Demon Dreams What Do They Mean?

Ever since I was little I have had nightmares. One of which was of me at my grandparents going out of my room down the stairs. Then I felt this huge scary presence coming from the basement. It would come out and appear to me as a medium size dog that had long sharp teeth. Pure black in color. I knew that I had to fight to survive it. So I would grab them by the mouth and smack them against things. Killing them. Some nights I would have to kill 2 or 3 and while other nights I would have to kill more than 5.

Then as I got older the nightmares changed. I haven’t had that nightmare since I was little. Then I started having a nightmare that I was being held off a cliff by this creature in a hooded cloak. A black cloak. I couldn’t see the face nor the eyes. I just remember it holding me but it didn’t let me go. I would be scared and instantly wake up.

Also… I would have nightmares that these little creatures short and ugly with sharp teeth and claws would hide under my bed and try to grab at me.

Now lately I have noticed so much more has happened besides dreams. I feel things touching me at night, I get the smell of cologne that I have never smelled before, I hear whispers every once in a while, I see glimpses of cats and I have actually heard kittens crying when I didn’t even have kittens, as well as I heard and felt a dog on my bed.

I’m not so worried about that however. I am scared about something more than that.
I keep having nightmares again. But they are all different.

last night I had one that scared me so bad. I was following this girl to my room and then all of a sudden while laying in bed I fell asleep in my dream. Like I was dreaming in a dream. I felt a bunch of weight on me. But it wasn’t just one thing on top of me. It felt like a handful of them. holding me down. then I woke up from that dream in my dream and still felt the presence. But didn’t see anything. So I ran into the other room and talked to this woman and man telling them what happened. Then it went to being back in the bed and I tried to move over to the center and I felt less weight on me. I felt a bit safer but then they pulled me over and kept pulling and I woke up. When I woke up I felt like I had been taken advantage of and what scared me the most was the fact that I felt safer in the middle of the bed… when I was little I felt safer there… and I would always put things around the outside of my bed before I fell asleep. It stopped my nightmares and made me feel safe.

I feel like something is after me. When I was little I saw these black hooded things all around me in my dreams. I have heard others explain them as the grim reaper without the scythe. I walked outside of my grandmas house and saw about 30 or so of them. and some were inside the house. in my grandmas room. I walked in there in one of my dreams and saw it. I saw a mask on the bed that looked like a human face. Then I walked up to it and pulled its cloak back and saw bones like it was just a skeleton but I never saw the eyes.

After experiencing this my whole life it has just become more and more scary.

What’s happening to me? What should I do?

Asked by Ashley

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  1. Hello Ashley,

    I think you might have had a celtic lifetime or two. The black dog is perhaps a ‘black shuck’ and you can look it up on the internet and learn about it there. I have to ask if you are watching horror movies? Some of the images could come from there.

    And then I have to tell a quick story .. when I was a child I had a repeating dream where a serpent had taken over a church on an island and it was eating all the people. I would run from this thing, and get eaten .. until one day I decided I had had ENOUGH, and picked up a sword and went back and killed the serpent. I was about nine at the time? The dream never came back. In a way that dream defined my life. I am still ‘killing serpents’, but not actual snakes, but I am demonologist, when the need arises.

    Having read through what you wrote, I would rather sort the problem than try and explain it all. And I like simple solutions – so here is the link to the Michael Invocation it is designed to remove all sorts of negative entities from our energy. It does this by dissolving the connections, not forcing emergy in any way. Read it through, say it, and let it help you.

    If you have any questions you can write to me from there, or here on this site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection – here under Friends on the right)

  2. Ashley, I once saw a black cloaked being, but my story is a lotta different than yours. Haha. Anyway, I said that to tell you that I understand and have seen so, I believe you! This is a big problem with a simple solution: Anoint yourself with Olive Oil (Virgin type, please) and plead the blood of Jesus upon you and your house. When the demon(s) come after you, just rebuke the spirits in the name of Jesus (works everytime).

    Hun, you will come out quite all right. =D

  3. Ama, just curious, as a demonologist have you ever been in a situation, helping people, when the demon(s) started throwing up deeply personal issues in your face? I’ve heard of this being done during exorcisms. Supposedly, they know everything thing that happened to us since the time of our birth.

    I ask this in part because I’m considering studying the topic, or perhaps, God willing, help others as a demonologist myself someday, since I seem to be able to see them…

    • Hi Erik,

      Learn about yourself first, all your fears, phobias and hidden doubts and beliefs before you even consider touching something like this. Believe me, the dark will grind you down if they can. And yes, they will throw all your fears at you .. great way to find out what they are, if you don’t already know, but there are kinder ways of doing that. And they will remind you of all past bad behaviours and .. do a whole lot of other negative things.

      Just because you can see demons does not mean you are supposed to work as an exorcist. It’s far better that people don’t. This is a ‘calling’ .. and you would have started your training a very long time ago. If, when you are researching, you feel you are only be reminded of things, and not learning them new … the answer would be ‘maybe’ to the question of being a demonologist. The rest is just a fascination, and there are better things to do with your life, for God.

      Love & Peace

  4. wear a cross and put Jesus or mother Mary pictures in your home. pray to God for protection while you are sleeping or awake.

  5. hi eric,

    im afraid, it has something to do with your pastlife. you had issues backthen. unresolved and it is manifesting now.
    do you personally think, now, that backthen you are one of them? you might be a highpriest who tried to change from good to bad or vice versa. and they lost you and now that theyve found you, they were thinking to continue something.

    just wear St Benedicts medal at all times. even when your going t bed, sliping. dont remove it. just make sure it is bless by a benedictine monk.


  6. Hi ana I’ve been having these nightmares in being possesed by a demon the other night I had a nightmare and I seen it but it was posseing my brother this time I also can sense when there’s something around I just want to know why I’m having these dreams and how can I get them to stop

    • Hi Giselle,

      My first thought is ‘do you watch horror movies’? Or have you ever? There is so much crap around these days, just the ads can be enough to place images in people’s minds, that come through in their dreams.

      If not .. the meaning of ‘demon’ in our dreams, is negative thoughts and feelings. Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Are you mad at your brother?

      Here’s something I recommended my daughter do when she left home. It’s a house shield .. an energy shield that takes very little imagination to create .. and really does work.

      Do you know what a pyramid looks like? If not, look it up on the internet. There are tons of pictures.

      In your mind ‘see’ a big pyramid made of glass coming down from the sky and settling over your house .. and not just the house, or apartment, or whatever you live in, but also over the whole houseblock (I live in the country and we have lots of grass around us, and it goes right up to the fence line on all sides). Now, do the same for underneath .. only this time, turn the pyramid upside down so that the two bases touch each other, and where they touch .. they seal together. You and your home are then inside a diamond shaped shield. It’s made of very strong white light energy, and keeps negativity out!

      Now what I do then is ask for help in clearing ‘inside the shield’. I ask Archangel Michael to “clear inside the shield. Open gates into heaven and take Home anyone who wants to go Home, anyone who needs to go Home, and anything that wants to argue”. To me that pretty much covers anything paranormal hanging about, that is not there for our greater good. And the shield remains as long as you will it to.

      Now, if you can’t visualise it happening .. don’t worry .. there’s a very true old saying ‘energy follows thought’ .. and the shield will happen as you Will it up, and stay. I usually set it for 72 hours, and then renew it each night, if I feel the need. I don’t use it all time, just on the extra spooky nights, if I don’t want disturbed sleep.

      That should put a stop to any outside entity disturbing your sleep.

      Another thought: next time you ‘feel’ something is around, ask your guardian angel to ‘FIND’ the entity and ‘TAKE’ it into healing. They know exactly what to do.

      Love & Peace

  7. Thnx you so much and ill try the pyramid and askin my guardian angel I appreciate the advice thnx again oh I have another questions as well I have a thing with mirrors I’m thinkin its jus me but at night I don’t like looking into them and I always turn my full length mirror around before I go to bed and in my dreams too I feel that there’s something in there mabye I’m jus being paranoid or something but what do u think?

    • Hi Giselle,

      I have this thing about mirrors too. I am not frightened of them, just know that they can occasionally act like a door between earth and other planes, and so I keep mine closed. There are a number of ways you can do this .. if you are Christian (which I am), draw the cross in front of each one (I do it three times) with the ‘intention’ of ‘closing’ the mirror, and keeping it closed. You don’t have to draw on the nirror itself. Do every mirror, including the one in your purse, if you have one there. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, so I can also use the symbol Choku Rei, for people who are not happy with the Christian point of view. Other symbols of protection work equally well.

      Love & Peace

  8. Is all this happening only in your dreams. Just wondering? is any of it happening while you are awake. I saw a black cloaked demon walking in the woods in daylight. It happened at 3pm. On a cold January day. close to the location where my brother died in a car accident. But I never saw it again.

  9. I have had dreams of black colored people trying to get a hold of me. The black colored person was holding on to my hand and did not want to let go until I started praying Our Father who art in heaven… and it let go of me. Recently, I had a dream and I was trying to pray, but this black person adult jumped on my back and I couldn’t do anything. I woke-up like if it was touching me all around my body. I think I let my guard down for a while. I know I shouldn’t let my guard down. Keep praying each night and don’t give in. When you see them in your dreams, fight against them with prayers. I usually could pray in my dreams. God bless you and take care.

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