What is with the Backward Song Theory?

On many sites, including youtube, there is the claim that some songs hold hidden messages (thought to be of supernatural origin) when played reversed.

Are such things true or just people imagination? Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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  1. Hi Blacktiti89

    I’ve never heard an actual record but I can remember this legend from when I was growing up. It was all about communicating with the devil subliminally .. when the ‘young people’ played that ‘appalling heavy metal music’ they were being hynotised into believing all sorts of nasty things by the hidden messages on the records.

    Has anyone ever played one of those records back then and heard any messages?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. It is called backmasking and it is true. They did this a lot in the 1960s and 1970s. It appeared on some Beatles albums as well as some Eagles and others.

    Personally I believe it was all a gimmick to sell more records.

    I attended a live show once where they actually played some of these for everyone to hear.

    Somewhere in the Beatles White Album it says something like (I cant recall the exact words) They say the beast is coming but he is already here.

    On one of the Eagles albums was heard (and again I cant recall the exact words) Satan has a new organization, it is delicious, he cooks it up in a vat…. cant remember the rest.

    They played a lot more of these for us to hear and there were even a lot in some contemporary country and gospel songs.


    • Thanks CT, I thought it was the 70′s too. I also remember those words too, read it somewhere.

      Love & Peace

      • I love the Beatles and the Eagles and I dont believe backmasking is going to make me worship the devil or something like that. Im not even sure that the artists were aware of it and Im convinced it was a publicity gimmick. How many people went out and bought those records so they could play them backwards? I am sure it increased sales and fame. Besides there are plenty of bands out there with harmful messages that can be heard plainly without playing anything backwards.

        I am glad that Blacktiti89 sent this question in – a good one!

        • Ah yes, worshipping the god of the almight dollar, its name is Mannon. (sigh)

          Love & Peace

  3. Hi Blacktiti89

    Black Sabbath had an entire album attributed to this legend. LOL! But that was what is was, an urban myth. But then, practically everything ever recorded from the News to childrens programs can, if played backwards, have some audibly recognisable alternative ‘hidden message’. I’ve done some backmasking with some of our own band’s songs for giggles and its amazing what alternative lyrics can be heard. LOL!


  4. if you have ever read the book “behold a pale horse” its by william cooper it is with the conspiracy topics and what he knew. let me note he was killed for his attempts to expose along with his team. well he spoke of projects around his book with dated notes of brainwash theories which had a high success rate. that im pretty sure you heard of the tv transmit signal and other music was one of many it was not just a way to convert people over to there satanistic worship. but just to influence the mind. it has much to do with supernatural perspective but the rest of it is just theory of course not proving fact.

    • I have read that book. Years ago I listened to Bill on shortwave radio a lot.

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