Are Werewolves Real?

Are werewolves real? Could I be one?

Asked by Dawn

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    Why would you want to? They are not like the fluffy stuff in the movies. They are not clever, cute or fun. And they prefer their meat raw, and possibly human.

    If they are real, going by all the legends and mythology I have read about them – they cannot control what happens to them for three nights at the full moon, which means that they kill indiscrimately .. which means people that you love, if you are not very careful, will die and become a werewolf like you.

    The name of the psychological disease is lycanthropy .. where people actually think they turn into wolves, but I have never read of any real documented cases – just of very sick people who use it as a reason for acting on the baser instincts, making excuses for murderous behaviour.

    I wouldn’t recommend it. The ‘condition’ is permanent.

    Love & Peace

  2. There is a psychological condition that makes people think they are werewolves.
    As Ama said. I did see a documentary about it on MSN’s website but i can’t find it now. Some guy basically admitted to killing people.
    The reason it’s not overly documented is it’s very difficult to track a killer who kills someone for no apparent reason. Especially if that person is usually good and isn’t on police data bases etc. There needs to be motive, means and opportunity.

    I can see why people find it alluring. The possibility of acting on animalistic instincts, being strong and powerful like an animal, wild etc.

    But you never know who could kill. And why would you want to kill them anyway? Trying to become a werewolf is a 1 way ticket to an early grave or the nut house.

    But i would say about this particular peace of mythology, it is not real.
    Perhaps in olden days it was actually just wolves or bears. Or again, just a psychological condition. Fascinating subject though.

  3. Hmmm…. I think werewolves are real. If not, why people still talking about them until now?

  4. Because some people like to be frightened, Adhinferno. LOL

    Love & Peace

  5. Dawn,

    This topic is a controversial one at most. However, if you WERE a werewolf, you would know. Yes, they are real and no, you don’t ever wnat to be one. In deep Satantic cults and churches, werewolves are Satan’s “police.” Essentially, werewolves are extremely demonically-possessed people that, yes, have been literally “transformed” TO LOOK like an animal. Rarely are they ever turned from their Satanic ways.
    Anyway, Satan uses his “police” to track down and destroy (in the most gruesome manner) his wayward witches/wizards/sorcerers/sorceresses/wiccans/etc. The werewolf is so grounded in the Satanic way that not even Satan’s Bride (the top witch in America or elsewhere) would touch/go near/speak (to) them.
    If you want to find out more about them, read Rebecca Brown’s book, “He Came to Set the Captives Free.”

  6. Hi Texture, and everyone,

    Which deep satanic cults are you thinking of? I don’t remember reading about werewolves it in the Satanic Bible .. before I destroyed the copy.

    I checked out your link, and started reading all the reviews .. as I recommend everyone does before they take any of that stuff seriously .. and I have to agree with those that say the book was written for sensationalism, and not based in fact. But please, everyone, make up your own minds.

    Love & Peace

  7. Ama,

    I have read the book and no, the Satanic Bible will not tell you about Werewolves. Elaine, the author’s (of He Came To Set The Captives Free) friend, was the Bride of Satan and both of them has seen and dealt with a real werewolf.
    Before you go ahead and critisize a book that is based on scripture, please read it.

    • I think if you spent a little less time thumping all of our heads with your bible, you would realize we are not out to get you, Texture. I’m having a hard time understanding why you are so dead set on calling anything remotely paranormal “Satanic”….or why someone who obviously is so devout in her faith frequents a site such as this one where, more often than not, the subject matter deals with all things paranormal.

  8. Given a choice between becoming either a werewolf, or a vampire, I’d choose the vampire – better fashion sense and less prone to flea’s!!

    But seriously …

    My ex hubby was prone to violent mood swings which, after months of my secretly keeping a diary, it turned out that his moods were governed by the lunar cycle. At certain times each month he became physically and mentally abusive. At all other times he was perfectly ok. He could never remember being abusive – even when he read my notes.

    Naturally, we divorced on grounds of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ (couldn’t do your husband for rape back in the day)…. but I think the myth of werewolves revolves around some peoples sensitivity to the lunar cycle.


  9. if its just the form of a werewolf you want then i can give good information of how to change you physical form. you will need to be able to move physical objects. and know wolf and other animal body structure inner and outer.

    improve your energy moving abilities by moving energy in the physical plain such as what people all chi. then start moving objects the same way as you moved energy on this plain. you can search the web for energy moving methods.

    you will need to know animal anatomy of the animals you want to be. you also need to understand it. then you take some objects like water sad trees tables or anything tangible because it is easier to work with. then you simple tern the object into what ever form you need it to be such as flesh organs vanes and so on. so all your doing is making many energy structures putting and together. you should have a body that is beast.

    then you just astral project and lay in the beast body. them move are into it with your mind and move the blood through the vanes and give electricity to the parts of the body that need it. you now have to bodies. a human one and the one you made.

    if you want a body that can alter its self into a werewolf. fuse organs together and make an energy system to support parts of the body. make it so that the organs support human and beast form and make the organs small and strong so you can store hair and bones in there. some limbs might not fit inside the body so you will need to be able to change the limbs to a different state so it is in the astral plain. then you just have to use the ability to move objects so that you can change your bodies form.

    i would go more into detail but i lack to knowledge of animal anatomy human anatomy and the different vibrations that are needed to bring astral energy in the physical plain. also i have not learnt the oproperit words to say more.

    • Hello James. I dont usually say things like this but I cannot resisit it this time. I can sum up my thoughts about your “how to change your physical form” essay in one word – Ridiculous

      • hahahaha. i dont know what you mean wen you say its Ridiculous. it is a lot of work and mostly unachievable. witch is why its funny and ridiculous. i was having some fun there

        • You dont know what Ridiculous means? Definition of RIDICULOUS: arousing or deserving ridicule: extremely silly or unreasonable : absurd, preposterous

          No, it isnt a lot of work. Noi it isnt “mostly” unachievable – it is impossible and not funny at all. I will also add that it makes me think you are 12 or 13 years old (not to offend anyone of that age group as I do know there are plenty of kids that age who are intelligent.

          • i know what Ridiculous means. i just did not know what you ment by it. not every one uses words correctly. why do you believe that it is not possible to reform energy? i cant prove to you that it is possible because you would want to see it happen and i cant give you that kind of proof. showing books and web sites is far to much work that i am willing to do.

            Really 12 or 13 years of age hahaha just because my perception is very different than yours. lets not talk about my intelligence are how my reply is to you. lets talk about why you dont believe its possible. if you support your believes and clams, it will show or teach me about the way you perceive things.

            i dont want you to defend your reply. i just want you to teach me

          • Sorry James but to be blunt I have no interest in teaching you anything.

          • Morning CT,

            James appears to be describing a technique from a very good story book I know. You will know it too, Terry Pratchett .. one of the witches ones. You sort of hitchhike in the animal’s mind, and it is supposed to be a legitmate way of sharing their experience.

            Spells of transformation were possible when the magic was in the world (shapeshifters), and if the magic comes back (and you know what I think of that) it might be possible again. He appears to be suggesting that you turn a table into a wolf and then take over its mind, if it has a mind, (but certainly the functions of its body) and you become the wolf? To transform yourself you have to convert everything you are into whatever beast you choose, but some of yourself you will have to convert into energy (if the beast is small) because it will not fit into the beast form .. can’t remember which book I read that in, but it was .. great fantasy. Ursula Le Guin?

            There have been many books of witchcraft written over the years that describe the techniques but I don’t know whether Ursula (or whomever) got it from them, or they from her.

            Love & Peace

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