappeared at once, but it didn’t just vanish. its like it slithered out of my room, on the south side. even the light in my room got brighter (I was still sleeping with my lights on, I never liked the dark as a teenager)
    The second time was only days later. Again, I woke up terrified and could not move. I still didn’t see anything, but this time I felt extreme pressure on my chest and neck, like something was sitting on me. I couldn’t breathe. after a few seconds, I again managed to twitch and the presence slid out of my room, out the south side.
    The last time was the most terrifying. I was on my left side, asleep. I woke up VERY close to the edge of the bed, but was balanced and paralyzed. I felt no pressure on any part of me, but I DID hear and see things. The closest way to describe what I saw what black smoke hovering beside my bed, about three inches from my floor. in was just floating there, not doing anything. What was the most terrifying part was the awful buzzing noise I heard, as well as deep laughter (not the good kind) I finally rolled onto my back after about 4 minutes, and I started to go to therapy for my depression that next week. I haven’t had an experience like this since, and I am now 21.

  29. daisy says:

    I’m wondering…I have had this happen to me as long as I can remember.Most of the time its just not being able to move.On a few occasions I have sensed a evil presence,and seen shadows moving when no one was there.But on a seperate occasion when I was young I saw a black hooded figure drifting from my room to my parents.I have read that these hooded beings are linked to sleep paralysis.Any clue what these hooded beings are?This is the biggest mystery in my life.Are these two things linked?Is it evil?Seeing the hhoded being didnt scare me(strangly)but the sleep paralysis does scare me.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hi, few yrs ago maybe in 1997 when i was 9-12 yrs old, i experience this type of energies, i did not know it was like demmons or ghost that need to get energy while someone is sleep. what happen to me at that age….i felt sleep in the leaving room because my room was very dark that i couldn’t see anything i had no windows, but in two occations i was in the couch and i feel i was in between blocks that i couldnt move i try pulling those blocks with my hands but in my head or dreams i couldnt, i couldnt move my arms it was heavy to push everything that was on top of me….and i was sleep, but in my head i feel everything was real. I pray too, then i would wake up and move my hands and touch one hand with the other and say to my self it was just a dream thank you god but couldnt go back to sleep because i had that fear of having the same dream. I also felt my arms with lot of tickles like if they were asleep for a lot of presure that they had. the second occasion happen the same thing but i was in between of a lot of toilet paper, i was laying down but the room was full of toilet paper and i couldnt get out and i couldnt move because the toilet paper was heavy….and i didnt pray and anything the second time i just wake up crying because i was desesperate that i wasn’t able to wake up. the other time was just that i was falling from a top building maybe 20 floors or more, that i throw myself but never got to the floor, and right 20 or 30 feets before getting to the floor i would wake up, crying and scare touching all my body cuz i felt my body with high pressure, feeling my head that wanted to explote my hands shaking and all my body like very hot like up to 100 degrees and sweat. and i experience this a lot of times maybe 7 or 8 times that i remember….AND right now i was reading your story i remember all that happen to me, but i just didn’t pay any attention and never say anything to anybody. but i thou they were only dreams and now i understand they weren’t only dreams.thank you for sharing that and all know

  31. Chris H. says:

    I awoke this morning around 2am and i got this strange feeling I cant describe all over my body and when i tried to get up i couldn’t. I was sleeping on my back in my recliner with my arms crossed, and the harder I tried to move the greater the weight became. After a minute or so I finally fought hard enough to move my arms about 8 inches from my chest then they were sucked back to my body like a magnet on a refrigerator. I then tried lifting my leg’s, I got my feet about 3 or 4 inches up before they got sucked back too. That’s when I wanted to scream for help and couldn’t. Finally I started begging God for help in my mind and fought with all my might to break free and I did. I ran downstairs with tears in my eye’s, and I don’t do that. The whole situation lasted about 4 minutes. This is the first time this happened to me in years. I just consider myself lucky that I wasn’t being choked this time, those are the scariest ones.

  32. Jesica says:

    Well I have experienced sleeping paralysis for years now, I happened to me often when I slept on my chest not when I sleep on my back and I can’t move o say anything at all. Last experiences were with my boyfriend, and he saw a black shadow on my side of the bed. Today in the morning while I was half asleep I felt like someone sat on my bad and then I asked my mother because at that moment she was in my room playing in my computer and she said that she did not sat on my bed at all, at night I always feel like there is someone watching me, I can’ fall asleep easily.

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