Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed by Nuclear Bomb?

Several years ago I was reading a magazine article and for some reason something I read has been on my mind a lot lately. According to the article Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by a nuclear bomb. I remember there were all sorts of evidence and explanations but now I can’t even recall what magazine it was.

Were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by a nuclear bomb?

Asked by Joleyn

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  1. Yes they were destoryed by a bomb.

    • There is some evidence that a naturally occuring nuclear explosion took place, but not a bomb. And I don’t remember any details except that apparently under the right circumstances a nuclear explosion can occur naturally.

      • Yes, a nuclear explosion can happen naturally – it happens in the sun and other stars. The evidence indicates that a nuclear explosion did happen but there is nothing in that evidence that would indicate it was a natural event

  2. Wait no they were distoryed by a volcano in the bible it said they were punished for they’re sins Hirmoshima, Japan was destoryed by nuclar weapons during World war I.

  3. Hi Joleyn

    When you think about the amount of damage an atomic bomb can do, and the amount of radiation afterwards, which would probably still be traceable today, I don’t think it happened, but then .. who knows? I don’t think we will ever find out. Fire and brimstone sound more volcano-ish to me.

    However, modern scientists have proved things like the Exodus (and the parting of the Red Sea is supposed to be a natural one, at the right time – or mythology is wonderful), it will be interesting to see if they can prove if Sodom and Gomorrah even existed –

    hmm… I think they already have This gives a lot of different cultures views, which is interesting. and then I think it comes down to what each of us believes. Have there been more advanced cultures before our own. I think there have. I think Atlantis blew itself up, whether through ‘crystal power’ or just plain greed and stupidity …

    Thanks for the question. I love researching the odd and the wonderful.

    Love & Light

  4. When one compares the results of a nuclear explosion and radiation to the description in the Bible of how Sodom & Gomorrah was destroyed, it’s hard to not believe it was a nuclear exlposion. Years ago, I read nuclear explosions leave the odor of brimstone..and it certainly can be described as ‘fire’. The chapter goes on to say no one will be able to live in that area again…(because the ground is poisoned?)
    Lot’s wife turned to salt because she disobeyed God’s instructions. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t salt involved in protection (?) somehow against radiation poisioning ?
    Just my thoughts on this subject……………

  5. Surely the biggest indication to that answer is, if it was written about as a past event in the BIBLE. A 2000 year old book.

    Atomic weapons hadn’t been created yet, they’d barely mastered fire, how could they have nuked something?

    • There are other instances where it look like a nuclear explosion is being described. These can be found in ancient India as well as Sumerian legends and stories.

  6. Hi BigJim

    I might believe it if the Bible said ‘bombs rained down from the sky’ but sulphur can definitely be a volcano as a result of an earthquake .. and it might have said that before people started turning it into myth .. but 2000 years is a very long time. However, we do have an interesting interpretation of a spaceship in the Book .. so who knows?

    Spirit has told me that humanity is far older than it thinks it is so .. anything is possible.

    Love & Peace,

  7. During hiroshima, tbe bombing. The outline of people were found on the side of buildings, because they had been discintigratec by the explosion. An outline of white ash to be exact. Nuclear bomb. Ash not a pillar of salt.

  8. Hey Ama

    I completely agree, a volcanos far more likely.

    Pompei is a good example, had the city been closer to the volcano the Magma would not have preserved it the way did, instead of the explosion and falling debris would have destroyed it.

    A Mushroom cloud can be caused but any large explosion, it’s just a column of ash or smoke or whatever being forced up at a high speed, and as it reaches the top the air pressure and loss of momentum pushes it to the side and it starts to fall down, causing a mushroom effect.
    As for a space ship, theres various relative paradox theories that can disprove human time travelers doing it.
    And why would aliens nuke one city?

  9. Hi BJ,

    I wonder what they were getting up to in that city? Apart from the sex stuff. How modern, by our standards, were the cities that spawned those myths? And when? And it was two cities .. and then there were the ones in Indian that Caretaker commented on the other day.

    So I go back to volcanoes …

    Love & Peace

  10. Hi All,

    I do believe the weapons which destroyed the biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah along with other cities in the area, were nuclear devices. These devices destroyed other cities as well in the area and, the destructive wind these bombs generated, spread far and wide -much further than was expected. The intention was to eliminate opponents and destroy the human populace as they had become debauched along with their rulers.

    Apparently, the affects were so devastating but did the job it was intended to do. That starts the new generation of a less knowledgable people and, the end of the influences of the ‘gods’ and the ‘god’ who was feared by mankind, because they returned to their home planet.

  11. Hi All,
    Interestingly ernough, I watched a great archealogy show about 2 months ago on this subject. They found one of the cities that was in the vicinity where Sodom was supposed to be located. What was so mind-blowing to them was that the walls of this destroyed city fell inward. Everything within the walls of the city was obliterated. There was evidence of sand turning to glass, silicon, etc, just as is the case with nuclear weapons. Obviously, with an ‘explosion’ the walls would have blown out big-time. They imploded. I think, but not sure, you might want to verify, as I don’t have the time right now, that the bible mentions that the walls would cave in? They also found that the ground did not have a huge pit in it, as would be there if an actual bomb had gone off. These archealogists were dumbfounded as to how it could have happened. Currently, the excavation is still underway I believe, and the search for other city is underway. Still… no salt pile has been found! hehehe


    • A bomb landing on a place doesn’t cause implosions. Burning ash and lava landing on a roof might cause implosions when the roof collapses, but I am no expert on blowing things up (or in). And the towns found in the region had huge layers of ash on them. My theory would be volcanoes, as I said before, because of the ash .. but .. people can’t even agree on the locations, so chasing ‘facts’ is a little difficult.

      This is interesting – but if all the towns folks were killed in the haulocaust .. who buried them in mass graves?

      Love & Peace

  12. Hi Ama

    Most certainly not volcanoes – try to expand your mind a little and realise that beings which can create people are capable of a lot more.

    • Actually Pat, until I have proof, I won’t assume its aliens blowing us up, any more than I’ll accept its a ‘god’ doing it. Nature provides her own weapons, like lightning strikes making glass in the sand, and volcanoes, sometimes thousands of miles away, dumping ash from the skies on innocent villages scattered over a wide area. Everything I write about comes from my own experience, including a visit from lovely human lady and her ‘sister’ in Spirit, both from Pleiades, so I have no problem in believing in people from other worlds either.

      When it comes to an open mind, fundamentalists come in all shapes, forms, and beliefs. All it takes is refusing to look at all the possibilities, and then expecting others to believe the same thing you do, proof or not. I’ll being keeping my version of an open mind.

      Love & Peace

  13. I am reading “The 12th Planet“. It explains allot that most folks just “accept” and not question, regarding the Sumerians. I highly reccomend this book.

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