How to Keep a Prophetic Dream from Coming True?

Ok… my husband has prophetic dreams all the time, and they almost always come true. There’s one he’s been having for years; he dies in a car crash before he turns fifty. He’s thirty one now. He is sure now that that dream takes place when he is forty seven.

I am terrified. I don’t want him to die when he is forty seven. I want to grow old with him. How can I keep this dream from coming true?

Please help, I’m scared out of my mind that it will come true and I don’t want it to.

Asked by Daenerys Mason

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  1. Pray some Catholic prayers that Jesus does not allow him to die at that age of 47 or by that way he is dreaming. Tell Jesus not to let it happen.

  2. Hi Daenerys,

    Sometimes a dream that seems prophetic can just show the worry inside a person’s mind. Also .. death in a dream is not usually an actual death, it might simply mean an incredible change of direction in a person’s life.

    One of the questions I would have to ask is why he had that dream so early on in his life? Is he being told to get himself better organised, so that he can do something wonderful for others, or even the whole world, before his supposed passing? What other things did he see happening in the dream .. perhaps the rest of the message is there.

    It is my understanding that we all choose a variety of ‘death’ dates in our lives, this might simply be one possible one of his. It doesn’t have to happen, but I am sure its telling him he needs to change what he is doing now, so that he doesn’t end up going down that road. Also you should both focus on positive things, instead of spending too many thoughts on that dream. Plan for the future after that date, with both of you in it. We were made to be creators, and its up to us the future we create.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. Every horrible events that must be happened in future would become ineffectual by almsgiving. This is one of indubitable God’s traditions. I don’t know whether your husband’s dream is among true dream or no but if you worry and afraid about him I offer a recommendation and hope you do that if it be possible. send some money or stuffs (noticeable amount) for African starveling peoples. if you do such I promise and warranty that probable event would removed wholly and certainly.

  4. Yeah….prophetic dreams can be a huge weight to carry. I know. It doesn’t sound like I have them as often as your husband, but I’ll admit there is some information missing for me, so I dare not give advise until I know more.

    By, “prophetic dreams all the time” do you mean he has a lot of dreams about what he’s having for breakfast, that a co-worker is going to be fired or that a loved one (including himself) may pass at a specific time? If I had a lot of clairvoyant dreams about my grocery shopping, for instance, I wouldn’t put a second thought to my expected and envisioned demise. However, if all of my prophetic dreams were highly accurate regarding the lives of those around me (and especially those that I’d never actually met), then I might be planning a bucket list and making sure everyone in my life knew how much I loved them.

    I’m not trying to trivialize this question at all, by the way! I just would have to know the depths of the other dreams. I have had many recurring dreams about my death at the age of 54. Those stopped, finally, about 3 years ago. I had many questions as a result: 1) did I change the path of my own will or destiny (which IS possible)? 2) Was I wrong about my interpretation (even more possible)? 3)did my subconscious finally get tired of this morbid thought but I’m still going to die in 20 years (based on my love for coffee and irritatingly hard work ethic, this may be the most likely outcome)?

    I’m also a firm believer in reincarnation, and I know high frequency souls usually “sense” a lot in life/lives, whether in the form of dreams, visions or just plain “knowing”. So this could be reliving a past death. The “car” part could just be conscious translation of a caustic death scene–meaning it may just be interpreted as death without adequate closure from/to loved ones. Dreams don’t have that “it is what it is” rationale tied to them, so you have to be careful with how you filter the data.

    Point is, fear will only help you further condense on an unwanted reality. So I recommend two things based on that (and not really a recommendation since I may not know enough here).
    1) Tell your husband to try to become lucid and ask questions to anyone/anything that seems like a recurring theme or object….really any dream object that is comfortable with palaver, and I know that’s not always easy to find.
    2) Tell your husband (and this is for you, too) that life is as precious as we commonly forget, so live every day as if you only live until 50. You’ll find that the only thing fear provides is perpetuation of negative energy. In my observations, this is the only thing, internally, that can make fear reality.

    If this doesn’t suffice, then I would consider talking to someone. Regression is a great way to uncover some of life’s fears, but has to be viewed with an open mind, heart and soul.

    All the best to you two.
    If you have more information on the specifics of his other dreams (are they vivid or lucid. How often do they come true….what dreams “come true”, etc..) I will do my best to respond less generally.

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I grew up with having prophetic dreams, so have my father and older sister. I do not know if how we have them is the same with how your husband does, but the only way we are certain of any dream we have are either having the same dream twice (my dad and my sister) or three (me) times within the same night, and they do not very at all. My father and I have already seen our deaths on multiple occasions, or so we thought. With my fathers, what he thought would be his death ended up being he and my mom divorcing, and my death dream ended up being a forewarning of my two cousins getting hit in a hit-and-run accident. With alot of prophetic dreams, the seer will actually put themselves in the dream, even though it happens to someone else, or they will see themselves dying, but it ends up being a life altering situation. I would advise your husband to keep a dream journal, and everytime he has that dream, have him write EVERYTHING that he can remember. maybe having it written down and reviewed that way can shed some light on what the dreams actually mean.

    • Hi Malynda

      Funny, but my actual dreams prophecying physical death are, fish.

      If I dream of fish jumping out of stale water onto the bank, then dream that I’m replenishing the pond/stream with fresh water before place the dying fish back into the water so they can rejuvinate and live on – then someone dies. Usually within a couple of weeks of the dream.


      • A.J

        All dreams are not meaningful . dreams dependent on some conditions among dreamers mentally states or some daily events.
        But about fish, its meaning in dream is money and wealth of course if somebody can catch it ….LOL ….yes , actually.

        • Hi Manns

          I have had about a dozen dreams of fish (as described above) and each time, between the time frame of a couple of days to a couple of weeks after the dream, a family friend, or family member have died. (With the exeption of my mum – there was a twist to that fish dream).

          The visual aspects of Prophetic dreams are personal to the dreamer. I really don’t think dream books (books which interpret dreams) always give the exact or difinitive meaning.

          I have two books which interpret dreams:

          “Fish” in the first book says,

          “If several fish are seen swimming, many friends are working to help you”

          Fish in the second book says,

          “To dream of fish means a death in the family or amongst your circle of friends”

          Then there is the definition of “Fish” via internet sites:

          1. “a fish swimming in your dream may symbolize conception.”
          2. “The fish is an ancient symbol of Christianity and Christian beliefs. Consider the common phrases “like a cold fish”, “fish out of water” or something that is “fishy” about a situation. It may also imply a slippery or elusive situation.”
          3. ” To dream that you are eating fish, symbolizes your beliefs, spirituality, luck, energy and nourishment. It is food for the soul.”
          4. “Fish symbolise the deep emotional connections that underpin our relationships. They also link to strong urges and motivations that are pushing us in new directions.”

          … and so on, and so forth.

          The reason I know of the connection between my fish dreams and death is because I always make a note of my dreams and the date I dreamed them. Looking back through my notes I quickly saw a pattern immerging.

          That said, just because my dreams show images of fish it does not mean that other peoples fish dreams mean a death in the family. To other people, fish might represent one of the many other interpretations of ‘fish’ rather than the death one.

          BTW – the fish dream I had a few days before my mum died was slightly different to the others – which is why I didn’t pay much attention to the dream at the time. In this particular dream, I was in a Chinese market and one of the stall holders had a fire bucket infront of his stall, which was filled to the brim with small, dead fish. (Usually, my fish are live Carp, but these were weren’t. Not sure what they were but they were small and quite rounded – might have been silver Pomfrets??)


          • Okay A.J , there are various books about dreams interpretation but I haven’t read those except one. it is my own reference for dreams interpretation. Anyhow I offer very friendly please change your believe about meaning of fish in dream which it is death sign, as you said it is not a total and certain opinion. Excuse me if i interfere in your personal choice but it is only for a new and positive viewpoint.The meaning of fish in dream is not dying and if it is written in that book it may be wrong refer to other your dreams book please because I worry many persons die by your fish dreaming …..LOL

  6. Hi Daenerys Mason

    I think ‘death’ is more likely to represent a major change, not actual death.

    I used to have dreams & vision’s of dying at 36 (I’m now 44). But, something profound did happen in my 36th year which changed everything. My other half was in a serious motorcycle accident – had less than 5% chance of surviving. But he did survive – although he paralysed himself. I became his carer and we had to move home because the place where we lived was too dangerous for him to move into.

    Hmmmm …. reading that back ……… maybe that hasn’t helped ?? – LOL!

    Seriously though, life changed dramatically but actually, on the whole, its been for the better all round. We now live in a lovely place with a garden, with loads of room – a vast improvement on the last place. We both still work and socialise, just like before, and life is good. His being in a wheelchair hasn’t hampered his life, in fact it has enhanced it.

    So, regards your husband, Please don’t worry about it too much. Make the most of the here and now and live your lives well and be fulfilled. After all, none of us know what is around the next corner to change our lives for ever, whether it be a change for the better or for the worse! Just be happy!


    • Hello A.j

      what was your mean about : ” My other half…..” I didn’t find any equivalent word for it in Babilon dictionary

      • Hi Manns

        “my other half” is slang for partner or husband. Other slang terms might be “significant other” or “better half” or “he/she who must be obeyed!” – LOL!


        • Excuse me that I continue my question , whether your mean is your partner or your husband ? because you replied me in ” 5 Years Living in Hell in Quaint English Village ” comment that you have divorced ? also ,there you hadn’t explained about motorcycle accident anything ?


          • Hi Manns

            I moved into the house mentioned in “5 Years Living in Hell in Quaint English Village” in 1988 with my (then) husband. We divorced soon after.

            My partner (since 1996) is the one who had a motorcycle accident in 2003. We are not married – got put off marriage after the experences with the husband – LOL!

            My life is very confusing – hahaha!


        • Thank you A.J

          I understand now

  7. change the destiny. Buy him a bike. Get him to stop driving.

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