Ancient Aircraft?

I have been reading a bit lately about ancient aircraft like the vimani. The vimani are described as man made craft which are shaped similar to modern airplanes and helicopters. In ancient India a lot was written about these flying craft.

I am going to have to look through the DVR and see if there is anything on the vimani.

Do you believe the ancients had some technology that gave them flight and that we are as of yet unaware of?

Asked by CareTaker

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  1. Hi Caretaker,

    Read the Christian Bible, there’s a spaceship described in there too.

    Ezekiel chapter 1.

    Love & Light

    • Hello Ama, I am very familiar with that and other references in the Bible. Interesting isn’t it? The Bible, old religious paintings, and on and on the evidence is there.

  2. Part one, from legend to reality, There is two in this video

  3. Hi CareTaker,

    It’s all in the interpretation. LOL

    Love & Light

  4. Hi JS

    Which video?

    Love & Light

  5. Hi All

    King Solomon travelled over land and across the ocean to the far East in a vehicle which was powered by ????(power drawn from the contents of The Ark of the Covenant) and this vehicle floated above the ground and above the waters.

    • Really, I must have missed something. Where did you get that information from please Pat?

      Love & Peace

  6. Ama,

    That story was originated by ’1000 and One Nights’ was where it had Solomon as the main character on a flying carpet. It is a modern book, written late 1800′s-1900′s? The 1924 book ‘The Thief of Bagdad’ uses that legend as it base. Is based on that story and is catagorized as fiction. He also was said to put a genie in a bottle. Its the magic carpet thing. 60 mile wide, by 60 mile long. Big carpet, huh? There is a show here in the states called ‘Ancient Aliens’ that promotes the possible and increasingly popular notion that God was/is an alien. I don’t know about it much, but its supposedly pretty convincing and sometimes far reaching. My good friend began watching it, recording it. Never misses an episode. Swears it has to be true. As for me? I already have my beliefs of which have proven true, for me, that is! I’ve absolutely NO problem with other beliefs, like yours, Pat. Bible doesn’t speak to that, that I know of. If so, please enlighten me, for I am interested in that magic machine!

    I think all that stems from what the Book of Solomon says about demons doing his bidding for which has spawned many a literary work. Which reminds me… I’ve news to tell you about my research of ‘the secret.’ Will email it to you, but I bet you already know…

    As always, Love and Blessings,

    • Thank you Keith.

      Pat is that the same information you have? I have read many books ‘explaining’ the history of humanity through metaphysical beliefs .. like “Uriel’s Machine” .. really must reread that one. I find it all fascinating, and much of it plausible, but I deal with energy beings, angels and other entities, so I know some of these ‘facts’ are .. open to be questioned.

      Love & Peace

  7. Hi there

    Most certainly not, I’ve not seen ???? ’1000 and one nights’ – not my cuppa tea.

    I cannot remember the title of the books which contained the information – but it would’ve been books by well known researchers. Solomon apparently visited the far East several times in this vehicle which could float above the waters and above the ground. According to the information, he was instrumental in having a replica of Solomon’s Temple built somewhere in the Far East – I think it may be somewhere in India.

    It was also in one of these books where I read about the two carriage guards who attempted to prevent the ‘the ark of the covenant’ from falling off the carriage when they were killed instantly – badly burnt.

    Perhaps one could start by researching if there is in fact a replica of Solomon’s Temple somewhere in the Far East and how it came to be there.

    • Scheherazade, and her One thousand and one nights. Some things are to be read, and no amount of tv adaptions can do them justice. Here we find so many classic tales. And a little light info on the lady herself is here:

      Was she imaginary, or really a queen of Persia? We can’t know, but we can still enjoy the stories.

      As for the other books you can’t remember the authors of, I probably have a few of them on my bookshelves; Von Daniken comes to mind, though he isn’t on the shelves anymore, Hancock and Bauval, Sitchin .. I like Laurence’s Realm of the Ring Lords, which traces Jesus’ family (holy grail) through time. I find that very interesting. It might all be mythology, but I do believe that mythology has its foundation in fact.

      Love & Peace

  8. Hi Pat, Ama

    Well, there are some beautiful ancient structures in Far East! All we have of Solomon’s Temple are drwings as described in the bible. leonardo has a strange object flying in the sky in the background of one of his paintings. No telling of what knowledge has been lost over the ions. I sometimes think our modern society has got it all wrong!


    • Hopefully not ‘all wrong’ Keith, maybe we are just confused by the passing to time. It’s like the game of ‘chinese whispers’. Whisper a short sentence into the ear of a person, who whispers it to the next, and 20 people later we have a whole different statement. LOL A story that began as an oral legend gets adapted through each of the storytellers, and in the end it might take a lot of work to decipher where the original story came from .. but hey, that’s what some historians spend their lives doing. :-)

      I love this stuff. :-)

      Love & Peace

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