Who or What Was Lilith?

What was/is Lilith: a demon or a vampire?

Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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  1. In all honesty, it depends on who you ask. Among most Christians she is either myth or thought to be Adam’s first wife who rebeled and refused to “bow down” to God and Adam. Among most pagans, at least those that I know, she is a diety. So to Christians, she’s myth or demonic and to pagans, revered.

    • All Christians do not believe the same way. All “pagans” do not believe the same way either.

    • Not Christians .. the Jewish people believe she was Adam’s first wife. Personally, I have ‘met’ her .. and she’s a demon. And I don’t know any pagans who ‘revere’ her.

      Love & Peace

  2. Wiccans believe in a God and a Goddess. The God being named Pan (a half man, half beast) and the Goddess being named Diana.Whether or not they revered Lilith as a god/goddess, I do not know, as Wiccans are Pagan in nature, they believed in multiple gods. according to these discussion sites I found, it would seem to be that Lilith is thought to be a goddess by some Wiccans/Pagans. Check it out;



    This is just merely from researching the net. It may also be that not all Wiccans believe that she is a goddess.

  3. I thought Eve was Adam’s first wife.

    • Hi Tisa,

      In the Christian bible Eve was Adam’s first wife .. in Jewish Kabalah, or mysticism Lilith was. It’s up to you which books you believe.

      Love & Peace

    • She is. I believe Lilith is a figure born from the pagan influences in Babylon on the Jewish mysticism.
      There has been cases where demons have identified themselves as Lilith.

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