Was Zechariah Sitchin Right About the the Annunaki?

According to Zechariah Sitchin’s translations of ancient Sumerian texts written on stone tablets, modern man (homo sapien) was the product of the genetic manipulation of prehistoric man (Homo erectus) and an alien race known as the Annunaki.

What is your opinion? Was Sitchin right about this?

This wuestion is based up the article at Zechariah Sitchin and the Annunaki

Asked by CareTaker

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  1. My opinion is , something happened that changed us from being a lowly cave dwelling human into the beings that we are today. Did the Annunakis did not like the homo erectus on how they performed tasks required, so they changed the make up and made the homo sapiens. Is this the real missing link? Its like asking what is the tree of knowledge that was forbiden to Adam and Eve. Who was the serpent? Will the annunaki come back to mine the earth again as they travel thru the cosmos? Will they enslave us again? Here’s one that is kind of weird. Are we just creatures being harvested by the annunakis..so when they come back the whole earth would be like a fast food restaurant to them?

    • Hi All,

      My feeling is Z.Sitchin’s translations on the Creation of mankind by ancient astronauts, makes more sense and clarifies biblical stories which were ambiguous and lacked credibility. Much of what he says is partially confirmed by scientific medical advances presently. However,one could say, Z.Sitchin may have had present day scientific knowledge and included this knowledge in his books to make them appear more acceptable to the reader.

      Perhaps if there were more ardent and honest intelligent researchers in this field like Z.Sitchin who had the skills he possessed to be able to read cunieform writing used by the ancient Babylonians (Sumerians) on the numerous tablets found, we could obtain a second or third opinion to make these writings more realistic and fully acceptable.

      Does anyone know if the tablets were deciphered by other capable researcher?

    • Hi Phil,

      According to Z. Sitchin, the Annunakis used the DNA of an existing species – and threw in some elements of their own DNA to create mankind and only succeeded in creating one suitable for their needs (a being intelligent enough to do their gold mining for them) after trial and error and several attempts.

      As to whether they will return to colonise the Earth and their creations (mankind), they would have to eliminate us all as we are too independantly minded and rebellious (like the lesser Annunakis who rebelled resulting in the creations of human slaves). No No No Phil, they needed gold to prevent their atmosphere from seeping out of their planet – haven’t we earthlings got enough gold in the vaults of thousands of banks to trade with the Annunakis – perhaps for advanced technology or even for our lives OR are they able to take it by force after all, were we not created to love and serve them!! :-)

  2. He was extremely and diabolocally deceived and nothing he said or wrote is true and he never proved any of it to be true just his theory. I would not hang my eternal hat on it.

    • How can you make such a sweeping statement as “nothing he said or wrote is true” that right there, in most peoples eyes, marks you as an extremist who is only trying to evoke emotion without actually knowing what you are saying. I mean nothing he ever said was true? I am sure he told the truth at least once or twice didnt he? You are calling a man “diabolocally deceived” while you sit there and falsely judge him as a liar who has never even spoken the truth about anything.

  3. Well said Caretaker.

    Perhaps it is the followers of organised religion who where “Diabolically deceived”.
    I’ve seen a lot more blood shed over false gods than i have over Alien intervention.

    But what about Evolution? It’s been pretty much scientifically proved as a fact.

  4. Sitchin’s work makes logical sense, and I’d read similar stories in other books…

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