Horrific Dream and Spirit Contact

I have always been conscious of spirits and always had a “bond” with an entity I have named bob. As a child I always suffered from night tremors and could hear voices. Sometimes conversations and sometimes these voices where directed at me. During the night tremors, when I would try pull out I would be screamed at saying “STOP! Its not complete” over and over again. I lost sleep and thus became and insomniac through fear during my teenage years and began to learn how to break out by using aggression yet still developed this “bond” with the entity. A couple of years passed with few incidents yet I began to “miss” that “gift” so I called upon it again within myself as I have always been able to just by the power of my mind as I thought he belonged with me. That was a bad idea!

Last night I had the most horrific nightmare ever! far greater that any night tremor. The dream started with sitting in my room with my family, a person was hidden behind an object and appeared to shine a light upon each of us knocking them unconscious yet me semi, it was like being drugged on sedatives. I ran and tried to escape and prevailed only to “wake” (which turned out to be another part of the dream ) and tell my girlfriend about this. Objects in the room started to shake and move, red demon faces appeared.

I fled downstairs only to see my family yet within myself I knew this to be the entity impersonating them… as they laughed and playfully moved about in a sinister manner. That’s when he appeared, 7-8ft in height and spoke to me directly. Talking about how I was foolish to play with this game, that he was much greater than I and that I must suffer for my actions and to know the consequence. Making reference to conversations I had had with friends, joking saying I would stab him if he tried to hurt me and mocked and laughed at me for this comment. I quote “stab me would you?” “that is amusing, you cannot hurt me”. Then he demonstrated his abilities by giving order to a female associate who then whispered to my paralyzed girlfriend. My girlfriend then moved over to a window and slit her wrists to commit suicide, the large entity then looked at me with a unspoken understanding as if to say “see what I can do”. He said to me if you think off me I will appear, if you talk off me I will return.

The dream was then returned to a normal state with everyone healthy and fine, me thinking about what had just occurred I walked back upstairs to my room still traumatized about what supposedly happened to my girlfriend. Only to feel that evil feeling come over me again and he returned, reminding me that I had spoken and thought off him only this time with more entities, my girlfriend lay lifeless on the bed and a black woman was pushed forward by the evil being to offer me oral sex, I refused. Then she offered me drugs which I refused, I looked over to my girlfriend to see a look off hatred upon her face (as if the entity was trying to tempt me), the entity turned me back to the black woman and she offered me a final time. I again said no (feeling as if I was being tested and taunted by this evil, determined not to give in). Then the entity laughed and chuckled “You think that taking the moral high ground will save you, remember I am inside your mind” then his words where muffled I think he said “remember this” to which I high pitched sound (like hard wind blowing) happened and dark creatures jumped onto my body knocking me to the floor where I was torn to pieces, I could feel my stomach being torn open and my fingers bitten off yet I lay silent in my head thinking I would not give them the satisfaction off my cries.

The final dream in a dream I awoke in a coffin… and pushed my way free to run back to my room seeing my girlfriend with two black eyes, swollen, beaten and bruised. My mind was breaking all around me I could see symbols, blood, faces… I just wanted it to end… I believed myself to be awake in a constant circle off torturous hallucinations over and over again until I got angry and had had enough and awoke. Not knowing if I was still dreaming! soaked in sweat…

My girlfriend had been lying next to me and told me I had been shaking violently and tossing back and forth. That is the short version of the story as I had conversations with the entity between each torture that I don’t remember. Please help me! I need to know what it all means urgently! I don’t know if this makes any difference but it occurred under the full moon yesterday night mon 9th Jan 2012!

Asked by Stu

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  1. Hi Stu,

    My name is Ama Nazra and you can look me up via a link under Friends on this webpage. I have questions -

    Night ‘tremors’ (shakes) or night ‘terrors’?
    What does the entity actually do for you?
    Does it feed from your energy?
    When did you last call on it?
    Why do you think it is causing the nightmares?

    Whatever triggered the dreams hit all your personal fears. They do that, but it helps us to learn what we value the most, and most want to protect. A good lesson.

    Let’s do some house clearing. On the right here just above ‘newest questions’ is the Michael Invocation. Follow the link, read the page through a few times to get an idea of what it is asking, and then say it out loud – and mean it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in God and the angels, because they believe in us. Get your girlfriend to say it too, and then change the third line to ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home” (not house), and do it again. What it does is change the energy of the persons and places it is said for. It lightens them. We’ve been using it all around the world for the past 14+ years very successfully.

    Then .. the hard bit .. decide you are not frightened anymore. Don’t open a door you want closed by fearing what ‘might’ happen. Often accepting that things are now fixed is the hardest thing to do of all.

    Other problems, or questions, you can write to me here, but I would like to know the answers to the questions above,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist)

    • They are night tremors (shakes) but I am concious. As for the entity…its always been there. I wouldn’t call myself psychic far from it, but many a times I have just “known what too do”. As if I had been told it (like a memory). I haven’t a clue to be honest if it is feeding off me? Can spirits do that?. As for the nightmares I haven’t a clue. I have had more recently… but none has horrific and very vague in what was happening. Except that the entity was there and I got this “feeling” (if you can feel in dreams) the same feeling that I had in the nightmare which was previously posted.
      I know this next point sounds quite far-fetched…. but people who are around me become affected by it. Its not like I talk too my friends about it, some have never even had experiences before. Those who are closest hear things..have strange dreams..nothing paranormal activity 3 mind you XD. These dreams have been enough too scare my girlfriend (who until meeting me had never had spiritual experiences and i had no mentioned mine too her), who is now my ex because off it all…..she kept having dreams off lying in my bed and objects levitating all by themselves and then be woken up pinned down. and watch these small black creatures crawl above her on the ceiling :/. I have been hanging with a group off my friends, laughing and being loud. The entity shouted “silence” < out off all the words to say :L.
      Look ill be honest, I'm not scared about bumps and noises in the night. I'm too used too it and lost too much sleep for too many years but my dad is the same as me…. he saw and experienced similar things. He even talks about astral projection as a child and teenager. He told me when i was younger that he stayed over at mine (when he was trying too worm his way back into our family) and had been pinned down too the bed by a hooded entity (similar description too when i had seen "bob" as a child), he was lying on his back and his legs where raised into the air and a fist was shoved up his anus. (I laughed when he told me that…. and i don't blame anyone else from scrutinising as it is quite bizarre). Why would a 40 something year old man lie and create something so strange and humiliating and share it only with his closest and even then only believers! I dont want anything horrible happening too myself, especially after these nightmare's…..I will take a look at what you linked me onto. Yet my instinct tells me it wont do much good. Yet i could be wrong, i have spent years worrying that my experiences would be laughed upon and disbelieved but i am now simply too afraid too stay quiet any more.

      • Hi Stu,

        Deciding something won’t work before trying it is completely self-defeating. The Invocation has worked for 1000′s of people in all levels of ghostly and demonic situations for the past 15 years .. so it will work for you, if you don’t undermine your own chance to change. I say that because it will be you that stops it working, in some small way, or that allows the entity to come back, or another to take its place. When the person stops doing that, really decides they want to be free of the irritation, they are.

        And do you really want to spend your life alone because some ‘thing’ you can’t see is chasing away the people you care about?

        Don’t slam the door shut before you open it.

        Love & Peace

        • Thankyou, you are completely right. Ill give it a go with complete belief :D .

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