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My Dreams

Posted on October 9, 2009

I thought that was the end of my experiences ( Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences ), but looking at the dreams section, I have remembered some more I want to share with you. I have always had very vivid dreams, some, not necessarily all coming true, but all seem to have symbolic importance in the coming days, weeks, or even sometimes years. I more often than not have deja vu experiences even if I havent ever:

a) done this before
b) seen places or people before or
c) really ever thought about these things when I am conscious. I havent really wanted to tell people about them as most people I worry that people will think I am quite mad.

Prophetic dream/ Out of Body experience: Puss in Boots and Australia

This was round about the time that I came to understand that I had a gift of some form, if only you could call it a gift, it still does not make much sense to me. This happened around 1994.

This dream began at the entrance of a shopping area somewhere I had never been to before. I started going up an escalator when my cat appeared and we had a conversation, needless to say I wasnt at all phased by the fact that my cat was:

a) walking upright
b) that he was talking to me
c) that he was dressed in a puss in boots costume, complete with pirate red boots and
d) that he was actually out and about with me rather than in our house.

He was riding the handhold and telling me to look around me and remember as much detail as possible. Obviously I took as much of it in and thanked him. Then I woke up, and that was that I thought. Until we went to Australia for the first time about six months later with my family. Sure enough we rocked up to this shopping mall, I think it may have been in Brisbane, when sure enough, I had that de je vu feeling and I looked around at the layout, the escalators, and shops around me and knew I had been here before when I remembered my dream. I said to them Hey Ive been here before and as would be expected, they just looked at me like I am mad.

Reoccurring prophetic dreams:

I have these re-occurring dreams. I never really understood the importance of them until about eight years ago. These dreams differ slightly, and I still cannot figure out what it all means except I have come to understand them as my unconscious giving me the heads-up about something rather major, and bad coming my way.

It always starts at school. These dreams are so vivid even though I havent been to those places for over 12 years ago at least. What is weird is it is always an amalgamation of all the different schools I have been to, so I recognize them but cant differentiate at the time which place it is, either of the three of the four secondary schools I attended. There is always a fear of being caught out, and of being watched, but in my dreams I seem not to care too much about this.

As I said, it starts at school, I am wandering around the various places, the corridors, rooms I used to frequent, the swimming pool, these are different each dream, but am always drawn to the girls changing rooms. Then I find myself in them and looking for something, be it money or goods to take of value, so to my horror I am looking in bags, and coats left there.

In my dream I am worried about being spotted by someone, but never get caught. Then I wake up, and know something is going to happen in the next few weeks. I wish I knew more about the subject. The amount of trouble I end up in the real world depends on the quantity and goods which I end up pilfering. When these dreams happen I know something is amiss and keep my eyes peeled. They have never been wrong before. If anyone could give me some insight, that would be fab.

I dont know yet again what the importance was apart from to make me aware of my ability.

Prophetic dream: Meeting people before I meet them

This has happened on many occasions to me, I thought before that maybe these people are supposed to be important to me in some way, but that is not necessarily the case. These do not come under the title of re-occurring dreams, but happen regularly enough to me.

The first time that happened, and I told this guy I had never met before until he joined my class in the before mentioned secondary schools that I had seen him in a dream, of which I did, how often do you dream about a beautiful Canadian guy who you had never met before and have him appear for real? He did the quintessential, “sorry, I have no idea who you are you mad woman” look at me, and I never really figured out his significance.

The other noteworthy situation being, I dreamed about this girl in my dream, with red hair, and a black velvet cloak on, chanting spells when I was in the first year of university. Then I thought nothing more about it until I moved into another student digs in Uttoxeter new road, Derby, when lo and behold, guess who strolled in as a housemate, no one other than the girl I saw in my dream.

When she was settled in and we got to know each other better, I told her about my dream about her, and she told me that she was a Wiccan and did indeed own a black velvet cloak, and practiced magic, and spells. Weird but brilliant. So we are still in contact, but yet again, the importance of that moment, I have very little idea.

Prophetic dream: The haunted house

So this also happened just before I finished university in Derby I think. It was just before my ex boyfriend and I broke up. The importance of this dream is one that I have been able to break it down and understand it in its composite parts.

So both of us were walking around this dark wood, and I was taking all that I had learned from watching horror movies into mind and was very careful of not wandering off on my own, made sure I had a weapon in hand in case anything happened. We eventually came to this clearing, where this ominous house stood at the end of this garden.

However, I needed the bathroom, and even though we knew it was a haunted house, I was not one of those people that would go to the loo in a haunted forest. So we walked in, and there were people there, thankfully, none looking like psychopaths or zombies strangely enough they were people we knew too. There was a feeling of dread and sadness throughout the house though and refused to go anywhere by myself.

We are directed to the bathroom, which was at the end of this corridor, he decided to sit and chat to people whilst I did my business. So I started walking but the corridor was like the one from Poltergeist. It just kept getting further and further away, until I had to break into a run, desperately needing to go, and leave this house as soon as possible. I eventually made it, and threw the door open, and did what I needed to do.

Then I woke up, and realized that I still needed to go. So I ran for the loo. Luckily I had the foresight to write this dream down once I had gotten back to bed, and knew, that we were doomed. The haunted house was a reflection of our relationship, being hounded by our mutual bad doings, and that the end was nigh, it was just a matter of time. And so it was.

Finally, before I finish another of my epic story telling sessions, I have one more prophetic experience to share with you, but not one from my dreams. It is to do with my pet dog.


Her name was Sophie; she was lovely, with her white and black patch over her eye and black patch on her back. She was only like six months older than me, and had been with our family for her sixteen years. She was the loveliest sweetest dog in the world, apart from having a penchant for biting socks, eating tissues and rubber bands (she loved them I dont know why, it may have been the texture) and attacking the Hoover.

She was suffering from basically her insides giving in, she had serious kidney problems and she couldnt walk very well because of arthritis in her back legs, and because she couldnt help herself any more she was kept outside. So one evening when our parents were out, my sister and I were playing with her in the garden, and I had this weird feeling come over me. I seem to be able to predict death unfortunately amongst other things.

I turned to my sister, when I saw this shadow fall on our Sophie that looked like a cross, said Shes going to die tomorrow. She didnt believe me being much younger than me, but sure enough after a hard day at school, I was only fourteen or so at the time, we came back, and our parents were in pieces, and I knew it had happened.

They had to take her down to the vet and have her put down as it was too cruel to keep her suffering like that. I have never seen my Daddy in pieces like that, but because I was strengthened by my fore-knowledge I supported him in his time of need. My poor Mi-Ming, who I mentioned in the Puss and boots story, was distraught as she had basically brought him up from when we adopted him as a very small kitten.

On a happier note, I had a dream after this terrible day, whereby I was watching my crazy dog run from the front of the house, in and up the stairs with much zest and energy like she would have had as a much younger dog, running up to our level of the house looking like she was having the time of her life, back and forth giving little yips of happiness grinning in her quintessentially silly Sophie way.

As because of her health problems, and her incontinence she was not allowed in except for very cold weather. I think this was her way of saying she was free and happy at last, and I knew she was in peace. She does still come and visit us occasionally, when we walk by the front of the house, and you can, still after all these years, smell her and we know she is still looking out for us.

I keep meaning to write a dream diary, I will do that this year, as these dreams seem to be too important to miss.

Sent in by “Rhoehypnol” Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “My Dreams”
  1. Camille says:

    Very Good!
    I, too, have “dreams”, sometimes, I have an idea what they are telling me,
    like something that my not be going “right” in my life.
    I, too, have had dreams of prophecy. Those are usually not good; usually they do
    denote that someone will be passing away. The most vivid one I had was about
    a year or more prior to the passing of my grandmother. When the event leading to her
    death happened, it was just like my dream, down to the colors of the clothing we were all wearing, the room setting, the circumstances. But at the time I had the dream, I thought it was a “worry” dream, due to the fact that the circumstance of my involvement would have meant that I would have to be living near my grandmother. At the time of my dream I was living about a 6 hour drive from my grandmother. By the time of the actual event I was living only 10 minutes from her.
    Appreciate all of the “de je vu” moments, many physics say that this is a message to
    you that you are on your correct “Life’s Path”.
    I know that I appreciate all of mine, especially since I have learned this, they used to
    weird me out some, now, since I understood what they denote, I am so happy to have
    them occur.
    Also, don’t feel alone in telling people that you have seen them in a dream, I have told
    several people over the years the same. I have told them things that were going to
    happen to them before they have happened. Most of these have been good insights
    for them.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your experiences!

  2. Tony L. says:

    Your dreams sound mostly like normal dreams. As far as your dog goes, it seems that you are very observant and your subcontious was letting you know what you had already detected in your pet. I was reading a book on dreams and defining them not long ago and your- “The amount of trouble I end up in the real world depends on the quantity and goods which I end up pilfering. ” sounded text book as far as It’s explanation of dreams went. It’s good that you keep a journal of your dreams. More people should do that.

  3. Hannah says:

    I too have certain “powers”. Except they are telepathetic, not telepathic. (haha) anyway, once i had this dream about my mom’s friend bringing a portrait of three asian women’s faces one at the top, one at bottom, and one in the middle, into our house and displaying it where my mom said to, in the living room. the next day, i saw my mom’s friend bring in the same portrait from my dream into the living room and putting it up in the same spot. creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. anyway my point being that i never saw the picture before and it was really weird but not very important in any way. its been years and nothing’s happened regarding the picture.

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m sorry for your loss!

  5. kassie says:

    Really interesting! I like reading your stories, I’ve read the other entry too. Please do continue to write them! :)

  6. N.i.x says:

    As a person who believes in reason/sciences (though i believe in more than what i see, smell, touch, taste, & hear). I feel that dreams in a “textbook” form are the result of our constant thinking…those ideas that we can’t put into words, or those “lost ideas”…you know the ideas that one day you have the next its gone unless you write it…

    I think that if you believe in something strongly enough it can be “real”…like prophecies or visions, it could all be a coincidence. Maybe a photo that you glanced at…and your brain put it together in your sleep, sometimes something that we see is lucid until we see it once more.

    I’ve had times when i first thought that i never saw something, but when i looked around i saw what it was that put that idea in my dreams…sometimes there not even related…mine was a locket…the design in my dream was from a lock on my closet (lock + closet= Locket )…you just never know ;}

  7. Rhoeypnol says:

    Surely that is the entire point of dreams, it is in my mind a reflection of all the subtlities that you may not have noticed when you are awake but are replayed back to yourself in your sleep. That is why dream study is important. Because you might not neseccarily understand all you see when you are awake because of all the other distractions. I get what you ar esaying about lost ideas. However, how does that explain seeing people you have never met before except in a dream?

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