What is Going on in the Zone of Silence in Mexico?

I am curious to know what everyone thinks about the so-called “Zone of Silence” in Mexico. ( The Zone of Silence Mysterious Phenomenon in Mexico )

Do you believe there is anything “paranormal” or “unearthly” going on in this region?

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  1. It is a mystery for sure. I’ve been studying the Indus Valley lately….a lot of weirdness here too. And reminds me of the story a bit….though Indus is not an EM silent zone, but more of a “radiation poisoning zone”.

    I tend to look at the particulars with any phenomena. We have other EM silence zones in the world….but my question is, how does White Sands “accidentally” fire a “faulty” Athena Missile and have it jump course “inexplicably” and crash exactly in the Magical zona del silencio in the first place (1970′s)? Or did that help exploit the zone? That is more the mystery in my mind.

    I guess what I’m saying is, I believe in a great deal of mystery and paranormal activity in this world. But I also don’t rule out the possibility that we found a creepy new EM hole in the world and “decided” to lob warheads at it to see what saturation of the weak force would do to our new sandbox. (also don’t yet know if that was the only blast to the area, do you happen to know this?).

    Not a sceptic, but I would like to know more before I have made my decision on it’s validity (which still means very little to anyone but me, I suppose).

    You have any other info on the subject? I admit I’ve researched it less then most worldly phenomenon lately. What are your thoughts on the subject? Would love to discuss more, I just have little info at this point.
    Your thoughts, poster (sorry, you didn’t list a name, so you are “poster” until you provide one)? :)

    Thanks, GREAT question!
    Will do some more research tonight.

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