Profound Questions

On this site we discuss and debate many of life’s questions usually as a result of experiences along with information fed to us for centuries. There are even more profound questions which niggle many of us such as:

Who are we?
Where did we really come from?
What is the real purpose of our existence?
Where are we going to?
Does life continue after death?
Is there a God and who or what is this God?

Asked by pat

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  1. Hi Pat, great question. Just for fun, let me go allllll metaphysical…

    Q: Who are we?

    We are the soul using the form. The spirit within structure. Spiritual beings having a physical journey.

    Q: Where did we really come from?

    Earth. Actually no. According to my teachers humanity actually began its journey on a planet called Eros which existed where the meteor field is now .. between mars and saturn? I’ve forgotton. LOL The planet was destroyed but some of humanity escaped to Mars, then to earth when Mars died, and some became spiritual beings, but all of humanity ended up trapped on earth for a long while.

    Q: What is the real purpose of our existence?

    To learn and grow. We prove that to ourselves every day.

    Q: Where are we going to?

    Home? Home is different things to different people but to me it is returning to the Creator energy and becoming ‘one’ with universal Light. But not yet.

    Q: Does life continue after death?

    I can only say yes, given my life, my experiences, my memories .. and Mrs C who was a very commanding presence in our haunted house over the weekend. She might have died near the turn of the century, but she’s still the boss and makes her presence felt when we make her cross .. including through dreams to the living lady who manages the house now for the family and live about 20kms away from the house.

    Q: Is there a God and who or what is this God?

    Yes .. there is a creator being that brought us all into spiritual reality first, and then physical reality. We return to spiritual reality each time our physical body ceases to function. We call that death, but it merely transition, from one state to another, and then back again.

    Love & Peace

    • hi Ama

      Great answer.

      Where did we come from? Your answer is a new one for me. Never heard of the planet Eros although did hear about the god of love -Eros and the notion there was a planet in the region between Mars/Saturn which was destroyed. But the question is, how did we deposit ourselves on Mars, and then Earth? especially as we are struggling to make it to Mars.

      I smell a rat – where are these ancient astronauts? :-)

      • No rats, Pat .. not even mice. :-) The technology of human society has risen and fallen before, its part of our mythology, just think of Atlantis, or Lemura or Mu .. we are our own ancient astronuts (no mispelling intended LOL).

        Love & Peace

        • I do believe the Atlantans and the others were descendants of the initial settlers (astronauts from another world) – ‘Let ‘us’ make man in our own image and likeness’ says the Lord/god to his comrades.

          And why did the Lord/god make us -
          According to the Roman Catholic Catechism – we were made to love and serve our maker and,(my addition is – also to serve his extended family and comrades) which we did until they got enough of what they wanted. Then the Lord/god said ‘I’m sorry that I made man, they are too noisy and indulge in all sorts – debauchery’ so I will get rid of them and will flood the Earth – which he did but somehow saved some members of his extended family who weren’t as contaminated as those who had been destroyed.

          But how did we end up with,

          - Indigenous African people – very dark skin with wooley hair in Africa;
          - Chinese people short in stature, milky complexion with stick straight shiny hair and slit eyes in the eastern region of China;
          - Asian Indian-like people – dark brown skin, long straight black hair in that Asian region and,
          - Blue eyed and blond haired people – quite tall in the northern cooler regions in Europe.

          They are all very different to look at, all converse in totally different languages and have very different customs and outlook and more.

          And please don’t tell me it has something to do with the region they occupy because I don’t buy that. These are totally different societies.

          • Hey Pat,

            You don’t buy genetics or humanity’s ability to adapt to its changing environmental conditions .. it has to be different sorts of aliens beings cross-breeding with humans? Scientists have proved that dinosaurs d/evolved into birds (as well as many other animals), and reptiles became mammals, so why can’t humans, who are just another form of animal .. devolve, or in the case of different climate zones, ‘evolve’ into people who can live comfortably in those climates. The eskimos are short and have thicker skin, because it keeps them warmer .. the africans have dark skin, as do the australian aboriginals, because of the amount of sunshine they experience constantly living next door, or maybe we always had the hole in the ozone layer over that region. The mongolians have slanty eyes to help protect them from snowblindness .. they are all genetic adaptions to environment. And then stop and look at modern man, we are getting lazier and lazier, eventually we won’t need legs and arms at all .. we’ll all talk to our computers, live vicariously through them and not leave our rooms at all. LOL If you believe the current tv cartoons.

            It’s good to know you think God, whichever God, decided to kill off humanity in a flood. Personally my theory is the same weird weather patterns we have at the moment, no Gods involved. And there wasn’t just one flood, we have environmental/archeological records of two or three .. I think .. two at least. Which one did the God cause? And was the 2nd one to take care of the rest of humanity missed in the first? We obviously have incompetent gods because we are still around.

            Languages .. before deciding they are totally different, look at the foundations they came from. You might be surprised how many similarities there are. Regions develop their own dialects over time, which turn into ‘another language’ but the truth is, they are only adaptions.

            Fascinating stuff. Thank you again, Pat. I do love your comments.

            Love & Peace

        • Hi Ama

          Sorry – but one has to use the ‘generic’ word – that’s what was expected – very sensible reply – yet even though the genetic adaptations are a factor here and there, myths/legends and perhaps unpopular historical must never be overlooked – me thinks.

          On the question of language similarities, well, over the centuries words are interchanged and taken and fused in from different regions and cultures, also new inventions have provided room for new universal words used by all nations. However, there is certainly a 99% difference in African, Chinese, Indian, Russian etc. languages – so sensible answer Ama is unacceptable to me.

          • Unacceptable to ‘you’ doesn’t mean they aren’t the correct answers, Pat. As I said, you want it to be aliens, and I think humanity is perfectly capable of advancing itself.

            It’s good to have varying opinions, makes for interesting discussions. Thank you.

            Love & Peace

  2. Hi Pat

    Oooo! I like questions like these …

    Who are we?
    We are the ‘children’ of God (soul), housed in a physical vessel (body).

    Where did we really come from?
    The stars; specifically a dying star. When it goes super-nova the helium in its core begins to fuse together to form beryllium, oxygen and carbon – the basic building blocks for life. That explains the body part, anyway lol!

    What is the real purpose of our existence?
    Most likely, we’re a bi-product of an alien experiment. Genetic engineering.

    Where are we going to?
    That depends on us. We human’s may well destroy ourselves and our home before reaching our full potential.

    Does life continue after death?
    Yes. Our soul survives outside of a physical body.

    Is there a God and who or what is this God?
    God, to me, is creation itself. God is all things. The angels each represent a single aspect of the complexity which makes up God. Amalgamate all the angels, and there you will find God.


    • Hi AJ,

      Some of your answers are very generic. Why are we housed in a physical vessel living a physical existance? It doesn’t make sense – some of us survive much longer than others and live extremely opposing lives in many aspects. What is the purpose of it all, because in the end, we expire in a puff of air and it seems all pointless. Some had a good time, some were very productive, some were very wealthy whereas others were very poor. Some were strong and healthy – others weak and sickly; some were hard and mean whereas others meek and mild; some delightful – others ghastly; some beautiful to look at – others quite hideous; one could go on and on – there is this contrast in all living creatures but my question is about our species – humankind?

      Is this biblical god who said (‘let us make man in our own image and likeness’ who was our creator, who backed the Israelites to the hilt and encouraged them to kill other tribesmen; who himself killed and threatened others; one can go on and on), the same as the God who is ‘creation itself’, is all things, the angels who are fragments of god, amalgamate the lot – and is that the biblical god who walked with Enoch, who has a son called Jesus, who incited magic/sorcery using Moses against the Pharaoh, who clearly spent a lot of time organising and physically talking on a face to face basis with his favourites on earth.

      Let’s really get to the nitty gritty and instead of quoting generically, let’s really tear all of this apart and examine it all logically, sensibly with out fear – after all we have a right as free thinkers with a free will – to question all and sundry.

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