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Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences

Posted on October 8, 2009

Please bear with me, I have quite a bit here.

Death in the Family

My Experience:

I come from a long line of psychics, and I must have been about seven when during an afternoon nap I woke up after a very frightening dream. At the time, we were living in Mount Butler in Hong Kong Island and Moms family live in Capiz in the Philippines.

I ran out of my bedroom into a room full of family and family friends to tell my mom about it. I saw this Filipino man in a wooden box, dressed in a cream shirt and brown trousers, and lots of our family were around him crying.

As a young child I had never seen a dead person before and was distraught by this experience. My family consoled me and told me not to worry, but it brought to their attention that I too had the gift.

It was only a few years later that I was told that the person I saw was my uncle who had been shot by the local militia in my Moms village in Philippines, and it surmises that the clothes I saw him in were the clothes he was buried in. So it turns out that I had a psychic snapshot of the actual Filipino funereal rights whereby the body is kept in the family house for a period of weeks so grieving people can pay their respects to him.

This brother of my Moms, she had been having prophetic dreams around the time, warning him to leave the town because something bad was going to happen to him. He didnt believe her and was shot by the local militia after a dispute. It is Filipino superstition that during this period that the body was stored in the family house that the spirit visits the family on the 3rd, 5th and 7th days after their death. This as it turns out was during this time that we both had these visitations.

Mom was in the kitchen washing dishes when she heard who she thought was Daddy coming back from work, and she saw a man from the corner of her eye standing in the doorway wearing a light shirt and brown trousers. So she chatted to Daddy for about five minutes about his day, and what he had been up to, when it occurred to her that he didnt answer her back once. She turned around to ask him a question, and then she realized there was no one in the doorway at all.

It was at this point she was a little bit spooked as she remembered my description of Uncle Fred in his coffin and hurriedly went to check on Daddy. He had in fact come in when she heard him come in, but had just fallen asleep on the bed, fully clothed, and nit wearing brown trousers and a light shirt. So it was her brothers way of saying goodbye, and I guess to say sorry for not having listened to her when she warned him.

Bunk-bed Fright

A few years later, it was 1987 round about the time that Edward Youle, Hong Kongs governor at the time passed away. We were still living in the same flat in Mount Butler, but my sister and I had moved from the room we were in as that had been converted into Moms nursery where she looked after pre-school children during the day time. We were now in the room where I would have as my bedroom until we moved over to the New Territories.

I must have been nine so my sister would have been about four. We shared a bunk-bed, and her being smaller stayed on the lower bunk. I awoke to pitch black, and the sound of flip flops walking up and down our corridor. I thought this was strange as it is custom to remove your shoes at the front door, and to wear slippers around the house. As I heard these flip flops get closer and closer to my door, sheer terror took over.

I whispered down to my sister Kris, can you hear that? no one answered back, so I was trapped on the top bunk with no where to go with this noise coming closer and closer. I hid my head under my blanket, like kids do, wishing it to go away. I said this time, more insistently Kris, can you hear that? and something hissed back at me Yessssssssssssssssss- that did not sound like my little sister at all. At this point I was terrified.

I tried to gather all of my strength to get out of the bed but I was too scared. After what felt like a millennia, I eventually gathered enough courage, to jump off the top of my bed, ensuring by no means that I touched the lower bunk and charged into my parents room across the corridor from our room. I was so embarrassed being so old and being scared I didnt actually get into their bed, but spent the rest of the night curled up in a ball at the foot of their bed.

It turns out that my sister wasnt in our room at all that night. My question was what was that in the corridor, and in the bunk bed with me?

The Strange Pink Light

Around this time of the strange occurrence with the flip flops, we were still living in flats in Mount Butler, my Daddy; a complete atheist had an experience of his own. Daddy does not believe in the supernatural, and if God actually spoke to him, he still wouldnt believe it. He was lying in bed one night when he woke up for no reason to this pink sphere to appear on the wall opposite to their bed. It seemed to come out of the wall, and sit there and go back into the wall again.

He was puzzled by this and went to investigate. He checked out where the possible light source could be coming from, the curtains, no, we were on third floor so it couldnt have been vehicle lights, he went into the bathroom, all lights were off, and couldnt have come from there either. He got back into bed and tried to wake Mom up to show her. She was having none of it, and kept her head under the sheets. Well the sphere appeared again, and came out of the wall, suspended somehow, then sunk back in and disappeared. He never did figure out what that was or where it came from.

Running Ghost

When he was working in the Royal Hong Kong Police he had another experience. At this point he was a superintendent and managed a section of the traffic police. They were doing their rounds when a speed camera on the road flashed for no reason. They went to investigate, and it flashed again- with no cars in the near vicinity. They thought nothing more of it until the pictures were developed, and on one of the photos there is a distinct picture of a person, blurred apparently running very fast. So fast it set off a speed camera?

The Ghost Dog

When we were still living in Mount Butler, I had one other experience that reaffirmed my belief in the supernatural, and two other people I was with experienced it too. I must have been about fourteen, when my sister and my best friend at the time decided to go for a walk in the countryside. So where we lived was surrounded by Hong Kong countryside which as perfect for me as I was a tomboy, and spent as much of my time as possible out and about exploring and climbing trees.

We walked off out of our flat, up the hill and towards this quarry. After passing the quarry we came across this stream to our left. We saw this Great Dane coming towards us with blood shot eyes. It seemed oblivious to us, and a cold breeze shot past with it. I turned to my friend Martin and said, Did you feel that coldness?- And being kids, thought nothing more of it, and carried on exploring.

Obviously with Hong Kong being so small large dogs are unusual and we happened to know the owners, so when we returned home we went to Daddy and said we saw Mr. (I forget the name)s Great Dane up the road without his owner, running. Daddy said thats odd, because the dog died of a heart attack a few weeks ago. As it goes, it had been running up the road on a very hot day with its owner and decided to go for a dip in the stream, but the coldness gave him a heart attack and he died then and there.

Why he chose to show himself to us, we will never know. However, being kids, we were all well and truly spooked.

Diana Experience

Just before I started University in UK, I was visiting some friends in Cardiff. I was feeling very odd that night, and as we were heading out into town a premonition hit me. I turned around to my friend and said Something very big is going to happen tonight. He just looked at me like I was stark raving mad, so I dropped it. So we went out and had a lark and came back thinking nothing more of it. Imagine our surprise when we woke up in the morning and splashed all over the news was coverage on Dianas death.

Uttoxeter Cemetery experience

So I started uni in Derby in the Midlands, and where I was living was Student digs on Uttoxeter New Road. I was heavily into my Goth influence back then, not so much now, but I still love old cemeteries and dramatic clothing. There was this beautiful one on our road that I used to visit regularly and read and draw with many beautiful statues and old old grave stones. One day my ex boyfriend and I went to visit it as it was a lovely day turning to evening.

So we wondered around looking at all the grave stones, and the statues, trying to find the oldest tombstone we could. It must have been coming up to winter time as the sun set quickly, and we realized in a panic that the gate had been closed so we were locked in the Cemetery and had to find another way out. So we walked along the perimeter looking for a likely tree to help us over the wall, when the sun just disappeared and we were pitched into almost complete darkness.

Then for no reason at all, the mist appeared over the headstones so it was hard to avoid the graves themselves. So it suddenly looked just like a horror movie set, trying to avoid broken tombstones, and holes in graves, and that damned mist in the dark. By this point I was pretty panicked, frantically trying to get out, with this feeling of overwhelming dread descending over me, and all cells in my body telling me to leave right now!

We eventually scrambled over a wall into the student bar, and that feeling just lifted, just like that. Its only a few months ago, that I was looking on line about ghosts in Derby that I found out that that very cemetery is very haunted. Brilliant, I have wanted to go back there for ages now.

Written by “Rhoehypnol”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences”
  1. Lindsay says:

    wow that is one odd experience mine are very minor but made me take an interest in the paranormal. I’ve been looking up stories and doing reasearch and your story interests me.thanx for posting it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great collection of stories. I had an experience once just like yours, about the cemetery. Your mind tends to get to you, making you feel like you’re in a horror movie! Wonderful stories though, thank you for sending it in.

  3. kassie says:

    Every story was very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I do have a question though, being a psychic, can you call upon ur gift at command, or do you have to wait till something comes to you?

  4. RHoehypnol says:

    Thanks for your great feeback! As for my ability to call upon my gifts, my dreams I have little or no control over, but I know from the emotion surrounding the dream as to the outcome, so it kind of prepares me for the future I guess. I am very sensitive of places, and people and pick up very easily on their energies, like the difference between Port Aurthur in Tazmania, and Melbourne Gaol. Port Aurthur felt so very sad, and the feeling of loneliness and isolation was a marked difference between the rage and malice I experienced in Melbourne Goal. I forgot about that! I will have to write about that experience too very soon. In situations, I can call up my gift (lets say if I am uncomfortable or unsure in someone elses company, I can read them to find out what kind of person they are, and I am very rarely wrong) and my maternal link with my mother is still very strong even though she now lives on the other side of the planet to me, and strangely, recently I have been able to pick up on my sisters personal experiences without being there. I hope this answers your questions.

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    yes thank you for the great stories!

  6. BobMan123 says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Your stories were really interesting!

  8. Rhoehypnol says:

    There is actually one more expereince I have rememebered regarding where I live now. I was in the bathroom doing waht people do in the bathroom, when this image of this guy just formed in my head, and from the feel of the atmosphere he was standing looking into the bathroom I was in. Just looking, with his head leaning into the bathroom. He looked about in his fifties, caucasian, with gray longish hair past his ears, wearing a red checked flannel looking shirt and what could have been gray slacks or jeans. Obviously I thought this was weird, but I put it off as a random pervy passing ghost. I wasnt scared, I am pretty sensitive to energies, but I very rarely have I seen anything this intensely, and for the life of me I still have no idea why he showed himself to me looking at me on the loo. Until, I brought this up randomly with two different people (on different occasions) who lived in the flats since they were built asking about the people that used to live where I do now, and imagine my surprise when not one, but two, both agreed and confirmed the description I was giving. So it seems I have a ghostie visitor that likes watching people on the loo.

  9. Cheza says:

    With the last one you said you were trieing to find the oldest grave? interesting, a myth of grave gaurdians is the first one buried in a cemetry is the grave gaurdian, some were killed in the graveyard to insure a GG. they are suppose to keep people out. if that helps…

    Oh, I’m part Philpino, so I now about the myths and legends.

  10. Kahren says:

    ..yeah..cool and thrilling stories..
    .nice collections of experiences..

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