Stay Away From Ouija Boards

Posted on November 12, 2009

Everyone stay away from Ouija Boards! I played around with one when I was 22 years old, two years ago. I have never written my story and the people I told did not believe me. So now I just keep it to myself.

I was visiting some friends and playing with the board. It was the first time it was working for me. We were drinking and talking to it all night long. It was telling us a lot of true things that no one would know. You could literally feel the energy under the shot glass, you could tell it wasn�t us moving it. It told us it was a child around 12 that was stuck in between worlds. He had committed suicide. His life was a mixture of my friends and my life. Which we did not notice until later and it made us relate to this thing more.

After being awake and drinking almost all the booze only one of my friends and I were awake. I told it to come home with me and I would take care of it. I do not know why I said that to be honest. I guess I felt bad for the little boy spirit. And having haunted houses my whole life it wouldn�t bother me to have one more ghost. As soon as I said that I got a bad feeling and so did my friend. He explained he did not want to play anymore that he had never had this feeling before. I convinced him to keep playing and asked it � Do you believe in GOD?� I kept asking it that until the shot glass was moving so fast it went off the board and it was obvious we were angering this entity.

We both went to bed and did not talk about it again. I went home and met up with my boyfriend at the train station. He came back to my house where we had to drop off things before we went to his house. I left the room and when I returned he said he heard knocking outside of my bedroom window. I did not care at the time.

We went to his house and he started to act really weird. He did not want to touch me or talk to me or anyone. We went to bed after hanging out with his roommates. In the middle of the night he woke up freaking out. He would not come back into the bedroom and said he was having troubles breathing. Eventually I noticed he was fine and was getting upset that he was not come back into the bedroom I went by myself. As I was in there I heard two men talking to each other in the kitchen. Then my boyfriend came into the bedroom and told me he saw a shadow of a man standing at the end of the bed staring at me. He yelled out in a panic �you have evil spirits all around you!� All of a sudden he was fine and had no idea why he said that.

Confused he said we should go to bed. I laid down and within a couple minutes I started to notice I couldn�t stop shaking. I was so cold. But I was sweating uncontrollably. I was irritated. All my muscles hurt. I wanted to rip out my hair! And I started pulling on it because of the annoyance. I was pacing back and forth. I couldn�t stop then I started to notice I couldn�t breath. It felt like every 5 minutes a hand was coming inside of my lungs and taking out my breath bit by bit. My boyfriend noticed what happened to him was happening to me but 100 times worse. I was panicking and started to see two entities in my head. They looked like monsters. My boyfriend told me to get in bed. He was holding me and was extremely worried. I yelled out I want to talk to my spirit guides. And immediately I was fine. I was in shock! Me and him started to compare experiences to notice they were the same. We filled each other in on little extra things we were seeing like �shadow people� voices, noises throughout the house while my little �freak out�.

The silence and calm lasted about 10 minutes. Then all of a sudden it started again. But even worse if that was possible. My whole body went numb and the sensation was pins and needles everywhere! I saw in my head a hand above me and then my whole body started shaking like someone had grabbed me and was shaking me. I screamed. My boyfriend grabbed onto me and started holding me. I was begging him to take me to the hospital because I thought I was going to die. And if he wasn�t there I would of gotten possessed or died.

I started gasping for breath and giving up. Partially because of fear, partially because I had no control and knew these entities were so much stronger than me. I started telling my bf my good bye�s and giving him messages to tell loved ones. I was calling on angels and spirit guides in my head, and the response I was getting was a voice in my head saying that I have no angels that spirit guides don’t exist. My boyfriend grabbed me and hugged me and started coaching me to breath properly. He talked to me for an hour as I cried motionless. He made me do visualizations of loving places and things. Telling me how much he loved me and making me tell him things I loved etc. I saw in my head two beings starting to fight off these entities and I started to breath normal again. And stopped shaking and feeling cold and sweating. Eventually it was over and me and him went to bed.

In the morning his room was freezing and we had noticed that the heater in his closet with an extension cord going through his floor under his house had somehow been unplugged. But no one had gone under the house within the time we were sleeping. I found myself to be irratable with anyone that talked to me. I felt depressed and drained.

My boyfriend tried telling his best friend what happened but as he did the radio turned on by itself and the volume went up. These entities were not gone they stuck around for a week�. well for me. Lights flickered. It was terrifying to sleep because of nightmares I would have and dreams that felt like I was awake and fighting a been holding me down but then I would awake. Hearing people walking up and down the stares all over the house. Weird noises throughout the house. Even one night I astral projected, which I have never done since then. I saw shadow people following me down the street. My boyfriend and I felt drained and tired all the time. But we did not sleep because of fear. We did not leave each others sides because of fear. We had to force ourselves to eat. We were never hungry. And I started to think evil thoughts that I would never think.

My boyfriend was distant and would not tell me a lot of what was happening to him but he would awake at night too from nightmares. And was getting haunted too. One day the freezer door opened up by itself and hit me. That’s when I knew I had to do something more because it was getting stronger. My mom saw a picture of my eyes at the time and they were a different color almost a different shape. It wasn�t me.

I went to a person I knew who is a spiritual counselor who has the gift of seeing into different worlds. She did not want to touch me at first even with me not telling her what happened. Later she gave me a sheet to read to get rid of this thing. To my surprise it was positive but assertive telling them they had to leave but thanking them for experience and letting them go with LOVE > ( if you maintain love nothing can hurt you).

While she was writing this I saw under her door a shadow pacing back and forth waiting for me to get out of the room. This woman told me she was protected and nothing can come in the room that is a negative spirit or demon. The more she wrote and gave me instructions. The more I started to hate her for no reason and thinking horrible thoughts. I was even going to freak out for a second and rip up the paper. But I fought these thoughts ( that were not mine) I forced myself to eat healthy foods because she told me they were draining me physically/ emotionally mentally for whatever they had planned. I ended up doing the visualizations and reading the paper. It took around 3 days after doing this visualization and paper and me fighting to eat and be healthy for these things to go away fully. Now your probably wondering why my bf got attacked when he didn’t play. My spiritual counselor said that when you say words and feeling of love and have sex you have cords to that person that connect. Which is why sometimes you can �feel� something’s wrong with them etc.

My boyfriend refused to read paper. In fact he started telling me it never happened. He continued to have nightmares. His attitude changed to a unhealthy negative, we started fighting all the time and eventually broke up. His house was over the top haunted after that and everyone knew it! And I still see shadow people.

My one friend playing the Ouija board does not play anymore. And her sister is obsessed with it. The last I heard from her she was having the same dreams as I was having, Her house is haunted from it. With doors locking themselves continuously, opening and closing, door knobs shacking, the board telling her that her sister is dead, telling her to turn the TV on and she wont feel pain anymore, because they want to talk to her, telling her to go the bathroom that locks itself all the time by herself , �no more pain ***** no more pain*****� it says. She wanted to get rid of the board and now she uses it all the time. It works for her every time. And no matter how afraid she will get and taunted by these creatures she still plays with it.

I don’t know your religious belief but I’m telling you there is light and dark out there. Love and hate. That board is nothing but hate and dark. They will get close to you, they will tell you what you want to know, They want you to trust them. But what their after is to hurt you. Anything that lives and thrives off fear is not good. And has nothing but pain to offer in the end.

Sent in by Nicole, Copyright 2009

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36 Responses to “Stay Away From Ouija Boards”
  1. child like says:

    I believe you. I am so sorry you had to go thru that and lose your boyfriend in the process but I am glad you are ok. Do the evil spirits still bother you? Do you go to church? I am a catholic religion and I think talking to a priest might easy your thoughts and makes you feel better. I am so glad your mother helped you.
    Something happen to me when I was a little girls but my mother did not believe me and til this day she still does not believe me and it still hurts to just know I did not have her on my side with support eventhough it was not a bad spirit; it was a good spirit but at least if my mother would of believed me i wouldn’t of thought i was crazy to make something up like that. Well enough about me and again I believe you. Be safe and God Bless you and be with you always.

  2. Bobby says:

    Hey there, i read your story, and is quite frightening. how are you doing?

  3. Darren says:

    Ouija boards are indeed dangerous and misunderstood. I have spent alot of time and effort trying to keep an entity from following me. Some holy oil from Jerusalem, and fervent prayer has been effective. I do have a question, did it identify itself by name?

    The reason I ask is because alot of people are reporting spirit contact through Ouija Boards.which calls itself ZoZo. And their stories are all over the internet.

  4. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Nicole,,,,,that was a great post,, you mentioned somethng that i havent, but thought about.!!! ..alcohol..,. it seems that in my life,,, at times there has been more activity when alcohol was involved….. i dont know if we are more careless, or , that it opens us up more???? i have posted and commented many stories here,,,, but none,, when drinking… i dont drink, anything like i used to, in fact, not much at all, due to my health.. but,, wow,, that is a whole new world…

    Maybe,, we have more guts, when we are under the influence,, i dont know!!!! of course,, with me, all of this started as a child,, no alcohol involved… but,, as we get older, and we drink, or whatever, i wonder if it is possible that we encounter more paranormal activity??

    i would like to hear from you and others about this!!!!

    i really enjoyed your story!!!! i hope you are well and safe….

    Darren,, what is zozo?? never heard of it???

    shouting out, a huge,, hug,,,, to child like!!!!!

    God bless us all, and keep us protected!!!! ktm

  5. Manik says:

    Wow this experience of yours is indeed scary and it is indeed nice of you to share your experience with us! I hope you are doing good and well and i am sorry for your state of situation. With love [email protected][email protected]! HI CHILD LIKE HOW Ya doing!

  6. Sandy says:

    I really dn’t understand why you people take things for granted…? inviting problems… there in your story you say your friend still continues to play the STUPID CRAP OUIJA BOARD though she has bad experiences. Please understand that God has brought you into this world for a purpose not for ruining your life & giving in to dangerous things. He has shed his precious blood for you & me. Please do not play that creepy thing anymore, Jesus loves you, please do not decide you destination, God has beautiful things in store for you & your loved ones. Read the Holy Bible & you will learn a lot of truth & the immeasurable love that our Lord has for us. You are precious in his eyes & he loves you.

    Recite this as often as you can.

    “Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. Remember, O LORD, your great mercy and love, for they are from of old. Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me, for you are good, O LORD.”
    Psalm 25:4-7

    God be with you, stay blessed

  7. child like says:

    I understand what you are saying Sandy. I agree with you but you have to understand after using the board it’s like a drug addiction and can’t leave it by yourself. She needs help, good friends who can stop her and counseling from a priest who would know how to stop it.

  8. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Sandy, thank you for the prayer hun,, that was wonderful…..

    caretaker,, wow,, thank you for the websites,,, you are trully amazing!!!

    a shout out to childlike,, how are ya hun???

    God bless,, ktm

  9. child like says:


    hi it’s good to hear from you. How are you doing? Are the results back? I am praying for you always. A big huge goes your way…………….

    I am doing good. He has left me alone. I am not stressed like i used to be and I am sleeping now. I can’t seem to eat like I should but I think in time I will. I only eat once a day when I get home after work. But I am much better now.

    Hi guys out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Childlike,, i am so glad that things are going well for you!! maybe, between your Aunt and our prayers, it worked…………………… will feel better over time, it takes a while for your body to come back to normal,, just give it time!!!!

    I will say this,,, all of your prayers have helped me,, for sure!!! mentally i am feeling great, better than i have in a long time.. physically, still very weak and tired.. i do feel very mentally strong, as if i can handle anything that comes my way…. i know there will be a battle ahead…

    i am still in the process of having more tests,, you know how long it takes when you are seeing different docs!!!!! my neuro wants me to redo the blood work that i had done by her, as she wasnt happy with the results……

    i did have a shock when i went for my yearly physical, and the blood work was off… and the EKG wasnt right…Oh,, and i will be getting a mole removed off my back,, looks cancerous…… . i wasnt expecting any of that….

    I will be having a heart scan soon, and then i will probably be seeing a cardiogogist…. and the blood work from my neuro,,, i will probably be seeing a cancer specialist..

    i hope to have all of this resolved by the end of the year,,,, i just want one doc. to have all of the results in front of them, so we can figure out a treatment plan…but,, we are well in to November,, so,, it might lag on into the new year…..

    I have been sick for so long,, everything has been put onto, MS and Fibromyalgia for many years, as the blood work was always fine….. The past 2 days have been very rough,, it could have been a virus,, who knows???? i am feeling a bit better today…..

    Now,, excluding MS and Fibro, as, the MRI showed that things are moving very slowly,, now, we are in a new ball game….. like i said,,, i am so glad that something is finally showing up, as i knew that my symptoms where not MS and Fibro. related.. i just know my body very well…….

    keep me in your prayers hun,, i trully need them,, but,, i will get through this,, i am a fighter, and i will bounce back… i know that God has a plan for me, and i will go right along with it.. He knows best!!!!!

    please send a prayer, Trolldoll’s way,,, her brother-in-law is very , very ill……. she needs our support,, i havent heard from her today,, not yet.. hopefully tonight…..

    God bless you all,,, ktm

  11. Karen M. says:

    Hi everyone!

    First I am not going to say that I don’t believe your story, because I do. I just don’t understand why I and friends have tried to play with the ouija board and nothing ever happend? I even tried to play it alone once and it didn’t work! Do you have to be in the right spot at the moment or is there something more?? Anyway, it never worked for me!!

  12. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Karen,, i really dont have an answer!!!! when i was a teen, and i tried it, it worked with another person and alone,, thats when it got thrown out.. it really scared me…maybe, someone else will have the answer???? ktm

  13. Manik says:

    Hey every one good to see ya’ll here again in another topic! HI CHILD LIKE, KTM, Karen THE NEVER FADING FLOWERS OF GOD’S GARDEN and Never fading sweeties of my life. MILLIONS Of Prayers are on way to god and MILLIONS OF BLESSINGS OF GOD IS ON THEIR WAY TO YOUR HEART AND BODY. To Karen hmmm i think you really didn’t concentrate on playing with one and especially you have a mentality that it won’t work or its just god keeping you away honey any way i wouldn’t suggest you to play one now!! With Flowers of Love [email protected][email protected]!

  14. Tisha says:

    I believe your story,I find paranormal experiences fascinating..I had an experience but nothing like yours,,,As for the answer some things we just are not ment to understand.

  15. tyra says:

    You shouldn’t have invited the little boy. Demons can pretend they’re ghosts or whatever but they aren’t. When using an ouija board you can’t tell if its a demon or a ghost.
    God bless!

  16. DarStarr says:

    You hit the nail right on the head! Demons CAN and WILL pretend to be what they are not!
    A child, a loved one – whatever, just to gain your trust!
    God Bless!

  17. child like says:


    You will always be in my prayers and my aunts also. Every sunday at church I ask Father Roy to say a special prayer for you and he does. The prayer it self is beautify. I will not stop asking Father Roy to say the special prayer in your behalf.

    I know you are a fighter and you will come out of this with your head held high and well.

    I know your spirit and soul and heart is strong and you will fight it.

  18. child like says:



  19. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Manik,, i can just see you,, sitting in a beautiful garden, full of the most vibrant flowers you could ever imagine!! do something for me…. when the sun is setting, look at the colors… i do this every evening, they are colors of Heaven.. those colors are the colors of the water, sky, flowers, grasses,, ect: in Heaven, as i have been there twice for a very short time…you will see how the colors have a glow to them!!!!

    child like,, thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers and having prayers for me at church.. how wonderful!!!!! you are right,, i am a fighter, and i will get through this as God intends……

    luv you all, and sending prayers out to every one of you today!!!! ktm

  20. Manik says:

    Hi child like and ktm To Ktm hmmm, i have no time honey i will be too tired in the morning but i will try to see it for ya! Indeed you are a fighter there’s only one difference from you and a real fighter that is the real fighter fights from the out side but you fight from the inside!

  21. lonergrllove says:

    thankx 4 sharin’ ur story nicole!
    that sounded awful 4 u 2 go through…………………..
    i will keep u all in my prayers,did u kno that we all r protected from spirits?
    it’s jus sometimes god cn’t protect us all from all spirits,jus dn’t beleive wat he said k?
    ther is angels and god,they jus dn’t like 2 show themselves……………………
    i beleive god doesn’t show himself ’cause he wants us 2 go crazy……………………..
    but no,god does wat he does 4 many reasons……………………
    we can ask him y wen or if we reach the pearly gates.
    b.t.w………that was a nice prayer sandy and good 2 hear from u again KTM.
    god bless and be safe
    luvv,= ) lonergrllove ( =

  22. Shadow Warrior says:

    Hi every one The ouija boards seems to be working for all but it didn’t do me anything when i tried with one anyways cool story!

  23. strwrz says:

    to knowtomuch i have been using this site for a long time and many times have i read post put up by urself and evry time i do i feel a little more enlightened. to ur theory on alchol, i sometimes smoke up by myself ( i dont encourage drugs) and do pick up on strange things like a shadow moving in the corner of my eye. most of the time i blame it on the state that i was in but other times i am really freaked out cause during these times im usually by myself. i have read arcticles on noetic science ( the study of the mind and thoughts) it is a scientific fact that if a group of people concentrate on an event they could change the outcome ( i would love to go on but im using the ipod). is there not a chance that because there has been such a growth in the belief of this subject that we are empowering this dark force. just a thought. hope u get well knowtomuch u r in my prayers

  24. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    str… thank you doll,, you are so sweet.. i think it is very possible, talking about these subjects on a daily basis could stir something up.. in my case,, things have calmed down a lot…. i feel that i have had so much support on this website, that it makes me stronger….. i have many people praying for me!!! i am one lucky woman…

    also,, i have found in my life,, when we help others get through difficult times, it also empowers us…. also,, stress, or anxiety can open doors to the spirit world,, being good or bad….

    i did enjoy reading your post!!! very good questions.. i do wish that i had all of the answers,,,, well,, maybe on second thought??? maybe i dont…….

    Our Higher Power is the only one who knows for sure.. and we must trust in that… thats why i say,, keep the faith,, whatever your faith is… we all have faith… if we didnt,, many that are here now, would have been gone a long time ago…..

    dont be afraid!!!! i do feel that when we are under the influence,, we do open ourselves up more…. been there and done that,, so i know….

    thank you for your prayers,, i can feel that you are a truly wonderful person,,,,, and i will keep you in my prayers…….. ktm

  25. Noddi says:

    Hi all. I watched the movie Paranormal Activity. That really freaked me out, but I realise again that demons and ghosts do exist. It’s really weird to even think that there are entities out there “to get us”.

    Now more that ever I believe in these things but I heard that when you watch and read stories like that, you open yourself up to these things – is that true??????

    God Bless!! N

  26. child like says:


    I saw the movie to but it did not freaked me out. I am not sure why it just did not.

  27. Nicole says:

    hey everyone! Thanks for your positive comments i really appreciate it! So to answer some questions I am doing fine.I live a normal life like everyone else, I still get freaked out at night sometimes, but I guess thats to e expected. I guess some ppl have weirder fears than the dark lol. And I still see things all the time bt I have my entire life so its not strange to me. Yes I do think these things linger around still but i ignore them. I know I am protected and I try to be positive and fill my life with light. i think the only way they would come back into my life again is if i invited them. And I do think that for some ppl watching movies like paranormal activity can invite negative spirits into ur life. Bad spirits feed off of fear, so watching movies like tht would kind of draw them to you. Anyways best wishes to everyone!! Hugs and kisses

  28. Gregory says:


    After reading your story I feel like you are still suffering a bit. I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but I am (not the strongest I’ve ever been). According to an account of Jesus Christ being tempted by Satan in the desert for 40 days, Satan told Christ to make bread out of the rocks laying around them…, Jesus responded that MAN does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Reading the Bible and memorizing scriptures that remind you of God’s blessings in your life will bring you closer to Him and will take your fear away and give you joy. God may lead you to a church where you may find a “family” that loves you. Not all churches are the same…, I like the kind that has people who honor and openly praise the Lord, and not just on Sunday.

  29. razorbill says:

    calm down everybody for gods sake! I already know no-one is going to believe what I have to say but think about it, carefully, then make your minds up.All these stories of Ouija board demonic happenings are of course true, but, now heres the thing….every “Demon”, every curse, in fact EVERYTHING that happens whilst playing with the board is caused by……..your very SELF! hold on hold on, I can hear you all screaming “He doesn’t know what he’s on about, he’s shallow minded, it isn’t true”! But it is true! The human brain, the mind, is an extraordinary powerfull organ that we hardly understand, the brain is more than capable of conjuring up all these entities ( good and evil ) think about it……dont you see a familiar “thread” in all these stories? the vile language, the threats, often the appearance of the “demon”?seems uncannily similar,And notice that young people ( teenagers mostly )seem to be “targeted” by said “demons”I can hear you screaming I’m wrong, I haven’t a clue etc etc, but I too have participated in a “seance” with friends and yup there he was, the swearing, threatening ( quite scary ) “demon” threatening to drag us all into hell etc, and seemed to particularly attach itself to one participant for weeks after but finally left her. So, I say its the brain playing tricks on us its surprising how three or four people can make a scenerio like a seance frightfully real!

  30. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Razor,, you are totally right !!! the Q.board, having a seance, using candles, there are many ways to conjure up spirits, but, big but,,,,the ones doing it have to be in tune with the paranormal in one way or another. i have done them all, well, when i was much younger and not so wise. I had no clue what i was doing, and have paid the price for what i thought was harmless fun.. i knew that i could see, feel, and hear things that others could not, but had no clue what it all meant.!!!!!

    The paranormal is full of very positive, but also, very negitive energies…it can be very exciting, but also very harmfull and dangerous.. now, me saying this !!! dont try it….. if i could go back in time i would change a lot of things, one being, playing those silly games that i thought where harmless..

    By the time i was 20, i had lived a lifetime. a lot of it very negative!!! i didnt ask for it, its just in my nature, one of those who lives with the paranormal on a daily basis….

    So, listen to the ones here that have good intensions in thier hearts.. i mean, they dont have to warn you, they dont even have to be here, but they are, So, heed the warnings…..

    Being an adult, i will say to all of the young people here, live you life, be happy, go on adventures, climb trees, laugh and tell jokes, you have plenty of time to grow up…

    God Bless us all,,,,, ktm

  31. VictoriousThruChrist says:


    I have to disagree with you. These entities are certainly not merely figments of our imagination. That’s what the enemy wants us to think, that demons do not exist, that the devil and hell are all part of our imagination. You musn’t believe that however, these things do exist and are not imaginary, you must read the bible, God did indeed create these beings just as He created you and I.

  32. Gregory Brown says:

    KnowToMuch and Razor,

    I appreciate your comments and I’m glad to hear more encouraging words than just more warnings. It might help if some of the readers here tell us more about their “negative” experiences with the Ouija Board, Tarot Cards, Automatic Writing, and the list just keeps going on and on and on.

    I like to find ways of inserting a little humor when I’m closing a comment. I read one story where there was an athiest in a group of readers holding a seance. They did all the usual stuff before opening a session.

    As things progressed, the athiest faked a sneeze and the spirit (or something posing as a ghost) responded by saying “God Bless You.” The athiest immediately responded by chiding the “spirit” (revealing the lie that there is no God), the spirit was already cursing the reader.

    Then the planchette, and board and various other articles in the room were all being viciously thrown around the room. I thought that was hilarious. There have been other spirits conversing with readers, and the spirit was caught in a lie…, seems the spirit couldn’t do simple math. There was some question about when the person had been born, and how old were they when they died. The dates didn’t correlate. Maybe the spirits think we will believe anything they tell us, or maybe we can’t do the math. I guess it depends on your perspective.

    I’m not suggesting the use of a Ouija Board is OK…, it isn’t. For those of us who insist on using “divination” of one form or another, occassionaly try to catch a spirit/demon telling a lie. (They can’t help it, lying is what liars do, and you can’t trust a liar.) Don’t let on if you do manage to catch them…, apparently they don’t appreciate being mocked or tricked. You could be seriously hurt if you are found out.

    Don’t forget, the most effective kind of lie contains both truth and lies. And the bigger the lie, the more people will be deceived.

    It is my belief that if you can plainly see the lies the spirits are telling you, then you might consider giving up on this kind of entertainment, or whatever you think it is.

    Try talking to God. I have it on good authority that He is waiting to hear from you. He isn’t going to lie to you…, though sometimes He is silent. My personal experience is that He speaks from your heart, that is where I carry Him. Read enough true stories and eventually you will hear experienced users saying that it isn’t a game, and they will never use one again.

    The Bible says “the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart.” How do you know when a demon is lying? Whenever his lips are moving. I imagine these demons are full of some pretty ugly evil stuff.

  33. andy says:

    ok first i have a problem with this story i study and research paranormal activities and im a spirit and demon expert demons along with spirits can not harm the living they can on the other hand communicate with you through a ouija board all a demon and spirit can do is get in your head to try to reach your soul by converting your head against you making your soul vulnerably other then that physical harm is out of the question such as you saying it felt like it was taking your air out of your lungs that is a demons and spirits mind controle on that not if you do leave the door open for the spirit and demon do not i mean do not get an exercist if they go to far that will only irratate them which will not end out good. i do advise you do not get involved with the ouija board you are getting yourself into something you do not want to.

  34. Sydney says:

    Oh my gosh! I am not even joking I just got back from a sleep-over where we used the board all the time. We talked to an evil spirit named ZoZo. I decided to do some research and read this. I am not joking when I say I went numb with pins and needles before I went to bed last night. I hope it’s not as bad for me as it was for you. I am honestly sorry for you.

  35. anna says:

    im sorry u had to go through that and that u and ur bf broke up but WHY on earth would u let a spirt come home with you?thats just crazy.i hope ur ex does get help before something happens like death maybe.thanks for the story.

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