Are Fairies Real?

Are Fairies real? Because I think i see them. i hear them whisper when I’m in school saying “poor zoe in a place like this” or “isn’t that Taylor the girl zoe hates” and they siNG me to sleep but I’m not sure if it’s me or fairies. Also how do you catch one?

Asked by Zoe

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What was that Strange Creature at Our Door?

Several years ago my mom and I were up late, watching a major thunderstorm from the picture window of our home in Washington state. The rain was torrential and the “light show” from the storm absolutely amazing.

About 2 in the morning we heard something at our front porch; thinking it was our dog we ran to the door to let him in – we thought he had been inside and couldn’t believe he was out in this storm.

Mom and I opened the door – and saw something we still cannot identify. Standing about 4 feet tall was a creature – upright, with a thick coat of dirty, sopping wet, and matted cream/ivory-colored fur. The weirdest thing is, it had an almost human eyes/face – because as we stared at it in shock for a few seconds before slamming the door, what struck both of us the most was the way it looked at us. He made no sound, but he had sad eyes that said “please let me in….”

We probably had the door open no more than 3 or 4 seconds before realizing a) our dog was in the house and b) what is this thing?

To this day we are still confused – of course no one else in our family believes us! But we’ve always wanted to figure out what it possibly could’ve been.

Anyone ever come across something like this?


Asked by Levanger

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What was that Small Creature I Saw in the Garden?

Before answering, you must know that I’m not crazy and I didn’t suffer any head injuries lately.

It was almost dark when I went into my parent’s garden to get some peppers and I saw near the thyme bush a little creature with something like an orange hat on its head. It seemed like a lizard standing on its hind legs (its skin was green). When it saw me, the little creature went into my mother’s flowers and disappeared.

My parents have a huge garden, with many flowers, trees and they even grow their own vegetables. At night, you can hear all sorts of things running trough the bushes and strange sounds. I always blame it on the frogs.

Did I see an unknown creature? Or maybe I just have a mild case of schizophrenia?

Asked by anielle

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Are Werewolves Real?

Are werewolves real? Could I be one?

Asked by Dawn

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Does the Loch Ness Monster Really Exist?

What do you think? Is there really a huge “monster” or dinosaur living in Loch Ness? Why don’t we have good photos of it? What about the idea that the original sighting was of a circus elephant taking a swim?

Is the Loch Ness Monster Real?

Asked by CareTaker

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Does Bigfoot Exist?

Blurry Bigfoot

Blurry Bigfoot

OK, so do you believe that Bigfoot exists now or that it ever did in the past?

Why do you suppose no remains have ever been discovered (or have they?).

How could such a creature hide for so long?

Why is Bigfoot always blurry?

Asked by CareTaker

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