Can You Tell What Color Your Aura Is?

Just a quick question. Can you see your own Aura or see others?

How can you find out what color Aura you are putting out there? Thanks!

Asked by Lindsey

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  1. Hi Lindsay,

    The aura comes in a multitude of different colours, if its healthy, and has seven layers. A person might be able to see their own ‘physical’ level of the aura, which is right next to the skin. Hmm.. can I explain this right. Left up your hand and gently let your fingers fall down a little, then point your arm at a blank wall and gaze softly down the length of your arm over your wrist .. so lift your arm a bit higher than your shoulder. Just above your wrist, if you are not trying to ‘see’ too hard, you might notice a slight glow of energy .. I’m doing this between typing bits .. about 1/2 an inch to an inch wide (2.4cm if you are metric like me). Don’t gaze straight at it, but a little out of the corner of your eye. When you relax your eyes enough most people can see it. Mine is, as usual, slightly cream coloured, heading to lemon. The interesting part of this is that people from different cultures around the world have different colours to their physical aura .. some cream, some yellowish, some green, some pink. Can’t remember who has what at this moment in time though?? The rest of the aura expands out from there and tells a good aura reader all about the person, their past, present and often future possibilities. You might also be able to see your aura in a mirror, over your shoulder by using the same ‘soft gaze’ technique. You have to look ‘past’ what you are trying to see, as if staring into the distance in a slightly dreamy fashion. Once you get it the first time, you’ll realise it is actually quite easy to do.

    So what colour is a person’s aura .. think of a rainbow .. all of them depending on mood, emotions, health, and events in their lives, far past, this lifetime, now and in the future.

    Love & Peace

    • Hi yu Ama and Lindey

      And today, Ama, I see off-white/cream, outlined by green … but then I’m bushed after a hectic January, so not surprised! LOL!

      Aura’s are fascinating and, regardless of whether you consciously read them or not, most people will instantly recognise a persons ‘vibe’ (or mood) without really knowing why. I guess thats why we humans can make a snap decision as to whether we think we’re going to like someone or not, within the first few seconds of meeting them.

      Cats have great aura’s – it’s the best way to try and understand them, as they are so contradictory in most every respect in their behaviour – lol!


      • Hi AJ and Lindsay,

        That ‘instant friendship’ reaction I saw on the weekend, when two ladies met and are now the best of friends. It happened in a ‘moment’, and was sooo cute. :-) What it actually is, is their auras have the same frequency (speed of energy) and so they mesh together, and they have the same issues in life, which means they can help each other learn and grow .. technically, they are from the same soul family, although they had not met each other before Friday. They may stay best of buddies or they might grow away from each other over time, but for now .. they are fun to watch. LOL

        Some auras repel each other .. so you instantly do not ‘like’ or ‘trust’ someone .. its all to do with energy.

        Love & Peace

        • I followed you instructions, Ama, and I immediately saw blue. It was a hazy medium blue. a cross between light blue and royal. What does that mean? Do auras work like “mood rings?” This is a fascinating thing to learn about!! :D

          • Afternoon LunaT,

            What is your genetic heritage? Mine is british isles, with touches of german and black fijian .. but both of those are very far back in family line.

            Love & Peace

          • Hello Ama!!
            I am 50% Lithuanian, (eastern European), 25% Scott, and 25% Native American Indian.

          • Hi Luna,

            I would be interested in seeing the genetic mix of other people who can see their auras, Luna. The colour of the physical aura is very interesting interesting to me. I tried to look it up on the web, looking for where I first read about the difference colours being genetically linked, and can’t see it? But I found this page:


            Love & Peace

    • hey amy i have a question to your comment in re-gaurd’s to me. so first i do practice many diffrent type’s of telekinesis and energy.

      now i have a general idea and thought of what im about to ask about. so first the you were talking about the way you focus in. well i completly understand what you were trying to say, and how. but do you believe diffrent focus reveal’s other things?

      you did mention a mirror well here is one of the things that i seen. i was looking and everything but my eyes went grey and black and my eyes were glowing a yellowish darker blue. what do you think that could mean? that i have many thoughts but i would like to hear what you have to say

      i have one more thing to mention and ask. you were talking about methods to see your aura. well i have practiced many things like i said well i have this perfect smooth triangle black rock that i have had for so long now and in my method i focus to surge my energy back and forth threw it to keep me level headed. i can feel it as part of me in this process. well i didnt lose it but i also practice bair hands. so i was useing my right hand and as im looking around in direction’s in my hand i had seen it was faint but in the middle was the size of the stone and it was my hand i could see but around it was dark green, and it spun around at all angle’s. the detail is hard to explian. but the point it wasn’t phyically there but it was in my hand and i could feel it there and at that time i seen it. is that the same thing as you were speaking of?

      im sorry for so much but with this there is alot i feel i could learn from you.

  2. Hi Mike,

    You can move things with your mind? How successful are you?

    I have to ask questions about what you have written because some of it I am not sure about .. so bear with me:

    Does changing focus show other things about people? What sort of things? Do you mean do I look for ghosts differently .. yeah. To see a ghost I widen my eyes, or I close them. My internal vision is often stronger than my external sight.

    Your eyes .. what was happening in the room behind you? Mine sometimes go dark green when I am working (energy), I have hazel eyes the rest of the time. What colour are your eyes normally?

    Is it a triangle shaped black rock, or a pyramid? Focusing through it would keep you ‘grounded’. Is it jet or obsidian? They are two of my favourites for grounding and psychic protection. Grounding is when your energy is secured in your body and you are well connected between heaven and earth. It’s very important for energy work.

    I am not sure what you meant by ‘didn’t lose it’, and what does that have to do with working with bare hands? What were you attempting to do?

    Then let me write what I think you are telling me. You focused on the black stone, you then looked at your right hand, you saw the shadow of the black stone in your right hand but it was now dark green? And you saw the shadow spin around on a point, or edge, or was it just above your hand and spinning? That has nothing to do with auras, or seeing them.

    Did I understand your explanation? If not please help me to.

    And my name is Ama .. not Amy. LOL

    Love & Peace

    • im sorry thanks for corecting me on your name.

      with moving things with my mind i have seen results in many diffrent outcomes but it has to be in my hand and then lift off it.

      now the stone was use to practice lifting things with my mind. it was the first thing i had success in. later i used it to run my enrgy threw. as you said “ground my energy” yes well i would put it in my hand to keep me from loseing my mind. lets just say i have many diffrent poblems from many diffrent angles.

      what i meant by bare hand is because i would take the stone off my hand. let me say it now it is not a pyramid it is flat on 2 sides and all off the corner’s are smooth and rounded. well i would try and consentrate on my enrgy on my hand with out the stone being on my hand. so leaving nothing for it to be grounded. well what i seen was were the stone normally is nothing was there but my hand. its not that big. when what ever i had manifest looked like it surrounded my hand but in the middle was a hole to my hand in the triangle shape.

      so my question was if it was my aura. but you answered that, i have many ideas on what it could be but its always best from other people points. if i didnt clear something up for you let me know. i almost forgot you asked about my eye color well thats something in itself. they change color’s from blue, green, and brown.

  3. cool I saw my aura by your method. also I have dreamed of seeing people’s auras. I have had pretty vivid dreams of auras around people in my life. Like my coworkers or friends.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      You probably ‘see’ auras clairvoyantly, and need to tell your conscious mind its ok to see them with your eyes as well.

      I see auras as patterns of energy, very seldom with colours, but I can ‘read’ them just fine, when the need arises.

      Love & Peace

  4. So I’ve followed the instructions and turns out I see a white with blueish tint color. I wonder how the rest of it looks C:

    Also my first post on this site! :) But I’ve been following the posts and comments for a very long time now, and learned many things, and ended up loving the community here.

    • Hello Oana,

      What is your genetic heritage, if you would like to share? I am interested to see if what I read a few years ago is true .. that the different nationalities of the world give us physical auras in different colours?

      Love & Peace

      • Hello Ama,

        I am of Romanian heritage but also have a good portion of Székely blood from my grandfather’s side, possibly Cuman blood down the line as well :U

        • Thank you Oana,

          I think we should put a map on the wall and stick pins in it, of the colours of people’s auras, to see whether the idea of the colours being race related is true? LOL

          Anyone else want to join in?

          Love & Peace

          • My pleasure,

            Haha now that I’d like to see, I’m very curious as well :)

  5. I am also from Romania…:)…if the world is said to be ” small ” I guess so is the internet!Good luck with your aura reading,Oana!:)

    • Hey CT,

      Do you have a wall chart with pins in it that tells you where True Ghosts Tales is ‘touching the world’? Or do you have it in stats for the site? Mine tells me from where people have found my site. :-)

      Love & Peace

      • Yes, I do have very detailed stats available. cPanel and awstats

    • Hello BlackTiti89,

      Small world indeed :D and thank you!

  6. Hello all :)

    Mine is a bluish/white, pretty cool, thanks.

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