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Haunted By A Creature from My Lucid Dreams

Posted on July 13, 2009

I was 17 at the time and had been involved in tarot readings and palm readings for friends, family, and schoolmates who would pay me to read them. I was good at what I did, had a natural talent and was open to the supernatural. I had run with a general bad crowd of misfits for almost two years.

It was the end of spring beginning of summer when I began to have really intense lucid dreams involving a “vampire” that turned into me opening a forgotten door into this world that was in a veil of darkness and twilight. There were no trees, no air, just a permanent stillness and heaviness in the air. Chunks of rock and barren dark land stretched out as far the eye could see and in the center of this barren rocky Martian landscape was this chunk of rocky cliff that seemed to just float in mid air above everything and in its center jutted out this castle made of stone and bones. I could not tell what kind of bones they were, in the blink of an eye I was in a dank stone hall where I met “him” or should I say it. It was 6′ 7 long stringy bleached white hair and such intense dark eyes that were just pure black, the skin was stretched around its bony sharp angular face as though it was just badly worn mask or skin, it had a long drab robe that hung loosely on its body and its mouth was a narrow slit that had no teeth or tongue just a gaping maw and felt very strongly male. I should have been scared and I kept telling myself to wake up but I didn’t have the strength to fight free of this lucid dream. It than smiled at me in a way which was not human but gave me chills down my back. It spoke, not with its lips, but its mind. It stated welcome to my home traveler I am A’dreagon *not sure of the spelling* and it stretched a bony hand out to me which I took in mine.

From this point on every waking hour of my day between school and work I longed to sleep because I could spend time with my “new friend” in his new world. This went on for about two months in which he and I developed a solid friendship. I would sleep to find my self in his world every single night never a new dream just him and I.

My real life took a spin for the worse. The crowd I ran with got me into some serious trouble with the law, my small town had turned on me outcasting me a source of bad luck due to the psychic readings I did. My parents kicked me out and I was living on the streets. I voiced my darkening concerns to my new friend who I dreamed of every night in which we always did new things together in his world never mine.

One night during dinner with him he smiled and said I will give you order back to your life and eventually what you desire shall be yours and what you need and want for only a very minor price… a new life for a new life. I looked into those eyes and agreed, not sure exactly what he meant but I so desperately wanted normalcy back in my life, my family, my friends and never to deal with the supernatural again. He just smiled at me and stood up giving me a kiss on the cheek then the eyes then the lips and whispered in my ear, “remember your vow.”

The next thing I knew it was daylight. I was laying on the park bench where I had fallen asleep and my life suddenly took a turn for the better a few weeks after that last dream of my friend. My parents welcomed me home shortly there after, my old friends came back, school got better and just like that all my abilities and problems were gone. Once my small town realized I wasn’t a problem they also welcomed me back.

The dreams with my strange friend were gone and the following year I started college, I was 18. During the fall season going into winter of the year I was 18, I found out I was pregnant and I was not exactly thrilled with this new situation I had gotten myself in but I was excited about becoming a mother. The father of the child refused to be involved but family and friends were very supportive. About four months into my pregnancy, I had a vague dream of A’dreagon standing in the doorway which I had originally entered to meet him and he just smiled at me, nodded his head, and was gone, the doorway closing behind him with a hard final slam completely vanishing into nothingness. I awoke in chill sweat and just brushed it off as just a bad dream it had been a year since everything had stopped. Two weeks later I had a miscarriage, lost my baby, and a year later my life started becoming complete and falling into place as he had promised me. Everything I wanted, needed or had dreamed or hoped for had come true and to this day I continue to experience nothing but positivity in my life. My psychic ability gone, not a drop of it left, I am normal as the next person.

My question is this did I encounter a demon, fallen angel, alien, inter dimensional being, or was it all just a coincidence or was it an overactive mind? Does beings such as him exist to help but not to help? Has anyone experience anything similar to this situation?

Any comments advice or guidance would be great. I am now 30 and this still haunts me and probably will the rest of my life, I need to know if what I may have done will come back to get me later in my life So far everything is great.

Sent in by Lily, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “Haunted By A Creature from My Lucid Dreams”
  1. Pearlyshells says:

    I don’t know what to tell you on what he was, but this story of yours is very interesting.

  2. JENNY says:

    sorry but he must have been a demon. i remember watching a few interviews of people who used to do tarot card reading and most of them had dreams of a demon. It was consistent that the demon expressed that the gift was from the devil and urging them to do it more and telling them to go to the dark side. And so most of them stopped. I don’t know for sure but you might have lost the soul of your baby to a devil..GOD forbid..I hope it was just a crazy dream…which happened every night…GOD be with you

  3. Shane says:

    I believe that tarot readings and palm readings make you more open to see everything that some people can’t see, it opens our eyes to other worlds. Who lives in this worlds sometime can bring you good luck and sometimes the beings that we encounter can be very bad for us in many ways.
    I’m sorry that this happened to you. I’m glad that your life is well and all is in its place. What you were befriending was a psychic vampire, these creatures feed of your psychic energy, he took gifts that where created for you. They make deals that can never be broken; after he took all he could from your soul he was still hungry. He made the deal new life for new life, well he gave you back all that he had taken away from you in exchange he wanted your child, the first born, the one that carries the strongest psychic power. Pray for you baby sweety and I will pray as well. And as for A’Dreagon he has no reson to come back the deal was closed. If he ever appears again in your dreams visualise a bright white light protecting you they hate white lights, that will keep him away from you

  4. JK says:

    What do you mean when you say psychic abilities? Did you have these abilities before the dreams started or was this thing giving you the information to make the readings or did it enhance your abilities? Did you ever once shake yourself and say “what am I doing hanging out with this dude in my dreams”, seems a bit far off base for any young girl, including psychics. If you had been on earth that long, to be sure you would know that a creature that fits that description is probably not a good one. I am sorry to hear of your miscarrage but your child went to be with God and there is no way that anything besides God could have taken the baby, it was God’s gift to you and you did not have the power to give it to anyone else. My concern is that you have bargained something but not your baby. Your soul is still yours and as long as you have breath you still have the free will that God has given you to choose Him or reject Him. I hate to sound close minded but these are your only two choices when it comes to where you spend the afterlife. When I say God, I mean the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the Holy of Holies, Jehovah, the heavenly Father of Jesus. Please get a Bible and read the new testament-Jesus is the only One that can help you and He is all that you need. He is the One that can give you the peace that you need and the guarantee of where you will spend eternity. If you had the gift of discernment it was given to you by God to use for His glory. He is the only One that could have taken your gift and it was probably to stop you from doing any further damage to yourself and others. Just remeber that the God that created you, loves you and you can still choose Him as long as you have breath to choose. Do it now, for your own sake and the sake of the children that you may have in the future, it will be the best choice you have ever made. This is about your eternity, please take it seriously. God does love you, God is love, so choose God.

  5. Karen M. says:

    I’ve been reading tarot cards and ruins for years, and never had any evil dreams of demons and I have psychic ablities, I can touch peoples hands and see into their pasts, and I have dreams that come true. I’m sorry about your miscarriage, JK, is right your baby is with God.

  6. raven says:

    i think you paid a high price for your normalacy. i think he was a djinn, a being who give all that you desired but for a price. it usually requires a life it does not matter what. but i don’t think the child is with god. i am sorry for your loss.
    Karen i hate to be mean but demons can go to anyone. just because it has not happen to you does not mean it has never happen before.

  7. flaminghair18 says:

    Lily, I think what JK has shared with you is very sage and sound. Your ultimate cost and fate is between you and God, only He can reveal the truth of what you seek. As JK states, choose God; it`s your choice.

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