Is an Evil Spirit Responsible for My Nightmare of Someone Trying to Rape Me?

My daughter and her friend had been out partying and came home late and woke me up the friend I had seen in a awhile jumped on top of me in bed and gave me a hug, she had been drinking cause she smelled like alcohol. Anyway after they left my room I started having nightmares and they were awful someone jump on me in my dream and then tried raping me from behind I fought them in my sleep and when I woke I felt it like they had tried in real and then I fell back to sleep and again I could feel the evil spirit coming back and this time it tried to come from the front and assault me and I went to fighting it and praying in my sleep till I woke up then I got my rosary and prayed and slept with my rosary on and had no more nightmares, but last night when I went to bless and pray all in my room with rosary and saying prayers I felt so many chills all over my body, I am freaking out cause it has never happen to me before. What kind of evil spirit is that is my question?

Can anyone tell me cause it has scared me.

Asked by Freaked Out

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  1. Hello Freaked Out,

    The subconscious mind is a strange thing, it will take events and drag them into our dreams, from just about any life experience, and give them back to us in strange, and occasionally, frightening ways. Then our mind gets those images and stirs up our ego, and the ego, which likes to keep a person under control .. usually through fear and other negative emotions, will turn our dream state into something we think is reality.

    For example, if I was praying, and I do, cold chills is a sign that my guides and angels are happy with me. (Lovely in summer, not so good in winter :-) ) When ghosts, and other entities are around me, I have a feeling as though I am going to have an anxiety attack .. only I don’t, because I recognise the feeling and know how to deal with all that extra energy I start to make.

    I believe what happened to you was that the person jumping on you triggered some latent memories, perhaps from movies you have watched (do you watch horror movies) and threw you into a dream cycle to match the experience that woke you up. Your body will express the exhaustion and aches and pains of such a vivid experience .. I know, because I’ve done the same for many years. I call it ‘working in my sleep’, and on the nights that I do, I wake up the next day feeling like hell. My partner says I am very active, physically, on those particular nights .. but I don’t remember any of it.

    Sexual ghosts and demons don’t usually leave a person feeling chilled, they leave them feeling disgusted and abused, and utterly terrified, with a huge sense of helplessness and desperation. I may be wrong, but I do not think you experienced that, and I certainly hope you never will.

    Just to make sure, this Invocation is designed to remove all sorts of negative entities from a person’s life. Read it through a few times to get an idea of what is being requested, and then say it out loud, and really mean it. That should take care of any problems.

    I am Ama Nazra and you can check out my webpages via the link here on the site Victorian Paranormal .. under Friends.

    Love & Peace
    Ama (demonologist)

  2. Thank you for replying, looking back on the things that I had been reading up on the days pryor to my nightmares was on the molesting of those young boys by the Penn State Assistant coach and I read the 21 indictment as well and it was terrible. So I can see where that could of played a factor, I also read that when you talk about death that some spirits come to you as well, Well I had been talking about how sometimes I felt like I might be next to die. But also when I was having those nightmares it was so real cause when the evil sprirt was getting ready to attack me cause I would wake up fighting it and then when I would start falling asleep I could sense and feel it coming back and getting ready to attack me, and waking up feeling violated but yet it not succeeding completely. Its when I finally woke up and sat up and got my rosary and started really praying and tell it to go away cause it didn’t belong here it was then that I was able to go back to sleep. And as for the chills I got was only when I would start to enter the room with my rosary and bible as I was reading by verses. I have had nightmares before but not like these and I don’t have nightmares but maybe once in a blue moon.

    • Fair enough, FO, I still recommend the Michael Invocation to clear the energy of yourself and your home. It’s track record is excellent over the past 15 years we have had it on the internet.

      Love & Peace

  3. my prayers are for you.

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