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Who or What Was Lilith?

What was/is Lilith: a demon or a vampire?

Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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How Do You Know if You are an Empath?

I’ve always thought that I wasn’t normal, until I realized that some of my emotions may be due to being slightly empathic. I cannot watch movies that are sad because I start sobbing hysterically. I absolutely cannot watch those spca commercials where the animals look so sad or feed the children commercials. Its really embarrassing trying to watch a movie with other people. Or if someone cries in front of me I get extremely emotional and start crying myself.

I cannot be in crowds. If I do go into large crowds I start having panic attacks. I’m very susceptible to others moods. If someone is in a really rotten mood it effects me before they even speak. I start to feel very irritated or angry. I always have good instincts about people. I can usually tell if someone is really bad the instant that I meet them. I just get a creepy feeling, or either I feel very drawn to someone only later to find out that they’re a really great person.

The problem that I’m dealing with is that I am a Christian, and I’m very confused about the paranormal. I realize that mainstream Christianity teaches that psychic abilities are demonic, and that all hauntings are demonic. I’m not a catholic, but I tend to think that they are correct in their philosophies regarding the paranormal. It seems that many of them accept the paranormal and that not all hauntings are demonic, but I don’t know what their theology is concerning these things. I cannot understand how a person can hang around after they die. I’ve always been taught that you either go to heaven or hell.

I have a very strong religious conviction, and honestly I can’t find anything in the bible that outright says that it’s demonic. I know that Samuel banished all of the mediums and seers from the land of Israel. So why are Catholics more open minded about this? If anyone could help to clear some of this up for me I would so appreciate it. I really struggle with thinking that I’m believing something that isn’t pleasing to God, and I’m just confused.

I really am not interested in anyone trying to persuade me into believing any other religious beliefs. I only want someone who is also a Christian and has had these same struggles to clarify for me. And please don’t think that I am judging anyone here or their experiences because of my religious beliefs.

I have been reading stories on this site for a couple of years now, and this is the first time that I’ve written or asked for help. I really don’t want to insult anyone, and I really don’t want to be insulted. That’s not why I’m here. But I really need help! I need help in learning to control these emotions as well, if that is even what is going on with me.

Thanks everyone, and I love this site. I’ve really enjoyed the many stories that I’ve read!

Asked by Stacie

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Questions About King Solomon Temple and Freemasons

Anyone know anything about King Solomon? Regarding the Djinn or Demons whom he forced to build his temple ~ how could he be in God’s favor, but using Demonic help to build?

How does he fit in with freemasonry?

What is “Solomon’s Key”?

Anyone know any good books or legitimate sources for information on him?

Asked by Anonomyssy

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What is a Watcher?

Can you please tell me what a Watcher is?

Asked by anonomyssy

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Can You Tell What Color Your Aura Is?

Just a quick question. Can you see your own Aura or see others?

How can you find out what color Aura you are putting out there? Thanks!

Asked by Lindsey

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Looking for Paranormal Family and Friends

I am trying to locate a book titled “Paranormal Family and Friends” by Frank R. Santariga?

Any idea where I can find it?

Asked by Bill Howard

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Why are all These Strange things Happening to Me and What Can I Do?

I’ve been living in my house for my whole life Im 17 and just recently weird things have been happening but just to me.

I’m scared and confused and my parents don’t understand. When I was a baby I was told that my guardian angel (lady with funny hat) saved me from choking on my own barf when I was barely a year old she woke my mom up in the middle of the night telling her that I was dying and she needed to save me.

I’ve always heard creaks and my name around my house. I used to see a silhouette of a mans head and shoulders on my ceiling and hed move. My friend saw a man walking around one day and I think hes following me. I moved rooms and he is now in my new room. I wear an eye thing so I don’t have to see him. But recently I’ve been having dreams about a little blonde boy in my basement trying to talk but hes too hysterical to understand, and a beautiful brunette girl rocking in the corner of my room.

The mirror that’s nailed to my wall also randomly moves when I’m doing my hair, laying in bed, or walking by.

I recently had a dream of how she died and her killing me my cat wont go near my room or bed at times and her hair stands up and she stares in one spot a lot and her eyes and head follow it when it moves.

I’ve prayed and tried talking to it and asking it to not harm me. I need help, what do I do? I’ve tried ignoring them but now they’re coming to me in my dreams and messing with my emotions. Please help.

Asked by Megan

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Questions About the Fae

Well I just got stationed in Germany and I just got done reading your entry about eflicology? And I was curious if there were any hot spots here.

Also if you guys know any groups that specialize in this field?

Thank you

Asked by John

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What is with the Backward Song Theory?

On many sites, including youtube, there is the claim that some songs hold hidden messages (thought to be of supernatural origin) when played reversed.

Are such things true or just people imagination? Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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Profound Questions

On this site we discuss and debate many of life’s questions usually as a result of experiences along with information fed to us for centuries. There are even more profound questions which niggle many of us such as:

Who are we?
Where did we really come from?
What is the real purpose of our existence?
Where are we going to?
Does life continue after death?
Is there a God and who or what is this God?

Asked by pat

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