What was that Strange Creature at Our Door?

Several years ago my mom and I were up late, watching a major thunderstorm from the picture window of our home in Washington state. The rain was torrential and the “light show” from the storm absolutely amazing.

About 2 in the morning we heard something at our front porch; thinking it was our dog we ran to the door to let him in – we thought he had been inside and couldn’t believe he was out in this storm.

Mom and I opened the door – and saw something we still cannot identify. Standing about 4 feet tall was a creature – upright, with a thick coat of dirty, sopping wet, and matted cream/ivory-colored fur. The weirdest thing is, it had an almost human eyes/face – because as we stared at it in shock for a few seconds before slamming the door, what struck both of us the most was the way it looked at us. He made no sound, but he had sad eyes that said “please let me in….”

We probably had the door open no more than 3 or 4 seconds before realizing a) our dog was in the house and b) what is this thing?

To this day we are still confused – of course no one else in our family believes us! But we’ve always wanted to figure out what it possibly could’ve been.

Anyone ever come across something like this?


Asked by Levanger

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  1. why didnt you let it in? maybe he needed help. I would have.

  2. Hi Levanger

    Weirder things have been known to happen, but not often. :-)

    I have met four foot tall elemental ladies (fairies) dressed in leaves, with blue skin, and incredibly powerful attitudes. :-) The elemental world is truly amazing, and quite truthfully, humanity has little or no knowledge of some of the many and varied beings that usually exist on the spirit planes. The other thought that comes to mind is it might have been an alien, crash landed in the storm? But you don’t mention a snout.

    I might sound as if I am joking, but I am not.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends).

  3. It was a demon. do not let it in. possibly a demon dog. Like a hound of hell. I think in some stories on the internet they have human facial features. It came from somewhere. look where this creature came from. maybe a portal hole was opened. somehow. It could have come from another world. I know in Gordon Wisconsin my father saw a creature he said it was big foot. I know he was seeing a demon in the woods. The story on the internet is “Astal body projection and contact with aliens. It is about my dad’s paranormal encounter in the Northern Woods. in the 1930s and 1940s. I finally came to understand it was all evil encounters. I only post this not to promote my story, only to warn others of these paranormal encounters.

    • Hi Carri,

      Shock and terror are two different things. Levanger didn’t sound terrified, just stunned. If something turned up on my doorstep with ‘human looking eyes’, I would be shocked too, probably close the door, and then maybe I would open it again .. depending on how fast I could process what was happening, in my head. LOL

      A demon dog, on the other hand, is pure terror from beginning to end. They try to break into a house, don’t suffer from being rained on, and don’t wait to be invited in.

      And bigfoot is not a demon. It’s probably some sort of ape. If people ever actually get one, we’ll be sure to find out. They’ll probably kill it, just to prove they caught it, which is very sad.

      There is more on this earth that we simple humans can understand.

      Love & Peace

  4. whatever I think more about it understand less ? what perhaps it had been ? usually demons don’t wait outdoor to get okay for entering , also they don’t show themselves to anyone in first meet and before peruse the members of a house. as well as basically they appear seldom and not every demons. most of demons don’t like encounter with human as we worry to see them. Anyhow , if he had been an entity , which entity he had been ? why he had attempted get in your home? cause of gale , cold , rain and firelight ? had he wanted come in beside the heater , warm up and dry up his coat then say good by and then go ? No , I don’t reject your story but I don’t know what had been that existence also I only ask may it had been one of your neighbor’s child has tricked to fright you ?

  5. Are you sure it wasn’t Jehovah Witnesses? Or maybe Mormons? Whatever, shutting door was the right thing to do!

    • I Lol’d so hard at this I spewed Mountain Dew on my computer. That comment really struck me as something my Dad would have said, rest his soul. Thanks for the giggle ;)

  6. I don’t know about you but I am confused by all these comments.
    I don’t know whats what eney more. But I must say that I would agree with Ama that if it was a demon of some sort you would have felt terror from beginning to end.
    I as well believe that there are more to this world than we humans can see and its up to us if we wana open our mind to it.

  7. I was just curious, about your emotional state afterwards? Did you feel scared or frightened that it might come back and hurt you? Or were you just sort of awestruck and curious? I think our feelings after events like these can give us a lot of insight into the goodness (or lack thereof) of such an entity.

  8. it might have been a hell hound because one time i was letting my dog out and i saw someone starring at me and when i looked back he was a hound and was running up the road

  9. also sometimes hell hounds can take human form

  10. he may have been a young hellhound because their known to be 4-3 feet tall and if they get lost from their mom they may look for help

  11. but if you see him again ask are you okay or are you lost
    if he says he’s not okay you could open the door and ask if he wants to come in if he says no just say were are you from

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