My Boyfriend Says Shadow People are Following Him

So I am very scared. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 5 months, and off and on he has said that there are shadow people following him and telling him to hurt himself. I am not sure what it means.

He says that he knows there are shadow people. But he hasn’t exactly seen them. He says that they send pictures to his head that I’m assuming indicate him to hurt himself. He is a little pessimistic of a person.

Some history on myself is that I am able to feel if a spirit or energy is around me, I am very in tune with energy and the spirits. And whenever he says they are around. I can not feel a thing. What does this mean?

Asked by Mara

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  1. Hi Mara,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I have had a lot of experience dealing with unseen problems. I have questions -

    Is your boyfriend doing what the voices tell him to do? That’s when the real worry starts. Has he been to a doctor, or psychiatrist and talked about the possibility of schizophrenia .. which is an illness where people hear voices that tell them to do the type of things you describe? It might be a good idea before things escalate.

    From what I have read about shadow people, they do not usually interact with humanity, just go about their own business, or watch what we do. There are other entities who like to pretend to be friendly, or not so friendly, that will try to influence people’s behaviour by putting voices in their minds, but .. not always, sometimes it is a mental illness, that’s why its important to be checked out.

    Would your boyfriend be willing to clear his energy, in case it is something easily fixed? There is a link on the page here, just above ‘newest questions’ called The Michael Invocation. Get him to read it to himself a few times, then say it out loud. You can do it too. See if that fixes the voices. Otherwise .. get him to a doctor, just in case.

    Wishing you both peace and quiet,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. There have been reports of the “Saunemin Giant” for decades along 5 Mile Creek near Saunemin. He is described as a very tall shadow person that chases motorcyclists or ATV riders , sometimes appearing in the woods and throwing large stones at them. Some think it’s a ghost, or a Bigfoot, or a shadow merson. See online references to the Sainemin Giant and how they deal with it-or them……

    • Hi CT,

      I think Walt’s answer went to the wrong site. The question is from the 23rd December. Can you flick the answer across there?

      Love & Peace

      • Nope, the link was added to give folks a place for more info, similar to the way links are added to amazon books and other pages within the site. Walts comment included something about the Saunemin Giant and we happen to have a question here on that same thing so a link was added to help connect the two.

  3. Hey there everyone!
    In the past year my ability to see, hear, sense and smell whatever it is that I am picking up on has increased dramatically. There have been no massive changes in my life so I was wondering why this is happening now?

    Secondly I am also seeing these ‘shadow people’ – there really is no other way for me to describe it. At first I was terrified, naturally,and I still get scared, but it has gotten to the point where this happens to me a few times every week. However, they have never spoken to me or done any harm (the other day I could see a couple and I simply couldn’t cope with it, and so I told them politely to please leave me alone that evening because I was absolutely spent. I didn’t see anything of them for the rest of the day) and I don’t see them out of the corner of my eye but straight on, right in front of me. The cats we own also see them and go mental, puffing up and hissing, but none of my family does.
    What are they? Why do I see them? Is it possible that this is just how I am picking up on things because I am less clairvoyant-ly developed? – could this be how I see ghosts etc?

    I have always been a true believer in all this stuff, but admit that I had pretty much given up on religion before it started up quite so frequently, and to a degree that I couldn’t ignore! Could this have something to do with it?

    I’m pretty certain that I haven’t lost my marbles and my Mum and younger brother are extremely supportive, though we don’t know anything much about this kind of thing.
    There was a time where all of the ‘weird stuff’ that was happening (it’s not just my ‘shadow people’ but an array of other things) was really getting to me, but I spoke briefly to a lovely woman and she directed me towards some people who know more about it (unfortunately I haven’t been able to get in contact with them).

    I’m just really hoping that you might be able to help me! The hardest part of all this is knowing that if I were to tell my friends – or father – that they would run away screaming crazy person!
    Sorry about my madly long comment which is a hundred questions in itself, but I was reading some of the questions on here and your answers are always so nice :)
    Best wishes to all

  4. Hello Cinnamon,

    You are growing older and maturing, so perhaps your gifts are waking up more because of that. Or it could be that you are like so many others right now .. expanding in their gifts. Personally I feel I grew into mine.

    Shadow people – what are they actually .. we don’t know. Going by actions, they are not harmful, just curious. Some people say they are multidimensional beings. I can’t investigate them because I do not interact with them. My partner sees them. I do not.

    Why do you see them? Perhaps you and Tom resonate to a more elemental energy? I know he does, he has more interactions with elemental beings than I do .. but then he’s always working in the orchard .. we also know its exactly the right place for him to work, for his energy. This stuff is fascinating, but sometimes frustrating.

    Are you nuts .. probably not. I’m not. I just have an extraordinary life.

    Is there anything I can help you with? You can write to me privately if you want to, but please identify yourself clearly. There are email links on my site listed down below under Friends.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  5. Dear Ama,
    Thank you so much for your speedy reply!
    I think I probably am just growing into the person I was always supposed to be, and since I’ve become aware of things they have definitely started to grow. It doesn’t worry me anymore, and to be honest I quite like to think that things don’t stop just because our bodies have to – I love the idea that my Grandma can visit (and I know that she does, however fleetingly, because I can always feel her).

    I decided that I would go and speak to somebody about this who lives near me as soon as I can get in touch, which I will be trying very hard to do today. But I’m not going to get too caught up in it, it happens so it happens, that’s just me :)

    Thank you again – you all are doing a wonderful thing by helping people here, reading your answers to lots of questions has made me feel so much better!
    Best wishes

    • That’s the other thing, Cinnamon, when we stop worrying about being either insane, or possessed, or whatever else people have said over the years .. we stop blocking our gifts and they can then expand in the ways we wanted them to when we chose them.

      You are welcome,
      Love & Peace

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