What Experiences Have You had with Shadow Beings?

Hello everyone!

I have been wondering if others would care to share their experiences with shadow beings with me. I have been having a few experiences, as of late, and am trying to figure out the similarities and differences, and what people actually think these beings are.

Thanks everyone for your responses!

Asked by LunaTerra

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Mischievous Shadow?

I’ve always been a little sensitive to my surroundings. Hearing things, seeing things, and feeling things that others don’t. It terrifies me a lot of the time and I know it shouldn’t.

Anyway, I’ve been staying the night at my boyfriends house a lot lately and I’ve felt something there. It didn’t bother me until I started staying over there constantly. The door to the bedroom slams behind me and I’ve tried to see if its the floor or something with the house but I can’t figure it out. I’ve heard toys rattling in his sons room and have placed toys in places, heard noises and they’ll be across the room. The bedroom door tends to open and close and it sometimes feels as though someone puts a hand on the bed. My boyfriend does hear and see these things happen as well but he shrugs it off or tells it to leave us alone and that helps a bit but it still messes with me. The other day is when it really got me.

It was about 2 in the morning and I got out of bed to go fetch something from the living room. I stood in the hallway and flicked the light on and at the other side of the living room there was a very large, thin, solid shadow. Part of it was being blocked by a child’s chair. I watched the shadow shrink lower to the floor until it was behind the chair then something crawled from behind the chair and out of my sight towards the other wall. It wasn’t animal shape. It took a more humanoid form when crawling but it was small. About 1 foot high.

My boyfriend the next evening my boyfriend was home alone and heard the floor creaking in the hall he flicked the light on and the same thing tall, thin, solid shadow. Only he saw it shrink into a room and then crawl from one room to the other. I have no clue what it could be. I have been looking at information on daemons because a lot of the time I don’t feel threatened by it. But it does really scare me and worry me. Since I’ve heard demons can disguise themselves.

I would like some insight or something. If anyone can provide advice or information it would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Danielle Samuel

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What is the Difference Between a Shadow Person and a Ghost?

(that question reads like it ought to have a punchline to follow it – lol!)

American’s seem to refer to the shadows a lot, but we don’t over here in the UK.

I’d just assumed a shadow person was another name for either a ghost or a daemon.

Are they alien time travellers or dimension hoppers?

Asked by AJ Ryder

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My Boyfriend Says Shadow People are Following Him

So I am very scared. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 5 months, and off and on he has said that there are shadow people following him and telling him to hurt himself. I am not sure what it means.

He says that he knows there are shadow people. But he hasn’t exactly seen them. He says that they send pictures to his head that I’m assuming indicate him to hurt himself. He is a little pessimistic of a person.

Some history on myself is that I am able to feel if a spirit or energy is around me, I am very in tune with energy and the spirits. And whenever he says they are around. I can not feel a thing. What does this mean?

Asked by Mara

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Crawling Shadow?

The following is a story that I have posted many times on various sites and forums in an attempt to get some answers. I’ve come to this site in the hopes that someone will be able to shed some light on the events. Still, almost four years later no one has been able to provide me with any advice or opinions.

As far as I can remember I’ve always been what I would consider to be sensitive to the paranormal. Not empathic or psychic ( as far as I can tell ) just a little more aware of my surroundings than most people. Despite the many paranormal experiences I’ve had, there is one in particular that still boggles my mind. I’ve done my best to research these “beings” on my own but I’m not finding any answers… so, here goes!

About 4 years ago a friend and I decided to rent a place together. Nothing about it was particularly old odd or out of place. Neither of us felt any kind of uneasiness or anxiety upon renting the apartment. Within a week that changed for me.

I was home alone minding my businesses and washing dishes all of a sudden, I started to get that really uncomfortable feeling like someone is watching you. I told myself to just look nothing’s there your just uncomfortable being in a new place alone. So I look to my side over my shoulder expecting to see nothing. Except this time, something was there. In the threshold of my kitchen/living room about 1 foot off the ground was this shadow being. It was crouched in the doorway in what I can only describe as a crawling position. Being in total disbelief, I turned back to the dishes to try to convince myself that I was just seeing things. So I decided to look again. It was still there just watching me.. it didn’t feel menacing or evil but curious it was like it was scared or confused and trying to figure out who I was and what I was doing.

I don’t exactly remember my reaction but I did acknowledge it I think I may have even said hello or I see you.

Well I continued seeing this shadow. Frequently. It was always crouching in thresholds it never actually entered into rooms. It just watched you and it began to make me feel very uneasy. My roommate started seeing it as well but told me to ignore it as he thought it was harmless. Maybe it was but it was getting too curious. One night it had me frozen in fear in my bed so much so that I had every single light on in the hopes that I wouldn’t see it staring at me. I was so uneasy about it that I made my roommate come home from a friends house.

I still have no idea what it was or what it wanted and I haven’t experienced anything of the like since I moved out. One night I got fed up and attempted to perform my own cleansing ritual. I didn’t actually see it, but I felt it running from me. As if it was ended up trying to hide from me in my closet huddled in a corner.

I guess I just want to know what it was and what it wanted. Why did it feel menacing sometimes and cowardly others? If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it.

Asked by scarzam

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A couple of years ago I was living at my moms house. We always thought the house might be haunted. One night my boyfriend and I decided to lay in the backyard and look at the stars. There’s a big oak tree in the back yard next to the house. I was laying on the ground on top of a blanket and was trying to ajust my pillow.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something moving in the distance. It was two small objects that were maybe a foot tall. They were moving fast… I was laying on my side and follwed there every move. It took seconds for them to run from the house next door to my backyard. Then they jumped in the oak tree hanging on to the branches with long lanky arms.

I went from laying on my side to on my stomach watching them run. The whole thing took seconds! I mean seconds. They dissapperd once they climbed into the tree. I was terrified! I jumped up and yelled i wanna go inside now! I grabbed my bible and just started praying.

My boyfriend said I was just tired and was seeing things. But to this day I remember it so cleary. I wonder what they were.

Asked by Stacie

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Shadow People What do They Mean?

One morning around 6 a.m. I was getting up and ready for work. I was in the living room folding up my blankets (I slept on the couch that night.) I was standing up, and I just felt like something was watching me.

I looked in the direction of the hallway, and standing in the hallway leading to the bedrooms was a large shadow figure. It was very tall, and it was all black. It had no facial features that I could make out, but it was in the shape of a large figure. There was no hat like some others have described when seeing shadow figures. It just stood there like it was staring me down.

I was frightened, and I just looked away and walked towards the kitchen to get away from it. I never looked back, and even though I was early, I left the house to go to work. I only saw that once, but have had many other things happen over the 24 year period while living in that house.

That shadow figure just really got to me. I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t a good peaceful feeling that I got that morning.

Asked by Anonymous

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Red Shadow Person?

I know my house has ghosts. I don’t know if they good or bad but so far nothing serious has happen just shadows and if you look in the mirror you can sometimes see someone behind you but no one is there. But anywho one day I took my normal digital camera and went in the basement and started taking a lot of photos.

My basement had a lot of boxes like piles of boxes. So I uploaded them on my laptop and looked through them. One photo was a picture of pile of boxes and there was a red person with yellow eyes like walking behind the boxes and looking at me. Was tall and skinny. I was the only one taking pictures.

Few days later I left my laptop on the table next to my boyfriends at the time laptop. We went out and came back and there was a big puddle of water on the table from a glass that was far away but only my laptop got destroyed his was fine. I wish I had the photo still cause it was really interesting.

Does anyone know what it could be like a bad or good one?

Asked by Josie

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Menacing Shadow Figure with Long Arms?

Further to the shadow creatures; my brother ‘sees’ things often and has seen a shadow which seems menacing and over 7 feet tall with long arms. However we cannot find anyone else who has ever seen one of this kind.

He sees human spirits and has had a lot of experience with this – although not voluntarily. There was a dog in the room which actually alerted him to the presence and the dog was very nervous. He also had a friend with him who also saw it.

Just want to know if anyone else has experienced a shadow creature of this nature before.

Asked by Shereen

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Shadow or Spirit Why and Who?

For the past few years I have had some entity with me. It does not hurt me or speak to me but it makes its self known.

I sometimes see it walking in my kitchen but I also know that it follows me.

At work I am alone and I sometimes see it there.

Its a tall dark shadow figure. I know its there. I am not crazy. I just want to know why its with me and who it is? Please help thanks.

Asked by James

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