Crawling Shadow?

The following is a story that I have posted many times on various sites and forums in an attempt to get some answers. I’ve come to this site in the hopes that someone will be able to shed some light on the events. Still, almost four years later no one has been able to provide me with any advice or opinions.

As far as I can remember I’ve always been what I would consider to be sensitive to the paranormal. Not empathic or psychic ( as far as I can tell ) just a little more aware of my surroundings than most people. Despite the many paranormal experiences I’ve had, there is one in particular that still boggles my mind. I’ve done my best to research these “beings” on my own but I’m not finding any answers… so, here goes!

About 4 years ago a friend and I decided to rent a place together. Nothing about it was particularly old odd or out of place. Neither of us felt any kind of uneasiness or anxiety upon renting the apartment. Within a week that changed for me.

I was home alone minding my businesses and washing dishes all of a sudden, I started to get that really uncomfortable feeling like someone is watching you. I told myself to just look nothing’s there your just uncomfortable being in a new place alone. So I look to my side over my shoulder expecting to see nothing. Except this time, something was there. In the threshold of my kitchen/living room about 1 foot off the ground was this shadow being. It was crouched in the doorway in what I can only describe as a crawling position. Being in total disbelief, I turned back to the dishes to try to convince myself that I was just seeing things. So I decided to look again. It was still there just watching me.. it didn’t feel menacing or evil but curious it was like it was scared or confused and trying to figure out who I was and what I was doing.

I don’t exactly remember my reaction but I did acknowledge it I think I may have even said hello or I see you.

Well I continued seeing this shadow. Frequently. It was always crouching in thresholds it never actually entered into rooms. It just watched you and it began to make me feel very uneasy. My roommate started seeing it as well but told me to ignore it as he thought it was harmless. Maybe it was but it was getting too curious. One night it had me frozen in fear in my bed so much so that I had every single light on in the hopes that I wouldn’t see it staring at me. I was so uneasy about it that I made my roommate come home from a friends house.

I still have no idea what it was or what it wanted and I haven’t experienced anything of the like since I moved out. One night I got fed up and attempted to perform my own cleansing ritual. I didn’t actually see it, but I felt it running from me. As if it was ended up trying to hide from me in my closet huddled in a corner.

I guess I just want to know what it was and what it wanted. Why did it feel menacing sometimes and cowardly others? If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it.

Asked by scarzam

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  1. From the height and behavior you describe I get the impression of a small dog. Animals can return as ghosts just as humans do, and like a human ghost they retain their character and behavior. A human ghost is still human and will behave like a human, a dog ghost is still a dog and will behave like a dog.
    Dogs seem to enjoy being involved in whatever their person is doing. For large dogs they just pile right in, but small dogs seem happy to just watch. This entity hanging out in thresholds, never approaching but just watching, seems like something a small dog would do. Small dogs also tend to be shy and skittish around people they don’t know well, and frighten easily. When a dog gets startled, they often behave threateningly. That could account for this shadow you saw running such a range of emotions, from curious to
    cowardly to scared to menacing.
    Anyhoo, that’s my impression of your experience. Very interesting account btw.

  2. Thanks so much for the reply. You make a very good point, I never thought to compare it’s characteristics to that of a dog. However, I can assure you that it took the shape of a human I suppose I should have been more specific. Although it was crouched and low to the ground, I could clearly make out limbs, head, neck, torso, in a human shape. It felt as if it had never been human but took on our form. Does that make any sense? Almost as if it came here by mistake and was stuck.

  3. That does make sense. Reality is stranger than alot of people give it credit for.
    I’m wracking my brain on this one. I have one other ghost theory, then a theory that involves a non-human possibility.
    Perhaps a young, developmentally disabled child? If his/her mind didn’t develop correctly the differences in the child’s mind compared to yours could lead to misunderstanding. I admit though, this theory is mostly to keep my mind in familiar territory lol.
    Theory number two, perhaps it was an elemental of some sort? They can shapeshift if they please, and a few attempt to interact with humans. I know little to nothing about these beings, but one of the posters, Ama, is knowledgeable about elementals. Hopefully she will be able to make some sense of this.

  4. Hi scarzam

    Assuming that you could not define its shape to determine exactly what it was, it might have been a daemon of some kind. Those constructed from human energy can take on very human attributes.

    I acquired one of these after visiting a house in Devon. It stowed itself away in the back of the car and came home with us, then scampered under the stairs and remained there, all shy and scared, only coming out to cause mischief when we werent about. I eventually got fed up of it hiding, so said to it “For goodness sake, if you’re going to stay with us you might as well make yourself at home.” And so it did. It stayed with us for 3 months before moving on. It used to like snuggling up with me on the settee in the evenings after it had tired itself out causing ‘trouble’ during the day. It was fascinated by electrical items – plugs/light-bulbs/turning the TV on and off – that kind of thing.

    It was an odd looking thing and acted very much like a child. It was definitely a man-made daemon, but it wasn’t something to be afraid of. In fact, it was rather cute!

    So, your shadow might have been something similar. The way you’ve described its behaviour certainly sounds like something similar to my daemon chum.


    PS a daemon is not the same as a demon (fallen angel), just incase you’re wondering.

  5. Daemon you say? Very interesting theory. I’ve read fantasy novels that have daemons but I had no idea they were a legitimate paranormal phenomenon. You’re experience does sound very similar in comparison except mine wasn’t chummy in the least lol.
    SnowWolf, I know very little about elementals but would one show up in a city setting?
    Thanks so much for the replies! I’ll be doing some research on both theories. In the meantime keep the comments coming!

    • Hi guys,

      Sorry, I thought I answered this when I saw the question .. yesterday? This xmas thing is just too tiring. I’m going for the role of grinch (though I have not seen the movie, so might change my mind later when I do LOL)

      Scarzam, elementals can turn up anywhere. This world belongs to them, or they ‘know’ it does, so everything we think we have is actually theirs .. and they love to borrow things. LOL But it doesn’t sound elemental to me. I think I would have to go with SnowWolf on this .. disabled child .. Things like feeling frozen by fear are what we do to ourselves. It never offered any harm, simply watched, and felt, to you, helpless and confused .. will you do something for it?

      Time and place have no meaning in the spiritual planes, so you could ask your angels to go and FIND the entity, human or otherwise, and if it does need help, to TAKE it into a healing place. Bring the scene to mind and then ask for help. It works. Then if it is a little lost soul, you will have helped take it Home, where it can let go of that choice of lifetime, and move on to a more interesting one.

      Might sound weird, does work.

      Love & Peace

  6. Wonderful link. The more I’m learning the more I’m beginning to think what I encountered was most likely a “daemon” of sorts. Unfortunatly it also seems to be a software emulator so it’s a little hard to find external information. But, you have put my mind at ease regarding the what and I now get to look forward to trying to solve the unsolvable! But hey the fun part is the chase right ; ]
    Thanks again everyone for your help!

  7. Ama, it doesn’t sound weird but I have a 6 month old now and would very much like to keep that door closed for the time being. I keep my Angels busy by having them protect my son I need them here for now!! Daemon or child spirit, in retrospect I do feel badly for intimidating or scaring it. Maybe down the road I can do as you suggested Ama. I’m unsure as to whether or not its still around. Once I got a kitty it seemed to wander off somewhere.

    • Hi Scarzam,

      It’s good to hear your house is now clear. Unless something unexplainable happens, keeping thinking it is. :-)

      Love & Peace

  8. I don’t know if our new place is ‘clear’ but I intend to play ignorant to the creepy furnace room and even creepier corner of my bedroom where an antique mirror is hanging!

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