The Exorcist and Ouija Boards

Posted on July 13, 2010

Did you know that the movie �The Exorcist� is actually based on the exorcism of a 13-year-old boy, who is known as �Roland Doe?� He lived in the Washington D.C. area and this boy�s �Aunt Tillie� bought an Ouija Board-which they both used.

In the movie �The Exorcist,� they clearly portray Regan, (who becomes possessed) showing her mother an Ouija Board that she used to contact an entity named �Mr. Howdy.�

Just thought you should know that and I have my own story to tell.

I and a friend of mine used an Ouija Board on two occasions in 1984, but nothing happened both times while we were using it. About a week later, I was at home with only my infant daughter there with me, doing dishes, when I heard a voice plainly say my name about 3 feet behind me and to my right. It said my name rather quickly. The voice wasn�t evil sounding but it definitely was not soothing. I would have to say that it was male.

After hearing my name being called I whipped my head around and to my right, and no one was there. This of course freaked me out and I immediately went to our bedroom to check on my baby. Both of us slept together on the couch in the living room that night. I checked all of the windows and the back door of our house, all the while carrying a large kitchen knife� everything was unopened and locked up.

I also started praying out loud asking for Jesus to protect us from whatever entity my friend and I had conjured up. My husband was out of town working with a crew to clean up a train wreck.

After my husband returned a couple of days later, I told him what happened and then burned the Ouija Board. That was 26 ago and to this day I will have absolutely nothing to do with Ouija Boards.

Sent in by Tonja, Copyright 2010

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30 Responses to “The Exorcist and Ouija Boards”
  1. Pat says:

    I agree about Ouija boards! I am constantly asking people to PLEASE never use them and stay away from them- they are NOT a game or a toy! I had heard that the Exorcist was based on a true story about a boy but thanks for sharing that info too… I am sooo glad that nothing else happened and I am very glad you see how dangerous Ouija boards can be!

  2. CHILD LIKE says:

    Yes i read about this boy. I wonder if he is still alive? I feel bad for his family and I am glad they had found someone who can help him after they looked for some one only to give up on them when it got to scarey. I know the hospital which he was kept in for when the doctors were testing him, sealed the room good as if they were afraid even after the fact he was gone to a santuary church. Some of this things I believe are still there if not already taken except for the diary of a priest who looked into the investigation but some of the pages was gone from the dairy. I also believe that part of the wing got burned.
    I am glad you and your baby is ok and nothing bad happen. Later thru the years did you ever feel as though someone was there looking at you or followed you around?

  3. Elden says:

    I remember when I was real small(5 or 6 years old) my older sister found a old Ouija boad some where.It was very beat up looking, I don’t know where it csme from,but I know it isn’t something ang of us had. Before we had a real chance to do any thing with it,my farther happened to see what we had. I remember the color all drained out of his face,he grabbed it and took it outside and burned it.When he came back in he asked us where we got the darn thing,but none of knew. He told us never to to play around with things like that,because it was evil. My father normally didn’t beleive in that kind of stuff, but he did that, We never did find out where it came from.

  4. AnNa says:

    i say this alot and it might get boaring me saying this but i’ve never played with one and i dont plan on it.i have a family that i dont want them to get hurt or worse.anyways im glad you relized its not a good thing to play with.what happened to you friend that you played the boared with?anything happened to her?your lucky your o.k.thanks for the story.

  5. AnNa says:

    what made you try it the first time?is the reason why you tried it the second time because the first time nothing happened?

  6. LisA says:

    Those things are evil! My experience with them is in my story ” Did a ouija board cause these bad things? ” I will NEVER go near another one!

  7. Christina says:

    You know, I never knew WHY these boards were considered and marketed as kids’ toys…….beats the heck out of me.

    They just look evil. The age old saying of ‘getting what you ask for’ comes to mind. Leave those boards alone…..they are in no way ‘toys’. I’ve never had an experience with one and don’t plan to. I take that back, I did try it once with my brother and several friends,( I must have been about 7 or 8), but we were so freaking goofy and really not into it that we just tossed it aside. Back in those days (about 1968 or 1969), we just found something more interesting to do……lots of imagination back then, without all the electronic goodies kids have now. The board ended up in the trash.

    • Pat says:

      Good point! WHY would a game like that be in the childrens section? Hardly the right place if you ask me!

  8. tinker says:

    Hmm I always heard buring the Ouija board could let the spirit escape. Your suppose to cut it up and bury. Anyone else heard this?

    • Pat says:

      Yes never burn a board but a lot of folks down’t know that… burying it is best- the smaller the pieces the better!

  9. CHILD LIKE says:


    When I was in high school I had one and so did my bestfriend.
    She would play with it alone and everyday. She got addicted to it because at first it told her what she wanted and made it happen for a few months and she was changing little by little each day.
    I played with it with 7 friends and it never moved when i played with them but when I was just in the room with them not playing just there it worked for them. Why I never knew why> At that time I felt as if something was wrong with me and that is why the spirits did not want me to communicate with them. I was dissapointed. (Then)
    My best friend mom started to see hearing people talking in her house. We always played outside her house because I didn’t like what I felt inside the house. I did not feel safe. Then her mom would see snakes under her bed and always saw a cat in her house. She followed it to caught it but when she would get close to it to grab it, it would vanish. She stop eating and sleeping afraid all the time. So they moved. But Sonia my best friend took her board with her.
    Later they found out two sisters lived there and they were witches.
    The second house I did not feel threaten by it. Her dad would read the bible stories in the living room to us and I loved it mesmerized by it. Then he started to change like if he was in another world. He would ask me if I have ever seen the ants work outside and he showed me how they did not walk in a straight line and he would watch them all day outside. STranger and stranger he got. Her mom frances well, she kept seeing her husband killing her in different way in visions. Then the fights between them started. That’s when sonia started to feel threaten now and she was still using the board. When it told her that her dad was going to kill her mom in that house she stop using the board.
    She thru it away and by the next day it was under her bed. She burned it and again she found it the next day under her bed. Her parents divorced and they moved out. To this day we don;t know what happen to her dad but her mom found out later after they moved that the couple who lived there before them he had killed his wife. So the only way she got rid of the board was to leave it in that yellow house when they moved again and since then everything had stopped but they never found out about her dad where he was and what happen. I just wanted to share this experience with you. I hope this helps somehow.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Not to be a joy kill but all this seems fake. i doubt a little board can do anything like that. I want to try one soooo bad just to tell the truth about it thats its alllll FAKE!!!

    • AnNa says:

      what about if you do try one and something happens?no offence but are you going to feel like a fool?do tell if something happens.i dont mean to be a jerk the way i said it.

    • Pat says:

      Plesae don’t do it! I don’t have to put my hand in fire to know I will get burned… you don’t HAVE to use a Ouija board to find out for yoursef how dangerous they are- we who know are trying to help those of you who haven’t been affected!

  11. Just me says:

    A ouija board is like a computer garbage in…garbage out. There was a time when they werewidely accepted. Lots of parents had them following the world wars to contact lost sons. Hollywood made them evil. I have used them many many many times and my house or soul has not been under attack. Why are they so evil? Nobody thought bad of them until the excorists and witchboard movies. The Greeks. Used pools of water to communicate with the dead much like a ouija board does.

  12. CHILD LIKE says:

    Hey Joy Kill,

    Are you going to try the board alone or with friends. Make sure you say a prayer before and after you finished using the board. Everything has rules at least get the information you need how to cleans the board before and after using the board but ones you use it you will have problems getting rid of it.
    ready for a roller coaster ride?
    Big changes will come after using the board and not good changes.
    Be careful what you wish for!
    Good luck and may God protect you
    Keep us posted

  13. AnNa says:

    for just do have a point there.

    • Just me says:

      Hi AnNa. Ifyou have never fooled with a ouijaboard then I would suggest you at least try it and form your own opinion. As I said earlier, nothing ever bad has happened to me. I still have mine tucked away in my closet. Never mess with it anymore because everyone considers it “childess”. If you seek out negative things then that is what you will find. But that is everyday life. I would say most ouija board horror stories are bolognie. Wanna tell you more but I can’t keep rambling on here.

      • AnNa says:

        i understand what your saying i really do.but thats my opinion.i wont play with one because it to me looks dangerous and evil.thanks for commenting me back.

  14. scarygirl67 says:

    I agree, marketing them as children’s toys is not a good idea. However, it never ceases to amaze me how many times someone will use a board…nothing will happen…and then later on when something “strange” occurs it is blamed on the board.

    I am not at all saying you didn’t experience this..I am sure that you did. But I do wonder why the first thing you thought is that the board was responsible. I do appreciate you taking the time to post your experience.

  15. Just me says:

    I suggest everyone go to a great website….museum of talking It’s a big site but at least read the FAQ part. I think the people over there get it.

  16. angel says:

    i dont believe in ghosts or entities

    • Pat says:

      Wait until to experience something paranormal! They are out there….justwait and you’ll see!

  17. izumi says:

    Angel, if you don’t believe in this, then why are you on the site?

  18. angel says:

    i dont know why i dont believe in this stufff i just dont i wasnt raised to believ in it. but i guess i like reading the stories.

  19. AnNa says:

    i wasnt raised to believe too but i just do.i know people wont believe ever story here.

  20. Pat says:

    Like AnNa I wasn’t raised to believe either but they find YOU

  21. evilklown says:

    iis iit bad 2 ply da the ouija board online???….

  22. Teri says:

    And 26 what ago? Years? Days?

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