Who Were the Nephilim?

The Bible mentions the Nephilim in Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33.

There are different theories and ideas about who, or what, the Nephilim were. According to the Bible the Nephilim are the offspring of sexual relations of the “sons of God” with the “daughters of men,” or angels and humans.

It is my understanding that some Orthodox Jews believe the Nephilim were the descendants of human nobility.

Also there are the theories concerning the Nephilim and giants and even possible connections to extraterrestrials.

Who Were the Nephilim?

Asked by CareTaker

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  1. I was always taught that Nephilim where the offspring of Humans and Angels.


    See the Fallen angels interpretation.

    But they also tie together with other ancient idea’s such as titans. As i was taught that the Nephilim where known to rebel against the angels or God, whoever was in charge of them. Which is when God banned humans and Angels from… getting it on..

    I can’t really find any evidence to back any of this up though, so i’m not sure where my teacher got all this from. The closest i could find was the Fallen Angels interpretation in the link above.


    • BigJim13,

      I was taught that nephilim were the offspring of fallen angels and men. It is information that I have always known as fact. My parents are ministers and my mother was taught when she was younger the same thing; I have never found information to back it up, evidence, but for I don’t need to. In my mind, it’s just fact. I guess I should see if I can find any information about it…

  2. Good evening everyone, my evening actually. I wrote an answer to this question this morning, hit ‘submit’ and had the whole thing vanish. Hmm… we shall try again now before I trundle off to bed.

    What are the nephilim? Well, if you go by the bible, they are the product of mating between fallen angels (who had rebelled against God) and human women – you might say they are the opposite of Lilith having sex with human men and producing demons. At least the human side of the females won out … or did it? They were very tall. I’ve read 11 to 14 feet. And these days we have skeletons of very tall people being unearthed by archeologists, so perhaps the legends have a small basis in fact .. there were a race of very tall people on earth – but whether they were the sons of the fallen, or aliens (one of the skeletons has horns, but then so do some living people these days – I read that recently too). We can never really be sure.

    Here’s a couple of interesting links. http://www.rationalchristianity.net/nephilim.html There’s a good discussion on that one.

    http://www.new-age-center.com/article/non-biblical-accounts-of-nephilim – a brief non-biblical text.

    This is the story of the titans http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titan_(mythology). The story does not fit the framework of the main legends about the nephilim. It mentions them as gods, rather than giants – though giants could also be a way of describing ‘great men’, or unsavoury nobles (the Jewish side of the story). To my understanding, the titans or ‘elder gods’ are actually fallen angels residing on this planet – so that fits. When you are dealing with mythology, over a number of different cultures, it can get very confusing. A list of the actual Titans by name: http://edweb.sdsu.edu/people/bdodge/scaffold/gg/titan.html

    Let’s add to the confusion. :-) There is a planet called Nibiru that is supposed to be travelling either past earth, or colliding with it, around December 2012 .. or I think its December. I have just heard that an asteroil is due to pass earth, between here and the moon, sometime in the near future, but I don’t think that is the planet we are expecting?

    There is a legend that either the Earth was seeded with aliens from Nibiru, or humans they had created, back in the times of the dinosaurs .. and men’s footprints have been found with supposedly extinct dinosaur tracks .. so is that possible? In the meantime, are the aliens about to descend upon us all – if they do, I hope they are friendly.

    Some Nibiru links: http://news.discovery.com/space/david-morrison-nibiru-2012.html


    Wishing everyone a lovely day,
    Love & Peace,

  3. Very interesting, Ama!

    Going slightly off topic, although its sort of relevant to your 2012 section, many years ago I want to a hyotheorapist who specialised in past life regression. During the session (I only ever went the once) I actually jumped forward to circa 2024 instead of backwards to past lives and found myself standing on the bridge of a space-ship, surrounded by very tall people, looking out at the stars and planets beyond!

    This freaked the hynotheorapist out so much, she immediately brought me back out, so I never got to learn why I was (or will be) there. The hypnotheropist also got a little freaked out by my pass-life visits to because, apparantly, as I recalled each past life, my face ‘changed’ thus I looked like the person I was, rather than the person I am now. Even freakier, my face didn’t change when it came to my going ‘forward’.

    To be honest, I put the whole experience down to my over-active imagination …. although I can’t explain the different faces part, nor why I would imagine going forward in time. Wierd!

  4. Hi AJ,

    I tried the hypnotherapist when I was about 17. It didnt’ work on me, but I did have a lovely ride in a ‘rollercoaster’ down passageways that looked a lot like the Stargate (tv program) when you step into it. So when I saw the Stargate stuff, I just chuckled. Other people must have travelled those passageways too?

    Jumping forward in time is not unusual. I remember when the 2012 date was first mentioned to me, back in about 2000 or so. I am clairvoyant, so touching the future is not difficult .. and I went right past 2015 and kept going .. just out of sheer curiosity. I didn’t stop at any spots, just decided to extend myself and see how far I could actually reach?

    Also, your face changing with each past life memory, is not unusual, it also happens when people ‘channel’ entities (such as ghosts, spirits, or guides), to mirror who you were then, or who is speaking through the person. So no, I don’t think it was your imagination.

    Will we have aliens on earth in the future. I don’t doubt it. Like I said before, I just hope they are all friendly.

    Love & Peace,

  5. Hmm… that’s a puzzle. I was logged in as Ama and yet it listed me as anonymous??

    Love & Peace

    • There is no logging in on the site. When you post a comment you enter your ID and email. If your cookies are set that way then your computer will remember what you entered the last time. After a certain period of time your cookies expire or perhaps they may be removed. The form “remembering” your info is a function of your computer and not the website. I will try to manually correct some of your previous comments to include your info

  6. Hi Caretaker,

    Thank you. I am bemused by getting copies of my own messages now. I like that.

    I appreciate you going to correct things, and must discuss cookies with my computer. LOL The virus scanner is doing a few weird things right now .. that might be the reason.

    I appreciate your help.
    Love & Peace

  7. read the book of Enoch and you will know more about the nephilim..or as they are sometimes called the “watchers”.

  8. I am with Phil, The Book of Enoch is an especially useful test if one wants to learn about angels and fallen angels, why Noah’s flood, nephilim and so on. I think it is actually included in the catholic Bible as part of the Apocrypha but you will only find references to the nephilim in a couple of old testament books and I think in the NT in the Book of Jude. The King James and later Bibles do not contain the Apocrypha including enoch in the Canonized Bible. The Bible Scholars of those times felt that the Book of Enock was not entirely God breathed so they do not include it as original text. This by no means says that the Book of Enoch and the others of the Apocrypha are not helpful, they can be extremely helpful for research and historical purposes. It was determined however that none of the non-Canonized books were essential in the forwarding of the Word of God, the Gospel, and living a life pleasing to God. They are more for those who are interested in learning more from that time. Enoch was certainly a Prophet of God and it is believed the only person to never die, that God took Him when he was still alive and he is know as living a life that was pleasing to God.

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