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Mythology or Not?

OK so, lately I’m supplying this page with quite a lot of questions. So I was just reading the “What was that small creature I saw in the garden?” and answers and I started to wonder if really these creatures exist (now I mean all fairies, pixies, elves, centaurs, fawns,…) and I trust Ama, that she has talked to them, but still I’m curious why are they so avoiding us, humans?

You know I always thought that all this stories and tales (Lord of the ring, for example) must be according to “something” real. And this question is kinda specially for Ama: could you please tell me, (at least approximately) what they told you? I mean I was always so much into “mythology” (although I’m not sure if I could still call it mythology..) I used to literally swallow these kind of books. And now I’m wondering, what they are like, if theyre on the “good” side (you know what I mean).

I have been always in love with forests (since very little age) and I used to walk among forest even at night sometimes (although I never met any of these creatures) so who could know that forests can be also dangerous. Do you think there is something, that would want to hurt me? (except bears, wolves,.. of course).

And just my question is: Could you tell me something about these creatures, I’m so curious about them.

Asked by Ancika

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