Are Fairies Real?

Are Fairies real? Because I think i see them. i hear them whisper when I’m in school saying “poor zoe in a place like this” or “isn’t that Taylor the girl zoe hates” and they siNG me to sleep but I’m not sure if it’s me or fairies. Also how do you catch one?

Asked by Zoe

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  1. I doubt it’s fairies. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you might consider a chat with your school’s counsellor. It sounds more like you are having some school-related stress. Stress can manifest itself in unusual ways.

  2. Hi Zoe,

    You might see fairies, so do I, but they do not say things such as you have written here. They really don’t have opinions about the schooling system, or who you love or hate .. they are totally focused on nature, plants and animals.

    Whomever is talking to you, its not fairies, and I doubt they have your best interests at heart .. so tell them to go away, and stop listening to them.

    And you don’t want to catch a fairy .. you really don’t want to make them angry .. and being light-beings .. you can’t catch them anyway. You can’t contain something that is made of the magic of our earth in a container also made from the chemicals of the earth. From my experience with fairies, and I’ve had quite a few .. they would have more luck ‘catching’ you.

    Have you told your parents that you are hearing voices? It might be good for you to be checked out by a doctor. There’s a disease called schizophrena where people hear voices that are not kind to them. The voices start out saying innocent enough things, but in the end can get truly nasty. And our guides and angels would never acknowledge someone that you hate, its not their way.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed on this site under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection).

  3. I think fairies are angels.

    • Hi Carri

      Angels are from God. God created them in heaven. Angels are Holy.
      Fairies are from the earth. Earth energy created them. Fairies are elementals (not Holy).


      • Thank you AJ. I was coming to say that, but you said it better.

        Love & Peace

    • hi im melony and im 12 i think fairys are real because i have friend who has a cousin who talks to fairys and i know she never lies to she hasn’t lie to me for 6 years ok so they are real because i had a a drawing in my head so beautyful like it was real just plzz listen just because im 12 does mean anything i know there real because at 1/6/12 i saw in the sky a very beautyful colors in the shaped like an o and me and my friend saw beautyful . I think your problem is that u just hear stuff in your mind but sounds like its next to u but its not but no lie.

  4. Hi Zoe

    This really does not sound like fairies to me … fairies may be michevious, but they don’t play with your mind.


    • Right again. They love to ‘borrow’ (permanently) human’s objects, but they don’t need to twist our minds – they already think we are twisted enough.

      Love & Peace

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